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November 3rd, 2012

[info]ephemeras in [info]doors

Flash T, Bruce B

[During this, as Gwen S.]

[Locked to Flash T]
I might have asked Nick Fury about the symbiote, and he might have taken it badly. I didn't tell him it was you, but, yeah.

[Locked to Bruce B]
Dr. Banner?

[info]hislittlerose in [info]doors

call to Alexis K

[He still had nightmares about the party – horrible dreams where he was a limp wet rag of a man, slumped over a bar and throttled at the mercy of a horrible monster. His wings were ragged and useless, curled tight against his back and occasionally fluttering as if they longed to envelop him, a shield from all evils.

Dallas still had the scars. There was a faint white line that ran vertically down the center of his cheek, and it had a twin across his throat. He was mottled black and blue with bruises that slowly, steadily faded to ugly shades of green and yellow over the course of a couple weeks.

Of course, worst of all were his wings. When Dallas dared to tug his shirt over his head and take a glimpse of his back in a mirror, he was horrified by the scars that ran the length of his spine. There the feathery appendages had been attached, and there they had been torn free as the Ripper used his body and slit his throat.

Dallas was broken. Hideous. He felt sick.

A few weeks after the ordeal, he mustered the courage to dial a single number.

Ring, ring.]

[info]recalculations in [info]doors


[as otto o.]

Well, that was some interesting weather. Lucky I missed it all. I'd offer to help a little with the reconstruction, but it looks like the heroes have it all under control, for the moment.

Seems a shame, though - you'd think that kind of rain would've washed all the spiders out the water spouts for good. Guess you can't have everything.

[info]hitjackpot in [info]doors

gwen s, luke h, selina k

[locked to gwen s. and luke h.]

Hi, Luke. I know we've never actually talked before, but I'm MK's other person. I know you guys are like weird right now or whatever with the party. But you guys are friends right? So we -- Gwen and me -- we wanted to ask for your help with her.

[locked to selina k]

Does Wren still hate her?

[info]snowscar in [info]doors

Las Vegas News

[Vegas newspapers, occasionally mentioned on television ads and radio announcements this upcoming week]

You are invited to the GRAND OPENING of the Kuroda Kai Dojo on Saturday, November 10. The address is 3930 West Sahara Avenue.

Courses that will be featured:
-Beginning Karate (White-Orange Level students)
-Intermediate Karate (Blue-Purple Level students)
-Advanced Karate (Brown-Black Level students)
-Superior Students (available only to Black Belts)

Included in each course is:
-Complementary belts and uniform
-One private lesson per week per student, upon request
-Basic Japanese lessons, influenced and practiced during karate courses
-Free initial belt testing, based on previous experience

Additional courses offered:
-Kendo Courses (materials provided by instructor)

The Grand Opening is on Saturday, November 10, from 9 AM until 7 PM. Students of all ages, from 5 to adult, are invited to participate in free level testing that is held from 5-7 PM that day. Food and beverages will be provided for your enjoyment throughout the day. The sensei is Kuroda Yukiko, trained in the martial arts from Osaka, Japan. She was the 00-01, 02-03, 04-05 National Kendo Champion from Japan and has also won championships in the 02-03 Martial Arts Competition from Japan. Youkoso e ganbatte!

[info]flamemustang in [info]doors

Filtered message for Riza Hawkeye )

Filtered message for Chris Redfield )

Filtered message for Pepper Potts )

[info]riddlethem in [info]doors

[Phone call to Harley Quinn]
[While Harley's change goes unnoticed by most of the bat-crew due to crazy Bat and Hood related stuff, Riddler likes to keep up on his obscure local news. The phone call is to her desk phone and is from an unknown number.]

[info]author in [info]doors

[Phone call to Sam A, in the hours after this.]


[Voice mail left for Jack R, after this.]

Jack, it's Liam. I- I need to talk to you. Soon. Please call me back.

[Voice mail left for Seven M, during the conversation with Sam]

Call me when you get this. I'm fine, but I need to talk to you.

[info]doomed_love in [info]doors

seven m = backdated to 10/27

[The guns he asked for are in a in an unmarked wooden crate sitting outside his mansion with no note two days after he issued the job. The pawn shop owners were roughed up a bit and they're much more compliant to what Seven wants. Instead of a note, she decides to remind him of her skills. She fires off a single round that destroys his doorbell, but lodges in there, hurting no one. That's message enough as far as she's concerned.]