Aug. 19th, 2010


Unexpected Savior in Bon Temps

Who: Jason and Jessica
Where: Near the Bon Temps city limits sign, eastward
When: Early evening
Rating: PG-13 for minor violence/language now ... possibly more later.
Status: PM if you really wanna get in, but mostly closed.


Being a cop was weird, but he enjoyed it. It was just different to actually have to demand respect from people then to be, well, Jason Stackhouse and be the lovable loser that everyone coveted. Tonight he was asked to do a little patrolling himself which was fine, he would just have to wait to go out and get a little drunk. He still had a bitter taste in his mouth about what happened with Benedict but he was continually told not to worry about it and as of now, he was doing his best to do that. The women didn't seem to be helping as much as they used to but he still tried to use them when he could. That's all it was to him now though, a way to make himself feel a bit better which never lasted long but it was better then simply drinking and feeling like a fuck-up all night long.

"The hell?" He muttered as he pulled his car over to the side of the road. There was someone there, and they looked dead. He rose an eyebrow slightly and went to call it in before chuckling lightly, kicking the object in the head. "It's just a damn maniquinn." He reported in before sliding it back into the holster, just in time to feel something against his back. It felt like a gun. "Wooow.....Woooow..." he started and his hands slowly came up.

"Dude, he's got a gun!" Jason heard that from behind him and grimaced, mouthing a few more curse words as he shook his head slowly, "I'll throw it out guys, just don't...." He went to reach for his pistol but only to take it out and toss it away. But before he could even get a hand around it there was the sound of a gunshot and he felt it rip through his torso. His eyes closed at the searing pain and he fell to a knee. He didn't scream, or fight it but just tried to cope with the fact that he got shot. The guys were quick to pull out his wallet and ran off into the night. He faintly heard a truck start from behind the trees and drive off but he couldn't muster anything more then to crawl to his car, and lean against it. The bastards even managed to shoot through his radio, so he knew trying to even call for help was out of the picture.

He had very little time, and nothing that he could think of doing. Maybe shooting the gun in the air... but that would require moving his arm and he wasn't quite sure he could manage that either.....