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Kinky Kristmas Art: You and me always (Bill/Draco/Charlie) 
6th December 2011 12:00
Kristmas Wish Fulfilled for: [info]leela_cat
From: [info]ships_harry

Title: You and me always
Characters/Pairings: Bill/Draco/Charlie
Rating: R
Kinks/Themes Included: Threesome
Other Warnings/Content: None, though it's certainly not hard to read incest into it :)
Artist's Notes: Everyone is over 18, just fyi. Draco is only smaller because I wanted Charlie kinda big, not because I wanted to code Draco as young :).
Art Preview:

6th December 2011 18:32
Oh, lovely. I love Charlie's back, for some reason, particularly.
10th January 2012 18:30
Thanks! Glad you like his back :).
6th December 2011 19:12
Oh my, this is positively delicious!
10th January 2012 18:30
Thank you! :)
6th December 2011 20:24
Loving Charlie's arse and tattoos. :D And the way Draco's clinging to him. Very nice.
10th January 2012 18:31
Ta very much! Yeah, Charlie's the beefcake here :).
6th December 2011 20:28
Mmmmmm, very hot! I love the tangle of limbs and Draco's curled toes - hottest detail! :) Also, Charlie's dragon tattoo is AWESOME. And Charlie's back, tattoo or not, is very sexy (omg shoulder blade!). Great job!
10th January 2012 18:31
Thank you! I actually almost forgot about the tattoo, which would have been very bad form given that it was a requirement in the request!
6th December 2011 22:47
Oh, YES PLEASE. Charlie's back and ass are awesome, and the gorgeous tat! WOOOOOOOOO! And curled toes, and helpless!inlust!Draco, and Bill watching down there is kind of fantastic. Also, I don't know a single thing about art, but the colouring of different shadows on the skin looks like it would have been really difficult! But the result is seamless and very realistic.

10th January 2012 18:32
:D <3 :D

Yay, thanks! IDK, colouring flesh on a background that's warm and fleshy, it all kinda goes a bit easier n stuff. Glad it worked for you!
6th December 2011 23:46
Guuuuuuuh! Love it! And the tattoo is great.
10th January 2012 18:33
Thank you! :D
6th December 2011 23:48
Oh wow, this is gorgeous. I love the dragon tattoo on Charlie's back, and the way that Draco is just curled into him. Oh, and Bill on his knees in front of them both. So so very good.

Thank you so much. ♥
10th January 2012 18:33
Thank *you* for such a lovely comment! :)
7th December 2011 01:07
Look at Bill's FACE. And the TATTOO. And their SKIN.

10th January 2012 18:33
Thank you! :D :D
7th December 2011 03:04
10th January 2012 18:34
Thanks so much, lovely! :)
7th December 2011 03:56
ZOMG, just reading the pairing (er, threesome) had me drooling into my keyboard. This is gorgeous! I like how Draco is clinging to Charlie.
10th January 2012 18:35
Ahahah, yeah, that combo of people might've been why I picked it :). Even when largely out of HP, I was a bit: "Older-Weasley+Draco sandwich? SIGN ME UP" when shown the list :).
7th December 2011 06:28
Guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh. Ye gods, Mystery Artiste, this is amazing. Draco is a lucky bastard to be the filling in a Weasley sandwich and you've pulled it off brilliantly.

So. damn. hot.

(I'll be in my bunk...)
10th January 2012 18:36
:D <3 :D <3 :D

Thanks to you guys for nudging me with this one! Lovely Weasleys... Though, christ, with your icon it makes me feel a bit like a pervert :D. Boys, cover your eyes!
7th December 2011 07:55
Love the colour palette on this - just the three of them against the background, the Weasley's red hair and Draco's white, and the subtle greens of Bill's tattoo.

And then my eyes got down to Draco's curled toes! Unf.

10th January 2012 18:37
Thank you! I really wanted to keep it all very muted here; so glad it worked for you :).
7th December 2011 11:13 - Bill/Draco/Charlie
All three are gorgeous. The skin tones are wonderfully done. Draco's toes and everyone's hair - awesome!

10th January 2012 18:37 - Re: Bill/Draco/Charlie
Thank you so much! :)
7th December 2011 12:29
Guh! Delicious and absolutely gorgeous. ♥
10th January 2012 18:37
H'ray, thank you! :D
7th December 2011 13:37
Oh wow!I love the tattoo and the hair and the whole tangle of them wrapped up with one another. Also, Bill on his knees just kills me! Well done!
7th December 2011 16:19
Mmmmm, very sexy. I love Charlie's tattoo!
7th December 2011 16:59
Nnngh. *dead*
7th December 2011 20:01
YUM. Love the angles of their arms and legs, and (of course) Charlie's tattoo!
7th December 2011 23:36
Wow, gorgeous!
I especially adore Bill's nose (don't ask, I've just got a thing for noses *shakes head about self*), and the way Draco is clutching Charlie so tightly... <3
And Charlie is just beautiful - if I can't get Kingsley to have sex with me, I'd try Charlie next. ;)
...I kinda want to bite Charlie's arse, it looks super-hot!
Also love the way you painted this, it has such a touchable look to it, really impressive (especially since it's done with the computer)!
8th December 2011 01:44
Oh! My boy! He is delicious!
10th December 2011 02:29
10th December 2011 14:39
OMG! Draco is a lucky boy! Love the way he hold Charlie!
10th December 2011 16:38
This is incredibly beautiful and realistic - their skin-tones and the palette are so lovely. And omg, I love Charlie's arse and back, Bill's arms and expression, and I LOVE how Draco's clinging on with his face hidden against Charlie. Ngggggngh.
10th December 2011 19:39
Gorgeous! Love the colours and Draco's curled toes. And Bill's face - totally in love with that.
11th December 2011 19:07
Wow, this is beautiful! The colours and the texture in the skin and their hair is fantastic. And the angst in the air! You can practically touch it!!
Amazing job!! ♥
12th December 2011 03:09
Mmm, what a lovely tattoo!
19th December 2011 05:56
Wow. Just, wow. Gorgeous. Love, love, love everything about it - their expressions, their positions, Draco's limbs especially, and the tattoo, and the shadows and light on their skin, and the way Bill and Charlie are looking at each other with Draco between them...

23rd December 2011 01:41
Charlie's back is incredible, and I love that we can only see a few strands of platinum hair from Draco. Yum.
2nd January 2012 07:32
Charlie's tattoo is gorgeous! The looks on Bill and Charlie's faces really make me wonder about the one on Draco's.
8th January 2012 23:10
holy trinity, how did I miss THIS ONE?
gorgeous colour, all the golden tawny russett yummyness, and such lovely limbs, fingers, muscles, noses...
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