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Fic: An Enchantment Most Foul, part two 
15th December 2007 08:08
Title: An Enchantment Most Foul
Authors: [info]elfflame, [info]iamisaac, [info]ceria and [info]lee_west
Characters: Lucius Malfoy / Gideon Prewett and Sirius Black / Kingsley Shacklebolt
Rating: NC-17.
Warnings: Semi-public sex, part two of two
Themes/kinks chosen: Kinky Kollaboration!
Word Count: about 10,000 total
Summary: "Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake." - Napoleon

When Lucius released Sirius, he stepped back as quickly as he could, slipping a little on a piece of that broken vial and glanced down, but was unable to see whatever it was that had fallen from Lucius’s hand with the loose parchment strewn across the floor.

He turned his head to watch Lucius as he found himself unceremoniously ditched by the older man. A moment ago Lucius had been apparently concentrating all his malevolent attention on him, but now… Since when had he and Gideon Prewett been close in that particular sort of way? And – oh Merlin – Kingsley was standing by the storeroom door. Looking as dark and handsome as usual.

Sirius blinked. Okay, so he’d always had a bit of a thing for Kingsley Shacklebolt, ever since he started working under him as a trainee Auror, but suddenly he was noticing all sorts of things that he’d never seen before. The way Kingsley’s long neck curved into what were clearly very well-defined shoulders. How his robes hugged masculine hips and gave a suggestion of what might lie beneath. The fact that his lips were slightly parted as he caught a quick breath at the sight in front of him.


His voice was not as steady, not as self-assured as usual. There was a strange lump in his throat, and his heartbeat was doing something extremely odd – thumping, then racing as if his heart was turning somersaults inside him. All he wanted to do was touch Kingsley, to let his fingers roam the expanse of muscle he was sure existed beneath those indigo robes.

“I… oh man,” he exclaimed helplessly, his feet propelling him towards the other man without his conscious volition.

Sirius was tall, but not quite as tall as Shacklebolt, and he had to raise his head slightly to press his mouth against his mentor’s, his lips tingling with anticipation. Would Kingsley taste as good as he looked? For if so, Sirius wouldn’t be able to stop at merely a kiss… But his thoughts were lost beneath the heat and desire of Kingsley’s embrace.

Kingsley couldn’t understand any of what he was seeing. Lucius and Sirius, together in a room? As far as he knew, there was mutual dislike there; therefore, he couldn’t fathom why they would be hiding together, apparently engaged in something rather interesting.

He followed the arc of the vial flipping over with his eyes, thinking that the encounter in the closet wasn't casual at all, since the men had remembered to bring lube. And at first he thought Lucius was upset because Sirius had broken it. Yet, it seemed a little too much to call him a fool and regret the loss of the lube so strongly: after all, they were wizards and there were spells just for that-

He broke his train of thought, realizing that he'd probably mistaken the scene, when Lucius left Sirius's side and stalked towards Prewett and touched his hair, purring something Kingsley missed. Because, simultaneously, Sirius rushed towards him and was now kissing him. His sight worked well enough, but his mind seemed clouded. Hadn't he just seen a vial? Didn't he just hear something shatter on the ground? The only sense he had working at that moment was touch, because suddenly, the only thing Kingsley could focus on was Sirius leaning against him.

A little befuddled, Kingsley had a fleeting thought that it was wrong for a superior to kiss a subordinate Auror. But the idea unraveled as he sniffed the air, the cloying scent of something strange dissipating into the air of the closed room. And after all, Sirius was handsome and well built and his mouth was the softest thing Kingsley had ever kissed and he was lost inside the taste.

Throwing all reserve to the wind, Kingsley put his hand on Sirius's buttocks and pressed him close, grinding against his groin, never breaking the kiss for a moment.

