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Kinky Kristmas Fic: A Grimmauld Carol (Sirius/Remus) 
29th December 2013 21:00
Kristmas Wish Fulfilled for: [info]inamac
From: [info]westernredcedar

Title: A Grimmauld Carol
Characters/Pairings:Sirius Black/Remus Lupin (c. 1978), Ancestral Sirius Black/Hester Gamp (c. 1897)
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Included: Costumes, light CBT, waxplay, smoking
Other Warnings/Content: timey-wimey, partner sharing/fourway, Sirius swears constantly
Word Count: 6800
Summary/Description: Two couples get deliciously lost in Grimmauld Place on Christmas Eve.
Author's Notes: I really enjoyed exploring the Black Family Tree for you, dear giftee, and I tried to present a bit of "historical Christmas" in amongst the innuendo and smut. Thank you to my dear beta, and the super supportive and understanding mods. Happy Holidays!!

Christmas Present

Sirius scaled the brick wall in three quick moves, but, of course, he knew all the footholds from years of sneaking in and out of Grimmauld Place. Remus took much longer, and he had to start again when he lost his grip and slipped back down into the alley.

"Move your arse, Moony. I'm cold," Sirius hissed as soon as Remus finally topped the wall, ready to jump down into the back garden of the house.

"I really don't think we should be doing this," Remus replied in a whisper as he landed next to Sirius in the shrubbery, knocking a thin layer of snow off the branches.

"Blah blah, I'm dull-as-a-sack-of-rocks Lupin and I don't want to do anything fun," Sirius said with a grin, and Remus punched him in the arm. "Ow! You plonker." While rubbing his arm, Sirius shot a soft blue spell that ricocheted around the garden and off the walls before disappearing into the night sky.

"What was that?" Remus asked, brushing the snow off his jeans and then rubbing his hands together.

"Ward deletion spell. Set to Father's spell signature. That should have cleared out all of his paranoid booby traps."

Remus looked at Sirius in the dim light and shook his head. "Should have?"

Sirius ruffled Remus's hair with a grin. "Trust me," he said, and trotted off out of the plantings and across the white patch of snow leading to a small side window.

Sirius wasn't dismembered or decapitated while crossing his own lawn, so Remus ventured after him. The window Sirius had targeted was tiny, bolted closed, and…fanged. Razor-sharp teeth outlined the entire perimeter. Remus shook his head. "Damn, Padfoot, your family."

"I know," Sirius said.

"So, how are we supposed to…"

"Hello, Pet," Sirius purred to the window, winking at Remus and rubbing his wand along the sash and up the frame. "It's me. I've been away for a bit, but I'm home."

To Remus's annoyance and bewilderment (and relief) the window reacted to Sirius's touch by shuddering, retracting its fangs, opening wide, and…sighing? Could a window sigh? Could it sigh adoringly? If it could, Remus decided, that was what he had just witnessed. As he pondered this mystery, Sirius was already halfway through.

"Give me a shove, Moony," he whispered.

Remus couldn't stop his grin. "Gladly," he replied, and pushed Sirius's bony arse through the open window before scrambling through himself, Sirius pulling him up by the arms.

Once inside, warmth enveloped him, and a scent- old wood, pipe smoke, stale air, and mold- filled his nose. He brushed himself off and looked at their surroundings. They had entered the house into some sort of pantry, stocked with all manner of dry and canned goods. Sirius was petting the windowsill and murmuring sweet nothings.

"Why did the window let us in?" Remus asked at last, as Sirius finished up with a final stroke of the window's pane.

"The window? Oh, simple. I charmed that old thing years ago."

"Oh really? What Charm did you use?"

Sirius grinned and threw an arm around Remus's shoulders. "Not that sort of charm. Just…charmed. You know." Sirius stroked Remus's cheek and let his gaze fall soft and suggestive.

Remus let out an exasperated sigh and knocked Sirius's hand away. "Pervert," he said, giving Sirius a shove.

Sirius straighten up and saluted. "At your service, Mr. Lupin."

They both snickered.

Remus caught his breath. "Honestly, are you certain no one is home?"

Sirius started waving his wand over the door out of the pantry. "Dead certain. It's Christmas Eve, and it's an even year with a seven in it. That means the entire Black Family shit-show is at my Auntie Luce's this year. No one will be home for days." As if to prove his point, he turned the knob and pulled the door to the pantry wide open.

Remus's heart accelerated, but the corridor beyond was empty and dark.

"See? Now let's get to my room. Regulus better have kept his filthy claws off my gear. I want my stuff back." Sirius headed boldly out into the darkness, leaving Remus alone. Heart still racing, Remus took a steadying breath, and dashed off after him.

