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Fic: In Deep (Millicent Bulstrode/Daphne Greengrass) 
25th June 2017 11:19
Title: In Deep
Author: [info]kittyaugust / Kitty September
Characters/Pairings: Millicent Bulstrode/Daphne Greengrass
Rating: M
Kinks/Themes Chosen: Coitus a unda (AKA undinism): sex in/underwater
Other Warnings/Content: Curvophilia, finger fucking, fluffy PWP.
Word Count: 1200
Summary/Description: Daphne and Millie go swimming, and Daphne can't get enough of her gorgeous girlfriend. One thing leads to another.
Author's Notes: Thank you to LQ for the last minute beta! Her input helped flesh out this little ficlet (including naming it) and I'm deeply appreciative. Any remaining issues or errors are all my own.

Greengrass Hall is a former hunting lodge and sits on several acres of parkland. At the heart of the park is a magically heated lake. Daphne has always loved the lake, but it's about to get a whole lot better. Her anticipation makes her smile.

Millicent Bulstrode has thick thighs and heavy breasts which sit above the full curve of her soft belly; she's the most gorgeous thing Daphne has ever seen. The sweep of Millie's hips is the stuff witches dream about. The warmth of those delicate lips and the weight of Millie's arms around her has to be what nirvana feels like. It's all Daphne can do to keep her hands to herself on a good day; so when Millie wears that bathing suit (the dark green one that hugs her like only Daphne should) it's all too much.

Circe's breath, she thinks, but "Hi," is all she says when Millie emerges from the changing room built into the landscaping.

Daphne swims up to the edge of the pool and looks up at Millie's truly delicious form. She's framed by July sunlight and the pillars of the faux temple frontage of the little changing area. Millie smiles at her in a way that makes Daphne think her lust must be so obvious she's more translucent than the crystal blue water around her. She smiles back and hopes the blush doesn't show.

"Getting in?" Daphne asks, trying to hide her fluster. She wants to get her hands on Millie's skin, maybe get Millie's hands on her too.

"Sure," Millie says.

Millie had been shy about this, once. The first time they swam here had been the first time Daphne saw her in her swimsuit because she'd always refused at Hogwarts. It was only on the private land of Greengrass Hall that Daphne had eventually persuaded her. That was weeks ago, and Daphne thinks her own constant admiration might finally be having some effect on Millie's attitude. Besides, the air is almost as warm as the pool, and the water has got to be preferable to a British heatwave.

Millie's smirk is temptingly knowing as she climbs into the glittering water and pushes herself out into the deeper section, floating closer to Daphne's waiting arms.

"Are you sure this pond doesn't have any Grindylows?" Millie says, with false trepidation.

"The only grabby demon in here is me," Daphne says with a laugh, feeling lighter than she's been in months, maybe years, as she dives to tackle and splash her giggling girlfriend. They struggle for a moment, but then the excuse to touch turns meaningful and they're kissing. The game naturally moving into something more sensual when they connect.

The water tugs at them, slipping between them, pulling them apart and holding them together. It's warm and pure, almost as warm as the heat building under Daphne's skin and the pure bliss of Millicent's touch.

Millie's hands slide down Daphne's body, cool compared to the magically heated water and utterly perfect compared to the cruelty of the outside world. Millie's fingers brush Daphne's nipples, making her moan with open desire.

"Do you always swim naked?" Millie asks, knowing the answer.

"Only when I want to tempt you into doing filthy things with me," Daphne admits. It's easy. It's always easy with Millie.

She lets Millie move her, physically as well as magically and emotionally. Millie places one strong hand on the small of Daphne's back, holding her in place: supportive, and possessive, and perfect. Daphne wraps her arms around Millie's neck and lets her take and give whatever she wants. Daphne leans back, held as much by the water as Millie. She arches her spine, whimpering with pleasure as Millie's fingers slide into her as if they belong there. Because damn it, they do.

Millie knows Daphne's body in detailed and intimate ways, she knows Daphne too, in ways no one else ever really can. There's something comforting yet thrilling in that familiarity. Something divine in the confidence of Millie's hands on Daphne's flesh. Something perfect in the way her fingers move and thrust and give. Then Millie kisses her, hard, just the way she likes it when they're tangled together like this. Everything else falls away.

