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Fic and Art: Something New (Luna/Padma/Parvati, NC-17) 
5th December 2007 16:35
Title: Something New
Authors and Artist: [info]alisanne, [info]celandineb and [info]twilightsorcery.
Characters: Luna Lovegood/Padma Patil/Parvati Patil
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: femmeslash, twincest. ;)
Themes/kinks chosen: Kinky Kollaboration!
Word Count: 2664
Summary: Padma discovers that her sister has found a unique way to escape the dangers of Hogwarts.
Author's notes: This story is set at Hogwarts during DH.
Art Preview:


Something New


Padma looked cautiously along the hallway. It was not only the despicable Carrows who were a danger, but a number of students -- mostly Slytherins, but some in the other Houses too -- had been acting as spies for them, and getting to the Room of Requirement had become increasingly dangerous in the past several weeks.

She saw no one, however, and so she paced the necessary three times past the space where the Room should be, waiting for the doorway to appear and darting inside as soon as it did.

Closing the door behind her, she stood frozen and stared at her sister.

Parvati's presence was not a surprise. Any of the members of the DA might be in the Room at almost any time, depending on their schedules and whether or not they'd received detention from Alecto or Amycus (in her head Padma refused to grant the respectful titles -- she could not respect such awful ignorance). But Parvati was not alone.

Padma's own House-mate Luna was there too, and she was kissing Parvati. Not the kind of kiss that a person might give a friend for consolation, either, but the kind that only a lover would share... and Parvati was kissing back.

Despite her shock, Padma tilted her head for a better view. Parvati looked different like this. Erotic. Appealing. And Luna... Well, Padma hadn't given Luna much thought before now. She was an odd girl, really. Clever, of course, as all Ravenclaws were, but she generally kept to herself. Not now, though. Now she was kissing Parvati with clear enthusiasm, her hands roaming through dark hair, her breasts pressed so closely against Parvati's that the light from the wall of windows behind them wasn't coming through.

Stepping back, Padma slipped behind a column and continued to watch. She hadn't had a clue that this... whatever it was... had been happening. She wondered how long it had been going on, and what else Parvati could be hiding from her.

Luna pulled back, and Padma could see the moisture on her swollen lips reflected in the dim light the room's false windows provided. She smiled and Parvati returned the smile, stepping back and licking her lips as if savouring the taste of Luna that was clinging there. They were holding hands, and Padma stared at their joined fingers for a long moment.

"How long can you stay?" Luna whispered loudly enough that Padma heard it clearly.

Parvati shrugged. "Long enough," she replied, tugging Luna towards a low table in the corner. "I have some time before anyone comes looking for me."

Maybe so, but that didn't mean no one else would turn up, as Padma had; it was a risk of using the Room of Requirement the way they had been. Padma bit her lip, running over the possibilities. She could come out from behind the pillar and let the other two girls know she was there. That was certainly the proper thing to do, but if she did then she wouldn't be able to keep watching... and she rather found she enjoyed it. On the other hand, if she didn't tell them, then someone else might come in, which would be more embarrassing for Luna and Parvati than Padma finding them, and a little bit embarrassing for Padma, too, because she'd have to admit she'd been there as well.

While she'd been thinking, Parvati had taken off Luna's robes and started to unbutton her blouse.

"Shall I take off my bra, too?" asked Luna in a clear voice. Padma could see it, wispy white lace that barely covered her small breasts.

"I'll do it," said Parvati. As the fabric fell away, she bent down and licked at one pale pink nipple.

Luna laughed, putting a hand on Parvati's head and brushing back her dark hair. "That tickles but it feels nice."

Padma thought about how it would feel to have Luna's skin under her tongue -- the firmness of the crinkled nipple set in the centre of her soft breast. Unconsciously she took a step towards the other two.

"I'm glad. I liked it when you did it, last time," Parvati told her.

The "last time" was no surprise, but Padma wondered again just how often her sister had been meeting with Luna... and wondered, too, why Luna might have chosen Parvati over Padma herself. Most people treated the twins as if they were one person in two bodies, which was sometimes annoying but at other times nice.

"You taste good," Parvati murmured. Her hands were on Luna's hips and Padma could see her sister's face as she looked up at Luna. She looked eager, open, and Padma sighed softly, knowing she really shouldn't be watching this.

