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July 2nd, 2012

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[News, Monday morning]

The gossip rags that usually feature MK Robinson show blurry pictures of a redhead in Hawaii and report that she badly injured herself on a hike during her vacation to Maui.  They report that she's being treated at a private facility and that she'll be out of work for a while.  Over the course of the next couple weeks, they let up on her and let her rest in peace.  Some photos of Dr Adam Waterhouse appear as insets and the blurbs generally read that the pair are back together after their lover's spat at the party held atop Mandalay Bay a while back. 

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tony s.

[locked to tony s.]
I know we didn't get off to the greatest start, Mr. Stark, but I thought I should inform you that Steve won't be returning [...] for a while. A relative of his other just informed me she is currently AWOL.

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[By Monday morning]

[Fulton Siblings]

Police will have notified whoever was at The Willows apartment to inform them that Felicia was in an accident.  In accordance to her will, the garage is turned over to Hailey and the apartment to Sean.  Amy, Hailey, and Sean each get money from the estate and there are letters included with them.

Hailey )

Sean )

Amy )

[MK Robinson]

Her information gets sent to her best colleague - the same from before - and she'll break the news as gently as possible to the supermodel.

[News: Monday evening]

There's an obit in the evening newspaper for Felicia, indicating that the funeral will happen later in the week in Boston.

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Jules S

[After this. He has no idea what's going on, but now he's worried. About everyone, it seems.]

Hey, pretty. You around?

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tony s/silver m, public

[After landing at McCarran International Airport and getting the number from Pepper's contact list]

[Phone Call: Tony S/Silver M]

Ring, Ring


Okay so, what's the deal with these voices? I mean - super helpful - don't get me wrong, but's a voice.  In my head. Kind of a red flag right there. 

Oh, and if there's a Benji Sorenson reading this, you are in SO MUCH TROUBLE.

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[public entry, posted by Sean Fulton]

I'm starting to think that someone has it out for my siblings and I.

Someone deliberately set fire to my sister's work place, though it was made evident that the perpetrator wasn't an expert.

And now Felicia's...gone.

Maybe I lived in New York for far too long, but this seems strange to me. It could also be the guy in my head insisting that I investigate. They happened far too close together.

Any detectives out there? I'm in need of assistance.

Message filtered to Pepper Potts, assuming she's still out there somewhere )

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elias m.

[LOCKED to Elias M.]

[A single message, where none will be returned as the phone is shut off immediately thereafter.]

If you don't hear from me by tomorrow.. visit my brother? No, send him a letter. Andrew Brando King, San Quentin State Prison. Tell him I ran off to Hawaii, that I got bored, that I decided to hell with him. [...] Something that sounds like me, okay?

[...] Thank you.

- V

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I am pleased to say that the dormitories at the Opera Populaire have been reopened and are already filling up with our cast and crew.

Our first showing will be the second week of August, and I invite anyone who is interested to attend. Tickets for this showing to those of you here will be complimentary of course.

And I would like to have a word with our neighborhood Phantom if he would be so kind.