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Kinky Kristmas Art: ...and to all a good night / Merry Christmas, Git (Remus/Severus/Sirius) 
3rd December 2010 12:00
Kristmas Wish Fulfilled for: [info]nehalenia
From: [info]akatnamedeaster

Title: ...and to all a good night and Merry Christmas Git
Characters/Pairings: Remus/Severus/Sirius
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Included: Double penetration
Other Warnings/Content: explicit nudity, spooge, object insertion, bondage, really pissed off Snape [Seventh year; all characters are of age.]
Artist's Notes: Severus is caught (once again) sneaking around the Gryffindor common room on Christmas Eve. He gets something much more interesting than the information he was looking for. He is then is returned to the Slytherin dorm in a rather festive fashion, much to his chagrin. Lucky for him the House-Elves don't go away for the holidays.

"For Severus, the worst part of the whole ordeal was having to convince the House-Elf who found him that the position he was found in was not in fact, his way of celebrating the holidays."
3rd December 2010 17:37
*collapses in fits of laughter*

Another masterpiece from a not-very-secret member. Ohh the details... I literally have tears in my eyes from laughing. xD
The candy cane, the stickers, the poster on the wall, and to top it all, the House-elf's reaction. LMAO

Much love to your talent, wickedness and sense of humour! :D
3rd December 2010 18:36
DP! Excellent. :D And that gift wrapped Snape looks marvelous. I'd like one under the tree, kplzthnx. Wonderful work, oh, mystery member. ;)
3rd December 2010 18:43
OMG. *DIES* Insanely hot art UNF. I just...DP ON SNAPE. YES, YUM.
3rd December 2010 19:07
Mmmmm....those three...

And I love the glower on Sev in the second one. Perfect. :D
3rd December 2010 19:18
oh.... my.
6th December 2010 19:09
have had time to recover and comment in more detail. What everyone else said + Severus's ribs in the first. Such a nice touch. Poor half-starved Severus.
3rd December 2010 19:20
"The Rabid Kneazles"!!!

I see what you mean about failing at anon, heh. Neha is so lucky to have gotten this gift! (almost typoed "git", hehe)

And hey, Sev, at least they left you your wand, if not your dignity.
3rd December 2010 19:23
what a great kristmas present! lovely, how severus' come is all over sirius' chest, and severus' fingernails are leaving marks on the head board.

the candy cane in tbe second image is so perfect - and of course his cute derriere!
3rd December 2010 19:37
Wonderful! (I bet that candy cane burns!)
3rd December 2010 19:39
DUDE. That is hot like burning. DP! Comeshots! Huge cocks! Tied-up Snape! Object penetration! SO MUCH WIN.
3rd December 2010 19:51

So I normally don't like seeing Snape in humiliating positions but here I am, UNABLE TO STOP LAUGHING. :D THE CANDY CANE. THE LITTLE NOTES. OMG! *new fits of laughter* Not to mention Snape's expression. Haha, a really pissed off Snape indeed!

And the DP scene is so hot and deliciously detailed. Snape scratching the headboard! Gorgeous bodies, all lean muscles and sexy angles (oh, all those buttocks and knees!), and I have such a kink for come in pictures. Guh.

Fabulous job, "mystery" artist! :D
3rd December 2010 20:34
*is very very happy*
3rd December 2010 21:25
Excuse me whilst I just... Erm, yeah, speechless. Wonderful use of colour oh not so mysterious artist.

You've blown me away.

~goes back to drooling over pics~
3rd December 2010 22:05
Haha, fabulous! The top image is scorching hot and the lower one is hilarious - what a pose, and the best use of a candy cane ever :-D
3rd December 2010 22:41
Oh yes, Severus must just LOVE candy canes. *giggles*

And the top one... GUH! Fabulously hot!
3rd December 2010 22:59
OH MY. That top picture is just the definition of hotness. But the second one, LOLOLOL. I can not stop laughing. That is just awesome. I love it!
4th December 2010 00:13

Ahahaha, these are both fabulous. I love the sharpness of Severus' expression in the second.
4th December 2010 00:54
Priceless! Poor Severus having to convince the House-elf he doesn't celebrate the holidays this way. roflmao!
4th December 2010 01:34
Oh my. The first is incredibly hot. I'm loving all the little details and the DP!!!

The second has me in fits of laughter. I'm loving Severus' pissed off face muchly!
4th December 2010 04:06
The first one is so hot, I think there's magma in my computer! The second one...um, why do I have a feeling that candycane's going to get returned someplace...tight?

The colors, the depth, the action, the glowering glare on Severus' face! It all says he's going to be going back to the Gryffindor Tower soon!

I love seeing other folks' gifts...like Christmas every day!
4th December 2010 04:24
Unnngh, god, the looks on their faces in that first one are so HOT. And the second one is darn hot too, despite the humor.
4th December 2010 04:42 - Happy Xmas to MEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

THIS is just the best kind of EVERYTHING! Incredibly hot AND funny? Oh 'Mystery' Santa, you win BIG TIME! XDDD

There's such gorgeous detail in that first picture -- the poster on the wall, Severus scratching the headboard, their beautiful, angular bodies, Remus's scars, Sirius's dog tags, just... everything! And the hotness is OFF THE CHARTS here! (Especially the way Remus is trying to jam his ruddy great cock further into Severus' ass, which Sirius is so kindly holding open for him. That's just... guh!)

