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Fic: Healer Weasley (Charlie/Harry) 
26th August 2015 02:39
Title: Healer Weasley
Author: [info]writcraft
Pairing: Charlie Weasley/Harry Potter, suggestions of future Charlie Weasley/Bill Weasley/Harry Potter
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Chosen: Medical kink
Other Warnings: Rimming, object insertion, ‘Healers’ behaving badly, orgasm denial, size kink, post-sex fingering, wandplay, PWP, dirty talk, role-playing, deep-throating, suggestions of future fisting and future knotting
Word Count: ~3,700
Summary: Harry’s feeling peaky so Healer Weasley gives him a thorough examination.
Author's Notes: I have no idea how this ended up being as long as it did, there really is absolutely no plot whatsoever, apart from Charlie’s plots which are always fun. I wanted to spend more time on the theme, but Charlie had difficulty playing it straight :D - enjoy!

It’s a Sunday afternoon at the Burrow, and the air is filled with warmth and cheerful conversation. Harry focuses on his enormous Sunday roast, and tries to push to one side the fact that he’s spent a solid thirty minutes thinking about Charlie Weasley’s cock.

As if he knows exactly what Harry’s thinking, Charlie winks. Just like that, insolent and disarming. Fucking Charlie.

Of course, Charlie’s a right bastard and winking isn’t enough. He has to run his tongue over his lip and give Harry a look. One of those ones. The kind that make every part of Harry stand to attention. The sort that says I’ll fuck you six ways to Sunday. The sort that promises just as soon as everyone’s gone to bed, Harry’s going to be on his knees quicker than you can say cock worship.

Harry squirms in his seat and adjusts his trousers surreptitiously.

“Everything okay, mate?” Ron speaks with his mouth full of roast beef and Yorkshire pudding. His eyebrows raise. He’s probably wondering why his best mate’s fondling himself over Sunday lunch. Harry puts his hands on the table where everyone can see them, just in case anyone thinks he gets aroused by Molly Weasley’s cooking.

“Fine, thanks.”

Charlie snorts and Molly gives Harry another roast potato, pressing a cool hand to his forehead. “You’re a bit flushed, Harry. Perhaps you’re coming down with one of those nasty colds?”

“No, really I’m fine.”

“It’s just a bit hot in here. Isn’t that right, Harry?” Charlie grins.

“Something like that,” Harry mutters.

“Let’s go flying after lunch.” Ron waves an enthusiastic fork in Harry’s direction. “I want to show you that new move I’ve been practicing.”

“Maybe I am coming down with something.” Harry smiles weakly and pats his forehead, mustering a light cough. “I feel a bit peaky now you come to mention it, Mrs Weasley.” Harry doesn’t want to explain he can hardly be expected to fly a broom with a raging hard on.

“It sounds like you need a good seeing to,” Charlie observes.

“Yeah, I reckon that might do the trick.”

Emboldened by the fact there’s safety in numbers, Harry manages a wink of his own when no one’s looking.

The low growl of approval from Charlie leaves Harry grinning from ear to ear for the rest of the afternoon.


“How’s the cold?” Charlie closes the bedroom door and looks at the mattress on the floor of his room, a smile tugging at his lips. “Mum made you a bed.”

“Do you reckon we should tell them that I’m not really sick?” Harry looks at the door, his brow furrowing. “Your mum might bring me hot lemon and honey or something if she thinks I’m coming down with something. I don’t want her to worry.”

“I told her I’ll look after you.” Charlie rummages in his rucksack, before producing an object which looks strangely fascinating. “I’m told I’ve got healing hands.”

“Yeah, I’ll bet.” Harry eyes the implement on the bed with more than a hint of trepidation. “What the bloody hell is that?”

“A thermometer,” Charlie replies, smoothly. His smile bares his teeth making him look rather predatory. “We use it on the dragons. To take their temperature and stuff.”

“How do you put that in a dragon’s mouth?” Harry moves to the bed and touches the smooth surface with the tips of his fingers. It’s cool, slim and larger up close.

