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Banging Birthday Week 2 Roundup 
16th April 2016 12:00
Here's Roundup #2 to help you with your catch up reading and viewing! And if you've fallen behind, you definitely want to catch up. There's been some supreme, steamy work posted that you don't want to miss (trust us!), and of course you want to stay on top of things for the naughty, nasty, and nice things that are still to come.

The roundup for Week 1 can be found here.

She was a showgirl. (Teddy/Scorpius)

You've Been Had (Fred/Draco/George)
Talk It Out (Draco/Hermione/Blaise)
Interruptions (Cormac/Lavender)
Gone to the World (James Sirius/Lily Luna, Teddy)
Shard (Charlie/Draco)
Revelations and Resolutions (Harry/Ron/Draco)
Sometimes you need to make your own opportunities. (Kingsley/Snape)
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