"Wait for me!"

Christmas Past

"Sirius Black, you villain!"

The fire crackled merrily as Hester swatted her fiancé with her fan. They were in a secluded corner of the parlour, and no one was paying them any mind. The murmur of polite, drunken conversation filled the air around them. Dinner had ended an hour before, the men joined them shortly after, the evergreen tree had been decorated, and the firewhiskey nog was flowing.

"Villain?" Sirius replied, his voice low. "I think the word your are looking for is scoundrel."

Hester raised one eyebrow and tried to look put out.

Her parents had arranged this match in the autumn, whilst the young Mr. Black was still away finishing his education on the Continent. Hester had been livid for weeks after, furious enough to charm away the door to her room, curse her mother's hair blue, and threaten to run off and marry a Muggle. Don't be disgusting, you ungrateful girl, her father had bellowed, but Hester would not relent.

Then, Mrs. Ursula Black had extended this invitation to Hester and her mother over the Christmas holiday, so that Hester and Sirius could get to know one another before their families united in the spring. At first, Hester was determined to make a misery of the proceedings- right up until the moment Mr. Sirius Black walked into the room, all dark hair, smoky eyes, and wandering hands while their mothers' backs were turned. They had been staying at the Black family house in Grimmauld Square, London since Monday week, and Hester could say, with all assurance, she was now well acquainted with Sirius Black.

"Scoundrel, then, if you please," she replied. "I'm not missing the fun. If your father has one more cup of nog, he may begin telling embarrassing stories about my old professors at Hogwarts. I also distinctly heard your Aunt Elladora say that during the program later she would be having her house elf perform on the viola d'amore whilst she levitates him around the room for the boys to practice their target shooting. And besides, I was planning to sing."

"No one will even notice we are gone." In the light of the fairies bound to the tree, Sirius's eyes were black pools of devilry. "I'll have you back in time for soaring elf musician antics." As he spoke, Sirius's hand crept around and cupped Hester's bosom. She knocked the wandering hand away.

"Someone will see. Your little sister is staring at us."

Sirius looked across the room. "She is not. Belvina is altogether occupied with secretly casting spells to identify what is in her packages from father." His hand found its place on her breast again, and Hester could not bring herself to dislodge it. So far, she and Sirius had shared twelve kisses and she had allowed him to touch her bosom and her bottom. Two days ago they had found a quiet moment in the upstairs corridor to rub together lusciously until she almost felt as good as when she touched herself in bed at night.

Almost as good. Hester wanted more.

Better to keep her future husband guessing though. "You'll have to drag me away," she said, pitching her voice low.

"Don't think I wouldn't," he replied, voice equally pitched, and Hester batted the fan against his shoulder again. Then with a laugh, she sauntered casually through the crowd of merry Blacks and out the door of the parlour, not looking to see if Sirius was following.

As soon as she was out of sight of the doorway and alone, Hester grinned, giggled, and started to run. She dashed for the stairs and was halfway up when she heard footsteps behind her. She let out a tiny squeal and tried to move faster, but her shoes, skirts, and corset made her an easy catch for the less encumbered Sirius Black.

She had just reached the second floor when he caught her by the waist and pulled her back against him. She screamed again and laughed, unable to stop the flood of sensation through her body at his touch. He spun her around and pushed her up against the wall between two candle sconces, his body flush against hers, hot and new and thrilling. Sirius's breathing was heavy and rapid against her, matching her labored breaths from her pinching corset. He was staring at her intently, at her mouth maybe, and running one hand through the few loose locks of her dark hair.

"Mr. Black, I believe it is time that you kissed me," she said.

His mouth against hers was more demanding tonight, open, wet, and impatient. She pushed further, darting her tongue out against his lips, opening wider and inviting him in. Their bodies moved closer, trying to fit, even through the layers of fabric they each wore.

"We may miss our shot at Auntie's flying elf," Sirius said, after they paused for breath.

Hester raised one brow. "I hope so," she replied, and kissed him again.

Christmas Present

Sirius was reclined on a musty, ancient sofa in the parlour, contentedly puffing his third fag. He had found two packs still hidden in his room that they had grabbed along with a large trunk full of clothes and personal effects. Remus knew Sirius had left home with almost nothing two years ago, and it wasn't surprising that he wanted his stuff back. Remus just hadn’t expected to be talked into going with him. This sort of thing was more James's territory, but when Sirius asked, he didn't say no.

Now, Remus watched as the smoke curled out of Sirius's mouth and over his thick upper lip, hugging the contours of his face until it rose up and disappeared into the darkness. Gods.

