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Kinky Kristmas Fic: The Mirror of Nrop (Sirius/Remus, Sirius/Snape/Remus) 
29th December 2010 12:00
Kristmas Wish Fulfilled for: [info]nehalenia
From: [info]eeyore9990

Title: The Mirror of Nrop
Characters/Pairings: Sirius/Remus, Sirius/Snape/Remus
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Included: double penetration, blow jobs
Other Warnings/Content: threesome, rimming
Word Count: ~5800
Summary/Description: The Mirror of Erised shows only what your heart desires. Teenaged boys, however, don't necessarily desire with their hearts.
Author's Notes: Deepest thanks to the mods for their fantastic patience. Thanks also to [info]r_grayjoy for the beta and my recipient for the prompt. :D

Note: Jane Austen would either be spinning in her grave at what I've done to her quotes, or she'd be chortling with glee and writing delicious slashy stories right along with us. I prefer to think it'd be the latter.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a pair of teenagers in possession of rampant hormones must be in search of an empty classroom.

It is a truth locally acknowledged that, if those teenagers are students at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and if those students are a pair of mostly-mischievous Gryffindors, they will not simply find an empty classroom but will find the one classroom in a castle brimming with empty classrooms that contains a magical artefact simply waiting for a pair of curious, hormonal young teenagers to ensnare.

Sirius Black, arguably the most mischievous teenager of the batch currently residing in Hogwarts' Gryffindor Tower, tugged Remus Lupin into the room, ignoring its dusty contents as he contrived to cajole his friend into committing specific acts of depravity with and upon him. "Potions doesn't start for another seven minutes, Moony—"

"Don't call me that where others might hear," Remus muttered, half-heartedly slapping Sirius' hands away from the top button of his trousers. "And we're definitely going to be late if you do that! We still have to get down to the dungeons and—"

"One minute for this, two seconds to clean up…. No, wait. One minute for this, twenty seconds to unscramble our brains, two seconds to clean up, and five minutes to get to class. Plenty of time."

"If we run."

"Exercise is highly recommended for the overall health of growing young men." Sirius dropped to his knees and nuzzled Remus' hardening length through his trousers. "'Sides which, you can't go like this! So I'll be happy to take care of your little problem and—"

"Not so much with the 'little,'" Remus said, giving up with a slow roll of his hips. Pushing his trousers to mid-thigh, he buried his fingers in Sirius' hair and circumvented Sirius' chatter by quickly feeding the tip of his cock into Sirius' mouth. "Your minute is close to expiring. You'd better hurry."

Leaning back against the wall with a sigh as Sirius began to make the most sloppy—and still somehow arousing—noises, Remus was about to close his eyes and simply enjoy his sixty seconds of carnal pleasure when a flicker of movement in the corner of his vision caught his attention. Alarmed, he jolted upright, his head whipping around to see… a mirror.

Heart thumping with oh-fuck-we-were-almost-caught adrenaline, Remus slumped back against the wall again, trying once more to find that perfect place between horny and post-orgasmic. Still a bit jittery from left-over nerves, he decided to take full advantage of the position the current situation afforded him and deliberately turned his head to partake in the sight of Sirius' head bobbing merrily at his groin.

Unfortunately for him—or not, considering how close they were to the end point of their allocated minute—the reflection in the mirror spiked his arousal straight past nearly there and into the realm of holy shit I've just come in Sirius' mouth without so much as a warning…please don't let me have actually shot it up his nose. Remus' fingers curled into the wall behind him, the thin skin along his fingertips tearing as they pressed into centuries-old stone and mortar. Lifting one hand, he waved it in front of himself, watching in the mirror as his reflection… didn't.

Not that it really should have surprised him; the him in the mirror and the him in reality were up to two very different activities. Well, all right, not so different. After all, the him in the mirror did have his cock down another boy's throat. It was just that the other boy in the mirror was not Sirius. He could tell because the Sirius in the mirror was quite clearly behind the boy down whose throat the Remus in the mirror was poking his cock.

And that train of thought was enough to make the real Remus clutch his head—the one on his shoulders—in misery. The head on his cock was quite happily sated and didn't give a fig that the head on his shoulders was currently in distress.

"Told you it wouldn't take long," Sirius said, breaking into Remus' reverie.

"Sirius," Remus said, and even to him his voice sounded… off.


"Do you see that mirror over there?"