This was probably wrong. Actually, this was almost definitely wrong in the sort of way he and James had excelled at in Hogwarts, but Sirius didn’t give a damn. He never had. Even less so now. For Kingsley was – was… Sirius wasn’t sure he had words for this. Kingsley had pulled him against himself, so that Sirius’s almost-painful erection was rubbing against the other man’s leg. Besides, who needed words when touch explained so much more.

On their left, Lucius Malfoy was murmuring something to Gideon Prewett. Sirius had always thought of Gideon as rather a puritanical type, despite his work for the Order - but that certainly wasn’t the impression he was giving now as he watched the man nearly melt beneath Lucius's words.

Sirius thought of motorbikes, thought of flying, thought of everything he’d previously enjoyed and realised that they counted for nothing beside this. Things were unraveling all around them, from clothing to parchment to each other.

“Fuck, yes,” he mumbled, his fingers awkward on Kingsley’s soft robes as he struggled to undress the older man, the metal buttons sticking beneath his fingers, the steel as unyielding as he expected Kingsley's body to be.

Trying hard not to pay attention to Malfoy and Prewett as they switched back and forth between arguing and flirting, Kingsley focused on Sirius instead, fumbling with the clasps of his robes as he bared Sirius' shoulders. The robes were the same steel grey of Sirius' eyes, Kingsley paused long enough to admire the smattering of hair across his tight body. Staring at the shorter man, Kingsley felt as though he stopped breathing, remaining still until his ears throbbed and the room began to spin. Blinking he glanced to his side, which didn't help as their shuffling bodies kept sending parchment skittering across the room.

He watched as the robes slid down Sirius’s shoulders and let them fall to the floor, causing the parchment on the floor to shift again. A little voice in his head was reminding him that maybe they should lock the door, but another voice, louder and much more mischievous, replied that leaving the door unlocked was a good idea: the danger of discovery added another level of excitement. Besides, there were boxes of parchment just outside the door and someone would trip over them, making enough noise to warn the occupants.

Kingsley wouldn't be able to stop whatever he was doing to Sirius long enough to cast any Locking Charm. Not when Sirius was standing in front of him, clad only in his pants. Kingsley's hands roamed all over the younger man's body, stopping only at the waistband. He paused for a moment, hesitating not only because of duty, but also wanting to build the tension. Waiting until Sirius shifted again, Kingsley assumed he was moving too slow, that Sirius wanted more, he finally managed to put his hands inside Sirius's pants and proceeded to rub a very hard arse.

Kingsley was… there was no other term for it… groping him. And my, was it good! Sirius glanced up, frowning at how quickly he'd been rid of his clothing. His eyes were distracted by the glint of gold in his ear, and very briefly he was reminded of that vial, last seen as it arced across the room, glass glinting in candle light like the ring in Kingsley's earlobe.

Realizing he was distracted once more, Sirius shook his head to clear it a bit. How had the other man managed to undress him whilst he was still fighting with the last button on Kingsley’s robes? Sirius fought and won, and pushed Kingsley into semi-nakedness, his hands eager as they traced the older man’s muscular body.

He pressed closer; the small gap that had been between their bodies disappearing as they explored each others’ skin. Kingsley’s hands were on his arse, holding him securely as they ground together. Sirius could feel their erections rubbing against each other, and it was the biggest turn on that he’d ever… Well, he didn’t have brain space to think about any other possibilities, but he was willing to bet that this would rate up there with the best.

A thought occurred to him, and he pulled away from Kingsley’s embrace to mutter, “The door?”

He felt Shacklebolt’s shrug reverberate through his body, and it was only a momentary pause before he was pulled back into another kiss. Any slight anxiety he might have had was over-ridden by the tug of desire as he pushed down Kingsley’s pants to expose the man’s body from head to toe, naked except for the touch of gold in his ear. His heartbeat resonated in his head, a heated, echoing throb of need; and he groaned aloud into the depths of Kingsley’s mouth.

The door was a slight preoccupation, especially if someone like Scrimgeour decided to come in. But the lust-ridden part of Kingsley's brain didn't really care. He wasn't doing anything illegal and if his boss found out Kingsley had a serious liking for blokes, too, so what? If the Headmaster of Hogwarts was gay, what was the problem with a humble Auror enjoying a bit of arse once in a while?

