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The cold never bothered me anyway~ || Kitty Lune [userpic]

Dear you,

I've known you, not entirely well, for four months now. You've grown on me in a way that I really didn't expect and I'm afraid of where these feelings are taking me. You're young. You have your entire life ahead of you. You've been having problems with your current girlfriend's parents. I don't want to add onto your problems.

But in the same vein... I can't stop thinking about you. My heart flutters like a caged bird, my breath catches in my throat and I can barely think straight. I can't deny how I feel when it comes to talking to my heart, but I'm incredibly shy and I never have had the courage to confess how I really feel to my crushes. Whenever I think of doing it I get cold feet.

Yes, you were exactly right in calling me Hyuuga Hinata. I am almost exactly like her. But if I'm Hinata, then you'll have to be my Naruto, because I've fallen irrevocably for you.

Your friend,

Current Mood: lonely lonely
Current Music: "You Belong To Me" - Taylor Swift.
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