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July 10th, 2012

[info]death_in_life in [info]doors

andrew m

[Delivery, left on the pillow next to Andrew in the middle of the night]

In an expanding file folder, there are fact sheets on certain hits that Wayne has ordered. These fact sheets detail the background of the person, what they were doing that required their deaths, and the details of the death. Though no names are listed, four of the fact sheets are people Andrew is familiar with: Maren Westerberg, Cassandra Simon, and Joshua and Rosemary Mumford. There are twelve fact sheets in total.

[info]ladysoldier in [info]doors

bianca s., raegan h., hunter w., callum w.

[After hemming and hawing upon receiving the folder, he decides to make some moves.]

[locked to bianca s.]

He sent me something. About the people he's had [...] taken care of.

[sent to the separate residences of raegan h., hunter w., callum w.]

[Tracking down the Westerberg clan isn't hard when you have the resources the Mumfords do, but he does it quietly and without alerting too many people. Each of the clan gets the same delivery: a plain envelope, each personalized with their names and slipped underneath the door. In it, there is a letter, handwritten, with an untraceable phone number at the very bottom.]

I am so sorry about your sister, Maren. I know what really happened to her, if you'd like to know. Tell anyone else who wants to know.

[info]isconfetti in [info]doors


[A few hours after this. The handwriting is exceptionally sloppy, with strikeouts to correct spelling errors every few words.]

Someone tell me wy why I ever thot thought it was a good idee idea to be sober. Hot places to hit on a weeknight, man, anbody anybody got suggestions?

[info]toberuled in [info]doors

[locked to bianca s, cory h]

[locked to bianca s]

[After this.]

If you speak to him again, I will make you wish you were in that car with your sister. Do you understand me? I will ruin you, little girl. I attempted reason. I abandon that approach now. I am willing to do anything to keep him well and in this world, and I will inflict your injuries back on you twice over. Run away.

eta: [locked to cory h]

This girl Bianca. What does the S stand for?

[info]stillspinning in [info]doors

It's strange to be back in the area. I haven't been in Vegas since, shit. I was 16? Something like that? Fond memories though. Met a good girl here, so I can't complain.

Must say, though, jetlag is kicking my ass three ways to next Sunday. I haven't crossed this many timezones in a long time. Tips on getting back on schedule?

[info]skree in [info]doors

Maddie Kate R; Luke H; Ainslie G; Evangeline S; Anton S; Public

[Not long after this]

[Group Text: Maddie Kate R, Luke H, Ainslie G, Evangeline S]

i need to be very drunk very right now. I'll be at the Bellagio if you want to help.

[Text to Anton S]

if you don't hear from me within the next few hours send sven to peel me off the bellagio bar


Is publicly proclaiming 'FML' still a thing?

[info]crimsonstar in [info]doors

[public, posted as Mingmei]

I want to 'go out' tonight. I have no class tomorrow. Anyone interested?

[info]cryogenesis in [info]doors


[locked to catwoman]

I have inspected your sample and found it interesting, if pointless.

I fail to see what exactly it is you want me to do with this, Cat.

[info]unluckyant in [info]doors

[Private to Ainslie G]

Heard you were in town. Wondered if you still remembered me.

[info]ravendarkholme in [info]doors


After spending her afternoon in bed with Archie


Who knew coffee could turn into something wonderful? Shit, I can't say anything because of Tristan Today was a good day.