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Fic/Art Collab: Rampaging Dragons and Libidinous Books... (Severus/Sirius) 
28th March 2011 23:48
Title: Rampaging Dragons and Libidinous Books: A Beginners Guide to Mastering Sex and Discovering Hidden Desires
Author: [info]r_grayjoy
Artist: [info]akatnamedeaster
Pairing: Severus/Sirius
Rating: so very NC-17
Content/Warnings: image heavy! handjobs, blowjobs, fingering, anal play, frotting, entirely too much damned kissing, a bit of dub-con, bickering, snark, misunderstandings, nosy books, silly boys
Word Count: ~8,500
Author's Notes: This fic is, uh, a little longer than I intended. I tried very hard to write something that was worthy of [info]akatnamedeaster's art, and… perhaps I tried a bit too hard. Heh. At any rate, in spite of neverending scenes and missing mojo and looming deadlines, it was a world of awesome to get input from [info]akatnamedeaster from scene to scene and watch her art develop. She is beyond fantastic, you all!
Artist's Notes: What can I say? I got to work with one of my favorite writers after years of being inspired by their writing. Thank you [info]r_grayjoy for the pleasure of working with you!

Rampaging Dragons and Libidinous Books: A Beginners Guide to Mastering Sex and Discovering Hidden Desires

Standing amidst the rows of bookshelves, Severus cast a wary glance around before he turned his attention to the collection of books in front of him. As he began scanning the titles, he felt heat creep up his collar, and he chided himself for his reaction. It was just sex, for Salazar's sake. A perfectly normal act. The fact that Severus had no personal experience with the matter whatsoever didn't mean he had to be so bloody missish about it.

It was that lack of experience, however, that had led Severus to this particular selection of texts. The other Slytherins in his year had recently taken to describing their exploits in lurid detail. Severus reckoned half of it was make up and everyone knew it, but that hardly mattered. The conversations were becoming difficult to escape, and soon his complete naivety would become apparent unless he could increase his knowledge quickly. Hands-on learning was out of the question, so Severus had turned to the second most reliable source of information.

A halfway plausible story about an extra potions project had earned Severus a pass to the Restricted Section where he was now boggling over titles such as The Joy of Sex Magic and Beyond Swishing and Flicking: Advanced Sexual Techniques and Their Magical Applications. Confronted with the options, he wasn't certain which would be the best choices, but he wasn't about to start opening and reading through the books right there in the library.

Tentatively, Severus reached out and touched his finger to the spine of a random book. A few seconds later he rolled his eyes at himself. With a soft snort, he began grabbing books that seemed likely to be informative and stacking them in his other arm.

"What're you doing in the Restricted Section, Snivelly? Looking for new Dark curses to add to your repertoire? Or just being a tedious swot?"

At the sound of the voice unexpectedly addressing him, Severus nearly leapt out of his skin. He whirled around and awkwardly juggled the books cradled in his arm while fumbling to draw his wand from his robes.

"Personally, my money's on both," Black said as he leaned against a bookshelf and idly twirled his wand between his fingers. "You're the only person alive who could be evil and a boring tosser at the same time."

"What are you doing here?" Severus snarled.

"I asked you first."

"None of your business!" Severus clutched the books close to his body and desperately hoped that Black hadn't seen the titles.

"Tsk. Defensive, aren't we? That's a sure sign you're up to no good."

"I'm not the one who's sneaking up on people with his wand drawn." Severus' eyes darted from Black to the surrounding shelves and back as he sized up the situation. If he were fast enough, he might be able to curse Black and dart past him safely. The idea of running from Black galled him, but this was neither the time nor the place for a fight.

"I wasn't sneaking," Black said. "'S'not my fault you were too busy getting a stiffy over a bunch of dusty old tomes to hear me coming."

Black's leer was unsettling. Perhaps he'd seen what sort of books Severus was carrying after all. Reflexively, he held the stack tighter against his chest. "Oh, and I suppose you always wander around the library with your wand out?" he snapped. "In case you're attacked by a man-eating bookcase?"

"As a matter of fact, I wander around with my wand out as frequently as possible." Black's smirk was revoltingly self-satisfied.

The innuendo in the remark, as puerile as it was, made Severus' jaw drop and left him floundering for words.

With a bark of laughter at Severus' consternation, Black pushed away from the shelves. Anticipating the inevitable attack, Severus tightened his grip on his wand and prepared to cast. However, Black only took one step before he staggered back and shouted, "Hey! What the--!"

The trouble immediately became apparent: one of the books was happily munching away on the sleeve of Black's robes. Severus' heart flipped over in his chest. This was his chance. With Black distracted, Severus bolted. He sped past Black and headed for the way out at full tilt.

It was the wrong move. Severus had almost made it to the end of the aisle when Black hit him with a Trip Jinx. He pitched forward headfirst, and his armload of books went flying. Landing in an ungainly heap, he barely managed to avoid smashing his nose against the floor as the books fell all around him.

Severus glanced around at the scattered texts in horror. There was no way of preventing Black from seeing them now. There was also no way Severus was going to wait around to be mocked and humiliated. On impulse, he snatched the nearest book from the floor, then shoved himself up, darted around the bookcases, and ran out of the library.

* * * * *

Severus sat sideways on the battered sofa, cross-legged with the book lying open on the cushion in front of him. He'd been flipping through the pages for a minute or two, and so far he'd only found some lessons on anatomy, instructions for protection spells, and a discussion of the benefits and disadvantages of lust potions. Nothing of real interest yet, but he had high hopes that the later chapters would prove more exciting.

Once he'd made it out of the library in one piece, he'd snuck a peek at the book he'd grabbed during his less-than-strategic retreat. It was a large tome bound in black leather with the title The Pleasures on Your Mind: A Guide to Your Erotic Self in old-fashioned, gold script on the cover. Something about it seemed mysterious and forbidden, but perhaps that was simply his inexperience showing again. In any case, he'd gone to all the trouble and humiliation to obtain it, so he was bloody well going to get everything he could out of it.

Of course, he hadn't even dared open it before he was in a place where he knew he wouldn't be discovered or disturbed. His retreat was an old supply room full of dusty boxes, rusty cauldrons, and threadbare furniture. The splintery brooms piled up in one corner were so outdated that Severus had never even heard of the model. The room clearly hadn't been used in ages, and it was remote enough that Severus suspected no one even remembered it was there. Surely Black didn't know about it.

Over the past few months, Potter and his friends finally seemed to have found better things to do with their time than harass other people, and it had been quiet for the most part. Quiet, that was, except for Black. He was still sniffing around, turning up in odd places, tossing random jeers and occasional jinxes, and Severus didn't know why he wouldn't just go away, for Salazar's sake. It was as if Black's sole reason for existing was to be an incessant pain in Severus' arse.

