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Kinky Kristmas Art: Right Where I Want You (Severus/Sirius) 
27th December 2010 12:00
Kristmas Wish Fulfilled for: [info]r_grayjoy
From: [info]akatnamedeaster

Title: Right Where I Want You
Characters/Pairings: Severus/Sirius
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Included: handjob, awkward sex
Other Warnings/Content: explicit nudity, spooge, wall! sex [seventh year; all characters represented are of age]
Artist's Notes: Cocky, flippant Sirius and awkward Snape in mid-orgasm, enjoy!

27th December 2010 17:20
Okay, I already squeed and flailed all over you in an email, but I'll copy what I said here for the sake of posterity. ;)

OMG, I don't know where to start... ! Everything about this is just perfect. Holy hell. Cocky, sexy, in control Sirius with awkward, totally not at all in control in any conceivable way Severus! YES! ::dissolves back into wild flailing::

Okay. Sirius. Good god. The way he's just leaning casually against the wall in spite of what's going on is just fantastic. His pose! I love his hand just resting on the stone. And his expression! Totally cocky and amused... but there's definitely arousal there too. He's not nearly as unaffected by the proceedings as he'd like to appear, hehe! I love the red tie in his hair -- that's such a great touch of color there. Oh, good god, his cute, perky little bum and the wand sticking out of his pocked! I love the wand there -- so casual -- and also so suggestive. LOL I can't get enough of wand-as-cock metaphors. XD Also, the way he's just so confidently and firmly grasping Snape's junk... the tendons and musculature in his wrist and forearm... just fantastic. Why are his forearms so sexy?!

And SEVERUS!!! Abjlaiupovanjhf!!! His FACE! (This is totally getting the "goofy sex face" tag, by the way. ::snerk::) He's just... just... totally losing it and not in control of himself at all. God. The eyes squeezed shut and the open mouth and the eyebrows knitted together and the flushed cheek! And as always, he's so wonderfully homely, and his nose is just a thing of beauty! He's so skinny and awkward, slouching and tense all over. OMG, his arm reaching for Sirius. I can totally see him gripping a fistful of Sirius' shirt, clinging to him for support. Gah. And, yeah, his cock rising up out of his trousers. There's a real sense of motion there; good lord, I can see it twitching as he comes! O.O You've captured that precise moment so perfectly.

Just... GUH. A whole universe of GUH. Guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh!!!!!!!!

You: 1. My brain: 0.



I'm gonna go back to starting at it now...
11th January 2011 18:59
*g* I was so happy that I was able to translate your prompt visually since I couldn't write it! :)
27th December 2010 17:26
Man, I just love Sirius' cocky smile as he watches Severus fall apart. *g*
And there's something about that wand in Sirius' back pocket that is just... GUH.
11th January 2011 18:59
Hehe. Thanks!
27th December 2010 18:32
ah, i love this! severus' expression is great, and sirius demonstrative arrogant pose! and i cannot stop staring at severus' ... it's so enormous!

*needs a cold shower*
11th January 2011 19:00
Thank you!
27th December 2010 19:57
Nnnngh. So HOT. I don't even know where to start fondling -- join Sirius in grabbing Snape, or grope Sirius's perky little round rear end?

11th January 2011 19:00
Oh, I think I would do both if I had the chance!
27th December 2010 19:59
Damn, but that's gorgeous. I adore Sirius's hair, his bum, his 'pleased as punch with himself' grin. And Severus is so much his opposite, losing control and seeming to love it and hate it at the same time.
11th January 2011 19:00
*L* Poor Snape, I always seem to put him in this love/hate position. Thanks!
27th December 2010 20:06
kinda perfect in every way.
11th January 2011 19:01
Thank you!
27th December 2010 22:16
Oh god. Cocky Sirius is sexy as hell! All of him but for some reason I can't stop looking at his right forearm. IT'S A SEXY FOREARM, OKAY? Plus, it leads my eye to other lovely sights. ;) And of course, there's Sirius's sexy bottom and Snape's sexy concave stomach and Snape's sexy cheekbones and - even Snape's greasy-looking hair is sexy. :D
11th January 2011 19:02
*L* Thank you! You know, that forearm was one of my favorite bits of this, at least it was one of the parts I was happiest with.
28th December 2010 00:15
Severus is so deliciously awkward and not in control and his cock...yum!