"Is someone there?" Luna called out.

Padma froze. Perhaps if she stepped backwards carefully...

"Padma? Is that you?" Parvati said. "Are you here?"

Padma blinked. Surely they hadn't been expecting her? But what could she do now? They knew someone was here.

"Yes," she called out, clutching the column. "Sorry, didn't mean to interrupt. I'll just go."

"No, come over here," Parvati said. "We've been waiting for you."

Slowly stepping out into view, Padma walked across the open space toward them. Luna was half-naked, and Padma's eyes darted down to her breasts before coming back to her face. "Waiting?"

Parvati nodded and held out her hand. "We've been meeting here deliberately," she said. "Hoping that you would come."

"You have?" Padma took a few more hesitant steps toward her sister. "But... why? You could have just asked me."

"But then you would have said no," said Luna matter-of-factly, apparently unconcerned by her lack of dress as she, too, held out a hand to Padma. "This way was much simpler, really, even though it took a little time."

"Come to us," Parvati coaxed. "We... Luna wants us both. Has done, for a long time."

All of that bare pale skin was somehow bewitching Padma, she was sure of it. It still didn't entirely make sense why Luna couldn't have simply said something to her; but then, a good deal of what Luna did was unfathomable, despite her undeniable cleverness, perhaps greater than that of anyone else in Ravenclaw, even including the seventh-years.

"Don't you want to kiss me? I was sure you did." Luna was close enough to touch, now, and she stretched out both her hands, clasping one of Padma's and drawing her nearer.

"I do," Padma acknowledged, hearing the throatiness of her own voice.

Luna smiled. "Good," she whispered, drawing Padma closer. "I'm seldom wrong about such things."

For a moment Padma wondered just how many other people Luna had set her sights on before this. Then she had more pressing maters to attend to, for Luna was kissing her.

It was then that Padma realized that she had never thought about the logistics of kissing another girl. She'd kissed a couple of boys before, but they'd been in such a hurry to get their tongues in her mouth that she'd not really had time to savor the press of lips. With Luna it was different.

For one thing, she was patient, apparently sensing Padma's hesitancy about the whole thing. Luna's mouth was soft and moist and Padma could feel Luna's tongue brushing the seam of her lips, coaxing them to open.

Padma sighed, allowing Luna's clever tongue inside, her body relaxing as Luna pressed herself closer, and as her hands settled on Luna's back, she felt someone's hand stroking her hair.

Luna pulled away and Padma's eyes fluttered open. "Now you should kiss Parvati," Luna declared. "She wants to kiss you, too."

Padma's eyes met her sister's. "Do... do you really?" she whispered.

"I've thought about it," Parvati admitted with a blush. "Is that all right?"

The idea made Padma squirm just a little bit, but she reminded herself that she was a Ravenclaw and that it was always worthwhile to learn something new. Tentatively she reached for Parvati. "All right."

Her sister was even more restrained than Luna had been. This time it was Padma who found herself opening her mouth to taste the spiciness of Parvati's lips, familiar-strange, as Luna's fingers brushed across both of their cheeks.

"You two are lovely together," Luna said, and they both swiveled their heads towards her. Padma felt her face growing hot at the compliment.

"Not as lovely as you are," she contradicted, her eyes dropping to Luna's breasts once again. She lifted her hand and Luna took it and pressed it against the bare skin.

Soft, was Padma's thought as she touched Luna, although the nipple was firm when she grazed over it. Luna gave a contented hum.


Parvati leaned down and Padma watched as her sister's lips closed around Luna's nipple once more. She looked as though she was enjoying it very much; Luna certainly was, judging from the way that she shivered and touched Parvati's dark hair.

Padma felt odd. She couldn't be jealous, that would be silly, but she moved so that she could kiss Luna again.

Luna met her halfway, mouth open in welcome as their lips met. This time the kiss was hotter, deeper, and Padma moved closer, inadvertently nudging Parvati out of the way.

Her eyes fluttered open when she felt the front fastenings of her robes being fiddled with, but then Luna did something with her tongue and Padma sighed, eyes closing as she was once again drawn into the intensity of the kiss.

When cool air grazed her breasts, Padma started, but soft hands soothed her, and when she would have pulled away, a gentle thumb circled her nipple, making her press closer to that mesmerizing hand instead.