“We don’t.” Charlie sounds amused, and he stretches out on the bed, kicking off his shoes. “There are other ways to take someone’s temperature.”

Oh.” Harry yanks his hand back, the damnable heat creeping back up his neck and leaving his cheeks burning. “Right, obviously.”

“Do you want me to take your temperature?” Charlie’s eyes darken and his gaze travels over Harry’s body, undressing him with every lazy smile and pointed look.

Harry stares at Charlie. “You must be joking.”

“Nope.” Charlie reaches for Harry. “Haven’t you ever done any role play before?”

Harry glares. “If I haven’t done it with you, I haven’t done it. You know that.”

“Well, then.” Charlie grins. “First time for everything.”


“I feel like a right prat.” Harry watches Charlie from his position on the bed. “Why am I the only one without any clothes on?”

“Because I’m your Healer and Healers wear clothes. We’ve discussed this.” Charlie rolls his eyes. “You’re my patient, and I need you naked so I can examine you properly.” Charlie slips on a latex glove, letting it snap against his wrist as he meets Harry’s eyes. “Besides, I’m a very bad man.”

“You’re a pervert is what you are.”

“Exactly, now you’re getting the hang of it.” Charlie looks delighted. “I’m a pervert and you’re at my mercy.”

“Charlie, this is-”

“Healer Weasley, if you don’t mind.” Charlie stops Harry by raising his gloved hand. “It’s more fun that way. Or we can go with Sir if that’s too much of a mouthful.”

Try as he might, Harry can’t stop the shiver of delight which runs down his spine. “I don’t think you get to poke things up my arse to help me get over a common cold.”

“Well you’re not here for that.” Charlie snorts and turns his eyes to the ceiling. “You’re being tested for your suitability.”

“My suitability for what?” Harry stares at Charlie, the situation getting more surreal by the moment.

“Your suitability for fucking. By the Lord of the Manor or whatever.” Charlie’s eyebrows knit together when Harry lets out a snort. “Bit too Lucius Malfoy, is it?”

“A bit.” Harry pillows his head in his hands and drinks in the sight of Charlie. “Any other bright ideas?”

“Maybe I’ll just fuck you. I think I’m that kind of Healer. Really unprofessional.” Charlie winks, and then he nudges Harry’s leg. “On your hands and knees, I think we should get started.”

Harry quickly obliges.


Charlie parts the cheeks of Harry’s backside after giving him a firm squeeze. The latex gloves feel peculiar against Harry’s skin, and the cool air in the room ghosts over his backside as Charlie exposes him. “Keep your legs nice and wide, Harry.”

“Yes, Sir.” Harry finds playing the part comes surprisingly easy when Charlie’s touching him like this. He shifts his legs apart a little further, his cock already hard. “Like this?”

“That’ll do nicely.” Charlie strokes his finger down Harry’s back, sliding along his spine and between his buttocks. “I need to check your response to stimulation. Have you ever been anally penetrated?”

No.” The lie falls easily from Harry’s lips and he presses up a little to seek more pressure from Charlie’s finger. “I don’t do that sort of thing.”

“Not even with your own fingers?” Charlie rubs his gloved finger over Harry’s hole, his voice low and rough. “You don’t masturbate on a regular basis?”

“I don’t finger-fuck myself if that’s what you’re asking.” Heat flares in Harry’s cheeks, the maddening pressure of Charlie’s finger too distracting for words. “Sometimes I toss myself off.”

“I’m sure you do.” Charlie sounds amused and drips cool lubricant onto Harry’s sensitive skin. “But you haven’t for a while?” His fingers brush Harry’s aching cock, making Harry jerk forwards with a muffled groan.

“No. Some wanker told me not to. I haven’t touched myself for weeks.”

“Did they indeed?” Charlie’s voice is rich with humour and he cups Harry’s balls in his hand, giving them a light squeeze. “That wasn’t very nice at all. That must make this quite uncomfortable.” Charlie emphasises this with another squeeze.

“You could say that.” Harry bites back a groan, his need almost painful.