And it was such a fine arse. Black's skin was fine, smooth as porcelain. Kingsley could have stood there touching him all day. It didn't give like a woman's soft skin, the muscles firm, solid beneath his large hands, refusing to give ground and Kingsley pressed hard, enjoying the touch of a man.

And then he felt cool air hit his skin as Sirius pulled his pants down. Kingsley tugged at Sirius’s as well, and soon they were rubbing their naked cocks against each other, mouths locked in a hot and demanding kiss.

Glad they were all wizards, and that he was able to do simple wandless and wordless spells, Kingsley oiled his right hand and rubbed it on Sirius's arse, his middle finger moving to find the crack, slowly teasing it.

Sirius could feel Kingsley touching his arse, fingers slick and tempting, oil dripping slowly between his cheeks. Kingsley was hot. God, Sirius’s fantasies about the man hadn’t come near to touching reality. He hadn’t thought it was possible, but reality was trumping any fantasy he’d had before all ends up. Especially with Kingsley grinding against him, hard and erect and… well, bloody large, now that you mentioned it.

Sirius’s hands grabbed at the muscular back of his partner, and he broke the kiss in order to bite hard on Kingsley’s neck. He would leave a mark. He wanted to leave a mark, to claim Kingsley as his own. Hell, the way he was feeling right now, he wouldn’t mind fucking him in front of the entire Ministry, just so that they all knew about it. A bite to the neck was better than any little piece of flying parchment. Look, I’m fucking the sexiest bloke in the Ministry. Hands off, everyone else.

He could feel Kingsley responding to him; hear the groan of desire coming from the other man’s lips; the finger that had been gentle on his bum becoming firmer, stronger, more demanding. Kingsley wasn’t going to let Sirius take control, it seemed – and whilst Sirius was used to being the dominant partner, there was something about Kingsley that made it seem Just Fine with him to cede the power, the dominance to the older man.

“Fuck yes,” he mumbled into Kingsley’s neck, rubbing as close as he could to him, so that even a sheet of parchment – even, Sirius thought ridiculously, that list of “Auror MUSTS” that Kingsley was always shaking in front of him – couldn’t have been inserted between them. Their feet shifted, sending loose parchment and broken glass skittering away, leaving them a small space of cleared floor.

Nothing, but nothing was going to stop Sirius now.

The rubbing prompted Kingsley into making an executive decision: he was painfully hard and Sirius was way too tempting. Using his strength, he broke their embrace and fell on his knees, kneeling on the pile of robes they had wore earlier, letting his tongue slide down Sirius's abdomen.

Hard muscle quivered beneath his tongue and Kingsley breathed in deep, the scent of come tantalizing and close. He could feel the press of Sirius' cock, the tip of it brushing against the underside of his chin. When his mouth reached Sirius's cock, Kingsley took it deep inside. As soon as Sirius filled him, he reached around, fingers gliding across hipbone to butt cheek, finding the warmth of the oil, then slid between. Slowly, as Kingsley sunk his lips around cock, he sunk his finger inside, the muscles of his throat giving way as did the muscles in Sirius' arse, each making way for the wet warmth, encircling each other.

He was vaguely aware of the other two men in the room and wondered briefly which one would be prettier bending over. He would have loved to place a bet with Sirius, but his mouth was too occupied to utter the words.

Sirius let out a sigh that was in danger of becoming a grunt. Kingsley, on his knees before him sucking his cock, his fingers penetrating him from behind, was the stuff of impossible fantasies. He looked away, fearful that the very sight of Kingsley might be enough to make him come; but found his eyes on the incredible and very very appealing sight of Lucius Malfoy and Gideon Prewett, both naked and both extremely hard. They were… were they fighting or were they kissing or was it something of each?