"Relax, Moony. Stay awhile," Sirius said, stubbing out his fag and sitting up.

Remus shook his head, returning to the moment. "I can't relax, Sirius. Your parents could walk in the door at any moment."

Sirius looked at Remus with a crooked, understanding smile that took Remus's breath. "All right, you."

He rose from the sofa and strode towards Remus, who was still standing in the doorway next to the pile of Sirius's belongings. Sirius extracted another cigarette from the pack and lit it with his wand. He took a long drag as he approached, crowding right into Remus's personal space. When they were belly to belly, Sirius tilted his head back and exhaled a glorious plume of smoke. Remus watched the smooth line of his throat, and swallowed hard.

"Don't over think this, Remus," he said and put one hand behind Remus's head to pull him close. "We're alone. My dickhead brother didn't steal all my jazz mags, we have an enormous house to ourselves, and it's Christmas." He raised his eyebrows as he placed the lit cigarette into Remus's mouth and patted his cheek.

Remus sighed and then took a puff. "Fine."

"Excellent!" Sirius grinned and stepped back, rubbing his hands together. "Let's explore."

They wandered the corridors, trying doors and peering in. Sirius kept up a steady narration throughout. It seemed that when he was growing up, much of the house had been off-limits. He darted in and out of forbidden rooms now like a hyperactive child, waggling his eyebrows and grabbing Remus's arse every few steps.

They spent a long while in a room containing a wall-sized tapestry of Sirius's family tree. Sirius got quiet, and looked at many of the names for some time.

"Which Sirius Black are you, anyway?" Remus asked, after gazing back through the ages for a few minutes.

"Seventh," Sirius said, still and quiet, looking at a hole burned in the tapestry and running a finger along the frayed edge.

Remus cocked his head to the side and considered his friend. He was on the verge of reaching out to touch his hand, when suddenly, Sirius leaped at Remus with a swift pat to the bum. "Race you to the kitchen, you pillock!"

They dashed through the next few rooms, finally disturbing a crotchety wool demon living in the ground floor coat cupboard. Its scream sent them chasing each other up the staircase between the first and second floors, landing at the top in a hysterical heap.

"Jesus, Padfoot, your family," Remus said, his breath coming hard.

"I know, demons in the coats cupboard," Sirius replied, and then he kissed him.

Sirius was a good kisser. Remus had known that fact for three years now, but he never tired of being reminded: lips demanding but pliable, hands in the hair, changes of pace and angle, like a dance. Never boring, snogging Sirius Black. Nothing much boring about Sirius ever, really.

Time evaporated for a few minutes, and then Remus came up for air. His eye caught on a glint of color down the corridor. It was a door down the way, glowing golden.

"What room is that?" he asked, pulling himself away from Sirius and rolling over to stand up.

Sirius dusted himself off and rose as well, grabbing Remus's hand for help up. "That one with the gold knocker? Dunno. Father always keeps that one locked."

Remus grinned. "Let's go see."

The golden door-knocker was in the shape of an hourglass, cast in brass and shining like a beacon. Remus raised his brows to Sirius, who shrugged and tried the door.

It opened.

"Fuck me," Sirius said quietly. "Never did that before. I tried, believe me."

When they stepped through the door and into the room beyond, Remus gasped and grabbed Sirius by the arm. "You're certain no one is home?" Sirius nodded slowly, but his eyes were wide and alert.

There was a fire crackling away in the fireplace, and candles lit throughout the room, which glowed warm and inviting. The walls were deep brown wood, the rugs a dark cranberry red. A carved four-poster covered in a mound of pillows dominated one wall, and various armchairs and a settee were arrayed into a seating area near the fire. Garlands of greenery and red berries were draped over the mantle and bedposts, and a wreath of evergreens hung over the fireplace.

It was, Remus had to admit, one of the most cozy and inviting rooms he had ever entered. The contrast with the graying, faded glory of the rest of the house was stark.

"Bloody hell, I think I'm moving back in," Sirius quipped, walking slowly around the room and dragging a possessive finger over the various surfaces.

Remus followed him, drawn to the warmth. Even the air smelled better in this room, pine and smoke with a note of freshness, as if a window had recently been open. Remus walked to the mantle and noticed a tall green taper, thick with herbs, the only candle that remained unlit. It seemed wrong there, cold and whole, so he lit it with his wand. Then he picked an armchair by the fire and had a seat, stretching his legs out and relaxing for the first time since Sirius had dragged him into the alley behind Grimmauld Place. He closed his eyes and breathed in deep.