Realizing where his mind had wandered, Severus mentally chastised himself. This was not the time to be thinking about Black! With a sharp shake of his head, he returned his attention to the book. Which was distinctly different than it had been a few moments earlier.

Where there had previously only been text, there was now a drawing -- and said drawing was moving. Depicted from the waist up were two shirtless young men. The taller of them, a bloke with a thick mane of hair, had his hands on either side of the shorter one's face and was kissing him like he wanted to devour him. The shorter one didn't seem to mind, because he was giving back as good as he was getting. As Severus watched, the scene receded until it became clear that the pair was entirely naked. Two erect cocks jutted out from two lean bodies, bumping and rubbing against each other as the men continued to kiss.

Almost before he'd registered what was happening, Severus was hard. He'd assumed that he might become excited by the contents of a book about sex, but he hadn't expected anything like this. The scene playing out on the page was so vivid and intense that he could virtually hear the gasps and groans, and he couldn't seem to tear his eyes away. Without thinking, he slid one hand down to his lap, pressed his palm against his erection, and rubbed himself through his trousers.

"When I said you got stiffies over books, I was joking, Snape."

Severus had slammed the tome shut, grabbed his wand, and leapt to his feet before Black had even finished speaking. "Black!" he choked out.

"In the flesh."

"How did you… What the fuck do you want?!" Severus could hear the edge of hysteria in his own voice.

Apparently undaunted, Black strolled farther into the room. His hand hovered over his wand, but he hadn't drawn it yet, the cocky bastard. "See, when I discovered what sort of books you'd been looking at, I started thinking."

"Took you long enough," Severus muttered.

Ignoring the remark, Black said, "And I started wondering why you'd be interested in sex books that were dark or dirty enough to be in the Restricted Section."

Guessing the conclusion Black much have reached, Severus said, "It's not what you think!" Belatedly he realized that the truth was considerably worse.

"Oh, really?" Black came to a stop a few feet from Severus. "Because I think I saw you five seconds away from whipping it out and tossing off all over a library book."

"You're the world-class wanker here; you ought to know."

"Jealous? I'm frankly surprised you can even get your hand interested in you."

That was when several years of pranks and put downs, several weeks of trailing and teasing came to a head and Severus went just a tiny bit mad. Forgetting the wand in his hand entirely, he advanced on Black. "You absolute arsehole, what do I have to do to be rid of you?! You've got some nerve, following me around so you can judge me like that when you're the one who's been a right twat from the instant I met you. You're always prancing around like you own the place and treating everyone like they're beneath you. Well, I've got news for you, Black. There's nothing special about you. You're just a small-minded, arrogant, self-absorbed gobshite!" By the end of his tirade, Severus was stabbing his index finger into Black's chest for emphasis.

Had Severus been less furious, Black's stunned expression would have been comical. "Oi now, that was uncalled for! I haven't even drawn my wand or said anything about hexing you this time."

"Oh, yes, that makes you a stand-up bloke!"

Finally angry, Black spat, "As if you have room to talk, you little Dark Arts-obsessed troglodyte!"

"You know nothing about me, Black! How dare you--"

A rustling sound came from behind Severus, interrupting his rebuke. Both Severus and Black turned their heads in time to see the book quiver and flop open. The pages fluttered and then settled to display the drawing of the two young men.

The lovers were still in their passionate embrace; still kissing and clutching as though they were starved for each other. Seeing it again with Black in the room had Severus blushing right down to his toes. Then something dawned on him that he hadn't quite noticed before. The taller man with the thick, wavy hair bore a striking resemblance to Black. It was almost certainly too much to hope that Black wouldn't notice or, better yet, that a rampaging dragon would burst through the wall, swallow Severus whole, and put him out of his misery.

Risking a glance up, Severus found Black looking at him, his expression inscrutable. As Severus watched, a sly smile crept across Black's face.

"Oh, that's how it is, is it?" Black said.

"Of course not!"

Black's smile broadened. "Liar," he said, then stepped forward.

On instinct, Severus retreated, but he only made it three steps before his legs hit the arm of the sofa. He briefly considered clambering over the furniture to escape, but he'd done enough running from Black. Instead he stood his ground and braced himself for whatever Black intended to do.

In another instant, Black was right in front of him again, closer than before, close enough that Severus was forced to look up to meet his gaze. Black's eyes held mischief and cunning, and something else was there too; something Severus couldn't quite place. Severus' wand hand twitched, but no curse would come to mind. "Black…" Severus said, half question and half warning.

"Snape," Black responded. "Shut up." He cocked his head to the side, and the next thing Severus knew, Black was darting in and mashing their lips together.

Severus' eyes snapped open wide, his hands flew up to grasp at air, and then he froze in place, stunned and unable to process what was happening. After a few seconds he regained enough sense to pull away, but found that he couldn't. At some point Black had slipped his hand around to cup the back of Severus' neck, and Severus was held fast. Then Black ended the kiss as suddenly as he'd begun it, leaving Severus blinking and reeling.

Black didn't retreat far. He looked at Severus from inches away, and his hand remained on Severus' neck. "Let's try that again," he growled just before moving back in.

It wasn't so much that Severus chose to respond. At least, no mental process of the sort occurred. He simply let out a shaky breath and opened his mouth to Black.

With Severus pliant, Black traced the tip of his tongue over Severus' bottom lip as if to soothe away the previous stony kiss. Severus was startled to find himself sucking Black's tongue into his mouth, and even more so to hear Black respond with an odd little moan. They licked and sucked and nipped, and it was a fair bit messy, but Severus didn't mind in the least.

Apparently Severus' nether regions didn't mind either, because his erection, which had flagged when Black entered the room, returned full force. Severus' wand fell from his hand to clatter on the floor, and Severus thought he really should have cared more than he did. His hands both free, he clung to Black's jumper, certain he'd fall without something to support him.

When Black broke the kiss, Severus chased his retreating lips, attempting to reestablish contact. Unsuccessful, he frowned and opened his eyes.

Black's cocky grin was back. "Now that's how it's done," he said.

Severus felt inexplicably pleased at Black's remark. Nonetheless, he snapped, "Then why'd you stop?"

In response, Black threw his head back and laughed. Then, without warning, he reached up and gave Severus a firm shove.

Feeling himself falling, Severus pinwheeled his arms in a desperate attempt to regain his balance. It was no good. He toppled backwards over the arm of the sofa.

An instant after Severus landed on the sofa cushions, Black landed on Severus. A pained and disgruntled oof escaped Severus while Black only grinned like an idiot. Severus tried to scramble along the sofa and away from Black, but Black came with him, and they ended in an awkward jumble of arms and legs as the book thudded to the floor.

