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The darker side of Severus.

Welcome to Dark Prince Rising, a community devoted to fic, meta and art exploring the darker side of everyone's favorite Death Eater.

Are you fascinated by Young Severus the loyal DE? Intrigued by AU's in which he returns to the Dark Lord, or becomes one himself? Do you wonder what exactly a Dark wizard is, and if Severus is one? Do you simply want something a little more complex than Misunderstood Saint!Severus? If so, then welcome to the Dark Side. (We have Chocolate Frogs!)


Feel free to rec fic and art, and to post your own fic and art!

But before you post PLEASE read the About section and the Prince's Laws (Rules), and please TAG PROPERLY. This helps other users find your work!

Also, check out our affiliate Snapedom, run by our dear Sylvanawood! (They have Every Flavour Beans).


Please note: this is a community created by and for adults, and may contain adult themes. This community is also mostly unmoderated, so please keep things civil. Debate all you like, but please keep it about the work; don't get personal.

And NO shipping wars!

If you have questions, you can contact us at darkprincesnape@yahoo.com.

Everything posted to this community is meant in fun and tribute to JKR's creation; no profit is being made. If you recognize it, it's hers.



14th September 2012

Snupin_Santa sign ups are closing soon!

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Come and join in the fun! Despite the name threesomes and moresomes are more than welcome! The rules are linked in the sign up posts below, please read them prior to signing up as they have changed since last year. If you need help with developing prompts [info]lore and I will be in chat for several more hours tonight and I'll be in chat most of the day tomorrow. Sign ups originally were going to end the 15th, but [info]lore is considering extending the deadline until the 16th. Either way the deadline is looming so hurry over! :D


31st August 2011

rec/link: The Redemption

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This is a rec (well, sort of; I found I didn't personally enjoy it that much, but it seemed like the kind of thing this comm's membership would be interested in) to something I read on Lumos today.

Title: The Redemption
Character(s): Severus, Lily, Augustus Rookwood, Bellatrix, James Potter, Lucius, Narcissa, Remus Lupin, Sirius Black
Pairing(s): Severus/Lily (non-con but not violent)
Rating: my estimate, R (in the sycophanthex system it was rated "L", which is "Lascivious", I think, but this fic is more violent/dark theme than it is explicitly sexual)
Warning(s): Abuse, Character Death, Non-consensual Sex, Torture, Violence
Word count: 6355
Author's summary: The Dark Lord has won the First Wizarding War. Lily Potter has been given to Severus Snape as a prize, and the Marauders wish they had never become Animagi.

16th October 2010

It's coming...

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25th January 2010

Self-pimpage: I will write you fic

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Realized my original post probably got lost on the Underground pretty quickly, so I'll do a quick post here.


Basically, you get a short bit of fic in return for doing nothing other than insisting you want it! And I finally get started on some ideas that have been bouncing around in my head. I work best to a deadline, and when there are other people who expect to see something written.

So I'm doing a Hobbit-style birthday come March 3 and gifting short fics to others. You pick from a list of prompts, and give me some additional prompt words/etc.

The original post with the prompt list is here.

Sound good? There's only one response right now (one of the comments is clarification), so signup while you can, as I can only promise three fics.


9th January 2010

Birthday Pimpage for the Professor

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Be sure to check out all the fantastic fic and art over at the Severus Big Bang Birthday Bash. My own fic was delayed by papers and such, but I'll be posting it in the late entries round. But there's already a ton of great work up by many talented people - and don't forget the Review Challenge!

Three cheers for Severus!

9th December 2009

Fic Rec: Pawn

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Just wanted to rec here a piece I found on Whitehound's list of fic recs: a short snippet depicting a Voldemort-loyalist Severus. Very good little vignette.

Pawn by lifeinpoetry

Edit: warnings for implied (past) rape, slash, (past) character death

19th November 2009


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Signups close Friday! - Tomorrow!

16th November 2009

A Birthday Gift

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Characters: Severus
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Summary: Severus receives an owl bearing a small present on his sixteenth birthday - a future.
Word count: 618
Author Notes: A short piece for his birthday.

story! )

Fic: Breaking Point

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Title: Breaking Point

Author: 00sevvie

Characters: Severus Snape, Antonin Dolohov, unnamed Muggle

Wordcount: 1,300

Rating: R

Warnings: torture, death, dark themes

Prompt: Evan notices that when they chase away spies and lose them, there is always a poster from a certain London club on the wall.  He suspects they are portkeys and the Dark Lord decides to raid the club.  Told from Severus’ perspective. Prompt by Janus.