Sirius screwed his eyes shut and tried to give his mind over to something less arousing. Think about pickling toads, disembowelling rats, fixing toilets…God, what Kingsley was doing with his fingers was almost as incredible as what he was doing with his mouth.

“Oh God, more,” he groaned.

He thrust up against Kingsley, his eyes opening despite himself, fixing first on his own partner and then on the two duelling close by. Gideon and Lucius seemed to be bound in what Sirius could only describe as sexual combat, a fight for dominance. And Sirius wasn’t sure that he’d seen anything so hot in his life, not even Kingsley. When he found himself again begging “More!” he wasn’t sure whether he meant Kingsley, Lucius, Gideon, or all three.

All three sounded good…

Kingsley had a funny feeling he was missing some of the action between Lucius and Gideon. He was really enjoying blowing Sirius, but he wanted to watch the other two men, too. It was hard, when one's mouth was occupied, but he knew what to do.

He let go of Sirius's cock and, standing up, turned the younger man around and pushed him against the wall. Using the same wandless magic, he oiled his cock, pausing for a moment to watch as he slowly entered Sirius. It was so easy to slide inside and Kingsley groaned as heat enveloped him. Finally buried, he looked up, keeping his face towards Gideon and Lucius.

Kingsley liked a bit of rough sex once in a while and he was quite inspired by sight of the two men in their mix of sex and fight, while he fucked Sirius.

It was almost too much. Sirius had the feeling of Kingsley behind him, fucking him so hard that he thought he was going to be thrust right through the wall any moment. He had the smell and taste of stonework and sweat in his mouth and nose. But the aural stimulation was as great as anything else. Not only could he hear Kingsley breathing hard behind him, but he could hear the conversation between Gideon and Malfoy – suggestive, wanting, fighting talk. He turned his head so that one cheek lay against the wall so that he could watch the two other men.

Gideon was leaning back against a cabnet, body distinctly more toned than Sirius had expected, his hand entwined in Lucius’s hair and his eyes gleaming in the light. Malfoy… now, Sirius was no supporter of Lucius Malfoy but seeing him like that, pale and desirable, Sirius thought that he might be persuaded to forget his rancour.

Actually, just at the moment, he could forget anything except sexual gratification, especially with the incredible sensation that was Kingsley’s possession of him still burning, buzzing, making his head spin with desire. His hands opening and clenching against the cold stone wall of the storeroom, Sirius fought to keep himself from coming. Not yet. Not so soon.

“Kingsley…” he gasped.

Kingsley made a mental note to invite Gideon for a beer – and something else – one of those days. He couldn't see Gideon and Lucius being together more than that once, and there was no doubt in his mind that Gideon was extremely sexy. And willing.

Sirius was very sexy and handsome, too, but he had the handicap of training under Kingsley. Except for the present moment, which he was enjoying immensely, Kingsley didn’t like to mix business with pleasure.

But the present was building up inside him, and no matter his scruples, he couldn't resist leaning over. He wrapped one hand around Sirius' hip and grabbed his cock with the other, slowly jerking him off as he thrust inside, keeping the rhythm different, off balance. His feet slipped as he bent lower, catching loose parchment and he was thankful Sirius was so close to keep him steady.

Oh God. Malfoy and Prewett had actually started fucking. Fucking in front of his eyes; and frankly, Sirius thought he could have come from the sight alone, without the added mind-blowing pleasure of what Kingsley was doing to him. But okay, there were four of them in this storeroom, and Sirius could never resist adding a competitive element to the mix. He would not be the first to come. He would watch one of the others… or feel him, if it were Kingsley… come first, and it would be that moment – watching or feeling another man’s ecstasy – that would bring the ultimate moment of orgasm for Sirius.

