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[09 Apr 2008|11:14am]

Alright, I think I may bring in a character but I am not sure what gender or race yet so maybe you can help me and give me lines to encourage me. Pb suggestions are welcome as well. I am either bringing a gay guy or a straight girl. Now fire away, ok?
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[04 Apr 2008|10:02am]

alright, this is ariyah addams and she was turned into a vampire during the 1920's by Niccoli Jameson, making her eternall tweny four years of age. after she got turned, the two of them became almost inseparable but, unfortunately for ariyah, her feelings towards him had changed. soon, instead of seeing Niccoli as a friend, she saw him more as the boyfriend type. yes, she developed a little crush on him and it has yet to leave. ariyah believes that he does not know about her little crush and she could be right, but then again there's a chance that he does know. this girl is not one to mess with. although she is petite and gives off somewhat of a innocent presence, that is far from what she is. the petite blonde could very easily cause havoc and has no problem doing so. ariyah originated from New Orleans and soon moved to Crimson to only move from Crimson to New York about two years ago. She has just recently returned to Crimson, realizing that there is no place like this town.

she needs anything and everything. there's a part of her than can be a very large bitch, yet there's another part of her that's willing to be a nice person.
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[01 Apr 2008|08:01pm]

i wanted to bring in a female character, most likely a vampire. are there any sl's/suggestions before i make up my mind?
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[01 Apr 2008|03:03pm]

So I'm bringing in Olivia. She's a witch with some seeing abilities, but I'm unsure if I want her to work either as a burlesque dancer or as a clerk at the local sex shop. I'm currently leaning towards the latter. I will hopefully have a bio up for her soon, but anything you wanna offer I'm open to suggestions.
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[23 Feb 2008|10:37pm]

ok, so this riot. everyone say hiiiii. :D

not gunna lie, riot's kind of a dick. he's got what he thinks is a good reason, but as everyone knows, shutting everyone out is really just not a good idea.

so he needs a few story lines. he's not going to be easy to get close to, but if you know the right kind of music, and actually know the music, he might be more apt to warm up to you.

so uh, lines please? he's only human, so nothing to extravagant. but it could be a fun challenge trying to get him to open up a little. :D


a ghost of you
-- this girl used to be best friends with riot and his girlfriend. but after the accident, riot shut off all contact with anyone he'd ever known, knowing they would blame him for her death, and knowing he deserved to be blamed. the sight of her after so many years brings back some really painful memories, so life's going to be hell for riot after all this. FILLED: [info]labryinthine__
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[22 Feb 2008|01:40pm]

I've been interested in this game for a while now, even when it was on gj. I want to bring in a Jared Leto pb, a vampire, with French and Italian descent. I'm still working out the details but I'm very interested in filling storylines for people here.

A little about me: I'm an active writer who loves research and detail about my character. I might not be a vampire expert today but over time, after reading more into it, and working towards making my character authentic, hopefully it'll show. If you're interested in anyway, hit me up: Chase Carlo.

By the way, my kid's going to be Matteo Angeli.
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[19 Feb 2008|12:30am]

Greetings to everyone, this is Evelyn.

She's Kate's cousin who just moved into her own apartment a few weeks ago. She'll be in town to help take care of Kate and help with when the baby is born.


Anyone need any lines?
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[17 Feb 2008|12:42pm]

I'd like some more storylines for Kate,[info]niccoli and [info]jacobt. I'm up for anything.

AIM: caronkate.
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[12 Feb 2008|11:33am]

Hey. I'm Jess, and I'm new to this community. I play Delilah Welch; she's a mortal, who can really be some fun to be around. Her bio will be up in her profile later today. But, I definatly need some storylines to get started in this game.

I have a few lines that might need filled for Delilah. I'm not picky at all with who fills them.

(Let's Go) Get Lost
This is the person that Delilah can talk to, and feel completely comfortable with telling this person anything, because she knows they will listen. This person is a true friend, and Delilah doesn't know what she would do without them. They're there for her, and she's there for them. They're sort of a personal shrink for the other person.

Battery Acid
This person knows Delilah at her worst, but can deal with that. They're drinking buddies, drug buddies, smoking buddies; whatever they need each other for. They're friendship is based on self-destruction, which is probably why Delilah only sees this person when she's down and out, so not a lot. But when they're together, they're a dinamic duo, and it's almost impossible to stop them until it's a little too late.

Black Cactus Killer
Delilah can't stand this person; they make her blood boil. Every word out of their mouth makes her want to scream; they're voice even makes her cringe. They always seem to find her on bad days, which makes her hatred even worse. She has no clue if this person hates her back or not, but she really doesn't care. They bring out the bitch in her. End of story.

Tire Swing
This is another one of Delilah's close friends. They're relationship isn't based on destruction, or intellect, they just enjoy being in each other's company. This person can bring out the inner child in Delilah, and just make her smile, and enjoy herself for a while. It's a simple friendship, and Delilah wouldn't have that any other way.

Awkard Last Words
This person is kind of like Delilah's guardian. They look out for her, and try to help her out. She looks to them as sort of a parental figure, though they're probably close to her own age.

I think that's all for now.
If you want your character to fill one of these, just IM me (grindingOFteeth), I guess.
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Searching desperately [11 Feb 2008|10:16pm]

For a Sarah Shahi pb to fill a storyline for skye.

Basically, picking up where the l word left off.

