Monday, October 21st, 2019

Who: Adam Parish & Open (Multiples welcome)
What: AC's first potluck
When: Sunday, October 20th, afternoon-evening
Where: 112 Liberty Street
Rating/Warnings: TBD (WARNING! Eating anything Adam creates will cause characters to be healed of injuries/diseases/aliments/etc.)
Status: Incomplete and Open

Food, friends, and fully tummys for all.  )
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Monday, September 23rd, 2019

Who: Adam Parish & Open
What: AC's first visit to the Market
When: September 23rd, afternoon
Where: The Market
Rating/Warnings: TBD
Status: Incomplete and Open

A basket of baked goods, only go so far. )
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Thursday, September 19th, 2019



I have all the results of your tests, and did a bunch of research. After talking with medical to get their input, I think I have something that can help you with your powers.

I'd like to arrange a time where we can talk and discuss it.


So, you got the job cooking for the soldiers?

Also, if I can scrounge up the stuff, can you bake a cake or something for 2 weeks from now? The 2nd? I haven't had birthday cake in years.

Also, what stuff would you need?


I got your measurements. Can you come by the lab for a fitting? I'm still waiting on some parts, but I want to make sure the skeleton I have so far is right. If it's not it'll be easier to fix it now than later.


Juane managed to climb down from the table last night without just falling. His programming is getting better and better! It'll be nice too. I can adapt some of it for another project I'm doing for a Vet.

Also, sorry I've been kinda flakey on you recently. I'm not used to having friends, and I've kinda been focused on work a lot and reconnecting with AC that sometimes when you text I don't see it until like 2 days later.


Did they move you recently? I saw you walk past my office like 5 times yesterday

I meant to stop you yesterday and say thank you for helping me. You're a really good guy. So, thanks.
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Thursday, August 29th, 2019

WHO: Adam and Zoe
WHEN: August 17th
WHERE: Zoe’s apartment
WHAT: Reunion
STATUS: Complete

My otherself )
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Friday, August 16th, 2019

Who: Adam Parish & Open
What: AC's arrival to the Island
When: August 16th, evening
Where: Just outside of 112 Liberty Street
Rating/Warnings: TBD (mentions of violence)
Status: Incomplete and Open

No longer in Kansas )
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