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[23 Sep 2023|02:15pm]

something fun for Dave here, open to any gal :)
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[21 Sep 2023|10:17am]
i've been binge watching queer as folk (the one with randy harrison and gale harold) I really want to have a good and long term brian/justin line, but to change things up if possible have it be in a celeb world? I want to be the Justin and I'm open to faces, but will do pb if celeb would be too weird for you to do.
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[19 Sep 2023|11:35pm]
looking for very taboo lines. check the journal.
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[14 Sep 2023|10:33pm]

Ghost Corps
Ghost Corps is a 3/3/3 premium Jcink game surrounding the lives of superhumans working for the government in captivity. In 1986, the Ghost Corps was established to track down and erase evidence of all new superhumans. Now they work for their captors in exchange for a taste of freedom. Meanwhile, decades-old trouble brews on the horizon.
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[09 Sep 2023|09:16pm]
Looking for a fantasy-based royalty slash line with room for lots of collaborative world building. Could involve arranged marriage (willing or not), captured in battle, being invaded, peaceful visit, etc. We could also have one side royalty and the other someone else in the kingdom with a bit of sneaking around - be it against a peasant, noble, knight, etc. The sky's the limit. I just want to create and collaborate. Open, clear communication is key for the line's success! Comment here or in the journal if interested.
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[09 Sep 2023|06:14am]

check the journal
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[04 Sep 2023|09:44am]

something long term for dave navarro, not picky on faces. would love to see him against a drag queen though, lexus, inked model.
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[04 Sep 2023|06:19am]

i know this is a long shot, but would anyone play an alt girl or a guy even against jay from orgy?
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[04 Sep 2023|06:17am]

something for chris from motionless in white
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[02 Sep 2023|02:16pm]

check the journal, i just honestly want to write. those are ideas i have and i'm willing to do pb/celeb
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[01 Sep 2023|05:26pm]

something for trace Cyrus
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[31 Aug 2023|02:28pm]

Looking for some het lines as f, please! Preferably something angsty, and intense, with lots of filth, dramatic curveballs, and pretty faces.
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[30 Aug 2023|11:58am]

something for davey havok another band mate, a fan that's been to every afi show, another singer, model, i'm open to anyone both het and slash
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[29 Aug 2023|05:38am]

something long term and fun for tommy lee or nikki sixx, i also play john 5 as well
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[28 Aug 2023|08:36pm]
it's a long shot, but - anyone for a Villains (by V.E. Schwab) line? I'll play either Victor or Eli
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[28 Aug 2023|03:14pm]

henry cavill for my zendaya? have a few ideas!

edit: would love a gosling too, please!
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[27 Aug 2023|05:44am]
i know someone out there pb's ryan gosling and is a michael pitt fan, anyone? anyone?
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[26 Aug 2023|10:19pm]

a long-term supernatural psl for this wayward werewolf? i'd love something that is a slow burn rapt with sexual tension against prose enthusiasts! details can be discussed collaboratively. rp examples can be shared upon request! slash only. thread, doc, and discord friendly, so pick your poison!
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[26 Aug 2023|05:59pm]

check the journal please
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[24 Aug 2023|07:58pm]

on the hunt for something non-sol or sol with a dark twist for this guy (pb: aron piper). i would love to explore an enemies to lovers, forced proximity, slow burn. two people who just despise each other but are forced to work together for [x] reason. check the journal for more details, including themes i'd like to try! and my absolute kingdom for a manu rios, but it isn't a dealbreaker! long-term if we vibe. slash only.
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