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Kinky Kristmas Art: With the night comes the darkness (Fred/George) 
13th December 2010 12:00
Kristmas Wish Fulfilled for: [info]pre_raphaelite1
From: [info]fanlay

Title: With the night comes the darkness
Characters/Pairings: Fred Weasley/ George Weasley
Rating: R
Kinks/Themes Included: Necrophilia [Characters represented are of age... and/or dead.]
Artist's Notes: Happy Kinky Kristmas! Hope you enjoy it.
Art Preview:

13th December 2010 17:06
OMG, that is amazingly hot! The shadows, the poses and absolutely realistic bodies, and the intensity of George's expression. The subject matter is dark but this is just so beautiful! Wonderful artwork mystery artist, I love this!
13th December 2010 17:08
how marvelous that it is the dead Fred who is preying/praying on his warm, sleeping brother!
this is so splendid, in so many ways: pose, colour, lighting, and concept.
13th December 2010 17:09
oh wow!

i love your art (sorry! i'll pretend not to know who you are, mystery artist!)

this is wonderful! and i really don't care for fred/george at all - only i saw that tumbnail on the main page and immediately was drawn to the colours!

this is incredibly beautiful! - i love george's pose, asleep, while fred who should be motionless is crouching over him, and one can literally feel the coldness of death in him - and his shadow covering george - wonderful!

i love also, how despite the powdery, soft colours you used, that image is still dark and twisted!

wonderful work!

*stares and stares and stares*

13th December 2010 18:24
So beautiful but at the same time so sad, the one person I really felt for at the end of DH was George, losing a sibling is bad enough but to lose the half of yourself is just devastating.

Beautiful colouring and shadow and the look on George's face *heart breaks again*
13th December 2010 18:28
This is gorgeous and so so heartbreaking.
13th December 2010 18:55
Wow! This is absolutely gorgeous. Heartbreaking and morbid (*) but also so very sexy. And normally the idea of necrophilia squicks me, but guh, is this sexy! Just... stunning. I love it so much!! :)

(*) Mods, haha, I wondered at first why you'd call this DD member morbid! ;)
13th December 2010 19:42
beautiful. guh. their anatomy is perfect and their positions are so right for the kink.
13th December 2010 19:53
Wow, this is gorgeous, very powerful and incredibly hot.

I absolutely love that you've turned the prompt on its head, the wonderful open pose you've caught George in, Fred's intensity, and the shadows and light across their bodies.

Beautiful work.
13th December 2010 20:00
OMG!His bodies! His faces! Thanks!
13th December 2010 20:15
Oh my dear!
This is just gorgeous, as is all your work!
Heartbreaking and beautiful. ♥
13th December 2010 20:43
This is absolutely exquisite, oh not-so-secret artist. George's sleep-sprawl, his somber, dreaming face, the erotic compulsion that leads his hand down his pyjama bottoms - it's tender and horrifying at once, and incredibly sensual. The use of shadows is magnificent, the sheer creepiness of them, as are Fred's flushed and somehow moonlit skin, his predatory crouch beside his brother and the way one hand holds George down while the other trespasses beneath his waistband. It seems so desperate, so sad and (in magical terms) Dark, a very personal incubus that comes to George at night - because George wants him there.

Beautiful and uncanny.
13th December 2010 20:46
I could tell who you are by the thumbnail. You always choose the most unusual scenarios to capture; this one, wow. You can just feel Fred's longing in this. So beautiful, achingly sad...
13th December 2010 21:23
EEEEEEEE! Okay- I'm going to post the contents of the YM convo to [info]thegildedmagpie because my brain is SO MUSH FOR THE AWESOMENESS OF THIS AND LOVE FOR YOU. *keeps abusing capslock!*

pre_raphaelite1: OH OH OOOOH my Necrophilia has been posted
pre_raphaelite1: and it's ART
pre_raphaelite1: noooooooooooooooooooo
pre_raphaelite1: *SOBS*
pre_raphaelite1: OH!!!!
pre_raphaelite1: LOADLOAD LOAD
pre_raphaelite1: FUCKING LOAD
pre_raphaelite1: ...........................................
pre_raphaelite1: OMG
pre_raphaelite1: OMG
pre_raphaelite1: OMFG
pre_raphaelite1: *dies and is DEAD... like FRED*
13th December 2010 22:24
Oh my gawd! I don't like Weasleycest but I decided to click anyway. Oh my gawd but that's gorgeous on so many levels. Guh!
13th December 2010 22:54
Absolutely breathtaking, not-so-mysterious one! Their expressions are beautifully sad and peaceful, the shadows and antatomy superb <33 The way this makes me feel is like a punch in the gut. Awesome!
13th December 2010 23:53
Woah, amazing!
14th December 2010 00:02
George looks so peaceful, almost angelic. And Fred looks pretty much the opposite.

Beautiful figures and I loved the lighting/shading!
14th December 2010 00:35
God, that's gorgeous!
14th December 2010 01:00
Oh, wow. What a stunning piece of art -- disturbing and hot and beautiful.
14th December 2010 01:04
IJ just ate my comment - the hoar.

I really like this! The way Fred's hand is so possessively over George's heart while his other hand is so determinedly seeking what he wants. I like the difference in their colouring - George so vibrant and alive and Fred so.... muted. The freaky shadows are freaky and I adore George's body position!
14th December 2010 01:31
Beautifully done. The poses, the colors, their expressions, the shadows like bruises, the emotional power -- just excellent.
14th December 2010 02:12
Aaaaah, very cool!
14th December 2010 02:32
I love this. I just can't see one without the other and even here it's beautiful rather than frightening or wrong. Love the contrast between their flesh, the way George is sprawled out. Wonderful work.
14th December 2010 02:43
Your art is always so fucking beautiful ♥ ♥ ♥
14th December 2010 03:21
This is just gorgeous.
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