Author’s notes: Unbeta’d for the moment. What you recognize, is JKR’s.

15th November 2009

A Prince's Papers

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Title: A Prince's Papers
Author: [info]janus
Characters: Severus Snape, A related Wizard
Rating: PG
Word Count: 250
Warnings: none
Prompt from [info]00sevvie: At some point in the recent past papers belonging to a somewhat distant Prince relative of Sev's bearing curious magical formulas were uncovered, greatly to Voldemort's interest. however, until now they haven't been able to get anything to work. Someone thinks they've found a key to the puzzle.

story! )


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Title: Contrast
Author: [info]janus
Characters: Severus Snape, Lucius Malfoy, Draco Malfoy, misc. OC
Rating: NC-17 for violence
Word Count: 717
Warnings: Extreme violence, Dark ideas
Summary: After a Death Eater murder, Severus and Lucius demonstrate the differences in their characters.

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Title: Temptation
Author: [info]janus
Characters: Severus Snape, The Dark Lord, Lily
Rating: R for dark ideas
Word Count: 681
Warnings: Dark ideas
Summary: At fifteen, with a little help, Severus resists temptation.

Story! )

Azkaban Blanket for Rabastan

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Fic for: [info]anomalywaiting
Title: Azkaban Blanket

Characters: Severus, Rabastan. Dumbledore
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Summary: Severus visits Rabastan in prison and brings him a gift.
Disclaimer: This journal contains adult material. I am not Severus Snape. I am not Alan Rickman. I am not Alec Hopkins. I do not own Severus, Alan nor Alec, nor any thing nor person from the 'Harry Potter' universe. I do not own Rabastan LeStrange or Albus Dumbledore. I make no money from this journal, which is written by and for adults.
Word count: 2,223
Author Notes: The prompt was 'Blanket'
story! )

14th August 2009

An Entertaining Pastime

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Title: An Entertaining Pastime
Character(s): Severus, Lucius, Bella, unknown muggles
Pairing(s): none
Rating: PG-13, I think
Warning(s): mentioning of a dead person, implied torture and murder
Challenge(s)/Prompt(s): snape100 Challenge 294: Snape and Games of Chance
Word count: 100
Author's notes: Many thanks to [info]red_day_dawning for beta-reading!:-* And another big thank you to [info]torino10154 for suggesting that I cross-post this here.^^
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the HP characters or the universe or anything at all; it all belongs to JKR and her homies. I get no money for writing fanfiction and I don't want to get sued, pretty please.

This way, please!

14th July 2009

Fic Rec: His War is Finally Over

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I thought I'd rec a fic that has stayed with me since I read it last November in the [info]hp_darkfest over on LJ.

His War is Finally Over by [info]dognmonkeyshow is a post-war, R-rated, Snarry fic. It is dark, disturbing, and so completely plausible I bought it hook, line, and sinker. If you need warnings, please heed them.

I recommend this even to folks that generally don't read slash or SS/HP because, well, see for yourself.

9th July 2009

Good news!

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Just a happy tidbit to mention:

Dark Prince Rising officially made [info]snapenews!

Cheers, all!

8th July 2009

Challenge! Icons!

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Greetings, Friends!

How wonderful to see you here. Thank you so much for coming.

It is time for our first challenge!

A community may have 100 icons. So many! We were thinking it would be decorative, welcoming, congenial and collaborative to have an icon challenge.

The challenge is, perhaps not surprisingly given that preamble, to design icons for the new community. We can add them, attribute them to their artists, and rotate them each week so everyone has a home and place here.

Or, you could design icons for other members to use here, or to use elsewhere.

Somehow, each icon should depict, demonstrate, or define Dark!Severus - his life, loves, lies or loyalties. They may be serious or humorous, include movie!severus or a Snape of your own design, or any thing or person meaningful or amusing to him.

Please post your icons to the com.