“Well, perhaps we can give you some release. Eventually.” Charlie’s finger presses against Harry’s hole. “Hold still, Harry. This won’t hurt a bit.”

Harry bites his bottom lip to keep himself from crying out when Charlie pushes one finger slowly inside him. It’s too slow. Not at all Charlie-like. It’s clinical, and it’s almost embarrassing. Charlie’s finger twists and Harry whines.

“You like this, don’t you?” Charlie’s voice has the rough cadence Harry always enjoys. His finger crooks, twists, slides and moves out of Harry before pushing back in again with more force. “You like being exposed with your arse in the air? Does it make you hard, Harry?”

“You can see it does.” Harry pushes against Charlie’s finger, his whole body sensitised and desperate for Charlie’s touch.

“I can see, but I want you to tell me.” More cool lube drips onto Harry’s hole, and Charlie’s fingers rub against it for a moment. “Tell me how hard having things up your slutty little hole makes you.”

“V-very.” Harry’s voice leaves him with a gasp when Charlie pushes two fingers inside him. “It’s good.”

“It’s good what?” Charlie twists his fingers a little before setting a slow pace.

“It’s good Sir.” Harry groans properly this time, when Charlie’s fingers push deeper. “God, yes.”

“Like this?” Charlie’s amused again, his fingers pumping inside Harry. He crooks them and he lets out a contented sigh. “If you like this, I can only imagine what you’ll think when I take your temperature.”

“But that thing’s huge.” Harry twists to look at Charlie, biting back a curse at the waver in his voice. Charlie is awfully distracting.

“I’ll make sure you’re properly prepared.” Charlie waves the lube at Harry with his free hand before crooking his fingers again. “Besides, I’m looking forward to seeing you stretched for me.”

Harry drops back onto the bed, the pillow muffling the noises falling from his lips as Charlie fucks him with slow precision. The slow slide in and out is good but it’s not enough. It’s been too long without release and Harry needs more.

“I think we’ll see if you can take a little more.” As if he can read Harry’s mind, Charlie slides his fingers from Harry drawing a low groan of disapproval. “Keep that arse nice and high for me.” Charlie pats Harry’s backside and parts his buttocks again, ensuring Harry knows just how exposed he is. “I like to observe my progress.”

“I’m sure that isn’t professional,” Harry mutters.

“Probably not.” Charlie laughs, and returns to Harry’s arse with three fingers. Harry’s cock is aching hard and desperate to be touched, every push and pull of Charlie’s fingers bringing him to the height of pleasure. The steady burn of three fingers quickly dissipates and becomes pleasurable, until Harry finds himself rocking back with abandon.

“You’re so fucking lovely like this.” Charlie’s gloves are off with a snap and his fingers slide from Harry’s body. He runs his tongue along Harry’s crease, dipping it inside Harry’s stretched hole. “Fuck, I want to taste you. I want to lick you out. Make those noises for me – the ones I like the best.” Charlie runs his tongue over Harry again. “And keep calling me Sir. It makes me hard as a fucking rock.”

“Yes, Sir.” Harry laughs when Charlie’s demeanour changes, guessing their game is over. Charlie’s never been particularly good at slow and clinical.

Harry’s laughter is quickly cut off by the sensations of Charlie’s tongue drawing a slow circle over Harry’s skin before pushing inside his body. Harry whimpers and pushes back against Charlie’s hands which knead and squeeze Harry’s backside firmly. He feels himself parted, spread open and exposed to Charlie’s persistent tongue and he reaches beneath himself to squeeze his cock so he doesn’t come all over the bed just from a quick rimming.

“You’re filthy. So hot and filthy. The things I want to do to you.” Charlie pulls back and bats Harry’s hand away from his cock. He gives Harry’s backside a firm smack with the palm of his hand. “I want to watch you take everything. My cock, fake cocks, toys…” Charlie trails off and he runs his fingers along Harry’s spine, making Harry tremble and shiver beneath the touch. “My fist, one day. I’d love to watch my hand disappear inside you – can you imagine what that’d feel like, Harry? You’d be coming from my whole fist nudging against those bits which make you shout out my name like I’m Merlin or something.”

