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Kinky Kristmas Fic: Seven Months Along (Charlie/Tonks) 
4th December 2010 12:00
Kristmas Wish Fulfilled for: [info]luvscharlie
From: A Wonderful Watcher: [info]lovedlea

Title: Seven Months Along
Characters/Pairings: Charlie/Tonks, mention of Tonks/Remus
Rating: NC17
Kinks/Themes Included: infidelity
Other Warnings/Content: none
Word Count: 2234
Summary/Description: Tonks is sent to retrieve Charlie seven months after her last visit and has a surprise under her parka.
Author's Notes: nada

It wasn't the pounding on his door that woke Charlie, it was the strange whining that Pup was doing. Some guard dog. Charlie rolled out of bed, digging around for some pajama pants as he grumbled at his useless retriever. "A squirrel so much as looks at your yard and it's bark bark sodding bark. People wailing on my door gets me nothing but whinging."

Trudging through the cabin he called home, Charlie nudged Pup aside again and again as the dog ran circles around him. The pounding on his front door persisted. "Wait a sodding minute, I'm-" Charlie stopped mid-sentence as he caught sight of bright pink amidst the endless white outside. "Tonks! Merlin's balls, woman! Do you know what sodding time it is?"

Charlie tugged the door open. "What in Merlin's name are you doing here in-"

The silence that fell between them suddenly was only interrupted by the hiss of his dragon tattoo that curled and flinched in the cold breezing through the door. Even beneath the considerable parka, Charlie could see the swell of Tonks’ belly. He stared and he stared and he stared. This was nothing like the last time she'd showed up here unexpectedly.

Tonks hurled herself through the door at him, arms wrapped around his neck. She'd smelled like summer, fire and sweat, but it was a good smell. Charlie slammed the door behind her, nuzzling her neck, not caring about boundaries like he should have. Half a dozen years and he still couldn't keep his hands off of her.

Charlie's mouth sought her flesh, tasting the soft skin along her throat without hesitation. The sound of her moaning was the best thing he'd heard in months - years, maybe. At least since the last time she'd been in his arms. He wasn't wasting any time. Charlie slid his hands up her shirt before they'd even made it through the living room.

"No..." Tonks' groan was reluctant but not very convincing. "Charlie, I can't." He didn't stop and she didn't make any move to stop him. "I

"If you really couldn't, you wouldn't be here." Charlie tugged her shirt over her head as they passed through the bedroom doorway. Tonks lifted her arms to help him off with it. "He's not enough for you. You need me."

"You plan to let me in? I'm freezin' my arse off out here."

Charlie stepped aside, holding Pup back with an absent hand as the retriever tried to jump on Tonks like he always did. She closed the door behind her, stomped the snow from her boots, and slipped them off. Neither one spoke until Tonks slipped out of her coat and hung it next to his on the wall. He couldn't help feeling like it belonged there. If she’d just stayed any one of the dozens of times he asked her to... well, she wouldn't be married to a werewolf for one.

Not that Charlie had a problem with Remus. Stand up bloke, really. Just not right for his Tonks. His. She had to be. That bump had to be. Why else would she be here?

After a minute of Tonks staring at him expectantly, Charlie cleared his throat. He released Pup who, finally calmed, and skulked his way toward Tonks slowly and carefully, but with his tail wagging at breakneck speed. If Charlie had a tail, it would have probably be wagging the same way as his mind rushed through a million awkward questions, trying to settle on the best approach.

"Seven months along?"

Tonks crouched with a grunt, wrapping her arms around his monster of a dog. Pup licked her face excitedly and Charlie held his breath as he anticipated her answer. She wouldn't be so cruel as to make him wait for a "no", would she? Maybe. Maybe he deserved that.

"About seven, yeah."

Red-orange strands of damp hair clung to Tonks' face as the breeze through the open window did nothing to cool them off. She rocked on top of him, sweat slicked and panting. Her eyes stared down at him, unnaturally blue as the summer sky. Charlie's rough and calloused hands palmed her breasts and she growled like a cat in heat.

She loved his work-worn fingertips, she said; loved every scar on his body. And no matter how many little alterations she made to herself to try and please him, Charlie always noticed and wanted her back to herself.

Snaking a hand between her legs, Charlie found her clit with the ease of someone who'd been at this a number of times before. She gasped, trembled, and completely threw off their rhythm. Charlie gripped her hips and flipped her over. Pounding into her from a new angle, Charlie had to use his hands for balance; but Tonks already had her hand between them, fingers knocking into his cock as she rubbed herself off.

"Charlie!" Tonks shouted his name, head jerking up to seek out his lips with hers. "Pull out! You have to pull out!"




They were too close. Tonks knew he was going to come because she was about to. His body was too well attuned to hers, even with them spending so much time apart. Tonks came, a protest on her lips but with a body that knew exactly what it wanted, where it belonged. And Charlie followed, crying out her name - "Dora!" - as he spilled into her. His arms wrapped around her shoulders to hold her close as they trembled and came down as slowly as usual.

