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[14 Aug 2022|05:58am]
looking for someone to play another male for me. i'm looking to play adore delano, raven, carmen carrera, aquaria or another drag queen
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[12 Aug 2022|02:14pm]

In search of a Hades x Persephone line. Open to discuss world building. Modern, historical, even Lore Olympus. Can play Hades or Persephone!
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[11 Aug 2022|10:30am]

looking for something long term for tommy lee or travis barker. i prefer slash, but will do het :)
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[11 Aug 2022|06:42am]

looking for something long time for davey havok, open to any face
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[09 Aug 2022|09:33pm]

A male witch as this demon's familiar for something a little dark and gritty. Please comment in the journal.
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[09 Aug 2022|12:36am]

a henry cavill pb as her brother in a brother/sister royalty line, please. fantasy and supernatural elements wanted, but not necessary. check the journal for more information!
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[08 Aug 2022|07:05pm]

Looking to pick up a few more lines! Here are some ideas:

A black-market bounty hunter has been hired to kidnap the son/daughter of an international crime lord to bring to their rival for ransom. After a sudden hit of morality (or a revelation of a certain truth? dun dun dun), he/she decides not to carry on with the mission.

Or maybe something between a bodyguard and their grumpy/wayward protectee?

Mafia themed, perhaps?

Looking for het (as female), or slash! With guns, angst, fighting and smut in-between!
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[05 Aug 2022|08:38pm]

does anyone happen to write butcher that would be up for a butcher/hughie psl?
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[04 Aug 2022|03:20pm]

could i get a mgk, harry styles, louis or someone for yblud? i'm open to other faces, slash only
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[04 Aug 2022|11:36am]

check the journal. looking for brother/sister royalty line playing the f. modern day, historical, supernatural, or fantasy.
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[03 Aug 2022|12:51pm]

Hey ya'll! Would like to try out this line idea below:

dun dun dun )

Happy to play the female in a het line, or slash!
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[29 Jul 2022|03:24pm]
check the journal for a supernatural psl
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[28 Jul 2022|10:07pm]

Under the shadow of the Smoky Mountains, Angelica became an official town in Tennessee on June 12, 1927. For a chance at prosperity, the townsfolk made a pact in magic and blood, but it unintentionally awakened an entity. This roused consciousness - the cave dweller -is powerful and hungry. In exchange for gifts beyond imagination, they would grow the town and their respective businesses, congregations, and populations, creating connective energy that fed the entity.
Dread South is a plot-driven game with a southern gothic vibe, supernatural and horror themes, and a cast of original characters. Players are encouraged to explore their characters’ personal motivations, their experiences within their sects and with others, interpersonal relationships and conflicts, the ups and downs of their occupations, the struggles of the working class, the social experience of living in the foothills of eastern Tennessee in the present day, and their own individualized experiences with Arcady, whether light or dark. Dread South is not a ‘slice of life’ game. We strive for the dramatic, tension-based aspects of storylines. Come and see what we're about, and if you love plot, world-building, and getting into the heads of your character, consider applying.
We're looking for people and writers who want to participate and become part of the plot. If you are not interested in adding and contributing, this game isn't for you. Premise
Character Types
Wanted Lines
Mod Journal
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[28 Jul 2022|06:37am]
Looking to put together a small GPSL of dedicated, active writers who want to play a smutty, sexy game that also has plot. No crazy coding or outside apps/wire/discord etc, just good old fashioned threading. Looking to focus on quality and taggers who are around to write. This will likely be an original-character supernatural game with a fun premise. Let me know if you’re interested in more info! Slash/femme/het will all be encouraged and welcomed.
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[23 Jul 2022|07:10pm]

could i get a mgk, harry styles, louis or someone for yblud?
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[21 Jul 2022|12:34am]

Something for my TK? Carlos, Judd, Buck, Eddie...
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[16 Jul 2022|08:48pm]

Maybe third time is a charm. Looking for a Steve McGarrett for my Grace.
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[14 Jul 2022|11:29am]

werewolf abo smut! one shot or i'd also love a long term line. check the journal :)
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x-posted to ratedx [09 Jul 2022|07:48pm]

So, looking for Billy for some unscrupulous secret fun. The premise is pretty basic but let's build a big house where we both could live.

Basically, Billy beats the hell out of Steve. Steve enjoys it a little too obviously. They pretend as if their lust isn't killing them until they can't. (This would be a consensual D/s line if you're open to it.)

Hey ho, let's go from there.

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[09 Jul 2022|05:15pm]

So, I'm kind of dying to write a line where a disturbed person (your character) finds what he presumes to be an angel (Tomas) in bind. We can discuss that.

At first, he plays the gentle rescuer. Then, he starts to experiment with Tomas sexually (dubcon/noncon) and finds himself crossing boundaries he didn't think he would. In fact, he seems to be getting sicker and mentally more susceptible the more he hurts Tomas.

Tomas isn't the angel he expected. He is a creature of chaos and punishment and his power grows.

Your character catches on after a sufficient amount of time and tries to take Tomas out. The thing is... no matter how many times he tries, Tomas always comes back. And now, he won't leave your character alone.

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