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October 21st, 2012

[info]sonofthenorth in [info]doors


So there are people who didn't get to enjoy some anonymous action at the party? How unfortunate. Only now am I informed that some lucky individuals were getting eaten and dismembered - and here I was, thinking that everyone else got to have as much fun as I did. Now I just feel like a dick.

Seriously, though. Are we sure someone didn't just slip bath salts in the punch?

[info]runs_the_show in [info]doors

benji s, mike g, silver m, olive p

as she's leaving Passages the night after the party

[Text: Benji S/Justine S]

Going to stop for ice cream but I'm on my way.

[Text: Mike G/Justine S]

Did you go to the party?
[there is no reply from mike]

[Locked: Justine S/Silver M]

Did Pepper talk to You okay?

[Voice mail left at the Dance Studio for Olive P.]

Hi Olive, it's Justine. I'm- not going to be able to make it in for a while. I got [...] hurt. I'll let you know when I'm feeling up to dancing again. I'm sorry.

[info]doorssins in [info]doors



I'm looking for the woman I met on the fourth floor at that party.  Her dress was fiery and she [...] was very nice to me.

[info]the_huntress in [info]doors

Public, but filtered away from DC villains

Home sweet Gotham.

[info]author in [info]doors

Sam A

[Call to Sam A, afternoon after this log, from his new number]


[info]leavethenest in [info]doors

[Private to Steph]


[Private to Bruce W]

Survived the party?

[info]ex_first621 in [info]doors

[Norman O, Harry O - as Gwen S]

[Message left with Norman Osborn's secretary]
[The message explains that she missed her first week of internship due to illness, but that she'll be at Oscorp bright and early on Monday, and it includes many, many apologies.]

[Locked to Harry O]
Do you think your dad would notice if I hid in your room for a little while?

[info]nottherobin in [info]doors

batman (& co.), riddler

[left in the batcave]

[Near the Batcomputer, in a semi-neat pile, are two yellow utility belt filled with different gadgets and WayneTech, a tiny communication device, and a familiar purple-black costume and mask. There is no note, but there is also no question who it's from.]

[locked to riddler]

[As Batgirl.]
[...] When did you decide a life of crime was better?