The challenge will run... let's see... for one month - until the end of August 8.
At that time we will upload your icons and distribute banners (with chocolate frogs!) If there are too many pictures to upload them all, each entrant may select one of their icons to be uploaded.

5th July 2009

Yet More Icons!

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More Icons!

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Hi everyone!

In honor of the official opening of Dark Prince Rising, I have a present for all of you: DPR ICONS!

Feel free to use these icons (of course, you can always make your own too). Spread the word! All we ask is that you please save them to your own harddrive/server, rather than linking back here, and to credit. (The ones below were made by me; I believe janus is planning on posting some too.) I'll be posting them in several sets, to keep download time down.

Welcome to the party, and enjoy!



Announcing: The Official Opening of Dark Prince Rising!

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Dear Sylvanawood (hugs and lots of chocolate frogs!) over at Snapedom has graciously agreed to affiliate with our new asylum here on IJ, Dark Prince Rising (aka [info]darkprincesnape).

The other day we (your friendly co-mods, 00sevvie and janus) were discussing how hard it can be to find good fic and art in which Severus is a Voldemort loyalist, or otherwise taking a look specifically at his darker side. According to canon he was, after all, a loyal DE for at least a little while. So we started kicking around ideas for a "support group" for those who are at all interested in this aspect of our dear Potions Master - whether just occasionally liking to read a Dark!Snape fic or deeply interested in a less Light-oriented take on Severus' character, or even wondering if and how Severus can be considered a Dark wizard. From that Dark Prince Rising was born.

We welcome all your thoughts, meta, rants, jokes, and fic, art and meta recs to do with Dark!Severus. One of the ideas behind the comm is, after all, to gather this work together into one easy-to-find place. Like Snapedom, we plan on hosting occasional art and meta challenges, except oriented towards the comm's theme of Dark!Severus. We also accept direct posting of your own Dark!Sev-related fic and art (see the Prince's Laws for posting guidelines), and plan on hosting fic challenges in addition to art and meta ones (share your ideas!). And you can post recs anytime.

Everyone is welcome here who is at all interested in exploring this aspect of Severus, reading AU's in which he's still Voldie's or even becomes the next Dark Lord himself, and/or in exploring Severus as a specifically Dark wizard (however you define Dark magic!) We intend to work in friendly partnership with Snapedom, rather than in competition - janus and I will still be around Snapedom (as it is indeed lovely there with all of the other Snapefen), and here at DPR we will be focusing on a much narrower take on Severus than the general-interest approach taken there. Think of us as another tag on the Snapedom list, if you like, right next to the Severus and Voldemort Challenge; "Severus and the Dark Side." Please, drop by anytime and leave your Mark! And many thanks again to Sylvanawood - we'll get affiliate banners up asap.

Cheers! and Hi from your friendly mods at Dark Prince Rising,
00sevvie and janus

Come to the Dark Side...we have Chocolate Frogs!

And Happy Fourth of July to the Americans!

4th July 2009

The Prince's Laws

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Welcome to Dark Prince Rising!

Home to our favorite Dark Wizard and his followers. Newly initiated into the Dark Prince’s circle? Take a look at our general information and rules below. If you have any questions that are not answered here, you can contact us at:

darkprincesnape at yahoo dot com (preferred)

moviemaedchen at gmail dot com (00sevvie)
murduck at gmail dot com (janus)

About Us:

This asylum is intended to be a place for those fans of Severus Snape who are interested in exploring his darker side a little more deeply than often happens on more general Snape fansites. Here you can gather to debate and discuss the Potions Master; rec your favorite works of fanfiction (hereafter known as ‘fic’), fanart (‘art’), and meta; and post your own fic, art, meta, thoughts, jokes, rants about canon…. If it’s centered on Snape, and explores his darker side in some way, it is welcome here (with few exceptions – see below). We’re also interested in other DEs, Voldemort, Gellert Grindelwald, Dark Magic in the Potterverse and definitions thereof, etc., but mainly as they relate to Severus Snape. If you can tie it to Snape, it’s welcome on the asylum, but otherwise please post it on your personal journal.

