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July 19th [19 Jul 2019|06:18pm]
There was little to no warning from the Government toward it’s citizens about the approaching storm. The rest of the Nation sat by with baited breath as Hurricane Paul careened toward the little island of Destruction to see if it would wipe the island of people from the face of the Earth or simply be batted away like a swatter would a curious fly. Whatever would occur was going to happen regardless of alarm bells or any special abilities designed to counteract such an event. Mother Nature wasn’t feeling merciful today.

At 9:15 AM windows in the Facility and the Marketplace would begin to be boarded up. The rain had picked up already, and the wind began to blow harder than usual. By 10:00 AM that morning the residents finally became aware of the situation heading their direction. Those in apartment buildings were warned to flee, to seek shelter in any of the Governmental buildings designed to withstand natural disasters but there was not enough room for everyone on the island.

Mayor Monday, General Glove, and a few other elite officials had been whisked away from the island in a helicopter in effort to keep them safe from the impending storm.

A few citizens would step forward to help manage the damage and attempt to save others, get them to safety, or combat the force of the hurricane as it pummeled the island with all of the intensity a storm of this nature could muster. Others would seek shelter and do their best to protect anyone in the nearby vicinity from becoming prey to the disaster.

The eye of the storm.
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[19 Jul 2019|09:28pm]
Who: April & Caspian & Laura & Caitlyn
What: Welcome to the island?
When: Sunday, July, 14, 2019, afternoon
Where: Outside the Facility and to the Finn residence
Rating: Low, it is April after all
Status: Complete

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