"What's this room for, do you suppose?" Remus asked.

Sirius was banging around behind him, opening and shutting drawers and cupboards. "Hell if I know. My ancestors magicked up all sorts of insane shite in this house that I can't make heads or tails of. Yes! Jackpot, Moony. Come look!" he shouted, and Remus was forced to open his eyes and peer around to see what the commotion was.

Sirius was emerging from a cupboard wearing a top hat and pulling on a black frock coat that looked as if it had been left there by Prince Albert.

"What do you think?" Sirius asked, modeling his Victorian ensemble for Remus, batting his eyes, hand on his hip.

Remus grinned, rose from his seat, and made a darting grab for the top hat. "I think it will look better on me," he said, and Sirius threw the hat at him and darted back into the cupboard.

"Fine with me, this one is more my style," Sirius said from the depths of the cupboard.

"Which one?" asked Remus, adjusting the top hat and looking at his reflection in the mirror over the fireplace. The hat did suit him, he thought, drew attention away from the scars on his cheek and brow.

"This one," said Sirius, and Remus turned around. Sirius was holding a long green velvet dress in one hand and a lady's corset in another. He was grinning like a loon and waggling his eyebrows.

Remus wasn't grinning. Something roiled low in his gut at the thought of Sirius in that corset. "Nice," was all he managed to say.

"Let's dress up. I'll get you the rest of that suit." Sirius was already stripping off his vest. Remus swallowed hard, and then reached for his own top button.

Christmas Past

Somehow in their kissing and tussling, Hester and Sirius had traveled down the corridor along the wall until they were tucked in against a door frame, kissing and panting, with Sirius's hands working their way through Hester's petticoats.

Breathing was difficult, so Hester broke free of Sirius's kisses for a moment and arched her head back to gulp in air. His mouth found her throat instead, and left a hot trail of marks there.

"Sirius, darling," she panted.

"Mmm?" he murmured into her shoulder, not stopping.

She pushed back against him, hard, and grabbed his shoulders, holding him at arm's length. His eyes blazed, and Hester knew he expected her to call a stop to the proceedings, remind him of propriety and their impending nuptials. She grinned.

"We must find more privacy," she said, and reached behind her to turn the knob of the door they were against. "Wouldn't do to have your aunties walk by, would it?"

Sirius let out a little groan and sagged a bit in Hester's arms. "You…?"

The door came open. It was a heavy carved door with a large ornament in the shape of an hourglass, shining golden. "Yes…I," replied Hester with a smirk, pushing the door open with her foot and pulling her speechless young man in after her.

She spun around to dash into the room ahead and create a chase, but Sirius reeled her in from behind, his mouth again finding the soft skin of her neck. Hester arched back against him and gasped.

"Sirius, darling. Whose room is this?" The room was alight with candles, and a fire burned merrily. A large bed filled one wall and Christmas garlands decked the mantle. It had a warm, cheerful, welcoming air. "Someone will return I fear."

Sirius paused for a moment, and Hester felt him turn to look back at the door and at his surroundings for a moment. "This room is always locked," he said. "It is not for guests." His arm tightened on Hester's waist, and his hand stroked her breast.

She leaned back so that her head rested against Sirius's shoulder and whispered, "Then maybe it is for us tonight?"

"Oh gods, Hester. You do not know what are you are saying."

Hester pulled away from Sirius's grasp and turned to face him. She lifted her chin and set her shoulders back. "Mr. Black, I am a loyal member of Slytherin House, as your family well knows, as were my parents, and yours, and their parents before them. If there is one thing that Slytherins share it is that we never go into a situation unknowing or unprepared." She walked towards him and reached over his shoulders, pushing closed the open door to the corridor. Hester could see him swallow hard. "Your parents know better than to ally you with a weak-willed virgin, and I know better than to seduce a man without first learning what he might like."

She pressed up against Sirius, who was gaping at her like a fish caught in a net. Hester allowed her hands to explore down his chest, popping open the buttons she encountered until his waistcoat had come open and she could use it to pull him to the edge of the bed. He followed without a word, his eyes wide.

Hester pressed Sirius up against one of the carved bedposts and let her hands continue to down to the front of his trousers. His erection was obvious, thick and to one side. She stroked gently though the fabric, and leaned in close to Sirius's ear, whispering. "I had a tutor, you see."