"Whose is it?" Charlie came into the living room with a mug of hot cider and a tray of biscuits, the ones with the strawberry jam... her favorites. Did Remus know that? Or that she only liked cinnamon gum? Or that her laundry had to smell like lavender or she didn't know it's clean? Or that she liked to watch blokes polishing their wands because she got a giggle out of the innuendo? How could she be with Remus when Charlie knew her better than anyone?

Tonks took the plate and the mug, and pushed Pup aside. She'd never looked so uncomfortable in Charlie’s house before. Even with her feet propped up, his favorite blanket wrapped around her, and his dog curled up at her side, Tonks looked like she wanted nothing more than to escape. But she belonged there, her and the baby. His baby. Had to be his, the timing was right; why else would she be here?

It was like a mantra at this point, a prayer; had to be his, had to be his.

"Don't know."

Charlie didn't sit, but he probably should have. It wasn't a "no", but it was as good as if she'd said it. Fifteen years as best mates has more than taught Charlie to read her better than she realised. The reluctance in her voice, the way her eyes refused to meet his, the fading of her hair from pink to brown...

She didn't want to tell him. She never meant to tell him.

"What if it comes out mine?"

"If it comes out red headed and freckled, you mean?"

"Can't escape the Weasley traits, Dora. We've got super sperm." He flopped on the couch beside her, trying to appear more relaxed than he actually felt. Surely Tonks could see through him as easily as he could her. "I doubt your wolf boy could-"

"Charlie, don't. Just don't. Unless this baby comes out with Weasley hair, I'm not telling anyone. It's Remus' baby, Charlie. My husband's." She moved over, out of his reach. She put down the biscuits and the cider and curled up on the sofa. She looked miserable and Charlie couldn't help hating himself for his part in that.

Slumping on the couch, Charlie let out a little huff. "So, if you didn't come to welcome me to fatherhood, why are you here?"

"The Order sent me. We need help, Charlie. And they wanted me away from the fighting for a while."

"You got antsy."

Tonks nodded, rubbing her baby bump. Charlie could see the frustration on her face, but the hand on her tummy was gentle and soothing. "I hate feeling useless. I complained, they sent me here. I couldn't argue."

Which meant that she’d wanted to. She really hadn't intended on telling him. She wanted to tell them no, but she couldn't because arguing would have raised suspicions, no doubt. Especially considering she'd jumped at the chance every other time.

"We need to go tomorrow, if you're coming. I can't stay."

"You can stay. Dora, please, stay."

"I can't, Charlie. You know that I can't. It never works out. It's why you moved way the hell out here in the first place."

"You can. You know you can, you just won't."

"I can't, Charlie."

His lips brushed her bare knuckle and he watched as her eyes strayed to the ring on his bedside table. "You won't." Charlie moved his kisses to her palm, up her arm, toward her shoulders and down to her naked breasts; anything to win her attention back.

"Okay. I won't." Her fingers threaded through Charlie's hair, stroking his scalp as his lips found her nipple and teased it to a tight little nub of arousal again. She moaned softly. Her eyes darted between Charlie's pleading eyes and her wedding ring. "I won't do that to him, Charlie. I won't leave my husband for something we know will never work."

"We don't know that." Charlie nibbled down her ribcage. She gasped and arched underneath him as Charlie smirked and kept kissing lower. "It's failed a bunch of times, sure. But, Tonks, that was years ago."

Charlie wasn't giving her a change to argue. He nudge the blanket aside, slipping his hand between her legs. He kept kissing downward as his fingers teased her folds. He moved his mouth across her stomach and over her hips as he stroked her clit in small circles with the ragged pad of his thumb. "We can try again, Tonks. You never gave us a fair chance to try again."

She could only gasp and moan and writhe beneath him. For Charlie that was as good as winning this argument.

Sliding his hands up the back of her thighs, Charlie pushed Tonks' knees to her ribs. His mouth dropped to her sex, all teeth and tongue as she rutted against him. He could feel her wetness dripping down his chin, taste his own spunk. It was damned sexy. Very few things turned him on more than the primal and possessive knowledge that his seed was still inside her.

Charlie thrust one finger in. And then a second and a third. Tonks was past letting him control her movements. Her hips rutted against him, taking her pleasure the way she wanted it. Charlie let her grip his head, fuck his face, ride his fingers; just so long as she was getting off, he was satisfied. He didn't have anything left to come anyway.

She squirted into his mouth with a sharp cry. Charlie nuzzled her thigh, licking and stroking until her body had trembled through its last aftershock. Then he crawled back up, pulling her into his arms to snuggle, to keep her close.

"You're mine, Dora. You know you are. You love me as much as I love you."

