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August 11th, 2009 4:06 pm
Hiatus! [

Hi guys, I'll be completely unavailable starting tomorrow until the 21st.  And after that, school starts on Monday, so I'll probably be busy then too ^.^;

Hopefully will see you all again soon!  Wookie isn't done here yet!

June 24th, 2009 1:19 pm
[ DROP ] [

Ah, very sorry to do this, but rl issues are taking up too much for me to continue, so I'm dropping Kanging.

Hopefully later I might reclaim!

Thanks to Wookie & Chungrim for playing with me :D
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June 10th, 2009 12:02 pm
Hiatus! [

Short a short one guys, maybe about a week?
I talked about it before, but we're in the process of moving, and they packed up our computer so, no internet. D: (I'm stealing the neighbor's right now, shhhh~)

We're moving to a hotel tonight so hopefully I'll have net there. If not, then I'll see you guys again around the 17th!

Be back sooooon~
:] -Mikky
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June 8th, 2009 8:44 pm
Claim: Lee Sungmin [

[ music | Pete Wentz Is The Only Reason We're Famous : Cobra Starship ]

Player's Name: Kiki
Character's Name: Lee Sungmin
Character's IJ: [info]blush_silence
Nationality: Korean
What are they from? Super Junior

Human/Mutant/Vampire: Mutant

Ability: Flight; he has luminescent wings that bloom from his shoulder blades. His wings appear as though they are made up of very long individual heavenly glowing feathers of firefly-like faylight


Preferred RP Style: I'm used to both *action* type RP and Paragraph type RP. Depending on if I want to go through the RP quickly, then I'll use *action* and if I'm feeling up to detailed RPing then I prefer Paragraph RP ^~^ Whether it's over IJ or AIM doesn't really matter to me, since I save both ^~^

Anything Else: I'm new to IJ so I'm still learning how to use it =~= However I've been using LJ for quite a long time so I think if IJ is close to LJ, then I'll get the hang of it pretty soon ^-^ But this style of RP-ing will take some time to get used to, I think, even if I've been RPing for awhile now ^-^""
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June 5th, 2009 1:35 pm
Claim: Eunhyuk [

Claim: Eunhyuk

Player's Name: Mikky
Character's Name: Lee Hyukjae, but goes by Eunhyuk
Character's IJ: [info]starhyuk
Nationality: Korean
What are they from? Member of Super Junior

Human/Mutant/Vampire: Human
Ability: N/A
Background: all rise- )

Preferred RP Style: paragrpah over IJ
Anything Else: This is my first time RPing in a longgggggg while (think years :O) so forgive me if I'm a little off at first! XD
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June 4th, 2009 8:55 pm
Claim: RyeoWook [

[ mood | curious ]
[ music | SS501 - U R Man ]

Player's Name: YeonAh (I reserved from a different IJ ^.^ )
Character's Name: Kim RyeoWook
Character's IJ: [info]forevermagnae
Nationality: Korean
What are they from? Super Junior

Human/Mutant/Vampire: Human
Ability: N/E
Background: Listen to the music in the air )

Preferred RP Style: Paragraph, over IJ
Anything Else: Nothing, I think... o.o So we're roleplaying over the journals? Sorry, I'm used to RPG comms where you use the comm to roleplay, this might take some getting used to... Forgive my noobiness >.< I'm a veteran to roleplaying, but new to this type of roleplaying... *bows*

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May 31st, 2009 9:53 pm

Claim: Kangin
Player's Name: Fran
Character's Name: Kangin
Character's IJ: [info]kangjacent
Nationality: Korean, residing in NY
What are they from? Super Junior n_n
Human/Mutant/Vampire: Mutant
Ability: Super strength
Background: Kangin, a 24 year old man, comes from a shattered past that not even his herculean strength could try to put back together.
Read more... )

Preferred RP Style: paragraph over IJ, IM form is fine, too.
Anything Else: Ummm, nothing at the moment :/
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April 19th, 2009 5:51 pm
Hiatus [


I guess I'm making it official now. Well, I'll probably be away until May or June. Life is pretty hectic right now.

