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Kinky Kristmas Fic: Obedience Training (Lucius, Astoria/Orion the dog) 
3rd December 2010 12:00
Kristmas Wish Fulfilled for: [info]coerciveconsent
From: [info]silvernatasha

Title: Obedience Training
Characters/Pairings: Lucius Malfoy, Astoria Greengrass/Orion the dog
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Included: Bestiality, humiliation
Other Warnings/Content: Coercion (heavy dub con), anal/rimming
Word Count: ~2,600
Summary/Description: Lucius is unimpressed with Draco's new girlfriend and decides that she needs to learn a little obedience.
Author's Notes: Thanks to my beta for looking over this and especially thanks to the prompter - I had great fun writing this.

Every year, just as the calendar prepared to tick over into May, something like this seemed to happen. It had been this way since the end of the war; as the anniversary approached, Draco found a fresh joie de vivre. A new raison d'étre.

This year it wasn't an expensive new racing broom or a tattoo. This year, Draco had found his joy in a woman. Or a girl. Sixteen, Lucius thought, wasn't quite old enough for him to think of her as a woman. Naturally, he was disappointed. Draco ought to have been too old for this sort of thing, too mature. But no. Draco was mooning over Astoria Greengrass as though the sun shone from her pert little bottom and giving him assurances like, "You'll love her when you meet her, Father," and sighing as he said, "I can't wait until she finishes school for the summer."

Those very words sent a shiver through Lucius. While he could see the appeal of a younger woman, there was no doubt in his mind that Draco had made a mistake in dumping Pansy Parkinson. Pansy was pretty, but not so much so that she would draw all attention away from Draco who was, after all, a very handsome young man. She was also well-bred and knew how to be extremely discreet, as she had proven on several occasions during the time that she and Draco had been courting. Lucius appreciated the subtlety that she had developed over the last few years. It was a quality that would have been extremely useful for the Malfoys in years to come.

If Astoria Greengrass were anything like her sister, though, she would require some refinement. Daphne was not the sort of young woman that Lucius wished to see his son consorting with and, thankfully, she seemed to hold as much disdain for Draco as Lucius did for her. Loud-mouthed and uncouth, Daphne ought to have been sent to that charming Swiss finishing school in Zermatt, but apparently Cosmo Greengrass hadn't seen the point. Along with being obese, it seemed the man was myopic when it came to his daughters.

Draco's infatuation with the girl continued into the summer, by which point Lucius had long since tired of the drivel about her. On the day that Narcissa was to hold a party at the manor, Lucius assigned his son to see to the peafowl during the preparations. The prattle had escalated to the point where Lucius thought that he might very well be able to identify the girl by her shoes alone after Draco had described them in such painstaking - and painful - detail.

Though he had considered Draco's puppyish mooning intolerable, it was nothing compared to actually seeing Astoria attempting to drape herself over him or inspect his tonsils with her tongue. She was a skinny slip of a girl, someone to whom Lucius would have paid no attention if she had not been clinging to his son.

Having performed his duties as host and confident that Narcissa would continue admirably as she was, Lucius summoned a house elf with a crisp snap of his fingers. The wide-eyed creature looked up at him, anxiously wringing its hands. "Tell Miss Astoria Greengrass that I wish to speak with her in my personal library." He hooked the tip of his cane under the elf's chin. "As soon as possible." With a few subservient murmurs of assurance, the house elf scampered off. Lucius gave a heavy sigh and turned on his heel, retreating to the sanctuary of his library.

These days, the shelves of the library were less dense than they had once been. Snivelling Ministry workers with glasses and hunched shoulders had seen fit to confiscate dozens upon dozens of volumes that Lucius and his family had spent decades acquiring. Ultimately, he had been helpless to stop them for fear of a prison sentence. Lucius had no desire to return to Azkaban at any point during his life and had simply watched with a clenched jaw as his books had been piled into boxes by people who simply couldn't appreciate their worth. Still, plenty of books remained. When he retired here, his family knew better than to disturb him.

Lucius settled into a chair to await the girl, though it was only a minute before Narcissa's new pet started to nudge at his knees. The dog seemed to get everywhere, but at least it was housebroken. He absently scratched it behind the ears. Better that the dog was in here rather than out scaring the peafowl.

His fingers tightened in annoyance on the arm of the chair as he heard the door open. "Drakey darling," a female voice cooed, the door closing with a firm click. Astoria giggled. "Draco? Are you sure we should be up here? I thought -"

The sight of Lucius rising smoothly from his chair to greet her silenced her, thankfully.