"So beautiful," Parvati whispered, her breath wafting over Padma's cheek.

Luna pulled back and Padma moaned as Luna's fingers explored the skin of her neck and breasts before drifting lower.

"You look good together," Parvati murmured, her hand pressed to the small of Padma's back. Padma could feel the warmth through her clothes. "I think we should all take our clothes off."

Padma looked at Parvati nervously. "All of us?"

"Yes," Luna said, her hand on Padma's stomach. "Don't you want to see us naked?" Her fingers were flirting with Padma's belly-button, drawing little circles around the sensitive skin.

Squirming at the touch and licking her lips, Padma replied, "Yes."

Luna smiled. "We want to see you, too," she confided.

Padma was used to undressing in front of the other Ravenclaws in her year, of course; she'd seen Luna in the girls' bath plenty of times as well, and Parvati and she had been in the womb together. Nevertheless she felt self-conscious as she stood and finished pulling off the robes that Parvati and Luna had already loosened. Somehow being naked in front of the two of them together was quite different from being naked in front of just one.

Rising to remove the rest of her own clothing, Luna watched Padma with grave attention.

"You and Parvati don't look the same, not really," she said.

Padma looked back and forth between her own body and Parvati's. She thought they did look the same -- smooth brown skin with darker bronze nipples, curls of dark hair at their groins and under their arms, long braids. Different colors of ribbon in their hair, but she was sure that was not what Luna meant.

"Stand together," Luna told them, and Parvati moved beside Padma, their arms slipping around each other's waists as they had always done.

"No," she repeated, cocking her head in a birdlike gesture, "not at all the same, inside. Parvati, you want to hold her, don't you?"

Parvati nodded, and leaned back against the table. "Stand in front of me," she said to Padma.

This felt better, safer, thought Padma as Parvati's arms went around her, embracing her from behind. Luna touched Padma's hip, sliding cool fingers along the crease of her thigh.

Padma relaxed, leaning back against Parvati. The touch of smooth familiar skin against hers was comforting, and she released the breath she hadn't known she was holding.

Luna's hand crept towards Padma's waist, her thumb circling Padma's belly-button in an oddly mesmerizing motion.

She smiled and before Padma could blink, Luna was kneeling in front of her, staring up with an inquisitive look on her face. "I wonder if you taste the same?" she asked, her voice thoughtful.

Padma groaned as Luna leaned forward and licked her. It tickled at first, and made Padma want to wriggle. Parvati held her still.

"I know it feels a bit strange at first, but you'll love this, I promise," she whispered, pressing a kiss to Padma's ear.

Padma swallowed heavily. It did feel odd, but good, and as Luna pressed her face closer, seeming to relish Padma's taste, Padma's legs buckled a bit and parted. She rested her head against Parvati's shoulder and closed her eyes.

Luna's breath was warm and moist against Padma's skin, and her tongue traced over Padma's damp flesh, lapping up the moisture that Padma could feel trickling down.

With a moan, Padma let her legs spread more widely, leaning back against Parvati, who stroked her breasts in encouragement.

"Does she taste like me?" Parvati asked.

"She's greener, like a daffodil instead of a paperwhite," was Luna's reply, muffled against Padma.

Whatever Luna meant by that, Padma didn't care, for now Luna's tongue was flickering quickly, teasing her, and Padma was finding it very hard to stand even with Parvati supporting her. She opened her eyes with an effort and looked down to see the contrast of Luna's pale skin and hair against her own rosy darkness.

"Don't stop," she heard herself begging as she started to come, the pulse of orgasm beating through her more intensely than it ever had when she stroked herself at night in her bed.

"She won't," Parvati murmured. "Luna is... very thoughtful."

Padma twisted her head and kissed her sister full on the lips, trembling as she was held between the other two girls, until at last the spasms ceased.

By the time Parvati ended the kiss, Padma felt boneless, relaxed, and she had what she suspected was a fatuous smile on her face. She felt Luna's breasts brush against her as she stood up and leaned in. To Padma's surprise, however, Luna kissed Parvati first, and as she watched, it occurred to Padma that Luna was sharing her taste with her sister, and she moaned at the thought.

Luna pulled away from Parvati and smiled at Padma before kissing her, too, for a long moment. Padma melted, sighing as Luna drew back.