And now he had thought of that, he could hardly think of anything else. He was vaguely aware of Kingsley’s hand around his cock, and knew beyond any element of doubt that the other man was an expert at this art, as well as being an inspirational Auror, but his eyes and mind were elsewhere. The sight of Lucius Malfoy’s mouth on Gideon’s neck, of Gideon’s obvious acquiescence to whatever it was that Malfoy was going to do was consuming him. Sirius was shocked by a sudden moment of jealousy: he wouldn't mind being in Gideon's position, really. Hell, he had been when this all had started, although he was even more taken with the idea of fucking Lucius himself. For one startled second, his eyes met Malfoy’s and he knew that the other man felt the same way. The sexual heat in this room could have burned the entire Ministry down.

But Sirius would not be the first to come. He would not be the first to come.

Kingsley was way too close now, and he really wanted Sirius to come once and for all, to get this over with, so they could watch the two other blokes. Who would have thought that Lucius had it in him? Kingsley had always equated him to an Ice Queen, but the man definitely had fire in his blood.

Just the thought of feeling that fire beneath him made him lose it and he came with a loud grunt inside Sirius. He kept jerking Sirius off, hoping he wouldn't take too long now. The other two were just starting, so it would turn into nice entertainment. He could have collapsed from relief as his orgasm rolled through him, but instead, Kingsley put a hand against the wall, bracing himself, the support desperately needed.

Sirius groaned. Lucius was thrusting into Gideon, who had one leg wrapped around the other man. They looked so bloody perfect, and… if Kingsley hadn’t satisfied him so much in so many ways, he’d have had either of them, frankly. The thought of driving into Gideon, of shoving Malfoy so close to the edge that he couldn’t keep that cold demeanour… Sirius was positively panting with desire. But Kingsley – fuck, Kingsley had just come, and he could feel the reverberations right through him. Sirius cock twitched, almost in time with Kingsley’s, and he came – hard, and thoroughly, feeling the wetness covering the wall in front of him.

He’d always previously thought that was It – that the moment of orgasm the whole point of sex. But as he leaned his head against the hard stone, he found his eyes utterly transfixed by the pair still copulating to his left. It was… it was like coming again and again, watching the red-head and the blond move together and thrust against one another. Sirius could have watched forever. Transfixed, he remained silent, the only noises coming from Prewett and Malfoy as they slipped around, feet searching for traction in the messy storeroom.

Grabbing Sirius by his waist, Kingsley leaned against the wall, his semi-hard cock still inside Sirius. From that vantage point, absently rubbing Sirius's hard nipples with his fingers, he watched the other two men still wrapped into something that was, at the same time, sex and war. It was fascinating: Kingsley had never really fucked someone he seemed to dislike as much as those two disliked each other. But after seeing those two go at it…maybe that was something he should try one day.

Breathing deeply, he forced himself to stop staring at them, returning his eyes to Sirius who was arching back into his touch. Leaning over, Kingsley licked his neck, nibbling softly on his collarbone, waiting until Sirius brought his attention back to him, then licked up the cords of his throat. Biting Sirius's lobe, Kingsley asked, "Who do you think will come first?"

Sirius leaned back into Kingsley. Pleasure invaded him first, the soft bites against bone, the wetness of tongue, and he shivered from the touch to his neck. Then, more pleasure and pain mixed together as his ear burned under Shacklebolt’s teeth.


Kingsley had asked him a question. What had he said? Sirius wasn’t sure; wasn’t sure he cared much, either.

“Which one, Sirius?”

Malfoy or Gideon. It must have been a question about them, surely. But what? ‘Which one would he rather fuck?’ ‘Which one was sexier,’ as they moved apart and together, over and again? Sirius wasn’t sure. There was something – something incredible about each of them. He wouldn’t mind having a bit of either. But as Kingsley’s hands moved across his nipples once more, there was something else that Sirius currently was sure about. Neither would measure up to his tall dark lover.

A choice. He had to make a choice.

“Lucius,” he said, neither knowing nor caring what he was saying about the other man.

"All right, I'll take Gideon, then," Kingsley said, taking a deep breath to challenge Sirius to something else, maybe a bet about how much longer it would take… just as Gideon moaned loudly. There was no mistaking his orgasm for anything else as his body visibly trembled.