“Bloody hell.” Harry’s voice is rough and ragged, the thought of Charlie’s hand inside him sending tremors through his body. “Bloody hell.”

“Nice thought, isn’t it?” Charlie chuckles and then he reaches for the thermometer. “I want you on your hands and knees proper for this. Legs as wide as you can get them, backside nice and high. Let me see your hole. I want to watch every inch of this go inside you, bit by bit. I want you to tell me how it feels. Tell me what you want me to do to you when I push it inside you. Can you do that, Harry?”

“Fuck, yes.” Harry’s breath catches in his throat and he clutches onto the pillow, moving as Charlie asked. The cold sensation of lubricant and glass against his backside makes him moan. “Not…not going to break is it?”

“Course not, it’s magically strengthened. A wizard has nothing on a dragon – even a horny wizard that saved the world.”

Harry shakes his head, his lips tugging into a smile. “Just checking. Sir.”

Charlie pauses for a heartbeat and Harry’s minded to ask what’s taking so long, before his words leave him in a rush. The wide circumference of the thermometer is cold and hard against Harry’s hot, sensitive skin. The glass slides easily against the lube and Charlie nudges forward. The motion is achingly slow, the stretch painfully good. Harry sucks in a breath as the toy pushes deeper into Harry’s body until he’s trembling. Charlie strokes his back as the perspiration gathers on Harry’s forehead.

“Okay?” Charlie’s voice is soft for once.

“Yeah.” Harry manages to force out the response, because he is okay. He’s got his word if he’s not. His word for take it steady, and his word for stop. He doesn’t need any of it. What he wants is to have Charlie do all kinds of filthy things to him. He wants to ask Charlie for more and harder and he wants to point out Charlie really doesn’t need to choose this particular moment to start being slow and gentle. No matter how much Harry wants to beg, his body is on fire and his throat dry. The best he can manage is a weak croak, which he hopes gives Charlie the encouragement he needs. He rocks back, a hiss falling from his lips and his breath leaving him in rough pants as perspiration from his forehead stings his eyes and Charlie’s fingers continue their maddening slide along Harry’s spine.

“Sure?” Charlie sounds breathless, nudging the thermometer further into Harry. He slides it back then pushes forwards again, the glass walls hitting all of the secret places Charlie helped Harry to discover. The slow slide becomes more confident, Charlie’s breathing more ragged. “Fuck me, Harry.”

“Bit busy at the moment.” His attempt to laugh leaves Harry in a wheeze as Charlie laughs and twists the thermometer sharply.

“Cheeky.” Charlie slides the instrument again, too slowly to afford Harry any real relief. The lightest touch from Charlie sends fire through Harry’s veins and it’s all he can do to keep quiet when Charlie finally wraps his hand around Harry’s cock. His fingers tease over Harry’s aching prick, a frustratingly light touch.

“You like this?” Charlie’s voice is warm, his breath hot in Harry’s ear. “You like the fact I can see everything? The way you want this? The way you need this? Fuck, Harry. You’re so hard. Your cock’s so ready for me. I want you to come before I fuck you. I want you to come from this.”

Charlie’s words tip Harry over the edge and the stretch and burn, the unrelenting pleasure and the sensation of Charlie’s warm hand make him come undone. Charlie’s fingers squeeze around Harry’s cock and the glass makeshift dildo moves hard inside Harry. The motion quickens, every push and pull sliding over Harry’s most sensitive spots and finding new places Harry didn’t even know existed.

Harry’s back arches and he opens his mouth to ask for more, quicker, harder but only gibberish leaves his lips as the hard, deep fucking leaves him breathless. Charlie’s light touch becomes firm and deft, his hand moving as if he wants to pull Harry’s orgasm from him.

When it comes, the force of his climax almost leaves Harry dizzy. He shouts Charlie’s name and drops onto the bed, the relief of his orgasm almost enough to make him sob.

