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*REWRITE* A Time of Promises Chapter 3 
25th-Jan-2009 02:18 am
Hey all. This is a rewrite of Chapter 3...I realized I'd left out a lot of details and made some serious plot holes in the previous version. I had the rewrite done a couple of weeks ago and forgot about it until now. So, enjoy. Btw...this rewrite is longer than the original.

Title: A Time of Promises
Author: Lady B
Pairing: Do I really need to say?
Genre(s): AU Romance
Rating(s): PG and up. I'll warn you if smut ensues.
Summary: One was a cop who'd seen too much death and destruction in his career. The other had lost every memory he'd ever had. In the remote snowcapped mountains of Montana, USA, they will both find the strength to go on, and maybe even find that one thing they'd been missing...each other.
Challenge: Part of my Insanejournal's [info]50harlequins table. Prompt #22 – Cop & Amnesiac Accident Victim.
Disclaimer: All recognizable characters and plots from the Harry Potterverse belong to JK Rowling and various publishing companies and movie studios. I am not making any money from this. I am simply doing this for the fun of it. Any plot devices and original characters belong to me alone and are simply a figment of my imagination.
Author's Note: This is my third annual HP Christmas story. Probably won't be done until after Christmas, but I'll give it a shot.

- - -

Chapter 3

He woke slowly, feeling warmer than he had in some time. He opened his eyes slowly, blinking against the harsh light of the sun shining through the window. Once his eyes adjusted, he took in his surroundings. The walls were wood, midway between light and dark burgundy in color. The furniture was made of the same, decorated in all different shades of brown. He lay back against the pillows, rubbing his eyes as he tried to recall how he came to be here. The only thing he could remember were bright green eyes and being cold. He ran his fingers through his hair, wincing when they came upon a large knot near the base of his skull.

Footsteps echoed in the hall beyond and he tensed. The door opened and another male stepped into the room, holding a steaming mug of something. The odor wafted toward him and he caught the scent of coffee. He looked up into the same bright green eyes he'd seen before.

"You're awake! How are you feeling?" the man asked, setting the mug on the side table.

"Fine, I think." he answered.

"Any lingering coldness, aches or pains?"

"I'm warm for the first time in ages. I have a bit of a bump back here though." he admitted, pointing to the back of his head. The man sat on the bed and gently ran his fingers along the back of his head. He closed his eyes and inhaled deeply, taking in the scent of wood, pine, coffee and the man in front of him. He was surprised to feel a curl of desire low in his gut.

"That is quite a bump indeed. I'll get you something for it in a moment. Can you tell me what happened? How did you end up out there?"

He opened his mouth to answer and frowned in thought. Trying as hard as he could, he couldn't recall how he ended up this way.

He shook his head.

"I can't remember."

"Can you tell me your name? I can call the local sheriff and see if anyone's reported you missing."

For some reason, he knew that much, "Draco. My name's Draco."

"Pleasure to meet you, Draco. I'm Harry." Harry smiled. Draco felt that desire begin to run deeper as he was witness to Harry's bright smile.

"Harry." he mumbled to himself, liking the way the name rolled off his lips.

"Are you hungry? I was just getting ready to make some breakfast."

In response, Draco's stomach growled loudly. Harry laughed loud and long, causing Draco to blush to the tips of his ears.

"I'll take that as a yes!" Harry chuckled. "The bathroom is across the hall, and there are some extra clothes that may fit you in that trunk at the foot of the bed. After breakfast, we'll head into town and see the sheriff and get you some extras." Harry stood and headed for the door.

"Thank you, Harry, for helping me. I don't mean to be a bother." Harry stared at him for some time.

"You're no bother. I don't mind." Harry smiled at him before leaving the room. Draco flopped back, wincing when a headache bloomed at the action. He sat up to get his coffee, noticing two aspirin resting next to the cup. He silently thanked Harry again as he took them before getting out of bed and heading for the shower.