We write Severus-centric fic and meta, we make Severus-centric art and do Severus-related crafts (and post photos!), we rant and rave about DH and Nagini and what on earth Dark Magic really *is* and so on. We may have monthly fic, art, and meta challenges that you may enter (if you wish!) Participants all get banners. We make jokes about Snape and post funny things about him we find elsewhere. And we rec fic, art and meta – one of the main purposes of this asylum is to serve as a place to gather all of the Dark!Sev fic (and art) that we can find together in one place; it can be hard to find now that DH has given us Dumbledore’s Man!Sev.

This community is mostly unmoderated – if it descends to name-calling we reserve the right to delete after two warnings, so please keep it civil, don’t get personal, and absolutely do not start shipping wars. We want Snapefen of all kinds to feel welcome here, as long as they are interested in exploring the darker side of Severus’ character in some way. This is also a community run by and for adults, and works posted here may contain adult themes. Please note this. (We are hosted in the US, where the age of consent is 18, but please obey your own country’s laws as well.) And please note that, while we’re sure you know the difference between fiction and reality, we do not encourage you to emulate Death Eaters in your personal lives! We’re interested in exploring the moral complexities of a fictional character; we do not support or promote racism/prejudice, genocide, murder, necromancy, hate crimes, or other such things in real life. Do not promote them here!

We love Severus, and we love to discuss him and the world/s he inhabits in detail. It’s our hobby. Please don’t come here and tell us that we’re silly to do so, or that we shouldn’t be interested in him, etc. We don’t go out of our way to rain on your parade, so please have the same courtesy for us. If you’re passionate about Sev, come on in. If not, go do your thing somewhere else, please, and we’ll leave you alone. That way we’re all happy.
Feel free to post requests for betas! However, please tag such requests and your responses to such requests with the “beta” tag, so people can find you!

And finally, please feel free to visit our affiliate Snapedom, run by the gracious Sylvanawood. You can find the link in our link list.

The Rules:

1. By “darker side” we mean any and all of the following:

Severus the loyal Death Eater, either as a young man or in AU scenarios in which he never switched sides
Severus the repentant Death Eater, who rejoins Voldemort for whatever reason
Severus the shady spy of deeply ambiguous loyalties – is he really DD’s man, or is he still the Dark Lord’s creature? Or is he an independent, and ruthless, agent with his own agenda?
Dark Lord Severus – ‘nuff said. The Dark Prince reigns!
Severus the Dark Wizard – regardless of loyalties, the Dark Arts (whether you define them as evil magic, chaotic magic, or whatever) are his passion, and your fic/art focuses on this aspect of him
Dumbledore’s Man Severus who nevertheless still loves the Dark Lord or who is still drawn by the dark side…or Severus the true double agent, sincerely serving two masters…

You get the idea. Basically, we’re not interested in your usual “Dumbledore’s Man” Snape fic, art and meta – we focus on those aspects of Severus’ personality that, for whatever reason, initially drew him to Voldemort’s service and/or Dark Magic (whatever that actually *is* - give us your definition!) and on scenarios in fic/art that show him as something a little more complex and darker than the unsung, saintly hero of the Light. “Dumbledore’s Man” is ok, if it’s clearly in the background of a work focused on Dark Magic, or is a notion seriously in question in the work.

If you have doubts about whether your work meets this criterion, please contact the mods to let them have a first look before you post. Posts that both janus and 00sevvie deem to be completely outside the scope of this requirement (which is pretty flexible) will be treated as follows: you get two warnings to rewrite/redraw or take down yourself, after which we will delete. Posts that one of us thinks do not fit the requirement will be discussed between us (mods) and you (author), and we will do our best to help you bring it in line with the rules. If you can’t or won’t rework the piece, please post it elsewhere. But if you are unsure, please do contact us – we don’t want to scare you away!

We’re not interested in work where “dark” is merely synonymous with “mean to Harry.” Yes, Snape can be a right arse to Harry and others. Understood. But he is a complex human being, with complex motives. THIS is what we are interested in exploring here. We also aren’t trying to be our affiliate Snapedom; if you want to discuss Severus more generally, please go there (they have Every Flavor Beans!)