Sirius wiped a spot of come from the corner of his lip and twisted about, eyes searching until they found the aforementioned mirror. "Yep, I… oh holy fuck!"

"I'm not sure that there's anything particularly religious about what it is I'm seeing, but yeah, looks a lot like fucking to me."

"His cock is enormous!"

Remus frowned and tilted his head, realizing immediately that what he was seeing was quite a bit different than what Sirius was seeing. "Beg pardon?"

"His cock, Moony. It's easily as big as the one you've got at the full!"

Deciding to let that comment—as well as the slip of Sirius' pet nickname for him—slide, Remus simply said, "Tell me what you see."

"It's not a mirror, I don't think. It's more like a… a porn portal!"

Remus blinked rapidly at that description, but decided it definitely worked. Though he'd have to come up with a better name than "porn portal" for it when he asked about it. Whatever this thing was, it must be steeped in dark magic.

Becoming impatient, Remus waved his hand and said, "Yes, but what do you see?"

"It's us, of course. You and me. And… someone else. Dark hair."

"Yes, and pale skin. So you do see him."

"Yeah. And honestly, I've thought about it, but I wasn't sure it was actually possible. I mean. It must take a ton of stretching, don't you think?"

Remus pursed his lips and shook his head, willing the mirror to show him whatever Sirius was seeing. Because all he saw was a dark head buried in his own lap with Sirius thrusting quite happily into a pale arse. The angle was all wrong to see any details of the boy between them other than a thin chest and rather scrawny limbs.

"I don't see what you see," Remus finally admitted. "And apparently your porn is a bit more adventurous than my porn because I only see us sharing another boy."

"Oh, we're sharing him all right," Sirius said with a lascivious leer. (Remus was of the firm opinion that the adjective 'lascivious' had been coined in reference to one of Sirius' leers.) "We're fucking him. Both of us. At the same time. That might be the grooviest thing I've ever seen."

Rolling his eyes at Sirius' inappropriate Muggle slang, Remus pulled the Map from his pocket and marked the room they were in. "We'll have to come back later to figure this out. For now, we're two minutes late to Potions."

"Fuck me running."

"No time for that; plus, even teenagers need to recover."

Ducking the punch Sirius threw at him, Remus opened the door and began sprinting down the corridor, waving his wand rather haphazardly as he ran to straighten his appearance and remove any evidence of what they'd been up to. As he rounded a corner, he had a moment to hope Sirius had taken the same pains because walking sedately toward them was none other than Professor McGonagall.

"Mr Lupin. Running in the corridor?"

Unable to think of any other excuse, Remus simply smiled his most innocent smile and called back, "We're taking exercise, Professor!"

A teenager's libido is very rapid; it jumps from interest to arousal, from arousal to fulfilment in a moment.

It was the 'interest' version of Remus' libido that was running things when Sirius entered their dorm room the following afternoon. And really, it wasn't his libido, it was just… interest.

Odd things were known to happen in their dorm room, and Remus had seen his friends carting in all manner of weird object, but a rolled up carpet—one of Abdullah's Family-Sized Flying Carpets, no less—was out of the ordinary enough to bear comment.


"I figured it out!" Sirius said, speaking over Remus' question in a rush of excitement as he propped the carpet on its end against the wall with rather more of a heave than Remus thought entirely necessary for a carpet that could levitate on its own.

Settling back against his headboard, Remus made himself comfortable. "What did you figure out?"

"Who we saw, of course."


"No, you— Yesterday. In the Mirror of Nrop!"

Remus swallowed a chuckle. Upon being asked about the strange mirror standing alone in a deserted classroom, Professor Binns had spoken at length about the fabled Mirror of Erised. Travelling back to the classroom had not only shown it to be that exact mirror, but had also provided Remus and Sirius with new wank fodder, prompting Sirius give the Mirror what he felt was a more appropriate name.

Apparently a teenager's desires had nothing to do with material wealth or philanthropic ideals and everything to do with orifices into which they might poke their cocks. Curiously, the same anonymous student had again been featured in each of their visions, though again Sirius got the more imaginative view.


"So? Who was it, then?"

"What, did you expect me to just tell you? I'm not down with that jive, Remus John Lupin."

"I'm fairly certain you didn't use that expression correctly."

"Meh. I'm appropriating their language; I can twist it to my own ends if I want. But go on, guess!"

Remus sighed, but did as bid. It wasn't as if he hadn't been considering the options for the past thirty-some hours. "It wasn't James, I know that. The hair colour was right, but the texture and length were all wrong. Plus, he's not that skinny."