It’s too empty when Charlie pulls the thermometer from him, and Harry burrows close to find a brief respite in Charlie’s arms.


“I want you to come.” After he catches his breath, Harry slides his fingers down Charlie’s chest and brushes the top of his trousers. There’s a large, noticeable bulge in them which makes Harry’s mouth water. “I want you to come down my throat.”

“Do you have any idea what you’re doing to me?” Charlie groans and he takes Harry’s inquisitive hand, placing it against his lips. “You’re driving me mental. In a good way.”

“Doesn’t sound too good.” Harry lets out a huff of laughter and he squirms back onto the sheets. “So, do you want me to suck you?” He pauses and wrinkles his nose. “Do I still have to call you Sir?”

“Not at the moment.” Charlie kisses Harry squarely on the lips and pulls him close. “Besides, it’s going to be hard to call me anything with my cock down your throat. You remember what I taught you?” Charlie kisses Harry again, this time with tongues. His mouth is hard, insistent and searching. “Did you practice?”

“Just like you said.” Harry’s cheeks heat and he wonders if he’ll ever stop flushing when Charlie talks like that.

“Then show me.” Charlie’s voice is gruff and he watches Harry move down his body. He clenches his hands in Harry’s hair and with a groan, arches up as Harry takes him deep into the back of his throat. “Fuck that’s it.”

Charlie thrusts lightly at first as Harry tries to remember to relax his throat. Charlie’s hands in his hair make his spent cock twitch with interest, and the slide of Charlie’s cock into his mouth makes his body heat with pleasure. Charlie presses lightly on the back of Harry’s head and his thrusts become harder and more erratic. Harry runs his tongue along the underside of Charlie’s cock, moving up and then swallowing Charlie down to the base again. He slides his hands over Charlie’s chest as he sucks him, running his fingers over every inch of Charlie’s skin. Finally, Charlie comes with a shout and Harry slides off him with a contented hum of appreciation.

“Did I do okay?”

“You know you did more than okay.” Charlie’s voice is sated and lazy. He tugs Harry up and wraps a leg around him, stifling a yawn. “You liked it?”

“Yeah.” Harry can’t fight the heat rising in his cheeks, as Charlie’s fingers slide over his backside and rub over his still sensitive hole. “It was good. Really good.”

“We’re going to do something else later.” Charlie’s lips move against Harry’s neck and his fingers slip and slide over Harry’s still lubricated skin. He pushes the tip of two fingers slowly inside Harry. “I’m going to make you come like this. Just from having something inside you.”

“Can people do that?” Harry’s quite sure they can when Charlie’s fingers slide into him with slow, targeted purpose. His breathing shudders and he shifts back to rock against Charlie’s fingers.

“Eager little bottoms like you can, that’s for sure.” Charlie nips Harry’s ear to show he’s teasing, his voice a low hum. “Harry?”

“Yeah?” Harry can’t manage more as Charlie’s teeth graze his skin and his free hand begins to twist Harry’s nipple while he fingers keep up the same maddening tease.

“Do you ever wonder what it might be like with two people? A cock in your mouth, one up your arse?”

“Sometimes…” Harry’s voice falters and Charlie’s fingers push. Harry can’t help but cry out and Charlie’s tongue strokes over a spot behind Harry’s ear which drives him wild, as if soothing Harry.

“How about doing something like that with Bill, one day?” Charlie slides his fingers out of Harry and he turns him onto his back, moving over Harry and nudging his legs open. “I reckon he’d be up for it.”

Bill?” Harry groans and his head drops back onto the pillow as Charlie moves down his body, sliding his tongue over Harry’s rapidly awakening cock. “That might be fun.”

“He’s bigger than me.” Charlie pushes something into Harry – something slim and smooth. Something…rather like a wand. Harry can’t call back the whimper which escapes in response. “He’s got this interesting thing that happens to his cock right before the full moon. It expands when he comes. Right inside you, like it’s going to make you see stars.” Charlie sets his wand humming and he pushes it, hard. “You’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

“Fuck yes.” Harry nods and shifts his legs further for Charlie.