Lucius' lip curled. Drakey darling. Merely thinking the words left a bitter taste in his mouth. Yet somehow, Draco saw more than a pert bottom when he looked at the girl. Lucius highly doubted that the girl was hiding a mammoth intellect behind those honey blonde locks. Perhaps those surprise-parted lips were good for more than just saccharine nicknames. 'Drakey darling', indeed.

"The house elf said Mr Malfoy wanted to see me. I thought it meant Draco." She nibbled nervously on her lower lip. "Did you want to see me?"

It took great patience for Lucius not to roll his eyes. "Yes," he said crisply. "If I didn't, I wouldn't have requested your presence." He beckoned. "Step forward, Miss Greengrass."

She sniffed. "You could at least say please," she said haughtily, tossing her hair back over her shoulder as she moved a few steps closer.

Narcissa's dog, a glossy-coated Labrador called Orion, sat neatly at her feet, looking up at Astoria expectantly. "Heel," Lucius told him sharply. Orion got up and resettled himself beside Lucius, tail wagging with a regular thump against his ankles. At least someone, Lucius thought, knew how to follow orders without complaining.

Lucius raised his cane with a sharp flick, pointing it straight at Astoria. She gasped. "If you are to be involved with my son," he purred, "the first thing you will learn is to keep a civil tongue."

"I'm sorry. I was just thinking that it wouldn't kill you to say -"

Lucius gave a lazy twist of his cane, eyes narrowing. A smirk tugged at his lips when the next thing out of Astoria's mouth was a yelp. Her eyes widened almost comically, her hands flying to her mouth. "As I said, learn to control your tongue. I won't stand for your yapping."

Her cheeks flushed a deep red and she lowered her hands. Presumably, she was trying to apologise once more, but the only sound from her was a bark. As she gasped, Astoria's tongue lolled from her mouth, longer, flatter and distinctly canine. She drew it back, swallowing. Nervously licking her lips, she only succeeded in licking her nose. She whimpered.

"Women who consort with Malfoys know when to keep their silence. A skill you need to master if you intend to continue this dalliance with my son. You do intend to continue it, yes?"

Swallowing, she nodded. Astoria blinked quickly, tears starting to prick at her eyes.

Orion licked at Lucius' hand and he pulled it away quickly. "I'm glad you understand. These days, demonstrating a certain level of decorum in public is especially important for this family." He narrowed his eyes, taking in how her shoulders were beginning to hunch and wishing that she would stop her infernal sniffling.

"As such," he continued, starting a slow circle around her, "you need to learn some self-control." Lucius lowered his cane, Astoria's gaze following it. He noticed and raised it again; she immediately snapped her head to the front, a tremble going through her as she stood straight. Behind her back, Lucius allowed himself a small smile. The girl was definitely capable of learning, that much was coming apparent. Good. He could work with that. She was malleable enough for him to impress upon her some important points.

"In public, I do not wish to see you with your grubby little paws all over Draco." Astoria gave a confused whine, turning her head to look at him. "Public displays of affection such as you have been demonstrating," Lucius said with another flick of his wand, "are rarely appropriate."

Astoria let out a thick gasp, tongue slipping past her lips in surprise. She scratched at her hands as though her skin prickled. She moaned and Lucius could imagine the dull ache that settled in her fingers for just a moment before her hands were transfigured into the very paws of which Lucius was so critical. She barked, eyes wide.

Lucius could see a tremor in her knees. "Malfoy women also have to show poise and dignity in the most distressing of situations."

Young Miss Greengrass, however, seemed to be deeply lacking in poise. Her knees gave way and she slumped to the floor, choking back sobs with patently canine noises.

"This family has a long and impressive history, one which has not always been acquired under the most pleasant circumstances. We do not know what the future may hold." The tip of his cane tapped under her chin, drawing her face up to look at him. She gave a whine in the back of her throat, licking her nose again. Astoria sniffed, but it didn't draw an ounce of sympathy from Lucius. "This may not be the most humiliating situation in which you are ever put, my dear," he told her in a low voice. "One must keep one's chin up and face any obstacles that are presented." Removing the influence of his cane, Lucius was pleased to see her hold her head steady.