"Oi! He's not a porker either."

"I never said he was."

A relatively-uncomfortable silence fell while they both considered their other dorm mate, but then Remus pushed it aside. Peter's issues with his weight didn't make him less of a friend, after all.

"So then, going through Gryffindor tower, there's Frank, whom I think we can both agree isn't really a choice for what we've seen—"

"Strongly agree."

"And Bryce in fourth year, but he's rather too young for my taste."

"He's not Gryffindor, but I concur with your assessment regardless."

"Concur? Been hitting the thesaurus again, have we?"

"Just because I'm not a swot Prefect doesn't mean I haven't got a brain."

Remus studied Sirius closely. His only other speculation would either have Sirius stomping around the room throwing things, planning devious pranks involving words like 'decapitation', or … being way too bloody interested in why Remus would even think of this person in relation to their porn-filled visions. Either way, it wouldn't end well, which was why Remus closed his eyes and held his breath before uttering his final guess.


The silence that descended was too thick, too unbearably uncomfortable for Remus to maintain his self-imposed blindness—not to mention the fact that he was starting to go a bit woozy from lack of oxygen—but when he finally cracked his eyes open far enough to see Sirius, the proud grin that stretched his friend's face was enough to make Remus flinch in horror.

He'd done it. Nothing Sirius' family had done to him had managed it, but one name from Remus had broken Sirius' mind.

Oh well, at least no one would notice the difference.

"Ding ding ding! I do believe you've got it! And now, your prize, direct from behind door number one, is…" With a flourish, Sirius waved his wand and the carpet—which Remus had all but forgotten, spun onto its side and unrolled itself… flinging a dangerously angry—and completely naked—Severus Snape onto the floor at Remus' feet.

"Oh, Monty," Remus whispered. "What have you done?"

"A large cock is the best recipe for happiness that I ever heard of."

Dear God, that prick is massive! Remus knew it was dangerous to take his gaze off Severus'—if a wizard was going to throw an Unforgiveable, the intent always showed in their eyes first—but he literally could not stop looking at Severus' cock. Sirius hadn't been exaggerating the day before when he'd said his mirror image of Snape had been well-hung. Even in its flaccid state, it was... Remus blinked down at it, certain his shock and awe must show on his face.

Some part of his mind was nodding along reasonably. Now it made sense that in both their versions of a threesome, Remus and Sirius had seen themselves as the bookends and not the filling, as it were. That cock on its own would be enough to fill up an adventurous sort; there'd be no way to allow anyone else inside.

Licking his lips, Remus dragged his gaze upward, wincing when he saw the look of unholy fury on Severus' face. "Erm, I'm terribly sorry about this—wait, why am I the one who's apologizing? You're the degenerate who went and kidnapped him." Remus cut his eyes over to Sirius and glared at him, hoping that the force of his arousal didn't diminish his stern manner. Really, Sirius just couldn't do these things.

"Did you see his cock? What am I saying? Of course you bloody well did; can't very well miss it, can you?

Either beyond words or, more likely, under the influence of a silencing spell—he'd never made so much as a peep while inside the carpet—Snape spat at Sirius, not even bothering to cover himself. Though really, it would be a futile effort, even with both hands.

Remus dropped his head forward until his chin dug into his chest and raised his fingers to massage his temples. "Tell me you at least explained to him why you kidnapped him? And give him his voice back, for the love of God!"

"Come now, M—Remus. He's not likely to listen to an explanation from me."

"So you brought him to me? That's rich." When Sirius didn't make any move to do so, Remus pulled his wand from his back pocket and waved it at Snape, murmuring, "Finite Incantatem."

Snape came un-mute with a vengeance. "You bloody bastards!" He launched himself at Remus, fists raised and swinging.

Wand already in hand, Remus could not be faulted for what he did next. "Petrificus Totalus!"

Snape fell to the floor mid-leap, landing with a jarring thud on his arms. Remus winced, hoping he'd not hurt Snape too desperately.

"What on earth were you thinking, Sirius?!"

Sirius, the bastard, didn't even bother to adopt an expression of guilt. He was, in fact, clearly gleeful at Remus' cursing of Snape. "I was thinking we'd recreate what I saw in the Mirror yesterday, actually."

"You do realise that's considered rape in every civilised nation I can think of, right?"

