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[22 Feb 2014|11:48pm]

When: Beginning Wednesday
Where: Across the Island

While winters on the island were not exactly known for mild climates, this week was proving to be particularly difficult for Destruction. Large amounts of rain and fog, coupled with rapidly shifting temperatures left the majority of the island misted, flooded and otherwise intolerable. Visibiity was low, making it impossible for the usual freight of ferries to come back and forth. The tides were higher than usual, wreaking havoc on the coastline all around the island. And now snow and ice was predicted on top of the already miserable conditions. Most social and recreational activities were canceled and residents were encouraged to stay inside until the current storm system passed. Even most of the guard duties were reduced to the minimum numbers and shifts in hopes that everyone would just stay inside peacefully until things cleared up. Essential island operations continued on a skeleton shift, ensuring that necessary food and water and medical attention were still available to all residents.
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Baby Steps [15 Feb 2014|10:18pm]

Who: Marie and Rick
When: Tuesday evening
Where: Marie's place

Slow and steady wins the race. )
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hold [15 Feb 2014|10:14pm]

Christien and Marie
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The Talk [15 Feb 2014|10:05pm]

Who: Marie and Nora
Where: Their house
When: Tuesday Morning

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The Faction and Other Things [15 Feb 2014|10:04pm]

Who: Peter and Gavin
When: Tuesday morning
Where: Their place

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The Race [15 Feb 2014|10:01pm]

Who: April and Gavin
When: Monday afternoon
Where: Outside around the island.

Always up for a challenge, even if the odds are tipped. )
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Trust Your Instincts [15 Feb 2014|07:06pm]

Characters: Josie (Narrative)
Setting: The Facility then Josie's home, Friday afternoon to evening
Summary: Everything Changes

It had been one very long week )
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[15 Feb 2014|06:55pm]

Characters: Raina and Jackson
Setting: Their house, Wednesday mid-morning
Summary: Make it or break it

Jackson was nervous )
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[11 Feb 2014|10:50pm]

Characters: Daryn and Jonas
Setting: Daryn's house, Tuesday evening
Summary: Confrontation and Confessions

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The Date That Escalates [05 Feb 2014|08:10pm]

Who: Nora and Peter
When: Monday evening
Where: Peter's house
Warnings: NSFW

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[13 Jan 2014|09:02pm]

Characters: Raina and OPEN
Setting: Monday afternoon, the marketplace
Summary: Second thoughts

Raina had always been quite good at keeping up appearances. She'd made a career of it, after all, doing everything in her power to make celebrities look good. But this wasn't London, nor was it Hollywood, and no one particularly cared if she sugar-coated things or not. The last several weeks have been quite difficult for Raina, although in her usual fashion she didn't act as though anything was amiss. First her birthday, then the holidays, it left her terribly depressed about being so isolated from her friends and family and career. Secretly, she'd made plans to leave the island. And since she was only classified as a 'companion', it was surprisingly easy to get permission to leave. But when the day came, she couldn't bring herself to pack her bags and go. She knew that as miserable as she felt lately, she would be far worse off if she'd left Jackson behind here. She'd never forgive herself for that. So for now, she tried to find little things to do each day to keep her mind occupied and hoped for a change of heart. For now, she wandered the marketplace idly, stopping at random stands to look over the items for sale.
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[10 Jan 2014|11:37am]

Characters: Daryn and Jonas
Setting: Friday morning, the Facility
Summary: Trouble

Chaos ensues )
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[06 Jan 2014|10:15pm]

Characters: Daryn and Daphne
Setting: Tuesday afternoon, the diner
Summary: Lunch and advice

Daryn finally broke down and admitted to herself that she needed to talk someone. That maybe she could use a little bit of advice. It wasn't that she didn't trust the opinions of others, she just was usually the one doling out the advice, not searching for them. It put her in an awkward position when she reviewed her choices of people from which to seek out help. She purposely didn't allow herself to get close to many people on the island, and secretly she feared being judged by most of the people she did associate with on a daily basis. There was one person though, who she doubted would judge or criticize her, yet still offer a blunt, honest opinion.

And so Daryn made a trip to the diner just after the lunch rush. She rarely stopped working to take a lunch these days, let alone leave the Facility to do so, although at one time it had been a regular habit of hers. She doubted many people noted the change in her schedule, or if they did, thought nothing of it. Moving inside the restaurant, she chose a vacant seat at the counter, figuring it would be easier to 'speak' to the cook from this vantage point than her usual choice of a booth. She knew that Daphne was working the moment she stepped inside the place, the woman's thoughts were unmistakeably 'different' than others.
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[31 Dec 2013|05:51pm]

Characters: OPEN TO ALL
Setting: Tuesday/Wednesday, Evening / Morning
Summary: New Years' Eve Horror Movie Birthday Party

Josie had worked hard to make this party special. She knew that Christien was less than happy to be celebrating a birthday on his god forsaken island, and he'd already told her the problems he'd had in classes and with making friends. Hopefully this party would remedy the latter half of that issue. She didn't exactly have the connections that Gavin and Peter had had for their grand masquerade. But Josie did have a lot of social contacts around the island which helped immensely in bringing everything together. The Renard residence was decorated in dark shades with red lights sprinkled throughout, windows draped, furniture moved out of the way, and a skeleton or two hidden away in closets. In the kitchen, there was plenty of food of all kinds and a punch bowl of some bloody looking alcoholic mixture along with beer and bottles of alcohol and mixers. Bottles of champagne for a midnight toast lined the countertop. The cake was also designed to match the theme, and she'd hoped Christien would appreciate that. And of course, Josie had made sure to dress accordingly, as she'd requested of others. She was quite proud of the look she'd put together: slicked wet hair and a 'blood'-stained shower curtain turned dress completed her Psycho-themed costume a la Janet Leigh. She flitted about the party, making sure everyone had anything they needed or wanted, and was having a good time. She hoped there would be a good turn out to make her brother's birthday memorable.
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Attendez vous! [28 Dec 2013|10:18pm]

Please forgive the informal announcement. I will be hosting a New Year's Eve/20th Birthday Party pour ma frere, Christien! The horror movie themed party begins at 9pm sharp on December 31st and continues until the New Year has begun and my dearest brother has become another year older. Come dressed as your favorite character from any scary movie! There will be music, dancing, food and plenty of drink along with a host of surprises. Help us celebrate with a scream, all are invited!
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Bright Lights [28 Dec 2013|09:24pm]

Who: Gavin and Josie
When: Sunday evening
Where: The bar then Gavin's house

Big City )
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[24 Dec 2013|05:25pm]

Characters: Daryn and Jonas
Setting: Friday night, Daryn's home
Summary: Confrontation

She was looking forward to a bit of downtime )
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[19 Dec 2013|10:44pm]

Characters: April and Esme
Setting: Friday afternoon, resident housing
Summary: New job

So she tried to act like an adult... )
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[19 Dec 2013|03:24pm]

Characters: Faction members and new recruits
Setting: Thursday evening, basement of the diner
Summary: Updates and plans

This meeting would be brief )
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[17 Dec 2013|10:19pm]

Characters: Christien and Marie
Summary: Christien picks the wrong pockets

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