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January 1st, 2008

A Second Chance, R

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Fandom: Bones/Criminal Minds/Grey’s Anatomy/Jossverse
Title: A Second Chance
Rating: light R
Warnings: Character death, slash.
Disclaimer: None of these shows or their characters belong to me, Matt Nguyen, Mackenzie and Ben Tate are mine.
Spoilers/Timeline: Criminal Minds: Post Ashes and Dust, Pre- Legacy, Bones: Around Spaceman in a Crater, Grey’s Anatomy: Post- Some Kind of Miracle, Pre-Didn’t We Almost Have it All.
Note: Thanks to cflat for the beta.
Summary: The FBI comes to Seattle on the trail of a serial killer.

(A Second Chance)

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November 3rd, 2007

Question about DB's Acting Choices

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Does anyone know if David Boreanaz is a method actor? I'm just curious because I've seen a couple of episodes, now, where it seems to me some personal bad experiences of his would have been very handy draws, and I could almost see him using the emotions from them and/or what he wished he could have done in reaction to them to help him play out the scenes.

I guess you don't have to be a method actor to do that, but...I was just curious if anyone knew. Thanks!

November 2nd, 2007

FIC-PG Booth/Brennan: Women!

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Title: Women!
Personal fic community: [info]dfasgbaf (Everything I write posts here.)
Fandom: BONES
Relationship: Booth/Brennan
Rating: FIC-PG
Genre: Comedy, Bordering on Romantic Comedy
Word Count: 252
Spoilers: General Booth/Brennan relationship development through the end of Season 2. Please don't read any further in these headers, or the story, obviously, if you don't want to be spoiled for that.

FIC-PG Booth/Brennan: Gimme! 1/1

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Title: Gimme!
Personal fic community: [info]dfasgbaf (Everything I write posts here.)
Personal fic Yahoo group: DFAS Giles's Bloody Awful Fanfiction (I often forget to post here.)
Fandom: Bones
Relationships: Booth/Brennan
Rating: PG
Genre: Relationship development
Word Count: 374
Spoilers: Up to and including general season 2. Read no further in these headers if you do not want to be spoiled for that season.
Bicker, bicker, bicker! )

DRABBLE-13 Brennan/Booth: The Man in the Shower

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Title: The Man in the Shower
Personal fic community: [info]dfasgbaf (I do not post fics at [info]dfasgiles.)
Fandom: Bones
Relationship: Brennan/Booth
Rating/Warnings: 13 and older, suggestive wording
Genre: Sexual tension, romantic comedy...sort of?
Word Count: 311
Spoilers: None that I'm aware of. If you find any, I apologize.
Summary: Brennan and Booth have been forced to share a room while on a case that requires travel. Booth's in the shower, and he finds out that Brennan doesn't have a clue about bathroom boundaries.
Click here to find out if Booth showers with the door open or closed )

September 26th, 2007


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Start posting whenever you're ready! I have some fic already written and a few icons I've made (a very few), so I can post those. Feel free to discuss the current week's episode as long as you put any spoilers behind a cut for non-U.S. residents. Any discussion about the cast members or the characters is also welcome. Just please remember to put any spoilers behind a cut. That's the important part. :-)
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