"Oh, come on, Remus. He'll be more than happy once we…" Sirius' voice trailed off; he obviously had come to the same conclusion Remus had. There really was no way to convince Snape to allow them to take the liberties with his body that they'd seen themselves taking in the Mirror.

It was a bloody awful conclusion, but a realistic one none-the-less.

Suddenly, Sirius sprang into action, gathering up the flying carpet and beginning to wind Snape's frozen body into it. "Come on then, Remus. Help me!"

Remus, of course, wasn't so inclined to blindly follow along with Sirius' plots. The last time he'd done that, back in the first half of fourth year, he'd spend the second half of fourth year scrubbing toilets as detention. It tended to leave one with a healthy suspicion for Sirius' plots. "Tell me why you're rolling him back up and I'll consider it."

"We're going to take him to the room with the Mirror."


"And show him the Mirror, of course."

Remus groaned. "Sirius, you realize that the likelihood of him seeing anything even approaching what we saw is very, very slim, right?"

Grunting as he lifted Snape's carpet-wrapped body, Sirius said, "You're not giving us enough credit. Of course he'll see what we did. We just have to plant the image in his head."

"This is such a bad idea…"

How quick come the reasons for approving what we like!

Snape's slack-jawed expression was either a very good sign, or one forecasting their impending doom. Remus held his breath as he awaited the verdict.

"What sort of mad trick is this?!"

"It's not a trick. It's a mirror—"

Snape's eyebrows shot up, and he pointed one shaking finger at the Mirror. "How stupid do you think I am?! That's no mirror."

"No, no, you don't understand," Remus said in his most soothing voice, stepping between Sirius and Snape. "It's more of a magical artefact. It's the Mirror of Erised. See? Look at the inscription along the top. I show not your face but your heart's desire. We've both looked into it too and seen… well, what we saw is what prompted Sirius to bring you here against your will."

"You… you can't have seen…" Snape waved at the Mirror, swallowing roughly as he attempted to drag his gaze away and then gave up with a whimper and just stared at whatever he was seeing.

"What do you see?" Sirius asked, using his sexy voice. (Remus had often heard Sirius practicing that particular tone of voice to himself in the bathroom, where Sirius insisted the best acoustics could be found.)

"You're insane if you think I'm going to tell you," Snape said, regaining a bit of his former snark.

"Do you want us to tell you what we see?" Remus asked, throwing caution to the winds and settling against the opposite side of Snape from where Sirius was—Remus rolled his eyes—blowing in Snape's ear.

"Not particularly."

"I'll tell you anyway," Sirius said, rolling his hips against Snape and pushing him into Remus who had to swallow back a groan. This was already far too reminiscent of what Sirius had described of his vision to help Remus calm his overwhelming lust. "You were with us," Sirius waved one hand between him and Remus, unnecessarily in Remus' opinion as they were the only us in the room, "and you were between us and you were really, really enjoying yourself."

"According to what I just saw, I wasn't the only one enjoying himself."

"Am I the only one of the three of us that didn't see this?" Remus asked, slightly perturbed.

Snape turned his head toward Remus. "What did you see?"

"Poor Remus is lacking in all imagination," Sirius said, interrupting Remus before he'd even had a chance to open his mouth.

Apparently he wasn't the only one who'd noticed because Snape turned to Sirius with a scowl and said, "I wasn't asking you."

"I've found that if you put something in his mouth, he'll shut up," Remus offered, ever helpful.

Jabbing his fingers into Sirius' mouth, Snape turned back to Remus. "You were saying?"

But Remus couldn't focus on anything but the sight of Sirius' lips wrapped around Snape's fingers. It was far more erotic than it had any right to be. "Huh," he said, a trifle breathless. "I generally just use my cock."

"Yes, but you've no need to worry about his bite."

That startled a grin out of Remus. "Don't worry. He's fully trained. Besides, his bark is much worse than his bite."

Even though Snape couldn't possibly understand the joke, his lips twitched upward at the corners, then rose even higher when Sirius, his mouth still full of Snape's fingers, said, "I am still here, you know."

"See, if you'd used your cock, he wouldn't have been able to say that."

"I'll keep it in mind for the future. Now… what did you see in the Mirror?"

Remus opened his mouth to say, only to think better of it. He didn't want to give Snape other options, after all, and while he did love a good sucking off, he'd never had the opportunity to do what Sirius and Snape had seen. And it went without saying that he really wanted to do that.