Tonks sighed, nuzzling into his neck. "Charlie, I may be in love with you, but I'm married."

Charlie had his arms full of bedding when Tonks emerged from the bathroom. Her wet hair was still a faded brown and the pajama pants didn't match the top that obviously no longer fit over her bulge, but she looked beautiful. Charlie wanted so desperately to have a baby of his own - for her baby to be his own. But it ached to know that the only way he'd ever see her smile again was if she was carrying her husband's child and not his.

"You can have the bed. Mum would disown me if I stuck a pregnant bird on the couch." She'd never been in his bed without him in it, but Charlie could be a gentleman. He could respect boundaries. He'd been raised with manners at least.

"I can take the couch, Charlie."

"No, you can't. For once in your soddin' life, don't argue with me." Charlie dropped his bedding on the couch and turned toward her. He offered a half-hearted smile. "Besides, might be my wee one in there. I gotta take care of him."

Tonks dropped her gaze and lowered her voice. He'd never seen her so timid. "Charlie, I may be carrying your child, but I'm in love with my husband. I'm in love with Remus."

What could he say to that? It was like a dagger through his heart. Charlie sighed, his whole posture sinking. Swallowing hard, he turned around to make his bed on the couch and hide the fire on his cheeks and the tears in his eyes. The dragon tattoo curled into a ball between his shoulder blades. After a minute or two, he heard the door to his bedroom close.

Even if the kid came out his, Tonks wasn't anymore. It was over, baby or no baby. But now, for her sake, for the sake of that baby, Charlie had a reason to throw himself fully into this sodding war.
4th December 2010 17:33
Awr, that's a great idea! Running with the notion that werewolves can't usually have offspring and turning into this awesome infidelity/love-affair thing. Great stuff. I particularly liked how you animated Charlie's tattoo, noms. Also, licking his own come out of her, ;alksjd;lkjsfd.
4th December 2010 18:51
So sad! Poor Charlie. *sniffle*
4th December 2010 19:25
Really well done. I like the on again off again relationship. Definitely that you don't know what you have until it's gone. Great job.
5th December 2010 00:02
Oh, so awesome. Super hot flashbacks, but with a giant awesome heaping of angst just the way I like it. The idea that Tonks's baby was Charlie's is one of my very favourite fanon takes on DH. :D
5th December 2010 04:59
Firstly, thank you so much Mystery Author. This is my favorite of all pairings, and you've done them up here in a way that melts and breaks my heart all at once.

"Whose is it?" Charlie came into the living room with a mug of hot cider and a tray of biscuits, the ones with the strawberry jam... her favorites. Did Remus know that? Or that she only liked cinnamon gum? Or that her laundry had to smell like lavender or she didn't know it's clean? Or that she liked to watch blokes polishing their wands because she got a giggle out of the innuendo? How could she be with Remus when Charlie knew her better than anyone?
I love how well he knows her, how much they've shared, and how he's constantly reasoning out in his head why he's the best choice, even though he grudgingly admits Remus is a stand up guy

more than the primal and possessive knowledge that his seed was still inside her.
God! That was hot!

"Charlie, I may be in love with you, but I'm married."
Infidelity!Fic at its grandest!

Even if the kid came out his, Tonks wasn't anymore.
Oh, my poor Charlie!

Honestly, you took my prompts and just ran with them. This was exactly the kind of fic I hoped for, and I could not be happier to receive it!

*saves it to memories right away*

5th December 2010 05:16
I loved this. So full of angst, passion and the pain of lost love. *sigh* Great job!
5th December 2010 06:54
Perfect love triangle! Great job!
5th December 2010 20:24
Oh, this is fantastic, Mystery Author. The skipping back and forth in time effect works so well here. It just gets more and more tragic for Charlie (and for Tonks too, really) as it progresses. The sex is hot and painful, and your ending line is brilliant.
5th December 2010 22:15
This is very well done, & I loved the dialogue in both eras. I'd never seen Charlie as the settling down type, but you've almost convinced me ;-)
6th December 2010 06:46
Oh, god, you just have to feel for all of them in this. Hot and sad and just so achey. Lovely job, really.
6th December 2010 22:28
This is so real, so aching, brilliantly done. I love your Charlie and your Tonks. I love that it is all so plausible and so *ouch*
7th December 2010 03:25
Oh, very well done. You've nicely captured the point where infidelity makes no one happy.
13th December 2010 03:36
Aw, Charlie! *hugs him* This is so gorgeous and sad.
13th December 2010 04:41

I ♥ the very idea of Charlie/Tonks with Teddy being Charlie's! Usually because it makes Remus free for me to put with other people. ;) But seeing it from the other side was sort of glorious and heartbreaking all at once. Poor Charlie.

And holy shit! That sex was freakin' hot!!
26th December 2010 16:44
Oh, ouch. Poor Tonks... poor Charlie... *sniffles*
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