Sirius moaned then and leaned back panting as Hester found the fastenings to his trousers and opened the placket. Sirius reached down to help her but she swatted his hand away. She unbuttoned his suspenders and the trousers fell in a puddle at his feet. He fumbled to undo his necktie as she worked to remove his trousers, shoes, garters and socks, leaving small kisses down his legs that made him shiver. As she rose, he took advantage of the moment to slip off his jacket, waistcoat and shirt, leaving them in a heap at the foot of the bed. Hester stepped back to admire Sirius, the dark skin of his family's Greek heritage, the fine lines of his hips, the press of his erection against the thin cotton fabric of his drawers.

"All of it off now, darling," Hester said, aware of how fully dressed she remained while Sirius was almost naked before her. "I want to see you." She stepped closer. "I've imagined you every night since we met."

Sirius pulled off his undergarments in two rapid movements, so fast Hester did not get a chance to fully appreciate the glimpse of dark hair and stiff cock as his drawers slid down. Then Sirius grabbed her and tumbled her onto the bed, kissing her throat and mouth. "Hester Gamp," he said against her skin. "You are a villain."

Hester regained the upper hand and pressed Sirius down against the bed, sitting up and straddling his waist, her skirts spreading across his body. Gods, the open seam of her drawers allowed her sex to press against the warm flesh of his belly, and they both moaned.

"I believe the word you want is scoundrel," she replied with a grin. She slid down, allowing herself to brush lightly over Sirius's erection with her open drawers, and felt a pleasant shudder run through her. She moved downwards to where she could get a proper look at his stiff member.

She let her fingers drift over his flesh, tickling his cock and the hard, round balls below. Sirius had his head thrown back on the pillows and his eyes closed. "Yes, you are indeed a scoundrel," he said.

"Wouldn't want you worried married life would be a bore," Hester replied. She stroked at Sirius's balls, covered with a light brush of hair. "My tutor taught me something I think you might like." With that she wrapped her fingers around the delicate skin separating his balls from his body, and gave a small squeeze. Sirius bolted up, shuddered, and groaned. Hester pinched harder, and he bucked up in her hand.

"What are you doing to me?" he asked, but there was no attempt to stop her, so Hester continued. Sirius's balls were tight and hot in her hand, so different from her loyal Mr. Thomas's. She ran a fingernail over the stretched skin and then again, a little harder. Against his belly, Hester could see Sirius's cock was glistening with moisture at the tip. She scratched once more, even harder, and then leaned in and took a tiny nibble.

"Gods, Hester!" Sirius said, sitting bolt upright at the sensation. Hester released him and sat back. He lunged at her, pushing her back against the pillows and kissing her with mouth wide and tongue probing, rutting against her skirts and her legs, gloriously naked and all hers.

After a lengthy interlude, Sirius pulled back, panting. "What else did your tutor teach you?" he asked, starting at last to unfasten the hooks on Hester's dress. She watched his agile hands.

"Get me out of these layers and I'll show you," she replied.

Hester had a sudden moment wondering about the party downstairs. Surely they would have noticed their lengthy absence by now. She was certain both her mother and Mrs. Black would be willing conspirators in their coupling. They both wanted this union to succeed. And after all, it was her mother who had hired Mr. Thomas in the first place. But still, what excuses were they making?

These thoughts were quickly stifled by Sirius pulling her back into a passionate kiss. He loosened her gown and she slid it off her shoulders. She sighed with relief as he unlaced her corset and loosened the ties and she wriggled out of her gown and the layers of petticoats.

Sirius threw it all to the floor. Dear Harriet, her lady's maid, would be mortified when she saw the state of her clothing. Hester was left in her boots, stockings, camisole, loosened corset, and drawers. She felt gloriously free and horribly exposed under Sirius's possessive gaze.

Sirius was kneeling over her touching her shoulders and bosom. His cock was still hard and jutting towards her. "Now show me?" he asked, and his voice was soft.

Hester smiled. She rolled out from under him and stepped off the bed. "Lie back," she ordered. She had noticed one tall, green taper candle on the mantle had not yet been lit. She held it to another candle and it flared with a sizzle. Looking closely, she could see the candle was full of herbs, and as the wax started to melt, a thick scent filled the air.

She approached Sirius with the candle. "This was my favorite lesson," she said, straddling Sirius, feeling the seam of her drawers open, watching Sirius's greedy gaze fall upon the exposed area between her legs.

She held the candle high over the soft flesh of Sirius's lower belly, right over the curve where his hip began. "What are you…?" he managed to say, just as the first drip of wax fell from the candle onto his skin. He arched up, his erection pressing against Hester's moist opening for a moment, and they both gasped.

"Oh," Sirius said, his body relaxing into the pillows, and Hester raised her dark brows.

"Shall I continue?" she asked, holding the candle high again, and grinning.