Snapping his mouth closed, Remus offered a pleasant smile before leaning forward and cupping Snape's face with his hands. "I've always been more interested in showing than telling."

The first touch of his lips to Snape's was necessarily tentative; he wasn't entirely sure Snape wouldn't bite him. But when Snape leaned into the kiss, his mouth opening under Remus' with enough force to push Remus' lips apart, Remus could only groan enthusiastically.

As soon as their tongues touched, Remus lost control. He'd always been far more aggressive when it came to sex than he was in any other aspect of his life; Sirius liked to blame it on his condition, but Remus knew the moon had no control over his prick. Hormones, on the other hand…

Fingers digging into Snape's skinny—and still naked—hips, Remus pulled and turned them both until Snape's front was crushed to his own. Being clothed while Snape's flesh pressed teasingly against him, however, was far more frustrating than titillating. And Remus had never been one to enjoy languishing in frustration.

Ripping his mouth away from Severus', he opened his eyes to find Sirius long enough to say, "Do something about our clothes."

"I dunno; yours are hopelessly out of fashion. Not much I can do with th-eeeugh!"

Remus really had no idea how his hand had gone from grasping and kneading Snape's arse to grasping and squeezing Sirius' throat, but he wasn't going to question it. Especially when it ensured that Sirius saw the urgency of the moment and pulled his wand from wherever he'd stashed it.

Remus released Sirius long enough for Sirius to Vanish their clothes, and then, appreciating how unfair it was to keep Sirius from participating in what had originally been his vision, yanked him forward into a teeth- and tongue-filled kiss of his own.

"Amusing as this all is," Snape said, breaking through his arousal with a pinch to the tip of Remus' cock, "I'd like to know exactly what it is you expect of me before we go any further."

"We want what you saw," Sirius said, lifting one shoulder in a loose shrug and causing his skin to slide rather deliciously against Remus' own. "What I saw. I'd settle for what Remus saw, but it's not at all what I want most. Nor, apparently, what you want most."

Remus turned his head, twisting his neck so that he was looking directly into the Mirror. And what he saw took his breath away. Snape's head was thrown back in utter abandon, lines of pleasure etched into his face as first Remus, then Sirius thrust into him, Snape's arse stretched wide around their combined cocks.

"Yes. Oh yeah, that's what I want."

"See?" Sirius was always a smug bastard, but never more than at that moment. "Told you mine was better."

Remus conceded with a jerky nod, unable to tear his gaze away from the Mirror. "So are we agreed then?" he asked, his voice a low, urgent whisper. "Are we doing this?" As he asked that question, the Snape in the mirror went tense between Remus and Sirius, and great gobs of white come shot out of his cock, painting the inside of the Mirror. "Please," he begged, turning to the real Snape. "Please say we're doing this."

"I'll agree on one condition."

"Anything," Remus said, still reeling from the images that were burned onto his mind's eye.

"After this, you'll leave me in peace. No more pranks, no more hexing or jinxing or cursing. No more name-calling. And you'll make sure your other friends leave me alone as well. Call off Potter."

Sirius blanched. "Can we do that?" he whispered.

"Of course we can," Remus said, then raised his voice for Snape's benefit. "And we will. We'll call it a truce. We'll leave you alone as long as you leave us alone. But if you cast the first hex, we'll defend ourselves. And… if you decide you want to approach us for a different reason entirely, well. We'll definitely be receptive."

Crossing his arms, Snape demanding they make the oath a binding one, signifying—in Remus' opinion at least—his agreement.

"Now then," Sirius said, clapping his hands. "We're all done with the niceties, yes? On to the fun part?"

Remus rolled his eyes—his eyes had become quite acrobatic since meeting Sirius—but grinned and nodded. "I believe I'm ready for the 'fun part' as well."

"Considering that the fun part for the two of you is destined to be more fun than the fun part for me, I'm definitely not ready."

"Well no, of course not." Remus conjured a pot of lube. "But I've no objection to getting you ready."

"Wait! I thought I'd get to do the preparing part!" Sirius looked ready to stamp his foot in frustration, which caused Remus' eye brows to raise in something like alarm. Sirius wasn't generally so solicitous of his sexual partners.

Remus had cause to know this first-hand.

"You're not fisting me," Snape said, eyes narrowing on Sirius, who deflated with a pout.

"Dear God. You truly thought to…" Jaw dropping, Remus could only stare at Sirius in disbelief.

"Well, it'd be about the same, wouldn't it?" Sirius sounded both petulant and defensive.