"Oh, well," Kingsley laughed, "it seems that I won. Now, Sirius, we never got to establish the stakes, but what about that the winner gets to fuck the loser?" It had been great sex and he wouldn't mind repeating it at all. But definitely in another place. That room was not too conducive to the kind of sex he had in mind for his second time with Sirius.

This new development was certain to make Auror training much more fun from now on.

Gideon had come, and then Malfoy close behind him. Fuck. Sirius found it hard to control his desire at the sight. He hadn’t realised that he could become hard again so soon, but with the vision of the other two in front of him and Kingsley’s harshly spoken words, “How about the winner gets to fuck the loser," he found himself dragging Kingsley down towards him for another deep embrace.

The kiss was long and demanding. Kingsley could never let a kiss be simply ‘a kiss,’ it seemed. By the time Sirius resurfaced, he realised that Malfoy was missing.

“Shit…” he muttered, finding his senses returning to him. “What the hell happened there?”

His eyes were crossed and his body was weak. Gideon felt broken by that orgasm. The arguing building up to it confused him. Had he truly let Lucius Malfoy just fuck him? Covering his eyes, he didn't move away from the wall, thankful that he didn't have to stand on his own.

He could hear Lucius dressing already, as if ashamed he let some man touch him, or possibly embarrassed that they weren't alone…

Oh god, not only did he just have sex with Malfoy, but in front of two people he only barely knew? Shifting his feet, Gideon heard the crunch of glass below him and frowned. Something about a vial when he first came in the room… it had broken.

Oh yes, that was it, Malfoy had pulled it from his pocket, but Gideon hadn't been paying much attention as he carried that box, worried about the files that he needed to look at… He opened his eyes: the once-organized pieces of parchments and scrolls were unraveled all across the floor, mixed with clothing from the three still naked men in the room.

Three? Where had… Malfoy was gone.

Kingsley felt something strange course through his body, like an enchantment being lifted. He looked around and saw, besides Sirius under him, Gideon Prewett, totally spent, leaning against the wall. Conspicuously missing was Lucius Malfoy. Who was, obviously, responsible for whatever had just happened in that room.

"Where's that fucking Death Eater?" he asked. He had no proof Lucius was indeed a Death Eater, but it seemed an appropriate insult at that time. The man's allegiance to the fight against evil was dubious at best.

He stood up a little wobbly, filled with self-righteousness. Whatever Malfoy had done, it had ended up with Kingsley having sex with a subordinate! That was completely taboo for him, to mix work and pleasure.

He looked at Sirius, ready to apologise. He had to make sure Black understood that whatever had happened had been a one-time thing and under a spell – actually a potion, he realised, seeing the shards of glass. He opened his mouth to start his speech, but smiled instead.

Sirius was a subordinate, yes, but a damn hot one. And, potion or not, he had been both willing and a fantastic fuck. He wouldn't mind doing it again – after all, Sirius already owed him one for having lost the bet. He turned to Gideon to thank him for having come first and had a wonderful idea.

"Gentlemen," he said with a mischievous grin, "it seems we were victims to an enchantment most foul. I say we should find Malfoy and demand he tells us what he used." He wriggled his eyebrows. "Then we can use it again – for research purposes, of course – in my flat, just the three of us."

He cast a Scourgify in the room at large and got dressed quickly. He walked to the door, turned around and said, "Of course we can all go to my flat tonight after work, even if we don't find Malfoy."

He left with a big smile on his face.
16th December 2007 00:47
Haha! I love the ending! Kingsley sure has his priorities in order! ;-) And a very inventive mind...
25th December 2007 01:28
Kingsley thanks you and would like to let you know that it ended up by being an enchantment most wonderful *g*
25th December 2007 04:36
Bleh. I never got this.

*snugs* I'm glad you enjoyed it. Kingsley's response made me laugh, too. It really was a perfect ending. :D
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