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November 18th, 2012

[info]redrobin in [info]doors


[Oh so public]

You crossed a line, Shiva. You're going to pay for what you did.

[info]shootempolitely in [info]doors


You need to come down to the office, son. We need to talk.

[Tony Stark]

Seems you've got a mouth on you.

[Black Widow]

Natasha - check in, please.

[Bruce Banner]

Dr Banner, we need to talk.

[Gwen Stacey]

Ms Stacey, as you've brought it to my attention that Venom exists out there, uncontrolled, it is now your responsibility to report in on it until Dr Banner decides to check in. Check in, please.

[Addressed to 'Spiderman']

Still alive, son?


Negotiation. Pros, cons or go for fire power. Discuss.

[info]ephemeras in [info]doors

Jack R, Seven M

[After this.]

[Call to Jack R]

[Locked to Seven M]
Seriously, you don't need to answer me back. Just wanted to tell you that Liam's in the nuthouse, committed, observation, I can't fucking tell. Thought you should know.

[info]runs_the_show in [info]doors



This whole sharing injuries and stuff is so not fair.  :(

[info]antiqued in [info]doors


[As Arthur Arden]

This sort of system of communication is most queer. I am not entirely sure that I am comfortable with this.

[info]building_dreams in [info]doors

jack r

[Locked: Ariadne/Jack R]
shortly after this

Do you have a minute to talk?

[info]upintheclouds in [info]doors

[Wren M]

Everyone's alive.

[Tim D]


[Damian W]

How many people know?

[Max M]

What's cooking good looking?

[info]rose_withthorns in [info]doors

[Locked to Caellum]

One of the Casino gift shops is looking for somebody [details] and also one of the Casino hotels is looking for people who play guitar, piano and/or violin to play in their bar [details].

Hope they are helpful for you. I've put in good words for you so you should definitely at least get through to interview stage if you apply to either.

[info]the_huntress in [info]doors

Dick G

[Locked to Dick G]
[During this]

Do you know who killed Jason?

[info]takespoint in [info]doors

[Locked to Eames.]

Hi. Arthur's not around. Can I ask you a favor?
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[info]doorsanon in [info]doors

[News: Las Vegas]

[The warehouse is off the strip, a standalone building that was once a gentleman's club. Yet even with its location, the explosion that occurs there during the evening is loud enough to be felt in the neighboring tourist areas. Police and firefighters spend hours going over the scene after the victims - three adult women and one child - are taken away by paramedics. By the time the scene is taped off later that evening, the police have issued a statement indicating the explosion was a result of a poor arson attempt, one in which the gas lines were not taken into consideration. They also state that one of the inhabitants of the property, present at the time of the explosion, has died.]

[info]stillspinning in [info]doors

[Locked to Arthur]

You were right.
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[info]toberuled in [info]doors

[locked to joseph s]

i don't know if well, i'll follow his advice, and if it's terrible, then his loss

I have your lighter. You left it on the bar. Can I get it back to you?
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[info]willpower in [info]doors

Cailin B, Seven M

[Phone call to Cailin B.]

Ring, ring.

[Text to Seven M.]

It's time we had a talk, Seven.