Sniffing around her rear, Orion started to nudge at Astoria's arse, his tail wagging excitedly. At first, Lucius ignored the dog, but when he saw Orion's muzzle disappearing under the short skirt of her dress, he paid more attention. "You really ought to dress more appropriately in future," Lucius remarked, stopping behind her. Astoria whined again, starting to pant almost as heavily as Orion. Lucius hooked up her dress until it bunched around her waist, displaying her quivering hindquarters.

"Neglecting to wear your undergarments demonstrates a distinct lack of class, Miss Greengrass." Lucius would bet a fistful of galleons that Astoria also wore no brassiere, her pert breasts simply left bare beneath the figure-hugging bodice of her dress.

With no barrier to stop him, Orion began to lap enthusiastically at Astoria's arse. His long tongue flicked wetly at her, disappearing between the cleft of her cheeks. Astoria's trembling became more pronounced and Lucius allowed himself a smirk as he watched it spread up the length of her spine. Even her elbows seemed to shake a little, paws shifting noisily on the floor.

She panted, tongue extended between her lips. As Lucius saw her head drop, eyes closing, he gave her a quiet reminder of, "Chin up, remember." Astoria raised her head, her whole body going rigid in concentration.

"These days, we Malfoys must demonstrate charity and the ability to please others. Spread your legs."

Astoria whimpered, hesitating. She shifted her knees apart after a moment, arse wiggling invitingly as she presented herself. Orion seemed ravenous as his tongue stroked over her cunt, wet sounds filling the air and mingling with her rasping breaths and Orion's hungry snorts. The young witch growled and Lucius suspected that Orion's tongue had come upon a spot that Astoria was rather enjoying, however briefly.

Lucius took a step back to examine the canine. Tilting his head he could see the dog's penis had extended from its sheath, flushed and red. Someone was definitely enjoying themselves. A sharp jolt of magic had the dog making a confused noise as he was made to mount the girl. Astoria's elbows nearly buckled and she pawed desperately at the floor. Orion's inexpert thrusting finally hit its target and Astoria's head tipped back in a howl as he penetrated the bud of her arse.

Orion was a creature of instinct, nothing more. With her tightness drawing him in, all he could do was rut her arse, Astoria's weight shifting beneath him as she wriggled fitfully. Emotions played obviously across her face, fear and anger. Mostly fear, though.

Lucius watched, bored, as she whined and tears slipped down her cheeks. He aimed another spell at her, Astoria's dress splitting down each and every seam. A second spell whisked the tattered dress away and yes, as he had suspected, she had also forgone a brassiere. With every thrust from Orion, her breasts bounced, nipples hard and rosy pink.

Astoria's paws scratched at the floor, a pained expression on her face. Orion's fur seemed to tickle her back and Lucius could see sweat starting to bead across her skin. The sound of their coupling became slick from the wetness on her arse and thighs. The dog was growing within her, growing frantic as his knot pressed against her tight entrance.

Orion gave a howl as his knot penetrated her, his rutting speeding painfully as he reached his end. Astoria sobbed quietly, head dropping in shame as she felt his completion, the dog filling her with his seed.

Crouching, Lucius gently scratched behind Astoria's ear as Orion nearly collapsed on her back. "Good girl," he told her quietly using the same tone that he normally reserved for his peafowl. "You've listened very well." Lip curling, he observed the quivering witch for a moment, Orion drooling in her hair. "You should probably get a reward for listening." Best to instil good habits in her whilst he could.

His hand slipped beneath her, fingers seeking her clit. The whine she gave told him when he hit the right spot. "I hope you're going to remember everything I've told you," he said, fingers circling the tight bud of nerves. Astoria whined, tiredly lifting her head up straight; Lucius allowed himself a small smile, though she wasn't to see that.

Her whines quickly became breathless, tongue lolling from her mouth. Astoria tipped her head back, looking up at him with wide, pleading eyes. She let out a soft howl of need, all that she could manage in her current state. Lucius, however, kept the motions of his fingers slow, letting the tension build in her lithe body.

He could feel a quivering strain in her thighs that didn't come from supporting Orion's weight. Finally, the tension exploded, Astoria letting out a flurry of barks with every pulsing contraction of her cunt.

Lucius removed his hand, wiping the stickiness on her bare shoulder. "He'll be able to untie himself from you shortly when his knot subsides," he informed her. "I shall send an elf with one of Narcissa's dresses for you. You need something more appropriate for the rest of the evening. In future, I expect you to wear lingerie. Draco can, of course, afford to gift it to you." He pursed his lips. "I shall be checking in future. Don't disappoint me, pet."