Sirius is very pretty. *goes back to drooling over Severus*

11th January 2011 19:02
Thank you! Poor, dorky Snape, lol!
28th December 2010 01:35
Love Sirius's cocky expression and Severus's...cock! Awesome, as always.
11th January 2011 19:02
Thanks! :)
28th December 2010 04:02
Your Sirius is just delicious. Love that wand in his back pocket for some reason. He's so confident and cocky, just like I like him! Great job!
11th January 2011 19:03
Thank you.:) Sirius can't help but be confident and cocky, it just works so well for him!
28th December 2010 04:14
Sirius is a pretty boy! And oh-so-arrogant. Such lovely art!
11th January 2011 19:03
Thank you!
28th December 2010 05:00
I ADORE Snape's expression here! Fantastic!
11th January 2011 19:04
Thanks. :)
28th December 2010 05:37
The expressions, both the posture and facial, are beyond perfect here! And soooooooo sexy!
11th January 2011 19:05
Thank you, I was really happy with how the posing came out here. :)
28th December 2010 07:24
Ok, I just love this. Sirius being a cocky ass and then the look on Snape's face is priceless. Much love for our two boys here.

Well done.
11th January 2011 19:05
*g* Thank you!
28th December 2010 16:04
11th January 2011 19:05
29th December 2010 01:44

THIS IS BRILLIANT! Hahaha! Snape coming in his pants! Why is jizzing in pants such a stupidly horny thing, for me?

He looks like it's so good it hurts... I'm kinda jealous ;)

11th January 2011 19:06
Why is jizzing in pants such a stupidly horny thing, for me?

Because it's really hot!

Thanks, glad you liked it!
29th December 2010 06:31
Love the fact that they're still clothed, and their expressions! Amazing!
11th January 2011 19:06
Thanks! Mostly dressed sexage is the best, IMO!
30th December 2010 04:47
The whole positioning of hands and features and the coloring and the splooge...egads, so bloody hot! Delicious treat just before bedtime!

Each bit is so well balanced, I could only repeat what accolades came before! I'm also going to go out and roll in the snow for a bit, too!
11th January 2011 19:07
Hehe, thank you hon! :)
30th December 2010 19:56
Oh, well. I admit there are times when Snack does look veeeery appealing, and this is one of them. Gorgeous.
11th January 2011 19:09
Thank you! :)
4th January 2011 04:23
I just looooove cocky!Sirius with a helpless, totally undone Severus! This has such great urgency to it -- almost as if they're not just pushed against a wall, but on a stair together, and mid-argument, Sirius just reached out and... :DDDD

Very well done, all those folds of sweaters and wrinkle in their other fabrics, and Severus's gorgeous cock and delicious abdomen! Sirius's attitude and pose, and that masterful grip, just fantastic. Great work!
11th January 2011 19:10
but on a stair together, and mid-argument, Sirius just reached out and...

That's a fic I want to read!

Thank you, I had a good time drawing this one, it's not often I get to draw clothing. I'm glad they came out well!
8th January 2011 09:59
Wow! a Perfect moment!
11th January 2011 19:12
Thank you!
10th January 2011 12:26
Oh, absolutely gorgeous :)
11th January 2011 19:13
Thanks very much! :)
30th January 2011 18:50 - Right Where I Want You (Severus/Sirius)
Their expressions are incredibly hot, love their fingers and of course Snapes...mid orgasm ;)

Wand in the back pocket is brilliant touch. This is what school had to have been like :D
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