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FIC: HE MUST BE DREAMING (Neville/Luna/Ginny, NC-17) 
6th September 2019 14:08
Title: He must be dreaming
Author: @keyflight790
Characters/Pairings: Neville/Luna/Ginny
Rating: E
Kinks/Themes Chosen: First Time, Triad, Back to Hogwarts
Other Warnings/Content: loss of virginity, threesome, cunnilingus, vaginal sex
Word Count: 2582
Summary/Description: Neville isn't even sure the Room exists anymore, let alone that it holds the two girls he's in love with.
Author's Notes: I have a very soft spot for Neville, especially when Ginny and Luna are involved. Not my best work, but at least they're all happy at the end.

Neville thought the Room of Requirement would be empty. After all, the war was over, wasn’t it? He killed the snake, everyone thought Harry died, and then Voldemort finally did, crumbling into ash and joining the rest of the destruction.

Harry said the Room was destroyed, murmuring something about Crabbe and fire and Malfoy tucked at his back on one broom. He had to see if it was true. If his home for the past year had turned into soot and rubble.

So after the train ride and the sorting hat and the eighth years discovering their new dormitory, Neville crept to the hallway, walked three times and waited.

Somehow, the door appeared, and as he stepped in, he breathed a sigh of relief. It didn’t smell like smoke, or fire, or ash.

It smelled like home.

The beds were all there, right where they had laid that fateful day, before the call, before Harry and Hermione and Ron crawled after him through the picture, before the Death Eaters and the shield and the destruction and the death.

He pushed all of that to the back of his mind, and turned his focus to his old bed, to the empty one next to it where Luna had slept, and towards the full one next to it where Ginny had rested her head.

Someone, no, some ones, were curled under her blanket, and they most certainly were not resting.

He heard quiet moans, and sighs in reply, and hair that looked like fire creeping over the side of the twisted sheets.

“Luna,” Ginny cried, and Neville saw movement halfway down, a bobbing head covered by thin blankets.

Luna. Ginny and Luna.

He knew he should leave, but he couldn’t. He was frozen, while he watched the others burn with passion.

“Oh gods, Luna,” Ginny cried again, and then her eyes shot open, back arching. Her eyes locked with Neville and she gasped.

Her eyes locked with Neville and she came.

He didn’t know what to do, other than watch. His cardigan was tight across his heaving chest and he felt so hot that it was like he was going to explode, but right in front of his eyes, Ginny was exploding, panting and wide-eyed, and mouth open in a provocative moan.

“Oh gods,” she whimpered as she came down from ecstasy, and her eyes dropped from Neville’s own to the blond goddess that was crawling her way out from under the sheets. Luna nuzzled her neck, her cheek, and Ginny’s eyes fluttered closed as her lover covered her in kisses.

“We have a visitor!” Luna chuckled when she finally looked up from freckled skin. “Hello, Neville!”

“Erm, hi,” Neville grimaced through a smile. “I...I should go, I didn’t mean to-” seethatwantthatlikethat. He realized with a start that his hands were clamped down in front of his trousers, in front of his throbbing cock, and it was wrong. He knew that. He wasn’t invited into their space, invited to watch, and yet Neville couldn’t tear his eyes away from Ginny’s flushed face, from Luna’s golden curls.

“Nonsense,” Luna said, and then she pulled the sheet away from her body, exposing her naked beauty, curves and mounds all leading to an apex Neville had never glimpsed before. Not on Luna, not on anyone. His cock twitched anxiously as he tried so desperately to rip his eyes away from her pure nakedness, but he couldn’t.

She held out her hand, stretched across the bed and the room, her fingers curled, beckoning, and before Neville realised it, he was sitting on the edge of her bed, a beautiful naked Luna in front of him and a still-sheet-covered Ginny behind him.

At least that’s what he thought. His eyes were wide as he watched Luna grin mischievously, first at him, and then just over his shoulder. Warmth covered his back, enveloping him as Ginny pressed her body along his spine, her arms linking around his neck, her mouth pressed against his ear.

“It’s the three of us against the world, Neville,” Ginny cooed into his ear, before lapping at the lobe.
“You’ve always taken care of us, darling. Let us take care of you.”

This was a dream; he was sure of it. The whole winning the war must have been, some feverish dream of triumph and sacrifice, which honestly made more sense to Neville. No way had he killed the snake, or pulled the sword of Gryffindor out of the hat. No way had he stood up to Voldemort while Harry lay dead in Hagrid’s arms. No way had they won and gone home to their beds and their families.