"It's not the same at all, prat. However, you may put your tongue to better use." Remus waggled his eyebrows at Sirius until Sirius caught his meaning and grinned.

"A winning proposition if I ever heard one!" Sirius, after transfiguring the entire floor into a springy mattress, dropped to his knees and crawled around behind Snape, whose face was lit with suspicion as he craned his neck to keep his eyes on Sirius.

Remus watched, amused, waiting for Snape to let loose that first gasp of shocked pleasure that Sirius always seemed able to draw from him. He was really good with his tongue.

Snape, however, didn't gasp. What he did do was fall forward into Remus, who had just enough presence of mind to open his arms and grab him to keep them both from falling.

"Holy God!" Snape shouted, eyes wide as he bucked against Remus.

"It's good, isn't it?" Remus whispered into Snape's ear, even as he gave in to his own desires and allowed one hand to slide down and measure Snape's cock. A cock he knew he'd be dreaming of in the nights to come.

Snape didn't answer him, already beyond the ability to speak. Remus twisted around Snape's body and said, "Don't forget, we don't want him to come from that. We want him to come from us."

A murmur was Sirius' only response, but it sounded enough like agreement for Remus to go back to what he'd been doing. Fingers grasping Snape's cock, Remus slid them up and then back down before he murmured into Snape's ear, "When he's through there, I'm going to stretch you wide open with my fingers, getting you nice and ready for me. And then I'm going to fuck you while Sirius takes his turn with his fingers. And then he's going to slide in beside me and stretch you so far open you'll feel us forever."

Snape whimpered and fell forward, resting his entire weight against Remus, who lowered him gently to the ground, arranging him on his hands and knees. Snape's arms quickly fell out from under him, and his new position pressed his arse high into the air as he continued to buck awkwardly against Sirius' mouth. Feeling the rising tension in Snape's body, Remus reached back and pushed Sirius away with a warning grunt. "He's too close," he said. "If he comes now, he won't be able to take us both tonight."

"Bugger that," Sirius muttered, wiping his mouth on the back of his hand.

Snape, however, was snarling at them both, animalistic sounds that Remus knew meant for them to get on with it. Crawling around behind Snape, Remus reached for the conjured lube and coated his fingers before he began to slowly but thoroughly stretch Snape open. When he had four fingers sliding in and out of Snape's arse, he pulled his hand free and slapped a handful of lube onto his cock.

Remus stared at Snape's loosened hole, seeing again in his mind's eye how far it had stretched to accommodate him and Sirius both. Remus swallowed roughly, reaching down to grasp his cock and squeeze it to keep himself from coming too soon. He had to last through not only fucking Snape by himself, but fucking Snape while Sirius fucked him too.

The idea itself was nearly enough to send him over the edge before they'd even started.

With a long, slow exhale of breath, Remus placed the head of his cock at Severus' arse and pressed in, pulling a groan from himself and a grunt from Snape. He slowed to a stop, waiting for Snape to give some indication that he was ready before thrusting again.

When he was moving steadily in and out of Snape's arse, he stopped again, eyes nearly crossing at the effort it took. He sat back on his heels and pulled Snape with him, helping Sirius to rearrange Snape's legs until Sirius could slide one lubed finger in beside Remus' cock.

Remus growled low in his throat; the feel of Sirius' finger squirming against him and the tightening sensation of Snape's arse all around his cock was nearly too much. Nearly.

"Again," Snape said through his teeth. "Another."

And Sirius complied. This time Remus had to sink his teeth into Snape's shoulder to stop a cry of utter satisfaction from bursting out of him.

"Faster," he managed to say, though he'd no idea if anyone could understand the words, muffled as they were against Snape's shoulder. "Do it faster or I'm going to lose it before you even start."

Severus' arse clenched around Remus, ripping a throaty yell from him. "Don't even think about coming before I have," Snape snapped at him, twisting his head toward Remus.

Remus rocked backward and forward, helping Sirius with the stretching even as he went over the properties of transfiguration in his head. It didn't help, really, especially when he began considering transfiguring soft materials into hard ones.

He didn't even need magic for that.

Finally, though, Sirius slid his fingers from Snape's arse and his cock was pressing against the underside of Remus'. Whimpers and moans escaped all three of them as Sirius applied more and more pressure until the head of his cock finally pushed into Snape.