- - -

He felt ready to return to civilization as he made his way to the kitchen. Harry was just setting a plate of eggs on the table, and he smiled when he saw Draco.

"You look better." Harry smiled, taking in the freshly washed blond hair and flushed skin. He caught a whiff of his own soap and had to resist the urge to pull the man close and sniff him.

Now where had that thought come from?

"I feel better. Thank you for the clothes, they fit real well." He was wearing a pair of blue jeans and a blue chambray shirt. His feet were bare, and Harry couldn't help but stare at the toes peeking out from under the hem. He gulped.

"You're welcome." he mumbled. Draco sat down at the table as Harry turned back to the stove to grab the carafe of coffee. He poured his companion a cup before seating himself. They dished up their plates and began to eat in comfortable silence.

Harry wondered why that was.

"I checked your clothes last night after you fell asleep." he stated some moments later.

"Oh?" Draco looked up at him.

"I was hoping to find some identification or some indication of who you are. There was nothing."


"Don't get discouraged just yet. Like I told you earlier, we'll go into town and see the sheriff."

"Is it possible that I could have lost my wallet somewhere out there?" Draco asked, waving a hand at the living room window. Harry looked out at the snow-covered mountains and nodded in agreement.

"Considering that the road is at least a mile or two from here, it is quite possible. And then there's the bump on your head. How's that feeling?"

"A little better. The aspirin you left helped."

"Good. I can't help but feel someone was trying to harm you."


"That's something you need to try and remember. Maybe after we talk to the sheriff, we'll go and see a doctor friend of mine."

"Why are you helping me?" Draco suddenly asked. Harry stared him straight in the eye and told him the truth.

"Because I want to. No other reason." Draco looked down at his hands and blushed.

"Thanks, Harry."

"You're welcome. Now eat your breakfast before it gets cold." Harry admonished.

"Yes, mother." Draco grinned.

- - -

After they had eaten, Harry loaned Draco his warmest coat, boots and gloves before they set out. They had to hike a ways to the truck that was parked in the barn.

"Why is the barn so far away from the cabin?" Draco wondered.

"When my dad had this place built, he thought it was a good idea to build it away from the main house in case either place caught fire. This way the embers and flames wouldn't travel to the other structure preventing the loss of both."

"Sound idea. Will I get to meet your parents?"

"No." Harry replied, tone sharp. Draco's eyes widened.

"Oh." he whispered. The remainder of their walk was done in silence.

It was while they were driving toward town that Harry spoke again.

"I'm sorry I snapped at you. I really don't know you and you were just being kind."

"I think I understand." Draco replied.

"No, you don't. See, my parents...were murdered when I was fifteen months old. A guy broke into the house, trying to steal family heirlooms. My dad, who was a police detective, heard him and tried to stop him but he was stabbed in the heart. He died instantly. My mom's only thought was protecting me, but the guy didn't want any witnesses. He...raped her before he killed her. He came at me, but I wouldn't keep still and his hand was wet with their blood. The knife slipped and cut me over my eye. That's how I got the scar you see." He briefly looked at Draco to show him the lightning bolt-shaped scar over his right eye before returning his attention to the road.

"My God!" Draco exclaimed.

"A neighbor called the cops when he heard sounds of breaking glass and the shouting. The thief heard them coming, and jumped out of the window. I ended up staying with my mom's sister and her husband for a while."

"At least they cared enough to take you in."

"Are you kidding me?" Harry snorted. "The state forced them to take me in since they were my only living relatives. They treated me like dirt. My aunt and uncle wouldn't spit on me if I were on fire. And don't get me started on my cousin. We loathed one another. CPS was called when my physical education teacher noticed some severe bruises on my neck, arms and back during a routine school exam. I was removed from their care when I was six. An old friend of my dad's from his cop days took me in and raised me. It was because of him that I decided to be a cop like my dad. It was the best decision I ever made."