"I'm glad you came today," Luna said softly. "It's so difficult now to find a private place, what with all the Death Eaters running about."

Padma nodded. She understood that well enough. It was hard to find anything to take her mind off their terrible situation. "I'm glad I came, too," she said. "This was really nice."

"We'll have to get dressed, though," Luna continued. She reached for her clothes and began to put them on. "The others will be here soon."

"Oh, but you two didn't get to..." Padma blushed and stopped.

Parvati grinned and kissed her cheek. "It's all right," she whispered. "Today was for you. Next time will be for all of us."

A warm feeling suffused Padma at the thought of next time, and she nodded, accepting her clothes from Luna to get dressed. It was just in time, too, since Luna was still lacing up her boots just as Neville walked in.

"Oh sorry, am I late?" he asked.

Padma almost smiled when Luna replied, "No, we were just trying some magic on our own."

"Good," Neville said, missing the looks that the three girls exchanged. "After all, as Harry would say, practice makes perfect."
5th December 2007 22:40
This was so sweet and sensual I can hardly believe it. Luna was perfect!

'"She's greener, like a daffodil instead of a paperwhite," was Luna's reply, muffled against Padma.
' This sentence made me giggle, it is exactly what Luna would have said!

The drawings were wonderful too, especially I liked the pic with the twins alone, I think it caught the slight hesitating before Padma gave in.
6th December 2007 17:19
Eee! Thank you. *bounces*
I love how Luna came out here, Cel is a genius. :)
And OMG, Twilightsorcery is awesome, isn't she? *admires art*
I picked my collab partners very well. *g*
5th December 2007 22:58
Okay, I will admit that femslash doesn't usually do anything for me, and I say that so that you understand when I say: Holy DAMN that was hot.

Jeez, ladies, you realise there's a whole month's worth of artists and authors left to go? *wibbles*
6th December 2007 17:23
Dude, I KNOW! I am the last thing from a femmeslash writer, as you know, but somehow, when Cel and Twilightsorcery are involved, it works. I'm so glad I made myself do this with them.
Thanks, Eey!

And yeah, I can't wait to see what's up next. *glee*
5th December 2007 23:53
æasækldjfs! Luna-femmeslash! With twins! Ohgod, I think my day just might have become good again. *happy-sigh*

Okay. To actual commenting *tries to get self together*

I loved the fic here. It's sweet and touching and very, very sensual. The descriptions of hesitation and gentle care between them is wonderful. It's great to see Luna in charge as well, it's something I love to read.
The art is incredible. The first pictures tender and perfectly capturing the situation. One need just look at them to know that there's something special here and that there's hesitation too and lots of tenderness.
The second is gorgeous and hot. I love the curves of the twins, particularly. Their thighs and the way you can see the pubic bone protruding slightly. It's a very hot sight indeed!
6th December 2007 17:28
Yay! Thanks so much, hon.
Luna is quickly becoming akin to my female Snape in that I can see her in just about any pairing. *g* When we were discussing who would be involved we all agreed that Luna would be there somehow. :)

I'm so glad the hesitation and tenderness came through. And I think Twilightsorcery did an amazing job of portraying that in the art.

Glad you liked it, my dear!
6th December 2007 18:02
Luna is a wonderful, versatile character like that :-) I happen to love her most in femmeslash, but really, she can be in a lot of pairings and be great!

It did :-) You all did a great job as far as I'm concerned.
6th December 2007 01:20
Mmmmm, this was truly lovely. The slow seduction, the tender kisses and touches. I really like how Parvati holds Padma and how much it reassures her to feel her sister against her.

And it really makes perfect sense what Luna says - I believe too that Padma would have said no had she asked. She thinks too much *GG*