Remus' shout was drowned out by Snape's, who'd thrown his head back, face lined in absolute pleasure. It was so much like what Remus had seen in the Mirror that his own arousal took on frantic overtones.

He needed to make Snape come so that he could. It was the one thought he could hold onto with any clarity, and he tightened his jaw against allowing the words to slip out in a litany.

Sirius pushed again, sweat breaking out along his brow at the effort he was putting forth. His cock, pressed so tightly to Remus' that he swore he could feel it inside of him, slid further along Remus', the head bumping against the sensitive spot just under the head of his own cock.

Remus was shaking at that point, his whole body rocking back and forth, though his grip on Snape was so tight that his cock didn't move inside Snape at all. However, the motion did cause Sirius' cock to slide in and out in small bursts of movement.

Muffled grunts came from Sirius, who had to have been experiencing at least part of what Remus was, but the sounds spilling from Snape were truly shocking. Loud gasps and filthy words poured from his lips in pleading tones that Remus had never heard from Snape before in all the years they'd known him.

And then, somehow, they found a rhythm. It wasn't pretty or smooth, but they were moving and thrusting and Snape was squirming against them both and it was so good and Remus was going to come. Come before Snape because he couldn't hold back, not another minute, but then Snape was coming, his body spasming so violently against Remus that their heads knocked together, making Remus see stars even as his belly went tight and his cock hardened further and…

He was coming. Coming so hard and sharp that he clenched all over, his chin digging into Snape's back and his teeth biting into his lip to stifle the scream that rose inside him. His cock slipped and slid inside Snape's arse, beside and against Sirius' cock, which was jerking against his now and making Snape's arse that much wetter. That much smoother to slide in and out of.

And Remus was still thrusting. He'd come already, his head was still buzzing from it, but he hadn't reached that stage where he was too sensitive to bear any more friction and he was loathe to give this up.

He knew somewhere deep inside him that this wasn't likely to ever happen again and though they were technically done, he wasn't, and he wanted to keep going. Just keep going forever.

But eventually Snape became too sensitive to continue, and let Remus know with a sharp, cruel twist of his fingers into the skin of Remus' inner thigh. With a groan of dismay, Remus pulled his hips backward until his cock slipped free, bouncing a bit against Sirius' cock as it did.

They all groaned then, though Remus felt certain Snape's groan was one of relief and not disappointment as had been his and Sirius'. Remus already wanted to be back inside Snape's arse and he'd only just left it.

"When can we do this again?" Sirius asked, his voice showing the strain of the last few minutes.

Remus just nodded, still holding tightly to Snape even though he was sure the other boy would like some space to collect himself.

"Maybe next time," Snape said with a tired chuckle, "it'll be the two of us fucking you."

"Not likely to happen, mate." Sirius at least had the decency to appear saddened at his own realization. "You're freakishly huge. I'm rather certain my arse won't accommodate you both."

"Freakish? I am not freakish!"

Remus put one consoling hand on Snape's stomach, pulling him back against his chest. "Don't take offense. Sirius is just feeling a bit sensitive over the size of his tiny little cock."

They all looked down at Sirius' cock then, where it lay quiescent, still shiny with lube and their combined come. Actually, Remus finally noticed, Sirius seemed to have come all over him.

"Besides," he mused, his cock giving a feeble twitch, "next time we need to relive my vision."

"Am I ever going to get to do the fucking?" Snape muttered, pulling away from Remus and flopping onto the springy floor.

Looking from Snape's cock to Sirius', Remus just licked his lips. "I've always been more adventurous than I'm given credit for."

"If you can get that in you in one go," Sirius said with a grin, gesturing to Snape's cock, "I'll crown you king of Nrop."
29th December 2010 18:02
Oh my! What a brilliant twist on canon! I couldn't decide whether to giggle or sit back and enjoy the ride (rather like Severus in fact...)
25th January 2011 05:37
:D Why choose? Do both! LOL! Thank you so much.
29th December 2010 18:16
Nnnggh! No coherence from me. Fuuuuuck! Favorite kink + Snape on the bottom = I'll be in my bunk. *dies of teh hawt*
25th January 2011 05:38
*glee* Thank you!!
29th December 2010 18:26
omg this was just so hot.

holy shit I've just come in Sirius' mouth without so much as a warning…please don't let me have actually shot it up his nose. roflmao! I scared the cats laughing at this line.

banter is just excellent and boys seeing porn in the mirror is inspired. love it!
25th January 2011 05:38
Haha, thank you!!
29th December 2010 23:28
Very hot! And I loved the Mirror of Nrop!
25th January 2011 05:39
LOL, it just... seems to be the thing that teenaged boys would see. :P

Thank you!
30th December 2010 01:03
*wide eyes and drooling* YOU ARE AWESOME! That was kinky goodness a la mode and you got Severus to consent!! Eee! You are full of WIN!!