"If it's any consolation, I think your parents would be proud of you now."

"Thanks." Harry smiled.

They pulled up in front of the sheriff's office and headed inside. A man with dark red hair was sitting behind the desk, his feet propped up and his hands behind his head, staring out the window.

"I see police work is still as riveting as ever around here." Harry chuckled. The man started, his feet leaving the desk in a rush. Before he could correct himself, he and the chair he was sitting in fell back and they could hear the thud when he hit the floor.

"Ow!" came a voice on the floor. Chuckling, Harry ran over to help him up.

"Sorry." he snickered.

"It's your fault." the man grumbled as he got to his feet. The man finally noticed who was standing before him and he broke out into a huge grin. "Harry!"

Harry was pulled into an exuberant hug that nearly cut off his breath.

"It's good to see you too, Bill."

"Charlie! Harry's here!" Bill shouted, "When did you get here? Why are you here? And how long are you staying? Have you been down to the diner yet? Mom will kill you if you don't stop in and say hi!"

"Yesterday. Forced vacation. Don't know how long. She and your dad met me when I came up and I had dinner there last night. Saw Ron and Hermione as well." Harry answered.

"Oh, good!" Bill grinned as a second red-haired man came out of the back room.

"Harry! Good to see you!" Charlie grinned as he and Harry hugged.

"Good to see you, too, Charlie."

"How's our sister and that man she married?" he asked, sitting down.

"Doing wonderful. Ginny looks radiant, by the way."

"Pregnancy agreeing with our sis, is it?" Bill grinned, sitting on the edge of his desk.

"It sure is." Harry chuckled.

"So what's this about a forced vacation?" Charlie wondered. Harry sighed.

"Drug bust gone bad. My partner was killed and I was shot. After I was released from the hospital, my head wasn't right so Kingsley told me to take a leave of absence."

"Oh, Harry. I'm so sorry." Bill sighed.

"Thanks." Harry murmured. Charlie noticed Draco standing by the door.

"Who's your friend?" he asked. Harry suddenly remembered the reason why he'd come here and pulled Draco forward, explaining to his friends what happened. Charlie started taking notes and Bill moved to his computer to do some searches.

"Well, Draco. There's no record of a missing persons report with your description. Is it possible that someone wants to keep that information silent?" Bill wondered.

"If there was, I wish I could remember why." Draco sighed. Bill clapped him on the back, nearly knocking him over in his exuberance.

"Don't worry about a thing, Draco. My brother and I will do some investigating and when he hear something, we'll let you know first thing."

"Why are you helping me?" Draco wondered.

"Harry considers you a friend. Any friend of Harry's is a friend of ours."

"But I've only known him less than a day!"

"So?" Harry questioned. "I told you I'd help you in any way I could. And I meant it. That makes you a friend."

"Thank you."

"I'm worried about that amnesia thing." Charlie stated.

"I'm taking him to see Poppy after we do a little shopping." Harry replied.

"Draco, you'll love Poppy. She's the best in her field. And she makes a mean apple pie when she sets her mind to it." Bill praised.

"I'll take your word for it. Thank you again for helping me."

"It's what we do." Charlie replied.

"Harry, Mom's planning a family dinner this weekend. You know she's going to want you there. And bring Draco with you." Bill told them.

"We'll be there." Harry agreed before Draco could decline.

To be continued...
25th-Jan-2009 06:22 pm (UTC)
Oh I love the addition! I really like how you translated Harry's family into this AU.
26th-Jan-2009 09:23 pm (UTC)
I'm still trying to work out who it was that attacked Draco and I have no idea if/when Severus and Riddle will get involved. The Malfoys will definitely have a place here...just don't know when or in what capacity.
26th-Jan-2009 09:24 pm (UTC)
Oh, yeah! Thanks for reading! LoL!
3rd-Feb-2009 04:15 am (UTC)
Can I beg for a good Severus!!!
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