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Art: Confesson is Good for the Soul 
11th November 2017 19:37
Title: Confession is Good for the Soul
Author: Akatnamedeaster
Characters/Pairings: Severus Snape/Harry Potter
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Chosen: Corsets
Other Warnings/Content: Religious iconography, blasphemous rumors, clothed/unclothed, unholy acts, spoogin' up the altar, inappropriate use of rosary beads
Summary/Description: As it says on the tin.
Author's Notes: This piece is dedicated to two of my favorite people to ever grace the fandom, [info]perverse_idyll and [info]writcraft, (also two of my favorite Snarry fen) because you'd better believe you both came to mind when I was rendering this. Thank you both for always being fun and encouraging, creative and generous. You're a couple of peaches who have been a highlight of my time here and I love you both.

12th November 2017 01:26
Oh, UNF! So super hot and dirtywrong.
12th November 2017 02:48
Pervy and delicious! Such a perfect use of the rosary (?Thing around Harry's neck, I mean - you can tell I'm not Catholic haha.)
12th November 2017 10:08
Ahhahahaha, oh Kat, before I even had a chance to look at the artwork, my eye fell on "spoogin' up the altar" and I burst out laughing. Ahem. You are the best.

Now on to the evil, sexy, perverted, blasphemous, wonderful art. First I want to commend you for your use of chiaroscuro, the way the filtered light dapples their faces and slants across Harry's bright, spanked arse and makes Snape's cassock glow. And how the shadows evoke the interior of a church, the high windows and deep naves and the whiff of frankincense.

Then Harry and his corset and his poor, abused nipples and OMG, the rosary pulled tight around his neck. I love that touch. He's choking and it's making him come, and Snape's loving every second of it. You can tell he's carefully controlling the degree of asphyxiation right down to the last red bead.

And oh, Snape's face! Gloating, enthralled, but with that slight sense of distance that means he's totally in charge. It's about power, about exploiting the vulnerable, and about how close to the edge he can maneuver Harry. I love his satisfied, calculating smile and his erotic confidence. He's so sure of himself. And I love the drape of hair across his cheek. The skullcap looks good on him, and his mastery of the situation makes him really physically compelling. Harry's the one in ecstatic torment, the one debauched and sexualized and forced to desecrate the altar, but Snape is the erotic puppet master, and he radiates an unholy self-control.

Other things I love: the softness, almost haziness of the scene, bestowing a sanctified atmosphere, the muscular indentation of Snape's haunch, the shine on Harry's glasses, the way his eyes are squeezed shut as he gasps for breath, the splashes of wax from the tipped-over candle. And the gently glowing cross around Snape's neck, the focal point of the picture, emphasizing the delicious wickedness. The whole thing is incandescently lewd and powerful and wrong, but it's also strangely beautiful.

I assume this is Harry's post-confessional penance? Oh, Snape, you sacrilegious, shameless, irresistible sinner. You are so intensely sexy.

(Kat, thank you for creating this wonderful piece. I'm always up for some transgressive Snarry art, and this is the best I've seen in ages. So much much love to you, too. <3 You are so ravishingly talented, and you share your gifts so freely. I'm delighted to share a fandom with you.)
12th November 2017 12:19
This is scorching hot and beautifully crafted! Their expressions are especially wonderful – I love Severus’ eyebrows, and Harry’s scrunched face. I’ve never really been one for Religious AUs, but this makes me see the appeal. Wonderful work!
12th November 2017 15:25
It makes me so happy when you do Snarry art. Especially gorgeous-colored, stunningly lit, bad-bad-boy-with-a-hint-of-a-spanking Snarry art. I'm not Catholic, so this probably doesn't have the sense of OMGWRONGNESS that it does for people more familiar with the regular use of rosaries, but it's very, very sexy anyway!
12th November 2017 15:49 - Confession is Good for the Soul
Oh, but this is amazing. Love the soft tones.
12th November 2017 18:23
Oh. My. And right in front of the stained glass window.

Whatever sin Harry is being 'punished' for I imagine he will be doing it again.

Masterfully done. Thank you.
12th November 2017 19:53
Blasphemy at its best.
13th November 2017 02:50
You reminded me how much I love Father Snape and alter boy Harry. Such amazing coloring and shading.
13th November 2017 03:15
so glad I wandered by and caught THIS ONE. hits quite a few of my sweet spots!
13th November 2017 16:22
Mmmmm, red really does suit Cardinal Snape! Very nice, you subversive devil, you. ;)
13th November 2017 17:21
Must be the extra strong cord on that Rosary and no, I won't tell you why I know that. Slurp. I do love your pervy Snape.
13th November 2017 20:48
Oooh! This is deliciously naughty. :D Love the soft-focus feel to this.
17th November 2017 08:20
Damn! The soft lighting highlights all the wrongness of this but makes it sooooooo hawt and yummy! Thank you for sharing.
20th November 2017 21:47
This is just deliciously filthy and I absolutely love it. The nipple piercings and Harry in the corset, the use of the rosary, the looks on their faces ... all of it is just ♥

(vix_spes @DW)
25th November 2017 20:11
Oh myyyy!

7th January 2018 14:49
I never got the notification about this and I came back to look at it and comment and noticed my name in the author's notes! Please forgive my appalling delay in responding to this and know that I absolutely love it <333

This is GUH. So, so hot. I love the use of the religious imagery, so nicely done, with the detail from the shadowy place they're in to the use of the rosary and the alter. Harry's expression and Snape's smirk are so, so hot and kinky.

The colour palette you've used is perfect for the piece, the robes are divine and I love the suggestions of what happened earlier with Harry's rosy backside.

Scorching hot, filthy hot wrong in a delightful way. Absolutely love it. Thank you so much, darling <3
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