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January 5th, 2013

[info]ex_published349 in [info]doors

[Sam A.]

[Delivered without a return address. Four movies on DVD: The Agony and the Ecstasy, The Horse's Mouth, Art 21: Art in the 21st Century, Modern Marvels: Welding and two books on the art of metal sculpture. The note is typed, and it says:

Just some things to take your mind of worse things.- A friend.

P.S. I don't know if you have a DVD Player. If you don't, say something anonymous on the journals and I'll send you one.

[info]laminette in [info]doors

[Theft, delivery]

[Grayson's suit goes missing from the Batcave just after sunset. No alarms go off when she enters, and no alarms go off when she takes it from its spot in the Cave. Even the motion detectors don't know there's a kitty cat pawing around. But, very intentionally, she trips the alarm on her way out, for her own reasons. The suit's gone, as are all of Dickie's accessories, by the time the alarm lets anyone know the kitty cat was there.]

[Delivered to Ra's al Ghul]
[One Nightwing suit, slightly worn. Along with a note.]

I'll have my plane ticket now.

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[Private to October F.]

Can I ask you something? About your job.

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So this is a real thing, is it? Not some prank or some wickedly clever tablet device made to look like a book?

Well, game on, then, I guess.

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[Private to Rose Red]

Your sister has come and gone, I'm afraid.

[Private to Quasimodo]

Still here?

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As part of yoga teacher training, I am looking for students willing to be guinea pigs for one-on-one yoga sessions. I've taken special sessions on adapting yoga for chronic injuries and other health needs. I also dance ballet and incorporate parts of ballet training into yoga. If you'd be willing to fill out evaluations after a session of instruction, you can have a private lesson for free!

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[Public, Tess A]

[After this, and screw being anonymous.]

Yeah, so that DVD player? How about sending it? And you're either my grandfather's age, or you haven't seen a movie in years, so which is it?

[Locked to Tess A]
Do you think we have fucked up genes? It that why we all suck?

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[Hunter W]

[Call to Hunter W]
[Ring, at the stables, during working hours. He asks the receptionist for Hunter, and he flirts with her until she agrees to have someone hunt him down.]

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[Bruce W]

The security in your batcave continues to astound me.