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Kinky Kristmas Art: All the way home I'll be warm (Harry/Draco) 
10th December 2012 22:00
Kristmas Wish Fulfilled for: [info]celandineb
From: [info]phoenixacid

Title: All the way home I'll be warm
Characters/Pairings: Harry/Draco
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Included: UST, pre-blowjob, handjob, teasing
Other Warnings/Content: Penis!
Artist's Notes: Draco warming Harry up with a good rubbin' (before going in for the suckin') on a cold winter's night. I wasn't able to include more kinks that you've requested for, lovely prompter, but I hope this will be good enough. Have a wonderful December everyone!
Art Preview:

11th December 2012 03:02
Unfffff X 2 X a zillion !!!
11th December 2012 03:08
oh, pretty pretty:)
11th December 2012 03:58
Oh this is just lovely! Sexy, hot and sweet :D What a way to keep warm ;) They're in for a great night!
11th December 2012 04:11
Oh, YES! Gorgeous!
11th December 2012 04:17
Oh god, this is just GORGEOUS. I could stare all day...GUH.
11th December 2012 06:37
Oh my! Gah...
So hot! Fabulous job!
11th December 2012 07:36
Mmmmm so beautiful and so sexy! Their expressions are gorgeous and so is Draco's hand on Harry's cock. Amazing job, Mystery Artist. :)
11th December 2012 12:46
Exquisitely drawn and very hot! ♥
11th December 2012 13:17
This is beautiful and very hot!! ♥♥
11th December 2012 14:08
Guh! Gorgeous art! So hot!
11th December 2012 14:26
Gorgeous work! Harry's face. Draco's hand. Not to mention, the details on Harry's cock. Harry's happy trail!
12th December 2012 05:18
Ooooh! Lovely and subtle, in every sense.
12th December 2012 18:06
This is gorgeous! I love their expressions in the first piece. And you are very good at hands; I have enough artist friends to appreciate the v convincing grip Draco's got :)
13th December 2012 03:06
That is absolutely gorgeous. I love the expressions and the details; the snowflakes on the pillow, Harry's happy trail, the hollow at Draco's throat and Draco's hand on Harry's cock... GUH!
15th December 2012 16:53
This is absolutely gorgeous. From the details to the expression on Harry's face. Guh. Beautiful!!
16th December 2012 19:31
Oh LOVELY!! Both frames are exquisite. <3
17th December 2012 02:33
Mmmm, I am sure warming up just looking at this! Thank you SO VERY MUCH, mystery artist, and my humblest apologies for my tardiness in saying so. RL kind of kicked my butt this past week, but still.

I love the gorgeous shading - black and white is so stunning - on Harry's pants, and the firm yet tender way that Draco touches him with both lips and hands. The hint of veins, there but subdued... delightful.

Thank you, thank you again - I feel extremely lucky to have received this gift! I love it!
17th December 2012 06:22
Mmmm, gorgeous!! I can't stop staring at Harry's eyelashes. And other things. :) I love the tenderness in this as well.
18th December 2012 18:05
I want to keep staring at Harry's eyelashes. Also, I cannot draw hair to save my life, so I really admire both boys' hair, as well as Harry's treasure trail. You've got a great sense of proper anatomy, and ... mmmfff ... they're definitely getting more than warm!
20th December 2012 20:20
That's so beautiful and sexy! God.
20th December 2012 20:48
So deliciously smutty and smuttily delicious. And, just beautiful. Harry looks absolutely lickable all over. Definitely one to come back to. I just noticed the snowflakes on the pillow! ♥
21st December 2012 12:21
This is gorgous and amazing! GUH!

That hand and grip and cock! O_O
and the veins

ANd their eyelashes and mouths and hair!

27th December 2012 20:33
Beautiful, dude! Love your detail and the expression on Harry's face.

29th December 2012 15:42
Ooh, this is LOVELY! :))
31st December 2012 13:21
Gorgeous and sizzling!
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