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Art: <3! (Harry/Draco, R) 
26th January 2011 22:26
Title: <3!
Artist: ghot
Media: PS
Characters/Pairings: Harry/Draco
Rating: R
Kinks/Themes Chosen: Everything old is new: analingus.
Other Warnings: none
Artist's Notes: I just realized I completely forgot to post anything in November... I'm so sorry, Mods!! So it's November's theme today!


27th January 2011 01:16
Damn, that's hot! *fans self*
No wonder Harry's in love. Heh.
30th January 2011 03:09
Thank you! <3 ;D
27th January 2011 03:34
guh! I love how Harry is gripping the mattress. And how they're both clothed/partially clothed. And the blushing on Harry's cheeks.
30th January 2011 03:11
The half clothed thing is currently my favorite kink. ;) Thank you!
27th January 2011 04:59
Ungh... yeah... *Very* nice. :D

Lucky, lucky Harry.
30th January 2011 03:11
XD Thank you!
27th January 2011 08:27
Beautiful, love Harry's expression, Draco's obviously doing it right ;)
30th January 2011 03:12
Thank you! :D
27th January 2011 09:33
i love your skillful drawing! - the way draco grips harry! (i like hands and feet in art, because it's hard to get right)

and that little heart? so cute!!!
30th January 2011 03:14
Oh, hands and feet! I win the battle only once in a while. ;)

Thank you!! <3
27th January 2011 11:43 - re: <3!
I love how subdued and understated this is, with Draco's concentrated attention and Harry's arousal only in his curling hand and the blush on his cheeks. Awesomely done. ♥
30th January 2011 03:17 - Re: <3!
Thank you!! { <3 )
27th January 2011 13:11
Mmm, that's delicious! Love the heart and the way Harry's clutching the sheets. ;-)
30th January 2011 03:18
Thank you! XD
27th January 2011 15:44
*fans self* oh mercy that is hot. and I like the little ♥ in the speech balloon :D
30th January 2011 03:18
Hehe, thanks!! ;D
27th January 2011 15:51
Beautiful. And very sexy. And the little heart!

I less than three you!
30th January 2011 03:19
Thank you! <3
27th January 2011 18:47
This is beautiful!
30th January 2011 03:20
27th January 2011 19:09
This is so deliciously beautiful. I love that they're dressed or half dressed still. I love Harry's flushed cheeks, and that little heart in the speech bubble, so sweet. :)
30th January 2011 03:21
Thank you! <3
27th January 2011 19:11
;alkds! Love the semi-dressed thing, too. Long sleeves, high neck ... no pants. Awesome :D. Makes it look so urgent!
30th January 2011 03:25
Hehe, I dig this kink too, oh, I do! ;) Thank you!! <3
27th January 2011 19:55
30th January 2011 03:25
27th January 2011 23:50
Ohgod that's HOT! *dies a bit*
30th January 2011 03:26
;D Thank you!
28th January 2011 00:33
Wow, that's pretty! I really like the shading, their semi-clothedness & Harry's <3 bubble.
30th January 2011 03:26
Thank you!! <3
28th January 2011 02:31

*is incoherent*

Oh, my iron-clad kink...
30th January 2011 03:29
Hehe, rimming? I was surprised I hadn't done it before! ;D

28th January 2011 14:28
Mmm, rimming. <3 Nice job.
30th January 2011 03:29
Thank you!! <3
28th January 2011 17:43
Harry, so flexible, so lucky. Beautiful!
30th January 2011 03:30
*pretty heart!!!*

Thank you! :D
28th January 2011 18:07
Mmm, that's lovely and intense!
30th January 2011 03:31
Thank you! :D
30th January 2011 18:17 - <3! (Harry/Draco, R)
That is smoking. Harry still has Draco's jumper on, his expression is fantastic.

Love the shading.
31st January 2011 18:42
So very hot! :P
9th February 2011 22:20
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