Black began wriggling around, shifting his position, but he seemed to have no intention of letting Severus up.

"Black!" Severus said, shoving at Black's shoulders. "Get off!"

"Working on it." Black snickered.

"What?" Another wriggle and shift, and Severus felt something hard pressing into his hip that most definitely wasn't Black's wand. "No! I mean--"

Before Severus could clarify what he'd meant, Black made an adjustment that brought their erections into alignment. "That's better, yeah?" Black said.

Yes? No? Severus had no idea how to answer. Black, however, didn't wait for a response before he braced himself on his arms and slid his body upwards, dragging his cock over Severus'.

For a few seconds, Severus forgot how to breathe.

Sounding far too smug, Black said, "Like that, do you?" Severus thought it had to be the most imbecilic question ever to be voiced. He didn't get a chance to say so, though, because Black moved down and back up again. And then again.

As Black fell into a slow, steady back and forth, Severus grabbed a fistful of Black's jumper with one hand and the edge of the sofa with the other. Try as he might, he couldn't seem to stop himself from rocking up against Black, matching his motions.

"Mmm, yeah, that's it." Black's voice came out a bit rough.

Clamping his teeth shut, Severus bit back an undignified moan.

Black lowered himself onto his elbows, bringing his chest flush to Severus'. He continued moving slowly, languidly, but he rubbed their cocks together harder so that Severus could feel every rough graze of fabric on fabric. Near Severus' ear, he murmured, "Just like that, feels good…"

Abruptly, Severus realized something dreadful. If Black didn't stop moving like that, didn't stop talking like that, he was going to come soon. Very soon.

Going stiff with alarm, Severus grabbed Black's hips in an attempt to hold him still. "Black! Stop it! Stop!" he hissed. But Black didn't stop and then it was too late. All at once, Severus' orgasm tore through him, and he spilled himself in his pants like… well, like the virgin he was. With the way his body trembled, the way his breath left him in a harsh huff, there was no chance Black wouldn't realize what had happened.

Mortified, Severus threw his arm over his eyes, stifled a groan, and wished once more for that rampaging dragon.

Levering himself up, Black said, "Impressive, Snape. I think that might have just set a new Hogwarts record."

Severus shoved Black away, then swung his legs over the side of the sofa and sat up. He put his elbows on his knees and his head in his hands, and muttered, "Fuck."

"Not on the first date," Black said, chuckling as he sat back on his heels.

Scowling up at Black through a mess of hair, Severus said, "Just get it over with, all right? Have a good laugh and then piss off."

"What, now?" Black sounded incredulous. "You're not going to just leave me like this, are you?" he asked, gesturing at the tented crotch of his trousers for emphasis.

Fresh dismay hit Severus when he realized that Black expected him to reciprocate. Of course he hadn't the faintest idea how he was supposed to do that. Covering his confusion with annoyance, he said, "Would serve you right if I did."

"Why are you being such a twat?" Black said. "I didn't do anything you didn't enjoy. Sheesh, you act like you've never…" His words trailed off, and he gave a sharp laugh. "Godric's gonads, that's it! You haven't done this at all before, have you?"

"What?! Of course I have!" Severus protested, although he knew it was futile.

"I don't know why it didn't occur to me; I really should have known."

"Why? Because even my hand isn't interested in me?" Severus snarled, throwing Black's earlier words back at him.

"I was just taking the piss. I didn't mean it." Black waved one hand dismissively. "C'mere, I'll show you."

Once again Severus had virtually no warning before Black grabbed him and pulled him into a kiss. Still embarrassed and affronted, Severus was annoyed with himself when he didn’t even put up so much as a token protest. The sensation of another pair of lips sliding over his was just too nice to resist, and Merlin only knew when he'd have a chance to experience it again. So Severus followed Black's lead, and by the time Black hummed his approval into Severus' mouth, Severus had pretty much forgotten to be cross.

Black drew back, and Severus blinked his eyes open in time to see him tugging off his shoes and letting them drop to the floor. Then Black swung his leg over to straddle Severus' thighs, and the next thing Severus knew, he had a lap full of Sirius Black.

Startled, Severus said, "What are you--"

"Shh," Black interrupted, running the pad of his thumb across Severus' bottom lip. "I'll make it good for you, I promise."

The unexpected gesture caught Severus off guard, and his breath left him in a long, shaky exhale. Turning his gaze upward, he saw an odd spark in Black's eyes an instant before Black swooped in to capture his mouth again. Then Black was kissing him deeply, his hands on either side of Severus' face just like in the drawing of the two young men.

There was something different about the way Black worked their mouths and tongues together this time. It was less rushed, more thorough, more intimate somehow. It sent little tingles down Severus' spine, and he was convinced that Black had been wrong earlier. Surely this was how it ought to be done.

With a final brush of lips, Black broke the contact. He gave Severus a cheeky grin, then abruptly pulled his jumper off over his head and tossed it aside. A tug and a fling later, his tie was gone as well. Severus must have still been dazed from the kissing, because, when Black reached to yank his jumper and tie off also, he reacted with an indignant squawk but made no move to resist.

After discarding Severus' tie, Black returned his attention to his own attire, unfastening the button and zip on his trousers and shoving the fabric down over his hips. Severus opened his mouth to ask Black what he thought he was doing, but the question died on his tongue when Black promptly reached into his pants and pulled out his cock.

Admittedly, Severus didn't have any real basis of comparison, but he was certain that Black's cock was as perfectly formed as every other part of Black seemed to be, damn him. Jutting up proudly from the open placket of Black's trousers, it was thick and smooth, the dark, swollen head peering out from a precise circle of foreskin. Severus knew he was staring, but couldn't seem to convince himself to stop. When he heard Black chuckle, he remembered to snap his mouth shut and silently cursed himself for appearing so painfully green.

Severus expected more teasing from Black, but it didn't come. Black simply picked up Severus' hand and placed it on his shaft, and Severus, taking the not-so-subtle hint, wrapped his fingers around it. As soon as he did, Black laid his own hand over Severus'.

Initially Severus was indignant. After all, he wasn't so naïve that he couldn't figure this much out. But then Black's fingertips slid between his knuckles, their fingers locked together, and everything fit. With a light squeeze, Black led them in the first upwards tug, and oddly, it was Severus who gasped.

As they began stroking with a single, shared grip, Black murmured, "Like that, nice and slow." Severus was content to follow Black's easy pace, caught up in the sensation of hand on hand on cock. Moisture formed on Black's tip, and Severus swiped his thumb over it. A little thrill ran through him as Black sucked in a breath and clamped his free hand on Severus' shoulder. Heart pounding, Severus grew hard again as though he were the one being touched.

