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[03 Jul 2019|08:49pm]
It was going to be a beautiful day for a celebration. The temperatures were mild, the sun was shining, and there was an unexpected break in the humidity. The weather lately had been unusual, and it was predicted that July would be a stormy month. But for the 4th, things were pretty as a postcard.

As opposed to the government sponsored and monitored events of the previous national holiday, Independence Day festivities were run solely by residents. The proprietors in the Marketplace gathered together each year to help plan the informal event, many residents volunteered to help. An air of comraderie filled the island as people helped set up grills and picnics on the beach, shared food and drink and conversation, while children swam, frolicked, and played. This was a time for the community to gather together and enjoy the summer holiday. From afar, it seemed like one of many similar celebrations occurring across the country on this day. From afar, no one could tell this was a group of mutants, quarantined to this island due to their unusual and dangerous abilities.

Gatherings occurred from morning throughout the day and well after dark, the evening concluding with a small fireworks display out over the ocean facing away from the mainland. While there were more guards out patrolling the entirety of the island, the government workers kept their distance for the most part. As opposed to the prior month's random acts of violence, the day remained peaceful.

For one day, perhaps only one day, most of the residents of Destruction Island could at least pretend to enjoy freedom.

OOC: Please comment if interested in participating in this holiday scene. Your subject headers will need to include the character(s) involved, where they are, and the time of the interaction. If your character does not make an appearance, please post a comment as to where they were and what they were doing during the holiday.

Have fun and have a safe holiday!

[03 Jul 2019|10:03pm]
Who: Laura and Dorian, NPC Caitlyn; later Roman Skye
What: Planning the next move
When: Friday, June 28th, 6:00pm
Where: 401 Justice Drive
Rating: none
Status: Complete!

But, if it could get Cas backā€¦ )

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