Thanks, everyone.
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April 9th, 2009 12:22 pm
CLAIM: Lee Minho >> [

Player's Name: Forced To Do This
Character's Name: Lee Minho
Character's IJ: [info]minhot
Nationality: Korean~~~
What are they from? Actor~ one of the famous F4 >>

Human/Mutant/Vampire: mutant!
Ability: cryokinesis

how on earth did this get long......? )

Preferred RP Style: dirty, your room ;D
Anything Else: I have been coerced into this D: and I feel kind of nervous claiming someone I know little about. Some of him is kind of Gu Jun Pyo-ish, but in my defence, he said somewhere that he and Jun Pyo are very alike 8D and that is ALL I need for a valid excuse for all of this >_> and if I ever make another claim again, I'm resorting to bullet points D:
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March 31st, 2009 6:32 pm

Hey Im sorry I haven't been updating my account. My dad's been really sick so I've been taking care of him and I also have school going on so I havent been able to focus on this as much as I wish I could :( BUT I am getting everything back on track and will try to catch up on all of this asap. I have not forgotten and will try to update whenever I can! :)
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March 16th, 2009 9:58 pm
Claim: Aragaki Yui [

Player's Name: Aragaki Yui
Character's Name:Go Devi
Character's IJ: [info]yuibo_gakky
What are they from? actress, solo singer
Ability: mutants only, ignore this if human or vampire
Meet Aragaki Yui, a 20 – almost 21 – year old Japanese girl.

It was 20 years ago when a normal Japanese family was being blessed with a small girl as the new member. Ever since she was small, Yui has always caught other’s interest – it’s not rare to hear people admiring either her beauty or cuteness. Soft white skin, long black hair, sweet wide smile – Everything she has attract others and at the end she’ll stand in the center of attention without her initially attempted it. Moreover, her family runs a famous kimono shop and a sado house, which turns her into a real Japanese girl.

She made a big decision 5 years ago, when she surprised her parents, jaws dropped hearing their cute daughter wanting to move to New York for her study. Everyone, of course, was against it. They would do everything to make her cancelling her plan, to protect Yui nothing was not allowed. Though, all of the attempts failed as Yui finally flew to New York a year later, leaving her family in tears. Really, it’s not an exaggeration.

Her life at New York was not as sweet as she thought. Like others, she had to get used to the culture New York has which was a complete contrast from Japan’s. Everything would be available for her when she was still in Japan, but she had to work hard to achieve what she wanted in NY. At first Yui cried a lot, the thought of going back to Japan often reached her brain but she was against it. She wanted to proof that she could live independently, without other’s help. And finally, after a year living in a whole new environment, Yui was finally able to enjoy her new life in the new town.

Despite her cute-ish appearance, Yui has the tendency to become a bit tomboyish sometimes, while she’ll be feminine at the other times. But people tend to have good impression about her, with the good manner she has and wide smile which rarely falters. Her specialization should be in her acting ability. Yui has used it since forever, sometimes to make people gives her whatever she wants. Other than that, her soft voice is nice to hear, only when it comes to either ballad or pop.

Currently, Yui is on her second year of University while working part-time at Starbuck, just for fun since her parents won’t like to know their daughter working to cover her living expenses (means: they send the money she needs but Yui prefers to have something to keep her busy)

Preferred RP Style: I’d say IJ, but I’m up for AIM too, my SN is scarleticity
Anything Else:Well, first time playing at IJ and I’m damn confused, I think. But never mind. Challenges are fun. And BTW, my Yui is just too overly-cute. ^^”
Tell me if I need to make changes or such, I’m so nervous actually… ^^”
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March 15th, 2009 6:36 pm
Claim: Hangeng [

Player's Name: Tasja
Character's Name: Hangeng
Character's IJ: [info]mutageng
Nationality: Chinese
What are they from? Suju/Suju-M

Human/Mutant/Vampire: Mutant
Ability: Levitation
Background: ici )

Preferred RP Style: Paragraph, IJ
Anything Else: 8D; no.
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March 13th, 2009 10:15 pm
[REclaim] Kyuhyun [

[ mood | starving ]

Player's Name: Taliiiii
Character's Name: Kyuhyun
Character's IJ: [info]ikyu
Nationality: Korean
What are they from? Shoopah Jooniyarh

Human/Mutant/Vampire: Vampire
Background: press the reset press press the reset )

Anything Else: Formerly [info]renzokyuken! Wanted a new name for the reclaim XD

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March 11th, 2009 3:22 pm
REclaim: Kibum [

[ mood | chipper ]

Player's Name: Mica
Character's Name: Kim Kibum
Character's IJ: [info]kinkibum
Nationality: Korean!
What are they from? Super Junior. Sometimes XD

Human/Mutant/Vampire: Mutant :D
Ability: Super speed
Background: Rewind.... )

Anything Else: I don't think so! I really hate writing claims :(

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March 11th, 2009 3:00 pm
[REclaim] Bi [

[ mood | cheerful ]

Player's Name: Tali
Character's Name: Bi
Character's IJ: [info]bireal
Nationality: Korean
What are they from? Solo artist & actor

Human/Mutant/Vampire: Mutant
Ability: Intuitive aptitude
Background: i'm gonna be a bad boy~ gotta be a bad bad boy~ )

Preferred RP Style: IJ, paragraph.