No way did he currently have a throbbing cock and a lap full of Luna and a naked Ginny pressed along his back in a Room that didn’t even exist anymore.

Yes. The whole day was a dream and tomorrow he’d wake up in his single bed in his Seventh year without food or victory, and he’d get the same soft smiles from Luna and the same sarcastic remarks from Ginny and it would all be back to how it was. But for now, he’d enjoy this dream.

Which currently had Ginny slowly unbuttoning his cardigan while Luna rolled her hips in his lap. He kept his hands at his sides, wanting so much to touch her, to grab at her hips, to slide up her waist. To cup her breasts and pull them close to his mouth. He felt frozen, not wanting to push too hard lest the dream end and he find himself with his hand in his pants, alone.

Ginny wouldn’t let him stay frozen for long. She shucked his cardigan off of his shoulders, and, instead of undoing each button on his shirt, the bedbedton was yanked, tearing each ivory circle from its home until they scattered onto the floor.

Her mouth was hot on his ear again, as Luna pressed against his now bare chest. “Touch her, Neville,” she whispered, and the heat went straight through him, burning to his core. “Luna’s so sensitive, make her squirm.”

It was as if he’d been waiting for permission this entire time, and perhaps he was. His hands quickly found Luna’s skin, her hips, cupping her breasts with his hands. They looked so rough and dirty against her porcelain skin, but she didn’t seem to mind. She pressed into his palms eagerly, as her eyes closed and a smile stretched across her gorgeous face.

“That’s it,” Ginny encouraged into his ear. “Tease them, Neville. Tease them for me.” She leaned so that her bare breasts pressed along the naked skin of his back, and when Neville leaned forward to take one of Luna’s nipples into his mouth, he could swear he felt a tuft of coarse hair at the base of his spine.

Luna whimpered as Neville sucked and nibbled on her nipple, his thumb eagerly flicking the other one still secure in his palm. Her hips rolled even faster, grinding down on his hard and covered cock, and he worried the tempo alone would make him come, much, much too quickly.

As it was, the entirety of this experience would be over much too fast for Neville’s liking.

Ginny shifted behind him, leaning more on his body than before, and suddenly her hair, her face was lined up right along with Neville’s. She gave Neville a quick peck on the cheek, just like she had after their time at the Yule Ball, and it made Neville’s heart soar.

He wanted to kiss her, to kiss them, but before he could turn his head, Ginny was tilting her chin upward to capture Luna’s lips with her own.

They moaned together, and Neville could hear their tongues sliding into each other’s mouths as Luna squirmed in his lap. He had to do something, had to pull it out of his constricting trousers or just come right then and there, and his mind was panicking. This was the hottest thing that had ever happened to him and he wanted to see how far this dream of his would go.

He pulled his mouth off of Luna’s nipple, his hand dropping from her breast to her hips, and pressed his palm into his aching cock to try and soothe the excitement. Their kiss must have broken as well, because Ginny was back in Neville’s ear, her encouraging words directing their tryst.

“Luna wants to ride you. She’s always aching for my fingers, but they’re so small.” She rubbed her hand down his cheek, threading her fingers in the fine hairs across his naked chest. “Harry told me how big you are, Neville. He said he couldn’t stop staring at it in the showers, how much he wanted to get on his knees for you.”

“Harry?” Neville gasped as her fingers trailed even further down his chest. His hand was slapped away from his trousers as Luna’s own hands replaced his, teasing his hard cock through the rough denim.

“Mmm,” Ginny moaned into his ear, shifting from side to side so her nipples rubbed against Neville’s back. “But he said you’ve always fancied the birds only, and two birds in particular.”

Fuck. He knew he had blabbed all about his crush on Luna during a late night game of Exploding Snap, but surely he hadn’t told Harry about his feelings for his girlfriend/ex-girlfriend. Maybe it had been so obvious how hard he had fallen for her during their dancing during Fourth, or in the DA in Sixth. Or just any time she walked by and his cheeks turned as red as her hair.

Before he could dwell on the past, Luna was mercifully pulling his cock from his trousers with a cheeky grin. “He’s just as big as Harry said!” she said gleefully. “Maybe even bigger!” She quickly dropped to her knees and swallowed Neville down in one go.

“Oh, fuck,” Neville groaned, his head lolling back as Luna’s mouth, wet and sweet, covered his cock. Her tongue ran up and down his length as he was sheathed between her lips, and yes, this was a dream, the best dream he would ever have.

