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Just A Girl Chapter 10 
1st-Feb-2009 05:53 pm
Title: Just A Girl
Author: Lady B
Genre: AU Het
Pairing: Draco/Girl!Harry
Rating for this chapter: PG13
Summary: Lily Potter was the top of her class in Charms and Hexes. With a bit of creativity and a spell from an ancient relative, she cast a spell upon Harry the moment she died, thereby ensuring that her child would survive. Only no one understood the nature of her spell and its long-term effects. Is the Wizarding World prepared to deal with...A Girl Who Lived?
Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by JK Rowling, various publishers including but not limited to Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic Books and Raincoast Books, and Warner Bros., Inc. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.
Author's Note: Yes this is het. I know I said I'd never write one again, but my bunny was chomping at my heels for this. I'm not following the books/movies much and there will be time-line jumps.

I dedicate this chapter to Love is the key to the world at Fanfiction.net, who was the inspiration for Hogwarts new DADA teacher.

- - -

Chapter 10: America Comes To Hogwarts...

Severus's combined classes were doing so surprisingly well that even Neville managed to get a passing grade on one of the hardest tests they'd had so far that year. Severus knew he couldn't teach both classes for long, but he enjoyed them all the same.

It was the week before Thanksgiving and Severus was heading toward the staff room when he inadvertently bumped into someone coming around the corner. The other person fell to the floor, dropping all her books in the process.

"I am so terribly sorry!" Severus exclaimed, all composure gone in the face of the manners his mother instilled in him. The person on the floor simply chuckled and looked upwards at him.

"It's all right. I should have looked where I was going." the woman smiled. He extended a hand to help her to her feet. He was pleased to note, that although the woman was quite tall (about 5'8" would have been his guess), he could still look down at her, although not quite as much. She wore robes that were the color of sienna, perfect for her brown eyes and shoulder-length brown hair.

"At least let me retrieve your things, since I've so carelessly knocked them to the floor."

"You're too kind." she smiled as Severus knelt down to pick up her books and other personal effects. He handed them back to her and she nodded her thanks. Then she looked at her surroundings.

"You look a bit lost." he couldn't help but say.

"Ah, yes. I am actually. I was wondering if you could point me in the direction of Professor McGonagall's office?" she asked. Severus frowned. He could now detect a hint of some kind of accent in her tone. But he couldn't place it.

"May I ask what this is about?"

"I'm sorry. That's between her and I. And I just met you, so I don't really know you. You understand?"

"Of course. If you would permit me to be your escort, I was on my way to the staff rooms for lunch. Her office is across the hall from there."

"Then I thank you...er..."

"Snape. Professor Severus Snape, Potions Master." he introduced.

"Thank you, Professor Snape." the woman smiled.

"It's only polite to return the introduction." he replied.

"I'm sorry. I want to keep that to myself for the moment." she replied as they headed down the hall. Severus frowned in the silence of their walk.

Minerva's door was open when they arrived, and found the elderly witch sitting at her desk marking some essays.

"Minerva, I ran into this young lady in the hall. She's asking to speak with you." Severus announced. Minerva looked up and smiled.

"I was wondering when you would get here." she stated, getting to her feet. Severus watched as the two women embraced one another like they were old friends.

"Had a bit of trouble at the British Ministry."

"I should have known."

"Minerva? I take it you know one another?" Severus wondered. The two women looked at him.

"We do. Severus, may I introduce you to Jessi McKay, from the International Witches and Mages Association - United States division. The Board of Governors has approved her application to teach Defense for the rest of the year and possibly the next." Severus suddenly placed her accent.

"An American in Hogwarts? I must say this is a bit different." Severus stated. "Professor McKay, it was a pleasure to meet you and I look forward to working with you."

"Likewise, Professor Snape." Jessi nodded.

Severus looked at Minerva, "I'm guessing Albus does not know about this?"

"No, he does not, but I imagine he will be learning of it when the official letter comes during dinner." Minerva smirked. Severus arched an eyebrow. He didn't think the Transfiguration teacher had a sadistic streak.

"I thought for certain you would have informed Albus before the news reached the rest of the school."

"Bah! That man has blinders on a mile wide when it comes to people. It's about time something shook him up. The Board thought it best to hire someone outside of the United Kingdom and I must say I approve that decision." Minerva scowled.

"Hear, Hear!" shouted Dilys Derwent from her duplicate portrait hanging behind Minerva's desk.

"Will she tell him?" Jessi wondered, looking at the former headmistress.

"I would do no such thing, young lady. Albus Dumbledore thinks too highly of himself and it's about time something knocked him off his pedestal." Dilys replied.

The living room occupants laughed and decided to spend the time talking and imagining what would happen at supper.

- - -

"Harry, look at that." Draco whispered to his girlfriend as they entered the Great Hall for dinner. Harry looked up from her Potions essay.


"That woman at the staff table." Harry looked over and saw the new face at the table. Her gaze moved to the center and saw that Dumbledore was absent.

"Draco, I have a feeling something big is going to happen." Harry smirked, just as Dumbledore entered. The elderly wizard paused mid-step when he noticed the new face in the seat beside his own usually reserved for Minerva.

"I do believe you're right, Harry. Let's get a good vantage point." Chuckling Harry allowed her boyfriend to drag her to the head of the Slytherin table.

Dumbledore resumed his trek to his seat, turning to look at the young woman beside him.

"Hello. I don't believe we've met." he stated.

"Professor McKay, International Witches and Mages Association." Jessi replied.

"Pleasure to meet you. What are you doing here?"

"She's visiting me, Albus. Hope you don't mind." Minerva stated.

"Ah. No. Of course not." Albus mumbled, wondering what was going on. He started dinner and poured himself a finger of brandy.

All through dinner, he subtly (or so he thought) tried to probe Professor McKay's mind and was summarily blocked each and every time. Severus noticed this and was successfully hiding his smirk in his own drink.

Just before dessert was served, an official owl from the Board of Governors landed on Dumbledore's plate. He took the offered scroll, watching with a frown as the bird took off again. He opened the scroll and every eye in the room watched his face pale with shock.

"He looks like someone laced his lemon drops with acid." Blaise snorted.

"Wait for it." Harry shushed him. Dumbledore took a quick swallow of his drink before getting to his feet.

"If I may have your attention." he announced. The hall quieted at once, "The Board of Governors, against my advice, have decided to hire an outside party to shape your young minds. May I introduce your new Defense Against The Dark Arts Instructor, Professor Jessi McKay from the United States division of the International Witches and Mages Association. Please make her feel welcome." Dumbledore sat heavily in his seat, wondering where he had gone wrong, as the Great Hall erupted into cheers and applause.

To Be Continued...
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