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March 11th, 2009 1:33 pm
re-claim: Kim Heechul [

[ mood | hungry ]
[ music | H.I.M ]

Player's Name: Meggy
Character's Name: Kim Heechul
Character's IJ: [info]heesus
Nationality: Korean
What are they from? Shawty Shawty Junior

Human/Mutant/Vampire: Mutant
Ability: Invisibility

let the personality make over begin )

Preferred RP Style: paragraph IJ

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February 28th, 2009 9:44 pm
(OOC) Comming off of Hiatus [

[ mood | stressed ]

Hey, I appologize for taking an impromptu hiatus (without telling anyone even though I really should have) but I'm now back and done with all of my midterms. Um, well, I'm back and I hope everyone's alright?

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February 23rd, 2009 9:12 pm
re...claim? [

Hi everyone <3

I'm re-activating Ryeowook! Realised I was missing this place a bit too much.

I'll sort of be... rebooting him, but his backstory is the same. It's here, for those who need to see.

(I've spoken to Meggy, and she's cool with Ryeowook keeping his old power, so all is good. ^_^)
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February 21st, 2009 8:18 pm
Claim: Kim Bum [

Player's Name: Tasja
Character's Name: Kim Bum
Character's IJ: [info]hybridtea
Nationality: Korean
What are they from? Actor; currently starring in Boys Over Flowers

Human/Mutant/Vampire: Mutant
Ability: Superb agility
Background: Kim Bum always used to think, back when he was a kid and was growing up in the country, that he was somewhat special. While other kids would constantly be enjoying themselves, be that digitally or in real life, he always preferred to be alone. When girls said they liked him, he didn't know how fast he had to get away from them. When boys asked him to hang out with them and have a smoke (as they all prematurely did), he always declined. This eventually got him simply ignored by the others. But then there was always a place for him to retreat and enjoy his time alone.

That all changed when the bio-engineering company his dad worked at started to grow exponentially and soon after, he was one of the few lucky employers to be asked to move to the central office in New York with his family, along with an upgrade in his paycheck. From a small Korean town suddenly to the bustling noise of a big foreign city at the other side of the world. His parents weren't any help either. He was always reluctant to trust them or be nice to them, not after they lied to him flat out when he asked about the rumour going around that he once had a younger brother, even though he'd seen the pictures of a face that his young mind hadn't been able to remember.

While Kim Bum had no trouble picking up English through the television in the Manhattan loft, there were some things he just couldn't get used to. Rich snobby kids at elite high schools being one of them. They caused him to drop all niceness, turning him from a docile television-study teenager into a much tougher but no less quiet personality hanging out with the lower-class kids (as they were the natural enemies of the elite kids, after all) more often than not, and resorting to crime for the sheer fun of it. Whenever he could bother a rich kid, he enjoyed it. It was his way of hanging onto something real in the maelstrom of so many things changed, to turn his back on his new social environment. But it did have a good side. Kim Bum's lone gunman side sort of vanished, too.

But then there was also that feeling of being different. Kim Bum had never paid so much attention to it before but now, sometimes it seemed like all of the world was clumsy except for him. Obstacles he had no problem dodging. Getting away after a shoplift was a piece of cake for him. He crept up fences faster than anyone else, and jumps from high locations barely got him a scratch. Anything gymnastic was no problem for him. He's still trying to hide it. It's not normal. On the other side it's that, in combination with his remarkably high intelligence, what makes him feel just a little superior over others.

Kim Bum finished high school only by being sent back to Korea to get away from his friends. Now, he's passing his time avoiding his parents who keep pushing him to enroll in university. He inhabits an old factory hall floor when he's not in the parental loft, and works as an assistant of an old Chinese alternative pharmacist.

Preferred RP Style: Paragraph, and over IJ preferably!
Anything Else: anything else you think we should know? Timezone is GMT+1 :D?
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February 16th, 2009 11:13 pm
[drop] [

Sad to be doing this, but sometimes a muse just don't fit :( So I'm dropping Sooyoung and keeping her in my bed instead. please remove her!
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