Black's cock throbbed and his fingers flexed against Severus' enveloped hand, soft skin below, calloused skin above. They stroked, and stroked, up beat, down beat, in slow synchronicity. When Black let out a tortured moan, Severus risked a glance up and saw that Black's head was bowed and his gaze was directed downwards where his cock slipped though their palms.

For a moment, Severus wondered if Black might come, but instead Black stopped and pulled their hands away. Lifting his head, he flashed Severus a devilish grin and said, "My turn."

"What, that wasn't your turn?" Severus asked as Black backed out of his lap.

"Depends upon how you look at it," Black replied, dropping his trousers and pants. "And the way I look at it, it's always my turn."

Severus was halfway through rolling his eyes when he heard the rustle of paper again. He'd forgotten all about the book. From his vantage point on the sofa, he couldn't see it, but Black had a clear view, and whatever was on the open page made him respond with a delighted laugh.

Before Severus could move to get a look at the book, Black kicked his pants aside and stepped towards him, cock bobbing in the air. Bending down, he grabbed for the button of Severus' trousers.

"What… Stop that!" Severus said, swatting Black's hands away.

"Come on, Snape. I can't do anything good if you don't get your kit off. And anyway, what's the big deal? I'm already half naked."

"Yeah, but you're--" Severus clamped his mouth shut on the rest of the statement. But you're attractive.

Thankfully Black didn't bother to ask what Severus had been about to say. Placing his hands on the sofa to either side of Severus' shoulders, he leaned in to meet Severus' gaze. "Didn't I say I'd take care of you? Let me make you feel good."

There was something in Black's eyes -- and why hadn't Severus ever noticed before how very grey and profound they were? -- that made Severus think that maybe Black did care about his pleasure. For the moment, at least. After a brief hesitation, Severus nodded. Merlin help him.

The instant Severus issued his permission, Black leapt into action, and somehow Severus found himself sans trousers and pants almost before he could blink. He had one sock on and one sock off, with absolutely no idea how that had happened.

Dropping to his knees, Black pushed Severus' legs apart and ran his palms up the insides of his thighs. He was looking at Severus as though he wanted to take a bite out of him, and it made Severus feel self-conscious and confused and expectant all at once. Seeming to anticipate some objection from Severus, Black said, "Hush, I want to try something." Then he leaned forward and dragged his tongue along Severus' cock from root to tip, and Severus ceased to care about nakedness or socks or looks or much of anything at all.

When Black's lips closed around him, there was no holding back the shout that scraped through Severus' throat. His hands groped blindly for something to steady him and found Black's head. As he buried his fingers in Black's hair, his immediate, inane thought was that it was even more soft and luxurious than it looked. Black groaned around Severus' shaft, and Severus hissed and tightened his grip.

Black went slowly at first, as though he were learning the terrain and determining the most devastating mode of attack. Oddly enough, it was the most care Severus had ever seen Black put into anything. Still, it didn't take Black long to settle into a pattern of bob, suck, stroke with a little swirl of tongue at the end that left Severus' head spinning. The heat, the wet sounds quickly had Severus trembling from the strain of not bucking up too forcefully, not groaning with each downward slide.

Just as Black found the perfect motion and began to pick up speed, Severus heard the flutter of pages again. Black pulled away to investigate, and Severus had to exert all of his will to not leap for his wand and Incendio the Merlin-be-damned book.

Whatever the vexing volume had chosen to display that time must have been particularly fascinating, if the way Black stared down at it with rapt attention was any indication. He cocked his head and studied the book intently for several moments. Just as Severus was about to complain loudly about the break in the proceedings, a wicked smile slowly stole across Black's face.

That smile worried Severus. Any smile coming from Black was cause for worry as far as he was concerned, and this one looked especially foreboding. The book hadn't steered them wrong yet, though, so Severus raised an eyebrow in challenge and waited to see what Black would do.

What Black did was hook his arms under Severus' knees and tug, pulling Severus closer to the edge of the sofa. Although he was startled by the sudden handling, Severus didn't bother to lodge a complaint. Black always seemed to find a way to cut off any such objection anyway, and besides, Severus was growing impatient for Black to get on with it already.

Black didn't disappoint. He took Severus into his mouth again and then slid one hand down to cup and fondle Severus' bollocks. That felt nice, and oh, it felt even nicer when Black pressed two fingers against the space just behind them. Severus couldn't help letting out a soft sound of approval and spreading his legs wider.

As soon as Black was granted greater access, he moved to take advantage of it. He slipped his hand lower still, brushing his fingertips over Severus' hole and tracing tight circles around the puckered flesh. Severus started in surprise. Black couldn't possibly want to touch him there. Except that he was, and he didn't seem to be in any hurry to stop. Even more shocking was that it felt good. Each caress sent tingling jolts straight to Severus' prick and made his toes curl.

The light brush gradually became a firmer press, and before Severus knew what was happening, Black was sliding a finger into him. "Black!" Severus yelped. "What are you… Wait! That's not… You can't just…" he argued lamely as he tugged at Black's hair and tried to squirm away from the invading digit.

Releasing Severus' cock, Black murmured, "Relax. Trust me." Either request alone was ludicrous, never mind both of them together. Yet something about the soothing tone in which they were spoken or the hoarse, fervent quality of Black's voice made Severus pause. Then Black moved his finger just so, and Severus' lungs seized while sparks flared behind his eyes.

With a triumphant little noise, Black began a new assault, working his finger inside Severus while he stroked Severus' bollocks or squeezed his cock or licked the dripping fluid from the tip. Severus didn't know whether he wanted to push up into Black's fist or shove back against his probing finger or beg him for his mouth. It was a moot point in any case, because he couldn't seem to do anything but cling to the sofa for dear life and toss his head from side to side while tiny whines rose up from his throat and escaped between his teeth. Nothing had ever made him feel like this and he thought it might kill him but at least he'd die happy and oh oh that book was a bloody genius.

When Black abruptly stopped and pulled away, Severus groaned and felt inexplicably cold at the loss. But then Black was there again, pulling Severus upright and kissing him fiercely. He jerked his own shirt open with shaking hands, unmindful of popped buttons or stretched button holes, then reached for Severus' shirt.

Said shirt was Severus' last defense, his only remaining protection from exposure and ridicule. He stiffened as Black's fingers made contact with the top fastening.

Tearing his mouth away from the kiss, Black rasped, "Need to feel you. Please…"

Just like that, the last of Severus' resistance crumbled.

Black was only slightly less impatient with Severus' shirt than he'd been with his own. Once it hung open, Black looked Severus up and down for two beats before he muttered, "Fuck," grabbed Severus, and forced their bodies together.