And dear god, that next picture! *falls over laughing* The look on his face is to die for, but so are all the great details, like his clothes only half on him, all the ties he's bound with, and oh yes, THE CANDY CANE! *dies* It's so very easy to see how much fun those two had with Severus (and I thing Severus is having more fun than he's letting on.

THANK YOU, 'MYTERY' ARTIST! This is just wonderful!

4th December 2010 07:08
4th December 2010 11:34
*ded* Those are fantastic.
4th December 2010 14:38 - ...and to all a good night and Merry Christmas Git
This is fantastic! Love the candy cane in the arse with a Christmas tag. Snape's expression is perfection.

The first one is completely mouth watering. Love the white streams. The details to the bed are great accessories, and Remus' orgasmic expression just makes me all warm n fuzzy.


4th December 2010 20:38
Oh, YES. WIN!! The DP is hot like burning. I love their facial expression, especially Remus, UNF, and the way they're both gripping Snape's bum. fffffffnnnnng. And unf, the second is super hot too. :D
5th December 2010 09:47

*takes a breath*


Okay, I love the hot, but the second pic? Oh, god. There are tears from laughing so hard.
5th December 2010 16:42
OMG! XD I don't know if I want to laugh for the second one, or go fast to take a look at the wonderful firs ;-)

Thanks, dear!
5th December 2010 17:29

5th December 2010 20:18
OMG, dear Artist, if I didn't adequately flail at you when you submitted this, allow me to do so now: ::flaily flaily flaaaaaiiiiil!!!!::

Severus' face! REMUS' face and posture -- GUH. The nails scratching the headboard. What a souvenir for Sirius, eh?? The DP, Severus coming, their hair, Severus' tie hung over the bedpost, the wands everywhere. Hot hot hot OMG hot.

And the second piece... ! LMAO Oh, all the details in that! The Gryffindors were quite thorough, weren't they?? I love the way Severus' arms are bound with his own tie (ouch!) and the old, graying underpants. And his expression! Hee!

Also? Severus looks just as good blushing in humiliation and anger as he does flushing in orgasm. XD
6th December 2010 21:43
Mnnnn, yum!!
That first is all kinds of hot, and the second... am I wrong to think that Severus looks incredibly enticing like that?! XD
7th December 2010 03:27
Now that I've picked my jaw up off the floor... the first one... and quite squeeing in amusement... the second one... *smishes you* You are so awesome!!! I ADORE your stuff!!
7th December 2010 14:58
Wow, just fantastic!

The second one is hilarious and hot at the same time!

And the first, my goodness, *borrows gift tags to fan self with*
8th December 2010 02:54
HEEEE!!!!! Fantastic.
8th December 2010 11:43
[snerk] Oh, there will be repercussions...
9th December 2010 23:53
Bwahahahahahahahaha! *dies* OMG this is BRILLIANT!!!!! *rolls over dead - again!* I LOVE IT!
10th December 2010 00:32
omg, that's priceless and awesome! The look on his face in the second! and that hot hot hot threesome! guh!
10th December 2010 02:13
Here from [info]ariadneelda's rec! Wonderful!
10th December 2010 04:50
Oh my...I *wonder* who drew these??? ROFL

These are wonderful. And so *festive* as well!

Poor Severus though. He looks quite peeved. And candy canes are so sticky...

10th December 2010 07:38
Oh dear God!

Double penetration!


Too...hot...can't...continue typing...

Also, I love the candycane shoved up Snape's ass. A friend drew me a similar picture for last Christmas, but Severus liked it a lot more. *smirk*
10th December 2010 16:59
(I have no idea who is who in the top image; the middle one is Snape? the bottom-most one is Snape? Who's the short-haired one?^^)

I feel bad for tied!up!Snape in the lower pic. ;_; May I sectum sempra his binding ribbons?
16th December 2010 02:36
This is fabulous!!! The DP is scorching hot!! and that candycane, so delicious, hee! Brilliant art.
16th December 2010 08:33
Very hot!
17th December 2010 09:50
Very nicely done! I especially like the use of color! WHOO! *HUGS*

love, lore
26th December 2010 16:39
Here I was all, OMG! Hot!!! Then I scrolled down. Now I can't stop laughing, but I am so glad I didn't have any beverage near the computer that moment.

You are brilliant!
27th December 2010 17:09
of all the brilliant and genius we get from you ,mystery artist, this takes the cake, er, candy I guess, in this case! what I love most of all is Sev's disheveled clothes: his grey underpants, his tight little schoolboy vest and rucked up shirt, the excellent use of his tie. other details that I'm loving are the way his hair is under his nose, and that oh-so-exposed perenium I just want to pet...

so very festive!!
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