By “Severus-centered” and the like we mean:

Anything in which Severus Snape is a or the main character, regardless of who the viewpoint character is
Anything in which Severus Snape does not personally appear, but which focuses on the author/artist’s or another character’s thoughts about Severus (a eulogy scene, for example)
Meta/essays discussing Severus’ possible backstory, motives, relationships to other characters, to magic, etc. – If you can tie it to Severus convincingly, it’s welcome
Jokes and humorous things about Severus (we laugh with him, not at him, that is)
Rants on Severus-related themes and questions about Severus
Discussions relating to writing Severus fic, making Severus art, etc.
Writers’ and artists’ resources relating to Severus (the Snape in Canon site, for example)

2. Fic and art posting:

We welcome your fic, art and meta, as well as links to works hosted elsewhere that you rec. However, there are a couple of rules regarding the posting of your work. In short they are: template, warn, and tag.

First: please use the template below when posting your work. This ensures people can find things they want and avoid things that might be negative triggers to them. To keep things easy on the eyes for other readers, please put just the template, and a short summary if you wish, in your post, and put your work (fic, art, or meta) behind an IJ cut. Ask us if you don’t know how to do this. The single exception is art that is the size of an artpad drawing or smaller, and that requires no warnings (is worksafe). This can be posted directly under the template, and needs no IJ cut.


Here is the template with HTML tags, and under it how it should look in your post (using one of 00sevvie’s fics as an example. The strikethroughs indicate things that can be deleted in the actual post we recommend providing the warning and pairing labels to avoid confusion):

In Subject Line of post: Challenge (if applicable): Title
(ex. "Meta0709 Why Severus became a Death-Eater: Recruitment")

<b>Character(s):</b> (use commas to separate)
<b>Pairing(s):</b> (If applicable; use slashes)
<b>Warning(s):</b> (If applicable)
<b>Challenge(s)/Prompt(s):</> (If applicable)
<b>Word count:</b>
<b>Author's notes:</b> (If applicable)
<b>Disclaimer:</b> (can be short)

Subject Line: Lost

Title: Lost
Characters: Severus, Voldemort
Pairings: n/a
Rating: PG or PG-13
Warnings: n/a
Challenge/Prompt: n/a
Word Count: 300
Author’s notes: AU triple-drabble: what might have happened had Voldemort learned a few important facts about Severus and Harry a bit earlier than in canon...and decided he wasn't ready to let go of a certain Potions Master just yet. Thanks to my fantastic beta Janus!
Disclaimer: What you recognize, is JKR's. All in fun, not for profit.


Second: please provide 1) a general rating (even if it’s just “NC-17” or “PG-13/below NC-17”) and in light of the battle over warnings 2) minimal warnings. This helps people who don’t want to read graphic material to avoid it, and to avoid common triggers for negative reactions. Note that here NC-17 can refer to sexually explicit, but also to extremely violent/dark themes.

Minimal warnings would be needed for: any non-con/dub-con; torture; abuse; death; BDSM; bestiality/necrophilia/etc.; pregnancy or mpreg; disturbing ideas (that are a significant portion of the work – for example: in a fic Voldemort argues in detail in defense of Muggleborn-killing). General not-worksafe, violence or explicit sex warnings should be given, if these things are present and a more specific warning is not applicable.

Please note: As per Section 1466A of the Protect Act (in the comment below) we don’t want to attract legal action, against you or against ourselves. Please, please keep all visual depiction between characters who are over 18 - the age of majority in the US where we are hosted. Please, no sexual contact in art between characters younger than this, and nothing that could be mistaken for it. It will be deleted immediately if posted. Please respect the rules of your own countries too, of course. And please, keep anything graphic, whether visual or written behind a cut, an appropriate rating and with a specific age warning. edited July 8, 2009

Third: please tag things properly! This helps other users find your work. The links on the sidebar for fic, art, challenges, etc. go to the pages with everything with those specific tags. If your work is improperly tagged, it won’t show up. The mods can help you if you’re unsure what tags to use, and will point out improperly-tagged posts to you so you can fix them. Here are the big ones to know:

  • art – for all art and crafts posts
  • short – this is for fic under 3,000 words, including drabbles and drabble series totaling less than 3,000 words
  • beta – for all beta requests and responses to beta requests
  • fic – for all fiction (in addition to ‘short’/’long’ tags)
  • fic challenge or meta challenge – for posts that set fic/meta challenge topics and for replies to challenge topics
  • long – this is for fic that is 3,000 words or longer, including long drabbles series
  • meta/essay – for all meta posts and anything non-fiction that’s essay-length
  • question/rant – self-explanatory
  • recs – for all recs, whether of fic, art, or meta
  • references – for writing/art resources you want included in the “Resources” section

We also recommend tagging posts with your username so all your work can be found easily (just type it into the ‘tags’ section of your post and the tag will be created). And please use the appropriate challenge tags (look in the list or the bottom of the challenge topic post for the correct one. It will have the challenge name and date in it.)