All at once, Black seemed to be everywhere, touching, licking, sucking any part of Severus he could reach. When Severus' shirt got in his path, Black shoved it the rest of the way off and nipped at Severus' shoulder. The unbelievable heat of Black's skin, the overwhelming flood of sensations stole the breath from Severus' lungs. He wrapped his legs around Black's waist and held on tightly as Black rutted and writhed against him.

"I want… Come here," Black said. He shuffled backwards on his knees and began urging Severus from the sofa. Reaching behind him, he somehow managed to find his wand without looking, and he murmured a Cushioning Charm at the floor. With that done, he tumbled onto his back, pulling Severus down on top of him.

For an instant, Severus froze up. It was the first time during the encounter that he'd had any semblance of control, and the switch left him bewildered. Black, though, continued running his palms all over Severus and rolling his hips as though they hadn't paused at all. He looked up at Severus, his eyes dark, his face flushed. He didn't utter a syllable, but his gaze conveyed his need far more eloquently than words ever could.

Snapped out of his daze, Severus borrowed one of Black's tricks from earlier and turned it against him. He braced himself above Black, and as he dragged their cocks together, Black squeezed his eyes shut and whimpered. Severus' pulse raced at that sound, and all he cared about then was getting Black to make it again.

Severus began a torturously slow slide and grind, up and back, skin over skin. Black's fingers dug into any part of him they could reach, entreating him closer, rougher, faster, but Severus was determined to make it last, at least a little while. He kept up a measured pace, and his efforts were rewarded not only with more whimpers, but with words. Wicked, seductive, wonderful words that he never imagined anyone would say to him.

"Oh, oh fuck, that's good," Black gasped. "God, you're so… so hot… like this. You're bloody amazing." Severus didn't know whether to believe a bit of it. Things said in the heat of the moment couldn't be trusted, that's what he'd heard. But Merlin, he wanted to believe them. He wanted them to be true. He replied to Black's chanting with a needful sob and moved faster.

Pressed between their bodies, their cocks slipped in the gathering sweat and precome as they thrust and rocked and slid. Severus could see moisture beading on Black's forehead, hear Black's breath huffing faster though his throat. He became aware of fingers wound in his hair, gripping, pulling. Black's speech turned to a disjointed litany of "god" and "fuck" and "yes" and little uh, uh sounds that drove Severus nearly insensible.

Abruptly, Black's arms tensed around Severus, and he began to tremble beneath him. "I… I'm…" was all Black managed to choke out before he unraveled. Throwing his head back, he let out a loud cry as he came, cock pulsing and semen spurting against Severus' stomach. It was almost enough to send Severus spiraling into climax as well. Almost, but not quite…

Black's hips stuttered to a stop, his muscles relaxed, and he melted onto the floor. With a frustrated yowl, Severus gave a few more desperate, futile thrusts. Leave it to Black, the selfish twat, to get his and then expect his partner to fend for himself.

Black, though, opened his eyes and smiled at Severus. "Oh, I haven't forgotten about you," he said, then surged from the floor and rolled Severus onto his back. Propping himself up on one elbow, he pulled Severus close and tangled their legs together as though he were afraid Severus might get away. Of course, Severus had no intention of going anywhere. Especially not after Black trailed his hand down Severus' stomach, slicking his palm with his own come, and grasped Severus' cock.

There was no more teasing. Black stroked hard and fast, giving Severus what he needed. Severus clenched his teeth and clawed at Black's shoulder, silently begging him don’t stop, don't you dare stop. The heat, the speed, the touch were so overpowering that Severus didn't care that he was panting and groaning and entirely at Black's mercy. He was close, so very close, and nothing, not even a rampaging dragon was going to stop this now.

"That's it," Black murmured. "That's it, come on. I want to see you come." That was all it took for Severus to break. As if on command, his back arched, his bollocks hitched, and he came so forcefully he nearly flew up from the floor. He spurted again and again, hard enough to hit his own bloody chin, and Black held him steady through it all, not letting go until he'd wrung every last shudder from Severus.

As Severus came down, he became aware of rustling and bumping off to the side. He turned his head and saw that the book seemed to be in quite a state. It thumped and rattled and bounced in place, its pages waving and flipping wildly. At last it gave a great tremble, and a burst of confetti shot high into the air before the book lay still.

Severus and Black looked at each other, jaws agape, for a long moment. Then they dissolved into laughter, clinging to each other and wiping tears from their eyes. Severus couldn't remember the last time he'd laughed -- really laughed -- like that. Somehow, the fact that he was doing it with Black was no less astonishing than the fact that he'd just, well, done it with Black.

Once he caught his breath, Severus found himself lying beside Black, both of them on their backs and staring at the ceiling. Black had his arm bent up and was idly twirling a strand of Severus' hair around his fingers. Severus was surprised that Black was still there, still touching him even, and apparently in no hurry to leave. For an instant he wondered if maybe Black had actually meant some of the things he'd said, but as soon as the notion formed, he stomped it down flat.

The first to break the silence, Black said, "Well, that was--"

Not wanting to have to hear Black say "awful" or "a mistake", Severus cut in and finished his sentence for him. "Unexpected?" Black certainly wouldn't be able to disagree with that.

"That's the understatement of the year!" Black laughed. "Still, it wasn't bad for a first attempt, Snape," he said, nudging Severus' shoulder.

It seemed that the mocking of Severus' virginity has finally begun. "I didn't hear any complaints while it was happening," Severus said peevishly.

"Oh, don't get your knickers in a twist. I was joking. Fucking ace is what it was!"

Severus allowed himself a tiny, smug smile.

"I'm so shagged out I could sleep for a week," Black said then put his hands behind his head and closed his eyes.

With Black not watching, Severus took a few moments to study him, examining him bit by bit from soft hair to slender feet and back up again. Every inch of Black's skin was fair and smooth; every aspect of his form, long and lithe and lightly muscled. He really was perfect. It just wasn't fair.

When Severus' gaze landed on Black's so-familiar face, handsome and confident in his repose, realization hit him like a Stinging Hex. Fuck, this was Sirius Black.

He was naked with Sirius Black.

Glancing around, Severus spotted his shirt draped half on and half off the sofa. As quietly as he could, he grabbed it and slid it over his torso, trying to cover as much of himself as possible. His mind raced to think of a way to gather up the rest of his clothes and get back into them that seemed casual.

"Hey," Black said, "why do you keep covering yourself up like that? No one's going to come in here."

Anger flared within Severus. Clutching his shirt to his chest, he pushed himself upright and spat, "I reckoned I was doing you a favor. After all, you've spent seven years reminding me regularly of how ugly I am."

Sitting up, Black cocked his head at Severus. "Do you really think I'd have done all this," he waved his hand vaguely, "if I thought you were ugly?"