Skye finally settles down with a woman, and then blows it by leaving her at the alter because she's scared she can't be faithful when they're married, and she'll hurt her.
This happened a few years ago, and the character you'd be coming in as finally feels ready to see Skye again. They were together for three years or so.
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[07 Feb 2008|05:51pm]

Hey everyone, this is my new kid Reesa. She has a bio in her journal, so feel free to check it out. Here are some lines I'd like to get out of this:

Prickly heart and watery eyes, I'm ripe to be emotionalized.
This is Reesa’s drinking buddy, the one who she can let steam off to anytime she wants and just go out and get a beer with. They’ve been hanging around the bars for a while, so they both know each other pretty much inside and out, which helps them both to be comfortable with one another. They also seemed to get trashed together on every Saturday night when Reesa isn’t working.

Hopeless love and endless dreams. You’re a drama queen.
The one person whom Reesa cannot stand. This person comes to her all the time about her problems, mostly the while Reesa is cutting their hair. Reesa can’t escape them and has to listen, mainly because they leave a hefty enough tip. It’s a shame this person causes so much drama in their life, or Reesa might invite them for a night at the bar.

You know you've still got a piece of my heart. You've had it right from the start.
There was once a time when Reesa actually felt like she was in love. It was with him. She did her best to please him any way that she could, but it seemed like whatever she did was never good enough in his eyes. She eventually left him to go onto better things, though he tends to hang around the same tattoo parlor as her to get under her skin. Sadly, it works.

I'm getting my soul reapplied while my skin is getting dyed.
This is Reesa’s favorite person, her tattoo artist. She’s been hanging around his/her shop now for the last couple of years, helping out in the piercing room and also getting tattoo’s by him/her. They’re another person you’ll likely always see her with which doesn’t bother Reesa much at all. She considers them to be like family and she loves ‘em to death for it.

"A direct hit" the cupid smiles...wounded, I fall into delirium
Her new love interest. Reesa didn’t think it would be easy to get over her ex-, but for some reason this person just won’t leave her alone. He’ll call her just to say hi, he’ll come by the shop just to make her smile and he’s everything she’s ever wanted in a man. There’s just one problem, she isn’t sure she’s ready to jump into anything just yet. She wants to wait it out and see if he’ll understand. Her ex- is still around playing mind games, and Reesa wants this new love interest to take it all away.

if there are any lines needed as well, message me and I’m sure we can work something out. I’m pretty open-minded and down with anything.
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so.. I forgot my password to my old AIM name for Damien.. [02 Feb 2008|01:58am]

So first and foremost, the AIM for this kid is now sanner then you (which by the way, he is not)

I need storylines!
I have a few in mind, and have even commented other posts in this comm concerning one or two of them.

Werewolf "sire" - Its gotta be a guy to go with the story of how Damien was turned. Mr Sanner was blowing off steam and decided to blow steam off by ramming his fist into another guys gut. Only it was the wrong guy and Damien woke up bitten. This is the only person in the world that has any sort of control over Damien (mainly because hes scared of him), other then MAYBE Dylan.. if he's in the mood to play innocent for her.

Love/Hate Friends - There is nothing right when it comes to Damien. His way of showing affection is making the other person bleed. That being said, half the time Damien and this person make each other bleed, the other half of the time they enjoy making others bleed. There is nothing sane about their friendship, and theres no reason behind it. Theres no sexual tension what so ever and they have nothing in common except gore.

So you can take whatever you want from those two, or think of something else. I'm open to mostly everything
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[29 Jan 2008|02:06am]

just found this place. i'm bringing in val dibendetto as a 1,400+ year-old vampire assassin of sorts. she's not a self-righteous vampire because she doesn't do what she does to try and win over the big man. she just does it mostly because she enjoys it. she loves a good challenge and doesn't back down for shit. she's pretty much seen and done it all. i'm down for any sort of line. she'd be especially good friends with a wolf. i think their personalities would match really well with the whole "vindictive killer" bit. iuno haha
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[26 Jan 2008|09:38am]

mkayyy soooooo... i play tierney too... and i decided to bring in a witch cause there was just carly and kate... that and i love kaley cuoco for some unknown reason...

ANYWAY! this girl needs lines. history's in her journal but personality wise... she's a very easy going kinda person. some would call her shy because it takes a while for her to get used to people. her premonition powers aren't completely in check yet (oh did i mention she's a premonitionist?) and they're very sensitive to new people, so she tries to get to know someone well before getting too close. so she's a shy, stalkerish kinda person, because she'll get to know everything about you before she even comes up and says "hello" or something.

anyway... lines! please!
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[25 Jan 2008|12:56am]

Sorry it's taken me so long to get back into this.


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Hello [24 Jan 2008|06:42pm]

Bringing in this Bill Kaulitz pb. Possibly to compete for role of leader of the vampire coven. It all just depends.

Aim: xTheShadowWalker
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[21 Jan 2008|01:13pm]

My guy could use some family members!! Girls or guys it doesn't really matter.
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[21 Jan 2008|02:34pm]

I'm thinking of bring either Ellen Page, Kirstin Cavallari or Gwen Stefani but before I do, which of the three would be more wanted and what lines can I get for them?
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[13 Jan 2008|12:02am]

Hello! I bring you Caspian Tenor. He is a human and is very friendly but very shy. He leads a very mysterious life and keeps a lot to himself. I am up for anything so please, ask away :)

AIM: prince caspiannn
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[11 Jan 2008|09:12pm]

Hey there, awesome possums. :) I plan on applying to the game soon with this character, a human named Louisah. I've actually got a mostly-done bio up for her, but the bare bones of it is that she was raised in pagan religion and brought up to be a priestess, but she's now doubting her theology. So your run-of-the-mill, happy go lucky 25-year-old. (Please to note light irony. HANYWAY.) Her main personality traits are her intellectuality and her general naiveté.

... I suppose that's it, except for my plea for storylines. I have some premade ones here, but don't feel limited by them please. :) I can be reached at louisah may not for discussion, or just comment wherever.
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