His head was resting on Ginny’s shoulder, her lips dancing over his ear. “Tell her,” Ginny moaned. “Tell her to sit on your fat cock, Neville, and she will. She wants to, do you want her to?”

Neville gasped. “Yes, yes, fuck yes, Luna, please.”

“Please what?” Ginny teased, before giving his neck a little bite.

“Fuck,” Neville jerked his hips, driving his cock down Luna’s throat and pressing his back into Ginny’s breasts. “Oh gods, please Luna, ride my cock.”

Luna looked up at him, her lips wrapped around his length and her blue eyes piercing into his, and gave him a sultry wink. She released him with a pop, and climbed up to sit on his thighs.

His cock was wet from her sucks, but it still didn’t mask the wetness of her cunt as it slid across him for the first time. It felt incredible, silky and smooth and hot, so like her mouth, but so much different. He only had a moment to relish in the feeling before her hand wrapped around his length and guided him into her folds.

“LUNA!” Neville gasped, as she sheathed him to the hilt in her wet cunt. It one of the best feelings he could imagine, Luna’s walls clenching around his cock as she bounced up and down in his lap. One of his hands steadied himself by gripping on to her hips, while the other one twisted backward, grappling at Ginny, wanting her, needing her to be a part of this.

“Ginny,” he moaned, when his fingers found her wetness. The angle was off, but he still tried, rubbing her as enthusiastically as he could.

“You eager boy,” she sighed into his ear. “Lay back, so you can play with us both.”

Her hands guided him down so he lay horizontal on the bed. Luna was still straddling his thighs, her hips rolling in a slow rhythm, and when his head hit the pillow, Ginny straddled him as well. She gave him a wink as his eyes explored her body for the first time.

“What do you want, Neville?” she asked, wrapping her hands around her pert breasts, pulling at her nipples. “Tell me, tell us.”

Neville could do this. If this was a dream, it was his perfect fantasy, and he could summon his Gryffindor courage and ask for what he wanted.

“Want you to ride my face while Luna rides my cock.” He said it with such conviction he shocked even himself. Ginny threw her head back, and laughed.

“There’s my lion,” she said, before drawing their lips together in a kiss.

Neville groaned into her mouth, his whole body on fire as his tongue sought out hers, as their kiss deepened in passion. Luna began to ride him harder, faster, and soon he was panting into Ginny’s mouth more than he was bringing their lips together.

With one last kiss, Ginny sat up, turned in place and situated her apex directly over Neville’s mouth. “Going to ride that lovely tongue of yours while Luna rides your cock, love.”

Neville’s hands went up to support Ginny’s hips as she rode his mouth, and her own mouth found Luna’s as she rode Neville’s cock. Neville knew he wouldn’t last long, with the taste of Ginny and the feel of Luna encompassing his body bringing him right to the edge of ecstasy.

Luckily, it was Luna who came first, clamping her cunt hard on Neville’s length as her orgasm overtook her. “Yes Neville,” she panted into Ginny’s mouth as her body shuddered above him.

He came then, finally, the entirety of his core vibrating with need as he emptied himself into Luna. His moans were muffled into Ginny’s folds, as she continued to ride his face, his tongue, his lips, chasing her own pleasure, using him for her own need.

Luna slid off of Neville’s softening cock and sat on his chest, her cunt wet from her orgasm and dripping with his come. She gripped onto Neville’s shoulder with one hand, plucking Ginny’s nipple with the other, her mouth whispering sweet nothings into Ginny’s ear.

Ginny came with a scream, a combination of their names tumbling out of her throat. Her juices coated Neville’s face, and when she shifted off of the bed, Luna bent down to lick off the excess dripping down Neville’s cheeks.

They both took turns kissing him then, first Luna, then Ginny, then kissing each other as Neville wiped the mess off of his body with the sheet that had once covered both of his girls.

Because in this dream, in this fantasy, they were his, and he was theirs.

Neville took both of their hands and led them over to his bed, the one he had laid in all Seventh year wishing he wasn’t alone, wishing that they were safe. With a smile, he pulled them both in, Ginny on his left and Luna on his right, and he in between, warm and sated and loved and safe.

When he woke up the next morning it was to ginger hair spread along his cheek, and porcelain hands splayed across his chest. It wasn’t a dream, but the beginning of something beautiful, something great, and Neville had never been so thankful.
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