When Harry opens his eyes, Charlie’s got the brilliant, blinding smile Harry likes the best. He looks well shagged and mussed up, the muscles in his arm flexing as he works his wand into Harry.

A wink at Charlie earns Harry a sharp smack on the backside and a firm twist of the wand but Harry can’t help but smile back.

“Feeling any better?” A smile plays over Charlie’s lips as he watches Harry.

“Maybe.” Harry bites his bottom lip between his teeth and he gives Charlie an innocent look. “But I think you need to take a closer look, Healer Weasley.”

And Charlie does just that.

26th August 2015 13:22
That was just, just so amazing. I love how it starts, the tone is playful and familiar, even after they started playing – not to mention the teasing during lunch! Lol – they have this brilliant dynamic, and Harry is still a bit embarrassed but I can almost taste how eager Harry is.

Charlie is amazing, sexy and confident, but little by little he kind of falls apart in the face of Harry's want and reactions, you know what I mean? I loved that it feels both are equal, yet, damn, Harry is beautiful letting Charlie do and feeling. I love their relationship. :D
28th August 2015 08:02
Thank you so much for such a lovely comment, and for giving this a shout out on the Daily Snitch <33

I'm so pleased you enjoyed it and Harry's eagerness came through. I had great fun writing them again, it's been a long time since I've done so and it's a pairing I've always enjoyed.
26th August 2015 16:50
Dear lord that was hot! Loved the Healer role play, and how Charlie couldn't keep it up for very long, that felt very in-character. And then all the gorgeous dirty talk, and the both of them just being desperate for each other. Loved the little knotting implication and the Bill/Harry/Charlie at the end, just ramping the hotness even more. Really sexy read. :D
28th August 2015 08:04
Thanks so much, Grace! I'm so pleased you found Charlie to be in character - I don't write him much but I do enjoy writing him when I do. Thank you so much for such a lovely comment <3
26th August 2015 22:01
I love how this playful and hot at once. Well done.
28th August 2015 08:04
Thank you very much, glad you enjoyed.
26th August 2015 23:46
Guh! Sizzling hot.
I've always had a soft spot for this pairing and this is why. Charlie is just so...UNF. No wonder Harry's putty in his hands.
And the thought of Bill and his interesting cock...YUM!
Yeah, Harry's life's about to get very interesting indeed.
Nice job!
28th August 2015 08:05
Thank you so much, Ali. I really appreciate the lovely comment.

I've always had a soft spot for this pairing too and it's been great fun writing them again.

27th August 2015 07:12
UUUUUHHHNNFFF JESUS. This is so freaking hot.
28th August 2015 08:06
Thank you, lovely :D

27th August 2015 16:12
Oooh, that was luscious! :-D I love the hint at Bill/Charlie, too, I have to say. And I'm a complete sucker for slutty bottoms! I really enjoyed how Charlie topped, too, with varying degrees of command, care, and abandon.

I have to laugh at something. So, we both wrote 'Healer' kink happening at the Burrow, you and I. (Mine's Ron/Ginny.) I even have a Quidditch match in mine, too. So I can't help but see this happening in the same Universe, such that everybody's having a medical kink shag somewhere in the Burrow at some point during this day! LOL! Ftw, Writ. :-D
28th August 2015 08:08
Thank you so much for this lovely comment, LQ! I'm so pleased you like the fic. I have a bit of a soft spot for Harry/Charlie.

LOL, I love the idea that all the Weasleys were doing all the kinky things on the same day - I just read your Ron/Ginny and thoroughly enjoyed it. Off to comment now <3
27th August 2015 16:51
Oh that was lovely and hot.
28th August 2015 08:08
Thank you so much!
2nd December 2016 15:46
Oh gods, I love this. Harry all needy and embarrassed and turned on, and Charlie all... Charlie-ish.

11th December 2016 15:15
oh man was that hot, just what I needed on a snowy winter day. need to look if you wrote the bill/charlie/harry fic, too. - Oakstone730
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