He grinned right back. "Gods, yes," he said, and Hester laughed as she watched the next drip fall.

Christmas Present

Remus and Sirius had never managed to fully "dress up" in the Victorian costumes as Sirius had suggested, because halfway through the process- Remus in a top hat, shirt, waistcoat, and drawers, Sirius attempting to lace on the corset while still wearing his jeans- they seemed to have simultaneously realized they were both half naked.

Now Sirius had Remus pressed against the mantle, snogging the breath out him.

They'd fooled around for years now, long kissing sessions in the dormitories, getting each other off a few terrifying times during seventh year. It had only been recently that Remus considered what they were doing to have moved from experimenting to something more. Something that felt real, that meant something. When Sirius's hand started to migrate down to grasp Remus's growing erection, he thought that maybe this was sex, and maybe what he felt might be…

"Moony, how the hell do you operate these fucking pants?" Sirius said, pulling away, his hand flapping around at the buttons at Remus's fly. "Why make it so damn complicated? Bloody Victorians."

Remus laughed. "It did take me a bit to figure out how to do them up."

They worked together on the buttons for a moment, snickering, Sirius kneeling down and attempting to tickle Remus throughout, and Remus defending neatly with his elbows.

"Victory!" Sirius crowed, enthusiastically flipping aside the flap on Remus's drawers and taking Remus's cock in his hand. Remus, whose mind had become occupied with buttons and love, was surprised into a small gasp, and he grabbed hold of the nearby armchair to stay upright.

"No wonder they were all so uptight," Sirius said, letting his mouth move against Remus's erection. "Took days to get out of their kit."

Remus's top hat fell off and hit the floor as he threw his head back to groan and laugh. Sirius took the head of his cock into his mouth and swirled his tongue all around. Fire flicks of sensation coursed through Remus's skin. He looked down at Sirius, laced into the sturdy corset, soft, dark skin of his chest and shoulders bare, and pumped once into his mouth.

Sirius started to fist Remus's cock in earnest, so Remus pulled him up from kneeling and kissed him, trying at the same time to pull open the stubborn buttons on Sirius's jeans.

"As if these aren't just as bad," Remus said, finally yanking the fly open and reaching for Sirius's constrained erection, twin to his own.

"Yes, but my pants are far more practical," Sirius replied, and Remus realized his hands were finding only skin beneath Sirius's jeans, and not fabric.

"Practical and left at home in a drawer?" Remus grasped Sirius's cock and gave it a firm stroke.

"They'd only get in the way," Sirius replied, and Remus stroked him again. "Fuck, Moony!" Sirius arched against the mantle, banging his back hard against it. The candles shook, and Remus reached out to stop the tall, green one from falling.

"Gah!" Sirius hollered. Wax splattered on his bare shoulder. "Shite! That hurts."

There was a strange rush of air and a spike of deep herbal scent all around them. Remus looked at Sirius, questioning.

"Did you feel that?" he asked.

Christmas Past

"Did you feel that?" Hester asked Sirius. The thick scent was fading, and the rush of air around them was now still.

"I'm feeling everything, my dear scoundrel," Sirius replied from between her legs. He was spread flat on the bed with Hester straddling him, her open drawers hanging about his ears and his tongue probing her sex. The breath of his voice against her sensitive body made her shudder with pleasure.

Hester's curious gaze alighted on two strange shapes forming in the air near the fireplace. "Sirius, there are...others," she panted, unable to draw herself away from the glorious heat of his mouth, her eyes focused on the slowly appearing figures across he room.

Sirius bit at the soft skin of her inner-thigh. She inhaled hard. "What do you mean?" His tongue and lips found home again, sucking and licking.

The figures by the fireplace came into focus. Two people, two men, and what they were doing to each other was very clear. Hester couldn't look away.

"I think they might be ghosts. They are…" she gasped and struggled for the proper words, "…unnatural."

Sirius thrust his tongue against her in rapid flicks and Hester rode hard against his mouth, watching the ghosts resolve and one of them drop to his knees and take the other in his mouth. She gasped, and couldn't stop looking.

"What is this room?" she asked, breathless, but then Sirius did something swift and hot with his mouth that pushed her over the edge. "Oh! Darling! Oh!" Hester shouted, and a flood of pleasure took her and soared through her body and out through her toes and fingertips.

As the spasms of her pleasure subsided, and Sirius slowly stroked and kissed her thighs, she looked more closely at the two ghosts, one now leaning hard against the mantle, the look of complete and utter abandon on his face a familiar one to Hester.