"I don't know; would you?"

Black had the gall to sound offended, "I do exercise some discrimination, you know!"

"Discrimination? You?" Severus snorted. "You've probably shagged half the school." That thought bothered Severus, although there was no reason why it should.

Something flashed across Black's face, but it was gone too quickly for Severus to read what it was. "Well, you know, those are the benefits of being attractive and popular."

The flippant response made Severus' blood boil. "So that makes me, what, another notch in your broomstick, is that it?"

For two beats, Black gave Severus a quizzical look. "Did you think it was something else?"

Of course Severus hadn't. He'd known better all along. "Don't flatter yourself, Black. An opportunity presented itself, so I took it."

"An opportunity." Black's tone was flat. He made a disparaging noise through his nose and said, "Spoken like a true Slytherin prat."

Jerking to his feet, Severus shouted, "I never pretended to be anything I'm not!"

Black didn't bother to grab for his clothes before he surged up after Severus. "No, you just tricked me with that damned book of yours!"

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"It was the book! That book's full of Dark magic; it… confused me or… put me under some kind of spell. I never would have done any of this if I'd been in my right mind."

"You think I would have?!"

"You had the book, didn't you?" Black accused.

"That's absurd! I didn't plan this! You followed me, remember?"

"Yeah. Well, I won't be making that mistake again." Finally Black moved to do something about his nakedness. With angry, awkward motions, he collected his discarded clothing. He yanked on his trousers and shrugged into his shirt, then rolled the rest into a ball and stuffed it under his arm. With one last look at Severus, he sneered, "For fuck's sake, put some clothes on," and then stomped from the room.

* * * * *

The day after the debacle with the book, Severus invested a good deal of time in shooting Black venomous glares and wishing he could make Black disintegrate where he stood with the force of his anger alone. Black, though, seemed to be too busy faffing about with his friends to notice, and that only made Severus more furious. At that point he decided to just not pay any attention to Black at all.

That turned out to be more difficult than it sounded, because every time Severus saw or heard or even thought of Black he became angry all over again. Not that he was sitting around thinking about Black. Nor did he care that Black was ignoring him. Being manipulated and deceived just got under his skin, that was all. It was nothing out of the ordinary.

On his fourth day of not paying attention to Black, Severus was on his way to the Slytherin common room when a tall figure stepped out of the shadows in front of him.

"Snape," Black said.

Severus stopped short. "Black."

A tense silence stretched out as they stared at each other, but Severus refused to be the first to speak. Black had initiated this contact, not him.

At last Black said, "I want to talk to you."

"I don't particularly care what you want," Severus countered, yet his feet weren't carrying him away as they should.

"Just five minutes, all right?"

A muscle in Severus' cheek twitched, and he clamped his teeth together. He shouldn't agree, he knew that. Shouldn't allow Black another opportunity to anger or trick or use or harm him. Even so, he somehow found himself grinding out, "Fine."

"Somewhere a little less public?" Black huffed, then tossed his head to indicate a side corridor.

In for a knut, in for a galleon. Severus rolled his eyes at Black's testy tone and followed him into the passage.

Once they were a short distance from the main hallway, Black turned back to Severus. Running a hand through his hair, he said, "Look, what happened the other day…"

Oh, Salazar, Black wasn't really going to make him have this conversation, was he? Attempting to bring it to a swift end, Severus said, "I know, Black. It was an accident. A mistake. One that won't be repeated. You don't need to worry about your image or your popularity. I won't tell anyone. There, does that cover everything?"

"That's not what I was going to say!"

"Then what?"

Black opened and closed his mouth a few times before he asked, "Do you have the book with you?"

Caught off guard by the question, Severus said, "What? No, why?"

"Well, it's just that I was thinking about it -- the book that is -- and how it was responsible for what happened."

"So?" Severus snapped. He was becoming more agitated by the moment, and he wished Black would just get to the point.

"So…" Black paused to take a deep breath. "What if it wasn't?

Severus blinked, but couldn't find his tongue.

"I mean, we don't actually know what the book does, right?" Black went on. "Well, other than give pretty good suggestions…"

Recalling the details of those suggestions had Severus blushing to his roots. He quickly shut down that train of thought. "What are you saying, Black?"

"Just that…" Abruptly, Black let out a frustrated growl. "I don't know if it was the book or not, all right? It might have been. But if it wasn't… Look, I just need to know."

The implications of Black's words slammed into Severus and made his heart pound in his chest. His voice came out a little too thin when he said, "And how do you propose we find out?"

"Kiss me."


"The book's not here. So kiss me. If we don't enjoy it at all, then we know the book caused the whole thing."

"And if we do enjoy it?" Severus asked, scarcely more than a whisper.

"I. I don't know," Black said. "We'll deal with that after."

With a weak snort, Severus said, "Typical Gryffindor plan."

"Typical Slytherin tactic," Black countered. "Stop trying to change the subject."

Severus huffed. "Fine."


Once more they looked at each other for a long, awkward moment. Then Black took action. He moved towards Severus so swiftly that Severus retreated a step in surprise. Black kept coming, though, and used the momentum to back Severus up to the wall. Without even giving Severus a chance to regain his balance, he ducked in and claimed Severus' mouth.

Then Black was kissing Severus, really kissing him, not tentatively at all, but like he meant it. His whole body was pressed against Severus, and his hands were on either side of Severus' face, just like in the book, just like on the sofa, just like lovers. Severus didn't want it to stop, didn't want it to end, ever, and oh, god, what if Black didn't want the same thing? What if Black said he didn't feel anything and walked away? Severus clung to Black's robes as though that could keep him there.

All too soon, Black pulled away. Afraid of what he might see in Black's expression, Severus hesitated before opening his eyes. When he did, Black's face was flushed and his breath was coming fast. Instead of the cool detachment Severus had anticipated, Black was looking at him with… Well, he looked a little gobsmacked, actually.

"Uh, wow," Black breathed. "All right, so maybe it's not just the book."

Severus' heart flipped over, but he fought to hold back his hope. Black's reaction could simply mean he was aroused by Severus; it wasn't necessarily an admission of anything more than that.

Not wanting to give himself away too soon, Severus decided to test the waters. "Maybe? Well, I suppose shouldn't be surprised. I can't really imagine you needing a book or a spell to get turned on. It's probably your default state."

"Stop doing that!"

"Doing what?"

Making a noise like an enraged kneazle, Black tugged at his hair and began to pace in circles. After a few turns, he spun to face Severus and shouted, "It's you too, dammit, I know it is! Stop pretending like you don't… Fuck!"

Severus was stunned at seeing Black lose his composure so thoroughly. He was supposed to be the nonchalant one, the one who couldn't be arsed to care much about anything. It tilted Severus' world so utterly that he stopped thinking, stopped caring about caution, and simply acted.