And the art is gorgeous. Padma watching with both curiousity and amazement clear in her face, the hesitant downcast eyes in the second pic - so shy.
And finally the last which is gorgeous in its intensity. I really like Parvati's satisfied and happy smile. She knows she is giving her sister pleasure through Luna.
6th December 2007 17:32
Thank you!
Yes, I agree that the art really portrayed the tenderness perfectly. Twilightsorcery really did a great job. *snuggles her*
Cel and I had a lot of fun writing it, and I totally give her credit for getting me to finally write femmeslash. :)
I'm thrilled that you enjoyed it. *g*
6th December 2007 01:22
Oh my! This is delicious to say the least. Femmslash and art! Talk about dinner and a show.
Really well done; sweet and erotic with perfect voices and a huge helping of innocence lost. Who could ask for more? Brava to all of you!
And really, thank you all so much for this. It really made my day!
6th December 2007 17:37
Heee! Dinner and a show? Cute! *giggles*
Thank you so much! Always glad to entertain. :)
6th December 2007 01:33
Mmmm... this was hot! I love Luna, and how she describes Padma's taste as being different, and uses flowers to describe the taste. Both the art and the story were amazing!
6th December 2007 17:40
Yay! Thank you so much, my dear!
Luna is one of our favorite characters, too, I think. She was a lot of fun to work with here. *g*
6th December 2007 05:48
Beautiful! Well written and excellently illustrated. The hesitation and sensuality come across nicely and I love Neville's inclusion at the end. Well done ladies!
6th December 2007 17:43
Oh you know me. I have to have my Neville fix in there somewhere. ;)
Thanks, darling!
6th December 2007 06:39
Wow. Just...wow. This is amazing. The story is really well written, all three of them are picture perfect (no pun intended) and beautiful. The writing is sensual and sexy, the art...*drools* Bravo to all three of you. This is an incredible piece of femmeslash!
6th December 2007 17:45
Thanks, hon!
It was a fun collab, and I'm pretty thrilled with how it all turned out, too. Thanks to you, our mods, for the chance to play! *g*
6th December 2007 17:59
You should be thrilled -- it's incredible. Btw, someone *might* have nominated you for a Quill to Parchment award on this story...*shifty look*
6th December 2007 18:08
*peers at you suspiciously*
I never do well on those things, but maybe this is different since other people are involved... *g*
6th December 2007 18:16
I never do well on those things either. I won my last one by default (that's not me bragging, if anything it's embarrassing to me!). I guess they are having some problems so voting won't be till March but there ought to be a notification about nomination for you and Celandine and Reha soon! :)
6th December 2007 09:59
So good, wow. I just adore Luna, and her turn of phrase. The art with the fic is so perfect, just wow *all kinds of loving this*
6th December 2007 18:05
Eee! *cuddles*
Thanks for reading, dearest. ♥
6th December 2007 19:06
*cuddles back* I will catch up I will :*
8th December 2007 10:34
really enjoyed this. don't read much femslash and only sprinkle a bit in my own fics...but this was good and the artwork is as well.
8th December 2007 19:24
Thank you!
This was unusual for me, too, actually. I lucked out in having some wonderful collaborative partners to work with. :)
9th December 2007 05:35
Wow. I don't think I even HAD a femslash OT3 before, but Luna/Padma/Parvati is it now! ;D

The fic and art are absolutely gorgeous. Wonderful work, all of you!!!
This is absolutely smoldering. I've already memoried/remembered it! ;D
10th December 2007 06:12
Eee! Thanks, darling! ;)
I am really quite pleased with how this turned out, and working with Cel and Twilightsorcery was a joy!
I'm so glad you enjoyed it, and we're honored to be in your memories. *hugs*
21st January 2008 09:49
but she reminded herself that she was a Ravenclaw and that it was always worthwhile to learn something new
Hee! What a good excuse for twincest, Padma. ^__^ Ah, Ravenclaws.

I was like "ohhhh yes" when it said, "smooth brown skin with darker bronze nipples, curls of dark hair at their groins and under their arms". Very nice description.

Very beautiful, words and art.
22nd January 2008 23:42
LOL. Ravenclaws can justify whatever they need to I think. *g*

Thanks so much for your kind comments. We appreciate them. :)
21st January 2009 15:39
[info]twilightsorcery, your art is simply gorgeous! I love the way Padma just seems to melt into Parvati's back in that last picture. The skin tones are so warm and lovely! Really great work.
31st July 2010 18:23
Hello. I'm just letting you know that I've recced your work at chromaticvision on IJ. Thank you for creating a memorable work featuring a character of color. <3

Now that the notice is out of the way! This is absolutely fantastic! Gorgeous art, well written femmeslash! :-D
1st August 2010 21:56
Thank you, hon! This was a lot of fun to work on and I had great partners for it. :)
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