3. Recc’ing and Other

Recc’ing someone else’s work: please provide a link to the work – do not copy it here! Just use your common sense, essentially. Please also provide the author’s/artist’s name, any crossover fandoms (if applicable), and rating and warning info. Tagging rules regarding length and genre (fic/art/meta) like those for your work apply; please also include the “recs” tag.

Crossovers are OK, as long as Severus is a main character. However, if an author has specifically requested that you not create fan works based on their work, please try to avoid knowingly posting a crossover featuring it here. JKR has publically stated that she is OK with fan works, but other authors are not so generous, and we do wish to respect their requests. We do not at this time have a complete list of all authors who specifically discourage fan works, but if you know of one, it might be polite to post that info with a “reference” tag, for fellow members’ information.

We are not an archive for all your work; please keep it to fic and art centered on Severus in his darker aspect, and please back up your work for safety’s sake.

We have no spoiler policy. DH came out long ago enough for you to have read it. If you haven’t, that’s your choice; please don’t complain about spoilers. We are AU- and AR-friendly; be canon-compliant or not as you choose, and please respect others’ preferences in this regard when commenting.

Please, do not start shipping wars. This is a site for all Snapefen; start your own page if you want a center to discuss your ship and only yours! The one exception: bitching about Snape/Lily is permitted, since it is canon. However, please be respectful if a Snily shipper takes offense, and Snily shippers, please try not to be offended.

And finally: if things get heated, please behave like adults and be respectful of each other. Make it about the post, not about the poster!

General Disclaimer: fan works (of fiction and art) posted or linked to here are intended solely for fun and in tribute to JKR and any other authors whose work is featured as the basis for these fan works. We are not Severus Snape. We are not Alan Rickman. We do not own Severus, nor Alan, nor any thing nor person from the 'Harry Potter' universe. We make no money from this journal, which is written by and for adults and may contain adult concepts and situations.

Admin Update

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Just making a quick status report.

I've changed the title fonts (what do you think? We can play with it), and have set all the current links for the sidebar and added a couple. We have one more open space left if we think of anything else we need to link to (if we need more, we can delete the titles and just have one list). Most of the pages are blank right now.

I've created some standard tags (to make the links work) to use:

short - for short fanfic and drabbles by members (probably for anything up to 10K or 15K? We can spell this out in the rules/faq section.)
long - for medium to long fic by members (anything longer)
fanfic challenge - for fic challenge posts and entries
meta challenge - same, but meta
meta/essay - for general meta, essays, etc.
question/rant - like at Snapedom :)
art - for fanart
admin - for admin posts like this one
rules/faq - for anything relating to these
recs - for fanfic hosted elsewhere that we rec

And I used your 'reference' tag, Janus, for the resources page. Currently it's set so all registered members of the asylum can create tags. What do you think of all this?

Cheers. :)

3rd July 2009

Reference Thingies (mixed)

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Snape in Canon - all quotes regarding Severus, indexed usefully, providing book and page number
Severus' Timeline
Latin Translator for creating new spells
Herb information
Death Eaters
Write or Die

A Birthday Gift

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Characters: Severus
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Summary: Severus receives an owl bearing a small present on his sixteenth birthday - a future.
Word count: 630
Author Notes: A short piece for his birthday.

story! )

Fic Post - Drabbles: Lost

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Title: Lost
Characters: Severus, Voldemort
Pairings: n/a
Rating: PG or PG-13
Warnings: n/a
Word Count: 300
Author’s notes: AU triple-drabble: what might have happened had Voldemort learned a few important facts about Severus and Harry a bit earlier than in canon...and decided he wasn't ready to let go of a certain Potions Master just yet. Thanks to my fantastic beta Janus!
Disclaimer: What you recognize, is JKR's. All in fun, not for profit.

Lost )

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