*must go roll in the snow...for a few hours* So hot! Sooo good!
25th January 2011 05:39
Thank you so much!
30th December 2010 02:05
Nnnnnnnghhhh, god, that is so HOT. Especially how Snape wanted it and loved it and made filthy noises during it. a;lfhas;fkhasd;f
25th January 2011 05:41
Thank you, darling!! :D

And seriously, speaking of filthy noises, did you read the big dick!Jim fic in ST fandom??? Holy shit, if not, let me know and I'll find the link for you, damn.
30th December 2010 04:20
Hot and delicious! *g*
I love how you got Severus to cooperate. Confronted with the Mirror or Nrop, though, who could resist? ;)
Great job!
25th January 2011 05:42
Heh, thank you!! I was all stumped for a minute and a half on how to convince Snape and then it was like "oh, yeah, PORN MIRROR!"
30th December 2010 16:11
wonderful! this was very very hot!

and i love that snape has the biggest equipment of all of them :D and how he enjoyed himself! great!
25th January 2011 05:42
Thank you so much!
30th December 2010 19:22
*goes to take a cold shower*
25th January 2011 05:43
Hee! Thank you!
31st December 2010 01:14
Haha, that was magnificent! The characterizations were spot on, and I loved how Remus and Sirius were seeing different scenes, but somehow Snape saw the same one Sirius did. XD And who knew that Jane Austen would take so well to pron? The whole things is delightful.
25th January 2011 05:44
Yay!! Thank you so much. I do love your prompts, hon. They are quite inspiring!
31st December 2010 06:26 - *flails*
*Dies and is dead of hotness*
25th January 2011 05:44 - Re: *flails*
:D Thank you!
31st December 2010 07:24
Jane Austen will probably be in her bunk after this. ;)
2nd January 2011 16:40
I just have to say, this is pretty much the greatest comment I've ever seen. ;D
2nd January 2011 23:09
25th January 2011 05:44
I concur with [info]r_grayjoy's comment!

Thank you so much!
1st January 2011 03:43
Very, very hot. I love Sirius' moniker for the Mirror of Erised.
25th January 2011 05:44
:D Thank you!
2nd January 2011 03:59
Omg this was ridiculously hawt! Guh guh guy! Loved it!
25th January 2011 05:45
*beams* Thank you!
4th January 2011 03:21
Oh, yeah, Austen would love this. "Light, and bright, and sparkling," she'd call it. Mirror of Nrop, hahaha! Fun and hot.
25th January 2011 05:46
Thank you! That first sentence sort of forced me to go hunting other Austen quotes to twist to my own devious means. :D The funnest part was, they can pretty much ALL be rewritten into slashy/porny goodness!
6th January 2011 22:19
Fabulous! I love the Mirror of Nrop, and their methods of persuasion :-)
25th January 2011 05:46
Thank you!
9th January 2011 02:43
Very hot indeed!
25th January 2011 05:46
10th January 2011 07:33
You took me from sexy frame of mind to hilarious frame of mind with that last line! What a pleasure to read for both sex and snark.
25th January 2011 05:46
Thank you so much!
10th January 2011 08:25
Whoa, this was scorching!
25th January 2011 05:46
Thank you!
28th January 2011 22:25
Hah, you again! I finally read this, and then saw the author on refreshing the page to leave a comment. Brilliant! Also, SO porny, in such a fun way, and Sirius being all pouty over the verboten fisting. This was quite the ride ;).
4th April 2011 06:11 - Late response is late...
Hee, thank you!! And yes, surprise! Me!
22nd April 2011 01:22
I adore the image of a naked furious teenage Snape being unrolled from that carpet, ROFL! Your take on the mirror makes me think it's just as well for the canon plot that Harry was so young when he encountered the thing.
26th August 2011 04:11
Mmmmm, few things so delicious as double penetration! Snape having a huge cock and Sirius being cowed by it is win. And Snape going unglued when they're both inside him, and the descriptive details, mrrrrr....SO hot. Is it bad I'm imagining what would happen if Sirius gets his wish to fist him later? :3
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