"Sirius, darling, look. I think one of them is you!" The other, ghostly Sirius caught her eye then and bolted upright, as if seeing her for the first time. He was wearing a ladies' corset and nothing else. His mouth moved like he was speaking, but Hester could not hear what he had to say.

"It is you, darling. Look!"

Christmas Past and Present

"What the fuck? Are they ghosts?" Sirius had pulled Remus up and pointed at the man and woman who had appeared on the bed. The two figures were faded in tone, as if they were not quite fully developed in a photograph, but they were far more alive and colorful than ghosts.

And they were shagging. Huh.

The man, who was fully naked, appeared out from under the woman, who was also costumed in a corset. She had obviously caught sight of them first. The man rose from the bed and stood in front of it, shielding the woman from their gaze.

"Padfoot," Remus grabbed Sirius hand, staring. "He looks just like you."

Sirius stopped still. In fact, all four of them stopped still. Sirius peered at the two figures, then around again at the room, at the candles on the mantle, the roaring fire. His brow was pinched in an expression Remus knew meant he was putting things together.

"Those brilliant perverts," he said after a long moment.

"Who?" Remus asked. He could not look away from the twin Sirius's glorious erection as he stood his ground before them.

"Oh, you know, my bloody family." Sirius grabbed Remus by the shoulders and turned him away from the two…whatever-they-weres…across the room. "Look Moony, I don’t know if those are ghosts, or mirages, or some sort of time warp, but I'm fairly certain this room was designed for having a proper magical fuck, and if you're in, it appears you get two of me to play with." His eyebrows were raised in question. "You in?"

Remus looked over his shoulder at the woman, a large breasted, wide hipped, dark haired beauty in a corset and boots, and the other version of Sirius, dark skinned and dripping with sweat, dots of something that looked like candle wax all over his belly. He paused for a moment, unable to breathe.

"Yes," he finally croaked, and Sirius pulled him in for a hard and wet kiss, before grabbing his hand and pulling him to the bed.

The other Sirius raised a hand and stopped them as they approached, mouthing words, but apparently whatever spell this was allowed for physical form, but no sound. Sirius and Remus stopped. The woman got up on her knees behind the ghostly Sirius, wrapped her arms around him and whispered in his ear, her eyes fixed on Remus and Sirius the entire time. Then she grabbed her lover's erection from behind and stroked it, licking his ear and staring into Remus's eyes.

Oh, gods.

Remus felt himself walk forward and reach out to touch this other Sirius. His hand brushed against his bare shoulder and his body felt warm, like he was right there in the room with him, not some apparition. Remus had been on the edge of orgasm for what felt like hours, and the brief touch of warm skin was enough, he pulled himself against this other Sirius and rubbed his entire body against him before sinking down and taking this new yet familiar cock in his mouth.

His own Sirius had made his way to the bed and was spooning in behind the woman. Remus could see his hand disappear inside her drawers.

Time seemed to cease. Remus lost track of everything, clothes, shoes, whose mouth he was kissing, whose hands were on him, whose cock was in his mouth. He lost track of which Sirius was which, coming out of his stupor at one point to note that one of them was sucking his cock while another was kissing his mouth. At another moment of clarity, he saw the woman sink down onto one of the Sirius's erections, riding him hard, while the other was licking and slapping at Remus's arse.

Finally, there was a moment of calm, and Remus reclined onto a pillow to catch his breath. A Sirius crawled on top of him, and kissed him, soft and deep. Remus grabbed at the Sirius's cock, gave it several long, hard, firm strokes, and felt a warm cascade of spunk drip onto his belly.

"Fucking, bleeding, buggering fuck, Moony." Ah. His own Sirius then. Remus grinned and kissed him again. "Aren’t you glad I invited you home with me for Christmas?"

Remus shook his head. "Some home. No one here but tiny demons and sex-crazed doppelgangers from the spirit world. I just don't know about your family, Padfoot."

"Aww, you love it," Sirius said, laughing, but then his face fell serious, his eyes searching. "You do love it, don't you?" he asked, very quiet, brushing Remus's hair back from his forehead.

Remus swallowed hard. "Yeah. I love it," he said. Sirius's eyes were like shining gray mirrors, and neither of them blinked or looked away.

Then Sirius pulled back and tickled Remus's belly, which made him yelp. "You know, Moony, if these really are my ancestors, maybe now I'm my own great-great-great-grandfather or something." He waggled his eyebrows.

Remus made what he hoped was a properly disturbed face at that thought, and Sirius pounced on him again until Remus couldn't catch his breath from laughing. Remus glanced over and the ghostly figures next to them were lost in each other as well, thrusting together in a gorgeous, silent dance. Sirius's body was warm and solid against him, and the candles burned bright. He smiled.

