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Kinky Kristmas Art: Love Thyself (Moody) 
8th December 2011 12:00
Kristmas Wish Fulfilled for: [info]r_grayjoy
From: [info]tripperfunster

Title: Love Thyself
Characters/Pairings: Mad Eye Moody/himself
Rating: R
Kinks/Themes Included: Masturbation, Voyerism, scar kink
Other Warnings/Content: Old naked guy?

8th December 2011 17:38
Oh, very real. I'm thinking of him in the bottom of that trunk, even though logically he wouldn't have The Eye. But still. It would be something to see him through when a prisoner in his own trunk...
10th January 2012 04:51
Oooh, I never thought of that, but yes, it does look like he's in the bottom of this trunk.
8th December 2011 17:52
Love the light/shadow situation here, the contrast really brings this to life!
I was actually thinking exactly the same thing as sabathea, that he is inside of his trunk (but can't be, because of teh Eye). :D
I adore his comical face and the titties. *giggles*
10th January 2012 04:53
Thanks! I hadn't thought about it, but it does sort of look like he's in the trunk! :D
8th December 2011 18:11
Ooh, I love the mood of this and your style! Fantastic job. :)
10th January 2012 04:53
Thank you very much!
8th December 2011 18:42
Oooh! Love the shadowing!
10th January 2012 04:53
Thank you!
8th December 2011 19:25
Oh, my! He's really enjoying himself, isn't he?

I wonder who's watching him...
10th January 2012 04:54
Well, in MY mind, it's Snape, but I suppose it can be whomever you like! :D
9th December 2011 00:40
Oh, nicely done! Great idea and I love his realistic body.
10th January 2012 04:55
Thanks hon!
9th December 2011 08:50
Mystery Artist! It's been a loooong day here, so for the moment I'm afraid I'm going to have to just drop you a random ::squee flail thank you!!!:: and fall into bed. I'll return tomorrow for more flailing along with a proper comment! ♥
13th December 2011 14:19
Eek, so sorry it's taken me a couple of days to get back and comment properly! I've been too busy running KK to participate in it properly. ;)

First of all, I don't know if ragdoll told you who this was for or what the story was, so if she didn't... The short version is that, when one of my prompts was dropped, ragdoll very sneakily went off and asked you to do this piece for me. I didn't even get to see it until the night before I needed to post it. LOL So, yeah, this was a complete surprise to me.

Right, NOW! Wow, where to start...? I think the first thing that really grabs me about this is the dark, grittiness about it. The crosshatching gives it a very rough, dirty quality, and the stark contrast of the bright light entering the dark room through the open door just adds to that effect. It's just so neat sytlistically.

The precise instant that's captured is interesting. I can read it two different ways... The simple explanation is that it's that split second when he's realized that he's been caught in the act but hasn't had time to drop his cock react yet. But I also get the idea that he's realized he's been caught but doesn't particularly intend to stop. They get what they deserve for walking in, and he's getting off on their unintended voyeurism. His expression is half "oh, fuck!" and half "ohhhh, yeah..."

Thank you for doing this! (And thank you, [info]ragdoll, for being all sneaky an' stuff!)
10th January 2012 04:57
Thanks hon, I'm so glad you like it! Yes, I knew it was for you, and I suppose that Ragdoll just KNEW, with this type of prompt that I'd never be able to refuse. :D

I had originally intended to have it be clear that it was Snape watching him, but as the drawing progressed, it ended up being more vague.
9th December 2011 20:49
I love the style of this, the way you play with shadow and light. And Moody's imperfections. Awesome job!
10th January 2012 04:57
Thank you very much!
10th December 2011 00:31
The style of this is great. The B&W, the way the light falls on only part of the pic. Gotta say I love his magical eye too. Nice job.
10th January 2012 04:58
Thank you! This one was fun to make!
10th December 2011 19:32
This is very good! Love his expression and how you have done his body.
10th January 2012 04:58
Thank you very much!
13th December 2011 02:44
Oooh, fabulous! Nicely realistic!
10th January 2012 04:59
Thank you!
17th December 2011 08:44
Well done. I love the stark contrast and the realistic Moody. Great expression, too.
10th January 2012 04:59
Thank you!
18th December 2011 15:25
Beautiful lines, I love Moody's expression and how you played with the dark/light and shadows here. <3
10th January 2012 04:59
Thank you! That wall took a long time to make, but I'm very happy with how it turned out.
19th December 2011 06:30
This is gorgeous - I love that Moody's body is realistic and scarred and paunchy - I love the cross-hatching you've done for shadowing and the stones of the wall and the way the light is falling as though someone's just opened a door on him - brilliant.
10th January 2012 05:00
Thank you! Imperfect/ugly people are much more interesting to draw and look at. :D
24th December 2011 17:32
ooo, this has a lovely creepiness to it, a taste of R. Crumb, methinks.
Poor lonely Moody... who is watching him?
10th January 2012 05:01
Thanks hon! In MY mind, it's Snape, of course, but you can imagine anyone you like!
27th December 2011 20:23
I LOVE his expression! Priceless!
10th January 2012 05:02
:D Thanks!
2nd January 2012 07:33
The style works really well with the subject, and I like how he's just like "Yeah, what of it?" when someone's looking at him.
10th January 2012 05:02
Hee! Thanks!
8th January 2012 08:59
oh bugger, I thought I had commented on this before, but apparently not, Mystery Artist. Absolutely love it -- the starkness of the black and white work so well and the cross hatching and shading on it are amazing. It's fantastic that Moody isn't pretty here -- he's saggy and baggy and scarred, just as he ought to be. Fantastic work. :)
10th January 2012 05:04
yes, how DARE YOU not comment on my work! Geez, it's not like you have fests to run and stuff to mail! ;)

Thanks for sending this fantastic prompt my way. Feel free to do it again, anytime! <3
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