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*New* Between a Quidditch Broom and a Potions Flask Part 2 
15th-Jun-2008 09:48 pm
Here's part 2...

Title: Between a Quidditch Broom and a Potions Flask Part 2 – Harry
Author: Lady B
Character: Harry Potter
Location: Snape's Office
Object: A stirring rod
Other character(s): Hedwig, Severus
Rating: NC17
Warnings: object insertion, sex with an object, voyeurism, language
Word Count: 1780 words
Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by JK Rowling, various publishers including but not limited to Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic Books and Raincoast Books, and Warner Bros. Inc. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.
Author's Notes: I decided to make this a two-part story. Consider this a pre-slash Snarry.
Beta: The Modly Rowan – thanks for pointing out all those bodies, lol!

- - -

"Merlin's tit, Ron! I'll be down in a minute!" Harry yelled as he entered the dorm room. The first thing he noticed was the book on his bed. He picked it up, taking note that it was his missing Potions book.

"Wonder who found that?" he mumbled to himself, heading for his trunk and his practice snitch contained within. Hedwig hooted at him several times from the foot of his bed, a sound he recognized after seven years that said she had something to show him.

"What is it, girl?" She turned her head, directing her gaze to the wall beside his bed. The only thing there was his broom. He frowned.

"Yes, I know I have Quidditch practice. I just came for my Snitch." Hedwig hooted again, flying over to land on the table beside his broom. She directed her gaze to his broom again. His frown deepening, he moved closer and noticed his broom wasn't in the same spot he had left it the day before. "What the - !" He noticed there was something pale white in color on the broom handle. He ran a finger over the substance and tested it with his thumb. It was thick and a little gooey with a slight bitter smell to it.

His eyes widened in shock when he realized what it was.

"Oh my God!" he gaped. "Who would do such a thing?" he asked his owl, not really expecting an answer. But Hedwig was smarter than she looked and she stared him directly in the eye. A moment later, Harry was viewing a memory not his own. Who knew owls knew Legilimency? Then again, Hedwig wasn't a typical owl. As Harry viewed the memory, his jeans began to feel slightly uncomfortable and a light sheen of sweat pooled on his brow. When the memory ended, he was harder than he'd ever been in his life.

"Well, well. Snape has a bit of a kinky side. It's only fair I return the favor." Harry grinned at his owl, plotting his revenge on Snape...

- - -

It was late, and nary a soul was in the halls. Footsteps echoed through one particular corridor and Harry jumped out of sight behind a suit of armor, quickly draping himself in his cloak. He peeked around the arm and saw Snape storming down the hall, the sneer on his face the only indicator of the foul mood he was in...and he was muttering.

"Dammit, Minerva, this is not the best time to be searching out catnip." the man stated. He stormed past Harry's hiding place, still mumbling about "cats", "catnip" and "crazy old women who didn't know any better." Harry had to clamp a hand over his mouth and nose to keep his laughter contained. He didn't want to get caught this early in the game.

Once Snape disappeared around the corner, Harry left his hiding spot and made his way to Snape's private office. He had only been in it once before, during one of his training sessions, and he was praying to whomever was listening that Snape hadn't changed the picture of the snake guarding the room.

- - -

Luck was on Harry's side as he stood in front of the portrait guarding Snape's private office.

"Open, please." he asked in Parseltongue.

"Greetings again, Speaker of the Tongue. Why do you seek entry?"

"The professor left me a gift. I'm only returning the favor."

"Wise decision indeed. You may enter."

"Before you open, could you tell me if there are any privacy wards around the area?"

"There are intruder alarms on the cabinet holding the Dark Professor's ingredients."

"Perfect. Thank you."

The snake nodded once before the stone wall opened. Harry stepped into the room and cast his own set of wards to alert him when Snape was within one hundred feet of the room.

Once done, he set aside his cloak and looked around the room. There were two cauldrons bubbling in one corner, which he decided to stay away from. He and potions did not mix. Strolling around the room, his eyes roamed over various equipment, contemplating what he could use in his revenge scheme.

There! Hanging on the wall, the tool for his revenge caught his eye. A stirring rod, about nine inches in length. But it was no ordinary stirring rod. The hilt was gold-plated and wrapped in intricate green Celtic protection runes. The rod itself was beveled glass. Harry trailed a finger over the ridges of the rod, gulping hard and imagining what it would feel like moving against his prostate. His cock was throbbing pleasantly and he knew he had to take care of himself soon before Snape returned, or he exploded in his pants.

