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Kinky Kristmas Art: Night Out (Teddy/James Sirius) 
28th December 2016 12:00
Kristmas Wish Fulfilled for: [info]gracerene
From: [info]thilia

Title: Night Out
Characters/Pairings: Teddy/James
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Included: Very public sex
Other Warnings/Content: //
Artist's Notes: This was surprisingly fun to draw, despite the fact that there’s sooo much background. But public sex is difficult to convey if there isn’t at least a third person in the picture somehow, so... yeah! Hope you like it! :)
Art Preview:


KK2016 Night Out
28th December 2016 13:05
I clicked on this embarrassingly fast. And alsjdlfskdfhsdghh! Jfc yes!

My words are GONE over this gorgeousness!
28th December 2016 16:20
Oh my god! This is brilliant and so very hot.

Teddy with piercings and nail varnish. James with freckles. Public sex! Ohhhhhh yes.

And the background is spectacular, too. I adore how nobody is even looking!

Thank you for sharing!
28th December 2016 21:28
Mmmm, aren't they gorgeous! So lean and delicious.
28th December 2016 21:46

This is totally my Next Gen OTP and there isn't nearly enough art with them, and especially not enough dirty, smutty art! Man, this is just, everything I could have wanted from this prompt!

I love the setting, the gorgeous multi-colored glow of the bar lights, the casual background of people just going about their business while James rides Teddy right there out in the open.

And the boys!! I love Teddy here, with his fantastic teal hair, piercings, painted nails, and general hotness. And then we have James, looking long and lean and sexy as hell with his pleasure-filled expression. *happy sigh*

This is seriously amazing MA, and totally made my day! Thank you so much!! <3
29th December 2016 04:24


This is...


29th December 2016 08:16
Oh my, this is gorgeous and so very hot!!!

29th December 2016 08:26
Happy happy happy. God, this is wonderful. They're so bound up in each other, it's beautiful.
29th December 2016 08:30
This is gorgeous. Oh my god, it's so gorgeous. And hot, oh my god, it's fucking hot and perfect.

I love James, the way the curve or his arse sits perfectly on Teddy's groin and it took a fraction of a second to realise, OH MY GOD, yep, he has Teddy's cock up his bum. Lord.

I love it, their clothing, those super tight trousers and the t-shirts and their hair and James with his mouth partly open and Teddy's hand sliding up James's nipples and, Lord. It's too much in the very best of ways. <333333!!!!
29th December 2016 09:40
Oh my goodness this is AMAZING!

Yes to all the gorgeous public sex, I love that bar setting with everyone else just either not seeing them or not caring.

And then the boys themselves! YES YES YES! James is so sexy, with his lithe, tall body, his light freckles, his gorgeous auburn-ginger hair (everywhere ;] ) gosh that cock, yes please, his beautiful flushed face. Then we have stunning Teddy with his pretty hair (and matching pubes, yay) his lip ring and dark nail polish.

Wow what a stunning and smoking hot piece of art!
29th December 2016 10:25
Oh goodness, absolutely GORGEOUS work. I love the flush on their skin, James's freckles, the way either nobody notices or cares that they're doing this right there on the bar stool. DAMN. This is smokin' hot and so beautifully drawn.
29th December 2016 14:08
Oh, you naughty boys!! Mmmmmmrf. This is delicious. ♥
29th December 2016 21:59
So god-damn sexy that I might just DIE
30th December 2016 21:08
Good GRIEF this is hot. Mmmf.
Naughty, sext boys and so SEXY. GUH!
And I love how unconcerned the bartender is. *g*
5th January 2017 16:22
My goodness!!! And no one paying the least attention. Whereas I'd pay real Muggle money to be there watching.
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