"Black," Severus said, stopping Black's fit and drawing his full attention. He took the two paces that brought him near Black. Lifting his hand, he placed the tips of his fingers on Black's sleeve, the most tentative of touches. "It wasn't just the book."

A grin slowly spread across Black's face. Not one that suggested mischief, but another kind entirely. Shaking his head, Black said, "I never thought it was. Not really. I just…"

Black seemed to consider his words for a moment, then said, "Look, remember when I said that thing about the benefits of being popular?"


"I lied."

Severus raised an eyebrow.

"I mean, sure, all right, I've had it off with a couple of people. Once or twice. But it's never been like… like that. The other day."

The way Black finished the statement was a bit of a cop out, but Severus understood the meaning. He wasn't a notch in a broomstick after all. He was oddly pleased to know that he could be some sort of first for Black. "I'm. That's. Good."

Severus looked down, hiding the tiny smile that he couldn't hold back. As soon as he did, though, Black put his hand under Severus' chin and lifted his head. Flashing another grin, Black said, "You ought to smile more, Snape. It's much better to look at than all that scowling and glaring."

"If you'd stop being such an insufferable pillock, I'd stop scowling," Severus countered.

Barking a laugh, Black said, "Haven't you realized by now that it's my purpose in life to wind you up?"

"I've always suspected," Severus groused. "I just kept wanting to be wrong."

"Have you changed your mind yet?"

"About you being an insufferable pillock? No."

"Then I suppose I won't have to work very hard to keep getting under your skin."

"Oh, good to know," Severus said, rolling his eyes. "Merlin forbid you should have to exert yourself."

"Speaking of which," Black said, "what did you do with the book?"

Severus shrugged. "It's still in the old storage room."


"How so… ?"

"Well, seems like no one knows about that room besides us, and it's got plenty of space. And I reckon the book has loads more suggestions to make."

"I reckon you're right," Severus agreed, and this time his smile was wicked. "When do you want to find out?"

29th March 2011 07:10
Oooh! Hot! Deliciously hot. If only it really had been like that ... excellent!
29th March 2011 10:56
Mmmm... YUM! I love the look on their faces as the book goes all confetti!
29th March 2011 14:42
This . . . is . . . . guuuuuuuhhhhhhhh. ::thud::

::due to aural brain leakage, Ms. Lark is currently unable to comment. She will try again once higher cortex function has been restored.::

(Excellently done, the both of you!)
29th March 2011 14:53
*bookmarks with giant hearts around it* I will be back to roll around in this! But omg after a quick scroll through, SO MUCH ART! So awesome!!!! Gah, how did you guys write and draw SO MUCH! a;lskdjf;lsakjf *rolls around in it moar*
29th March 2011 17:24
deliciously hot and somewhat wrong. I laughed my arse off at the book's orgasm.
29th March 2011 18:18
OMG! So much awesomeness in one package. Can I roll around in it? *does anyway*

I ADORE the whole... confetti-like look you gave the art, [info]akatnamedeaster! Like they were torn from the book. Not to mention the art itself is divine! Their expressions are perfect in each piece and the utter hotness of those middle three? *wipes brow* Yeah, SO HOT omg.

And [info]r_grayjoy... *flails at you* OMG, seriously, you've outdone yourself. This is hot and hilarious and perfect and snarky and so much YES! The two of y'all need to collab MORE, omg. You're like chocolate and peanut butter!
29th March 2011 21:44
I don't have time to read this right this moment but OMG, on a skim through this is going to be great!

And don't say things like "her art makes my fic look good"... your art and fic make each other look even better! It's symbiotic. Two great tastes, yadda yadda. (Like a couple of lads I can think of!)
30th March 2011 05:15
Mmmmmmmm!!!!!!!! So, so delicious!! I don't think I've read this dynamic in this pairing before, or not done so well, where the tension is still there, but they aren't hateful. This is so hot and sweet and quick. And the drawings are gorgeous and hot and capture the mood of each scene perfectly. I love Sirius here (Snape, too) and that he does come apart at the seams, but of course Snape has only really seen his image before. God, they are so sexy together. Well, well, well done you two!!
30th March 2011 08:58
Oh my goodness!

Fans self.

Not my favourite (or even believable) pairing but this had me convinced by the end. Which was really quite sweet.

(And anyone who can make Severus/Sirius 'sweet' deserves kudos!) Lovely marriage of words and art.
30th March 2011 09:09
How brilliantly hot. Thank you so much for sharing! :)
30th March 2011 10:03
omg it's heaven, you two working together! amazing, they are such young smart alecs, so ridiculous and so hot!
31st March 2011 02:02
Weeeeeeeeeeeell.....It's Sirius so there's only so far I can really read this, but if I mentally blot out Black in the story and images and just see Snape, then this is really quite hot....

I did like the slow (fast!) - ok, that sounds contradictory. They built up slowly, but with enough smut to keep it speeding by. And the pervy book spitting confetti nearly made me spit coffee over my keyboard. I need a book like that for my own library, hmmm?

I really liked Severus' insecurity and his tirade at Sirius in the beginning was just LOVELY. And Severus' reactions to kissing, wanking, frotting, was all just hot and lovely. My favourite images were when they're naked and frotting, Snape on top, and then Snape's smirk down at the end.

Mmmm, lovely. :3
31st March 2011 02:06
Linking to this so [info]akatnamedeaster will see it. Someone left a comment for us in my LJ here. :)
31st March 2011 03:03
*thunderous applause* What a great collaboration! The fic and art complemented each other beautifully, and both were hot beyond belief. I also liked the dynamic between Snape and Sirius.
31st March 2011 03:14

JFC guys! What have you done?!?! How have you managed to just win the internet and these boys in EVERY SINGLE WAY!?!?!

It's official, you two MUST work together ALL THE TIME! Make it so!!!!!

It's just like you guys were sharing the same brain while also tapping into mine to show EXACTLY the scenes that I most wanted to see highlighted.

1st April 2011 01:07
Wow! Now that's a collaboration! *drool* I don't have to tell you how much I love Marauders Era Snack, especially because they're both such dorks, and this really hits the spot. The book is an evil little character all it's own and I spent a lot of time giggling over the things it did and how it pretty obviously wanted the two of them to get together.

And as hot and beautiful as all the art is, I have to join the chorus and say that the book's confetti explosion is still one of the best parts of this collab. Only you, Rowan, could come up with the idea of a book actually ejaculating and I think only Easter could have done it justice. The looks on the boys' faces were just grand. (My favorite art after that, though, would have to be the one of Sirius doing awful/wonderful things to Severus on the couch. GUH!)