The water makes it different, rougher and softer all at once. Millie takes hold of her and takes her, just the way she needs it. Being with Millie always makes Daphne a bit wild, a bit needy, a little desperate and overwhelmed when they touch. It's brilliant, Millie's brilliant, shining like the sun on the water. Daphne wants to tell her but she can't kiss and talk and Millie's lips are too good to let go.

Millie's breasts and tummy press against Daphne's body, floating in the water but still full and real and right. Daphne moans into the trusting kiss and aches with the pleasure Millie gives her.

Daphne wraps her legs around Millie's waist and finally breaks the kiss, panting. Millie smiles and kisses Daphne's throat while Daphne gasps for air. The kisses are a soft trail of temptation, yet another contrast to the thorough and insistent way she fucks Daphne with her fingers. Daphne's tangled and floating and overcome, lost on an ocean of erotic feeling and Millie's skin.

Her whole body is warm, warmer that the lake around them, warmer than magic. Daphne gasps, caught by surprise as the climax rolls through her like a wave, like a flood. A rush of tension, every muscle tight with anticipation and burning with need, then nothing but liquid bliss. She's in free fall, floating in the water and floating on the wake of her orgasm. Millie holds her tight and keeps thrusting through each shuddering gasp, she doesn't stop until Daphne melts in her arms.

They kiss. Soft and slow and afterglow-good.

"I liked that," Daphne says, when the kiss seems to end and breath becomes a thing they both need.

"I noticed," says Millie. She pulls Daphne back towards her when the current tries to steal them apart. If a war and school, and meddling parents couldn't do it then a little lake has no chance.

"I think I've got a new kink." Daphne mumbles the last into Millie's neck. Hiding herself in nuzzling affection and getting distracted by how good Millie smells, lake water and magic and Millie.

Millie laughs. It's the best sound Daphne's ever heard and ever will. Every time Millie laughs it make Daphne feel a little less broken. It's always worth it, especially when she causes it.

"You don't need another kink, Daph! At this rate we'll both be old hags before we've explored half of them."

Daphne shrugs, lake water sloshing around her shoulders. "That's okay," she says, and means it. "I'll still love you when we're hags."

"Yeah?" Millie almost sounds uncertain again, and that won't do. Daphne's too happy and free for Millie not to know how much Daphne loves her.

"Yeah, Mill. Always." But she's also young and in love and swimming naked in a magical pond. So she adds, "Let me show you," and kisses her girlfriend in a way that she hopes expresses how much she wants, needs, and desires the woman she's with and the girl she was and the old witch she'll one day become. Daphne loves every inch of Millicent Bulstrode, and she's determined to show her. Inch by glorious inch, if she can.
25th June 2017 03:13
I just love their relationship in this! I love how they are so free and safe and happy with one another, despite all that may be going on outside the sphere of the relationship itself. I really like that the pool seems to stand for this safe haven for the two of them, and it was lovely to see their lack of inhibition with one another. This was so sweet and so sexy! <3

Edit: Okay, the deleted comment was mine. I seriously had this moment, like hours after I wrote it, where I suddenly went, "Did I just compliment how inhibited they were with one another??" I came back here to check, and yep. I was all about the inhibition. LMAO. *headdesk* I'm really tired tonight. :P Anyway, this is my new and improved and much more accurate comment.
25th June 2017 05:31
Thank you! I must admit I guessed what you meant. This is probably one of the few pairings I write where inhibition isn't part of the kink actually (at least to start with).

For some reason, maybe also because of talking about state of femslash tropes earlier today as well, I'm now starting to imagine a pansmione fic (or similar pairing) where they start off quite inhibited with each other and slowly work through those barriers. Because another long WIP is exactly what I need, thanks muse!

*edited because apparently typing is not my thing today.
25th June 2017 16:04
Oh, this was just so lovely! I really adored the atmosphere you've captured here and the relationship between them was wonderful.
25th June 2017 17:51
Oh, this is really great. I absolutely loved it.

Millie's breasts and tummy press against Daphne's body, floating in the water but still full and real and right. Daphne moans into the trusting kiss and aches with the pleasure Millie gives her.

Love the imagery here. Amazing job. xo
26th June 2017 00:36
Aww. I love how gone for Millie Daphne is, she's totally head over heels and it's glorious to see.
The teasing is sweet, as is the way Daphne is determined to make Millie know just how much she adores her. And the sex was yummy!
I also love your description of Millie, curvy and full breasted and thick thighed. She sounds beautiful. <3
Brilliant work!
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