March 2014



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March 6th, 2012

[info]laminette in [info]doors

Luke H

[Locked to Luke H]
You won't want to hear from Roger doesn't think I should Just this one time You don't need to respond. I just wanted to let you know that MK is going to meet with Simon, to tell him about Seattle and New York. I asked her not to mention the masks, but you'll figure in somehow, I'm sure. I thought you should know, in case he asks questions after. How are

[info]silverandsteel in [info]doors

[Public] and [Simon C.]


So it appears the twenty-four hour mark is non-negotiable. How long are you spending over there... say, in a week? Tony would prefer I live there.

Also has anyone had any luck transporting objects or other people?

[Simon C.]

Settling in?

[info]author in [info]doors

neil d, aiden s, sam a, felicia f

[locked to Neil D, Aiden S, and Sam A]

Dinner and drinks?

I think we all have some things we should talk about, shouldn't we? To perhaps keep us all from getting killed on the other side of the door?

[Phone call to Felicia F.]


[info]thelittleliar in [info]doors

[public] [as Lauren C.]

All I know is, I'm not going through any door.

I rather like what I have going on here, and parallel universes and stupid benches in Oxford aren't going to entice me.

Never should have opened this stupid bloody journal

[info]arrowette in [info]doors

Texts: Maddie Kate R/Luke H; Locked: Raegan H

[Group text: Maddie Kate R, Luke H]

i'm so close i can almost taste Vegas. you both better be ready for some serious partying.

[Locked: Raegan H]

I know it's been three years, but I'm about to drop in all over your town.

[info]morningbuzz in [info]doors


[The writing is from her Blackberry Torch, and somehow even something as simple as that explains exactly the kind of mood she's in]

superman, superman, save me, superman...........