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ART: Magic Men (Severus Snape/Kingsley Shacklebolt, NC-17) 
31st August 2017 19:16
Title: Magic Men
Artist: mywitch
Characters/Pairings: Severus Snape/Kingsley Shacklebolt
Kinks/Themes Chosen: podophilia: foot fetish
Other Warnings/Content:
Medium: digital art
Artist Note: Gravity is no match for two sexy, powerful wizards.

1st September 2017 02:32
Oooo, love it! Them floating in space is freaking awesome, and I love how they've figured out how to maximize their foot fetishes with that position. ;)
19th September 2017 01:43
I get the feeling that the feet are just the warmup..... ;)
19th September 2017 01:48
After a few moments, Severus clears his throat. "Let's get out of here, King. This place has no atmosphere."
1st September 2017 02:33
Mmm, while I don't groove on feet personally (it's one of those kinks that seem almost cute, for lack of a better word) this is fucking hot. Love those long, lean bodies and the blissed out expressions.

work, sweet girl!
19th September 2017 01:45
I don't care much about feet either, but they do look happy together... And, well, if the shoe fits... or something.... ;)
1st September 2017 03:01
Sweet and deliciously sexy.
I love how gone they both are.
And the background's fabulous. <3
Brilliant as always!
19th September 2017 01:46
Thank you so much, I'm glad you like it! I think they look swell together, all that delicious skin...
6th September 2017 00:12
Oh my god. This is gorgeous and magical in all the best ways. The vibrant colours of the background are amazing and then the contrast between Severus and Kingsley is delicious, I love they are so into sucking each other's feet. :D

I love I was able to even write that sentence too, so thank you! Lol!
19th September 2017 01:46
Thanks so much my dear, I'm happy you enjoyed it!

8th September 2017 01:48
Ooh! This is delightful. :)
19th September 2017 01:48
Thank you! Glad you liked :D
9th September 2017 02:10
I don't have a foot fetish per-se .... but that's pretty fuckin' hot! Love the background too!

This is Tripperfunster btw. I'm too lazy to log in.
19th September 2017 01:48
Thank you!
9th September 2017 06:48
NOM NOM NOM! *iz speechless*
19th September 2017 01:49
In space, no one can hear you anyway, so no words necessary! Thanks so much :D
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