"Get me off now, eh?" Remus asked, and Sirius, with a shrug and a wink, obliged.

Christmas Past

"Oh gods, yes!" Hester screamed, and Sirius grunted through his pleasure, biting her shoulder and shuddering, collapsing onto her.

As he softened within her, his come warm and dripping down her thighs, there was a sharp breeze through the room that chilled Hester's skin and rippled the curtains. The wind blew out most of the candles, leaving them alone in the dim light of the fire.

She peered around the room, her mind sharp and curious, her body sated. She pet Sirius's hair and kissed the top of his head. He didn't move.

"They're gone," she said at last. The deep smell of herbs was gone as well. The room was just a room. "Who were they?"

Sirius looked up then, resting his chin on her chest, his dark eyes full of desire. "I don't know. There is magic in this house I think even my father doesn't understand." He grabbed her hand and kissed it. "Nor do I care who they were, so long as you are staying," he said.

Hester smiled. "I find you to be…acceptable."

Sirius raised his dark brows. "Welcome to the family, Hester Gamp," he murmured, and leaned up to kiss her mouth.

"Merry Christmas, Sirius Black," she replied.

Christmas Yet To Come

"Ho! Ho! Ho! Father Christmas has arrived!" Remus called into the dim light of the corridor.

Sirius had not appeared when Remus called out on the ground floor or the first floor, so he had to be up here, asleep with Buckbeak again. Remus tried to maintain his smile and Christmas cheer, but Sirius made it difficult these days.

A door cracked open and Sirius's gaunt face appeared. He looked as if he'd been awoken by Remus's shouts. "Moony. Glad to see you," he said, his voice hoarse, and he stepped out into the corridor, closing the door softly behind him.

"Bought gifts. Thought they could be from both of us, since you can't shop yourself." Remus dropped the large parcels he was carrying to the floor. "Want to see?"

Sirius approached and crouched down next to the pile of packages. "That's a good idea. Thanks, Moony." He looked up at Remus with a crooked grin, then reached up and took Remus's hand. "Sorry I didn't meet you downstairs. I'm a bit tired today."

"Well, you have gone two minutes since I referred to myself as Father Christmas without making a "going up the chimney" joke at my expense, so I suspected you were off your game, Padfoot." Remus knelt down next to him and knocked against his shoulder. Sirius finally grinned, and so Remus kissed him.

It wasn't like it used to be, fun and frivolous. Now kissing Sirius was like a mission. Remus took it slow, just a light press of lips and a gentle hand in Sirius's lank hair. Sirius responded today, opening his lips and pulling Remus in by the waist until they were pressed together, lost in each other amongst the packages.

Down the hall, a golden light pierced the dimness. It drew Remus's eye and then Sirius looked as well, breaking their kiss.

The golden hourglass.

They exchanged a glance and then Sirius let out a whoop of joy that Remus had not heard since they were nineteen years old. Sirius was up and pulling Remus towards the doorway before he could even get his feet under him.

"Merry Christmas, Moony!" Sirius said, as they stumbled down the corridor. "Do you think we’ll meet with another Sirius Black?"

"Who cares," Remus replied, "so long as I get the corset this time."

Sirius stopped short, looked at Remus, and doubled over laughing. It was the sweetest gift Remus could imagine.
31st December 2013 16:27
Dear Deviant Writer, Thank you so much for taking this prompt and running with it - it's so much more than I expected! Love the two time-frames, and the Black 'room of requirement'. The period voices are spot on. I want to know a lot more about Hester (I believe the word you want is scoundrel) Gamp and her home life with Sirius senior. All the little throw-away details like the captive fairy-lights are perfect. Present-day Sirius and Remus are well in character too (and the green Christmas candle waxplay is delightful).

Thank you, It was the sweetest gift I could imagine.
18th January 2014 20:34
Thanks, Ina! I'm so pleased I was writing for you. I've been so out of practice, and it was a treat to explore the Black Family Tree as I got my writing chops up and running again. I hope you enjoyed, I certainly enjoyed working on it for you, and thinking about all of those centuries of kinky Blacks. Thank you for the kind words!
14th January 2014 06:26
I love the way the two stories/two timelines overlap and then merge. The foursome was wonderfully done. It gave a feeling of being lost in magic and sensation.
18th January 2014 20:35
Thank you! This was fun to try, as the magic house just sweeps them all away. :) I so appreciate you reading and commenting.
16th January 2014 18:44
That was sweet and hot and lovely all at once.
18th January 2014 20:36
Thank you so much for reading and commenting! :)
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