Bravissima, my dear ones! Beautifully done! Collabs are always best when the writer and artist are on the same page, so to speak. The two of you have very complimentary levels of humor and hotness and this blends them together perfectly. *applauds*
1st April 2011 01:48

So, I am on vacation and sneaking away to read porn on my itouch killing time. This story was fantastic!!! I love the Severus/Sirius pairing, the absolute heat but almost unbearably sweet awkwardness between them. And the art!! *flails*

So, so much love. Seriously.

This begs for a sequel. *nods sagely*
1st April 2011 18:27
No time for the fic this moment I'm afraid *eyes charts piling up* (although the bits I skimmed looked fab!) but I can say that the art is totally awesome!
The look on their faces in book confetti scene made me literally laugh out loud and the smexing was delicious, as always.
Your Snack art is always so hot and sexy and perfect and this was no exception. Brilliant job, hon!

And I'll be back, Ro. *runs off*
5th April 2011 05:52
Brava to both of you! Thank you *very* much!^^
5th April 2011 14:52
OMG YOU GUYZ. a;lksjdfl;ksjflksf. This is AWESOME! omg ickle!Sev with his insecurities masked by bravado. *snuggles him SO MUCH* And now he has a hot boyfriend aaaaaahhhhhhh ILUSM. Every one of their interactions is so fabulous, from the library to the cupboard (OBV) to afterward. Such boys, all brave and with so much attitude, trying to hide their feelings, but THE SEX FEELS AMAZING OKAY, so hiding feelings is not an option. *nodnod* Oh man, I could just scoop them both up and keep them in my back pocket forever. ♥♥♥ That was some awesome sex, too. I love how Sirius took charge, even if he didn't have much experience. And I always love a Sirius who is super comfortable hanging out naked. :D And Snape's caution with him, ohhhhhh, so sweet. And the book was kind of genius. :D I love Sirius's method for testing if the book made them do it. :D :D :D

And dear sweet jesus, how did you manage so much ART!!???! Each one is fantastic, and I especially love the ripped-paper feel to the edges, like little snapshots of the boys when they weren't looking. :) I can't decide on a favourite, but I always love how expressive your faces are. :))) Sirius's impending orgasm face is just gorgeous, and I love the muscles on his chest in the angry one. :) And Snape's nose is always a thing of beauty.

Amazing work, ladies! ♥♥♥
5th April 2011 14:55
oh! that was great!!!

i know i wanted to wait until mid-april to read, you know? after i finished my writing and everything! but today i was scrolling through [info]akatnamedeaster's drawings of march and then there was the link again, and I. JUST. COULDN'T. RESIST.


but it was perfect! the hot sex, and then the end where they acknowledge it's a bit more than sex. something for my romantic heart!

i loved every drawing! i love them ALL! but i think my favourite is the one where sirius straddles severus' lap. just that look in severus' eyes is so wonderful. he seems so surprised, and shy and overwhelmed and sirius is so carefree and turned on!

perfect collaboration! da capo please!!! :D
6th April 2011 01:01
There's something wonderfully endearing about Severus feeling the need to look this up in books. It's kind of d'aww-cute, a reminder he's just a human boy, you know?

"You're the only person alive who could be evil and a boring tosser at the same time."


"See, when I discovered what sort of books you'd been looking at, I started thinking."
"Took you long enough," Severus muttered.


"Black!" Severus said, shoving at Black's shoulders. "Get off!"
"Working on it." Black snickered.


Near Severus' ear, he murmured, "Just like that, feels good…"

nnnnggh.... *bites lip*

Ooh, I love the uncertain look on Severus's face - and their hands!

and little uh, uh sounds that drove Severus nearly insensible.

...me too. Unf.

Nice ending! You had me worried there for a sec!
6th April 2011 05:59
Okay, I know I squeed and flailed at you about the various bits of art as you sent them to me, but... well, I'm going to do it a little more. You're just going to have to suffer through my embarrassing fangirling. ;)

Pic #1: Snape's suspicious/nervous/furtive look there is just awesome, and also pretty hilarious when you consider the (fairly) innocent nature of what he's trying to hide! I love how he's all slouchy and holding the book close. I loooooove his forearm and hand here too; I love it any time we get to see Severus with just a bit of him exposed. It's like a subtle little reminder that he's human, and since we usually see him all covered up, there's definitely something erotic about it. The bone and tendon structure of his hand and wrist just draw my eye here.

Pic #2: Eeeee, I know I already told you this, but I adore how well this captures that exact moment when Severus is caught between resistance and giving in, and is veering rapidly toward the giving in side. And Sirius as well is showing the first signs of it being a bit more than mere curiosity or a way to heckle Snape. The almost-kiss... nnnngh! So close! Oh, and that curl of Sirius' hair escaping the edge of the paper is neat.

Pic #3: The contrast between the two of them in their expressions and postures! Severus is so rigid, and he just looks so young and naive there. There's so much in his expression; nervousness and disbelief and fascination and wide-eyed "oh, wow, am I making Black look like that?!" LOL And Sirius is just totally oblivious to it all, focused on just feeling. Again with the slight exposure of Snape -- his neck/collar bones this time. Love the beat and battered details of the sofa too.

Pic #4: Uhm, YEAH. This is the one that will cause me to need to replace my monitor if I look at it for too long because the HOT will melt it. LOL So much love for Severus' expression and his hand on his head. It's like he's just losing his mind over this, ha. His little bit of flush is great also. He's so pale that I totally see him as the sort who'd flush allllll the way down his chest when he's turned on, you know? Heh, and Sirius certainly seems to be enjoying the results of his little experiment there. Severus' unabashedly wanton position there is fantastic; great musculature, and love the deeper color of his perineum. Sirius' hands and wrists = win. Oh, and Severus' skinny frame and the way his shirt kind of hangs on him are fab.

Pic #5: Uhm, yeah, did I say the last one might melt my monitor? Guh. So much of the contrast here again. Skinny, bony Severus (wow, great job on his shoulder blades and all the bone and muscle structure along his back and ass and thighs) and well-built Sirius. Severus who's turned way turned on yet still wary and ready to flee at the first sign of trickery and Sirius who's again just oblivious and wholly in the moment. The way Severus is studying Sirius and his reactions is so intense. And Sirius, abajlchig, holy hell. One arm clutching at Severus, trying to pull him closer, and the other hand just kind of seizing up, and utterly lost expression! Gaaaaaah, have I mentioned lately that I just fall to pieces when Sirius loses his shit over Snape?? So much win in that expression.
3rd June 2011 21:14
Ah, ye two together make one fine pair. Enjoyable to both read and watch! <3
29th October 2011 20:11
Oh. Yes. Oh. Very yes. Very very yes.
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