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June 1st, 2012

[info]sonofthenorth in [info]doors


This is... most strange. It appears I have managed to exert my will over my... host... with sufficient force to coax him through the door that fits my key.

What I have found is not at all what I expected.
I appear to be very much alive.

Is anyone out there? Have I gone mad?

[info]ser_jaime in [info]doors

Bailey T.

[It had been a very long time since he had last been that scared. It wasn't every day you'd wake up to see the woman sleeping next to you standing there, bringing a knife down dangerously close to your chest.

It had also awakened the alter in his head. It was the first time they had actually interacted properly. Jaime was adamant that she was crazier than Cersei - who's Cersei? - and he should leave her. He might not be so lucky next time. But how could he leave her? What kind of a man leaves someone at a time when they were most in need?

The kind of man residing in his head, apparently.]

[Call to Bailey]

[info]fall_of_rain in [info]doors

Sam A

[Locked to Sam A.]

I've let you be for a few days, just like I promised you. You gonna give me an update and reassure me you're still walking around being feisty?

[info]andcream in [info]doors

[Public, as Hayden M.]

Oh, this is charming.

A little place to gather and chat. And whine, apparently, in the case of some of you miserable people. Going on and on about how hard things are. Try dying then you can talk.

[info]trickarrow in [info]doors

Phone Call: Shailee T

[around 3am Friday morning]


[info]ex_haint987 in [info]doors

Loren C

[During this]

[Text sent to Loren C]
Going to some rich fool's apartment to play piano for him. If I don't turn up alive come morning, you come hunting. [Address].

[info]author in [info]doors

Is there anything better than taking a stroll along the Champs-Élysées, a beautiful woman on one's arm?

[info]bound_by_honor in [info]doors

m summers

[Email to M Summers, after this]


Please pencil in Mr. Pierce for tomorrow morning and clear my schedule after lunch.