He quickly divested himself of his clothing before removing the stirring rod from it's place on the wall. If he had been paying attention, he would have seen the mirror over the fireplace glow a pale blue before settling back to its original dullness.

Sitting before the fireplace was a dark green arm chair. A decidedly Slytherin smirk appeared on Harry's face as he moved to sit in the chair. He draped his knees over the sides of the chair so that he was spread like a Christmas turkey. Closing his eyes, he trailed the rod lightly over his skin, shivering in delight as the cold touched him. He slid the rod between his lips, imagining it was Snape's cock he was giving pleasure to. He moaned, wrapping his tongue around the glass in his mouth, tracing the ridges with his tongue. He trailed his free hand down his chest to twist and pinch his nipples. His cock was leaving a wet patch on his stomach.

His hand moved down his chest, sliding through the wetness on his skin until he reached his cock. He stroked it once, shivering and moaning before moving lower to gently squeeze his balls. He moaned around the obstruction in his mouth as he squeezed himself in the way he knew he liked, imagining it was Snape's hand cupping him.

He was wetting the rod good and proper, a small dribble of saliva edging from the corner of his mouth and down his palm. He scooped up some of his pre-come from his stomach and reached back to press two fingers against his anus. They slipped inside with a wet squelch, the sound echoing loudly through the quiet room. He gasped, the blunted end of the stirring rod sliding deeper into his mouth, nearly hitting the back of his throat.

Needing to feel more, he reluctantly withdrew the rod from his mouth, sliding it downward until he reached his fingers still massaging his sphincter. Withdrawing his fingers with a sigh, he relaxed and slowly inched his new toy into himself.

"Bloody buggering hell!" he gasped aloud as he eased the rod in. It was just as he imagined and so much more. Every bump and dip caressed every inch of his anus, brushing against his prostate on each stroke.

He wrapped a hand around his cock, no longer caring if Snape came back right then. All that mattered was the all-consuming pleasure that had captured his mind and body. His hand slid up and down his stiff length, adding a little twist to the sensitive head on each upstroke. Then back down to squeeze the base, prolonging the moment for that much longer. He pushed the stirring rod deeper, gasping and twitching in ecstasy

His hand was becoming slick with his secretions allowing his cock to slide through his tightened fist as if he was fucking someone. And with his eyes closed, he all too easily imagined it was Snape riding his cock, whispering dirty insults into Harry's ears, practically begging Harry to fuck him harder. Which he was more than happy to do, stroking his slippery cock faster and faster, grunting and moaning as he moved the stirring rod in and out of his clenching arse.

Thighs trembling with the effort of keeping them over the arms of the chair, Harry fucked himself on the rod, biting his lips red.

"Shit! Nggh! Oh yeah!" he grunted, arching up off the chair until the only things supporting him were his knees locked over the arms and his head braced against the back. He was covered in sweat, his hair plastered to his forehead.

A particularly hard thrust of the rod across his prostate and squeezing the head of his prick at the same time caused him to go temporarily blind as his climax exploded from him...as did his magic. Forgetting how powerful he really was, his magic shook the very foundation the castle rested on, jarring students from their beds and driving teachers into the halls, looking for the source. But Harry was oblivious to it all. His teeth were clenched so tightly to keep in his screams of ecstasy, he was surprised he hadn't broken any. And still he stroked his cock, gasping aloud as his hand moved over the sensitive flesh, wringing every last ounce of pleasure from it. He clenched around the rod in his arse once more, drawing a smaller, but no less intense orgasm from him that made a muscle in his eye twitch.

One last stroke of his cock, a final spurt of come across his cheek and Harry collapsed back in the chair, spent. He panted heavily, the rod still in his arse, the rest of him a boneless mass of sensation.

He finally managed to get his arms working and slowly pulled the stirring rod out, moaning lightly as it was removed. His cock twitched feebly between his legs.

He gave a shaky laugh, "No more."

Calling for his wand, he cleaned himself, the chair and the rod before returning the latter to its place on the wall. It was then that his proximity alarm echoed through his mind. Moving as fast as his shaking limbs would let him, he gathered up his clothes and dived under his cloak just as the door opened. Snape strode into the room, looking even more angry than before and Harry took the time to slip out of the open door.

If he had turned to look back, he would have seen the man noticing something on the floor beside the chair he had just occupied; a red and gold striped tie with the initials "HJP" written on the other side.

If he had turned back to look, he would have been very turned on by the way the man's eyes darkened with lust as he brought the tie to his nose and inhaled.

"You are mine...Harry." Snape grinned.

The end?

And I am thinking about a third part - everyone wants to know what Snape's mirror is for.
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