The effects of his transfiguration fell from her body with a couple of well-placed words; a speechless Astoria licked nervously at her lips with her human tongue.

"I shall see you later, Miss Greengrass."

With a mocking bow of respect, Lucius closed the library door firmly behind him and departed to rejoin the party.

3rd December 2010 18:34
OMFG! I love it. Lucius is just decidedly wicked (quelle surprise!). The effects of the spell on Astoria as well as Orion's attention *vbg* were excellent. Great job!
10th January 2011 22:19
3rd December 2010 19:53
Oh my, the poor girl! Lucius was pretty fab here, though, it must be said. Also, the knotting. a;lkdjsf.
10th January 2011 22:19
The poor girl, indeed. Thanks!
3rd December 2010 20:29
That is very, very naughty.

Of Orion.

And Lucius.


10th January 2011 22:20
I think Malfoys are all a bit naughty, human or canine!
3rd December 2010 22:10
Oh those decadent Malfoys! *blush*
10th January 2011 22:22
Very decadent indeed!
3rd December 2010 22:30
This was wickedly naughty. I loved Lucius in this, so in control and deviant and an utter bastard.
10th January 2011 22:22
Thank you. Lucius was so much fun to write. :)
3rd December 2010 23:07
Oh, poor Astoria! And Lucius - what an absolute horrible bastard. I loved how you wrote him. Really liked his voice throughout. This was quite disturbing or disturbingly hot, I'm not sure which. *g*
10th January 2011 22:25
quite disturbing or disturbingly hot

I'm not sure which, either! Both, perhaps!
4th December 2010 03:50
That's one way to vet a prospective daughter-in-law!
10th January 2011 22:25
It really is. Not the most conventional of methods!
4th December 2010 06:50
Ooh, wicked! Dirtybadwronghot!!!
10th January 2011 22:25
4th December 2010 20:41
Fffffffffffnnnnnnnnggggggggg. I have a super soft spot for, uh, fictional het bestiality. LALALA. So, thank you for this. Seriously. :D
10th January 2011 22:26
Shh. I think I might have a bit of a soft spot for it. Or at least I do now. :D
5th December 2010 03:30
Very wicked!
10th January 2011 22:32
5th December 2010 20:08
Ha! Great opening lines, great description of the Greengrass family, great Lucius voice! And really, given the situation of the Malfoy family post-war, we can't really blame him for, uh, chastising young Astoria... Also, yikes, this is disturbingly hot! Great job with this prompt.
10th January 2011 22:32
Thank you!
6th December 2010 00:13
Oh. My. Gawwwwww----nnnnnnghhhh.

Okay. So I read this a day or so ago and wanted to leave a long squeeing review but have been pressed for time. First, the writing is SUPERB. Each line draws you in further and flows so wonderfully. Wonderfully insightful paragraphs like this:

These days, the shelves of the library were less dense than they had once been. Snivelling Ministry workers with glasses and hunched shoulders had seen fit to confiscate dozens upon dozens of volumes that Lucius and his family had spent decades acquiring. Ultimately, he had been helpless to stop them for fear of a prison sentence. Lucius had no desire to return to Azkaban at any point during his life and had simply watched with a clenched jaw as his books had been piled into boxes by people who simply couldn't appreciate their worth. Still, plenty of books remained. When he retired here, his family knew better than to disturb him.

had me reading and re-reading in jealous awe :3 Just beautifully IC and canonesque and guh.

THEN THE HUMILIATION. So spot on for what I was looking for ... So clever and sinister and perfect for the story. I'm more than impressed [especially when you consider the fic's length. So much and so wonderfully concise!].

And effing hell the hotdirtywrong sex with the knotting and the animal instinct and *implodes*

This was just what I wanted and more than I expected --- thankyouthankyouthankyou!!!

10th January 2011 22:05
Eee. I'm so glad you liked it. Writing this was so outside my normal comfort zone, but when I saw the prompt I jumped at it - I'd been wanting to write the transfiguration humiliation for a while and you gave me the chance to unleash it in a deliciously wicked way. ;)

So thank you for the brilliant prompt!

(And how have I only just noticed your icon?! Perfect.)
6th December 2010 19:02
oh dear.

I lurve a dirty, nasty Lucius. Thank you!

And as for Orion and Astoria- well, as you said, what can you expect from dogs?

*snicker *
10th January 2011 22:32
Thank you!
9th December 2010 04:32
If that girl is smart, she will run like hell!
10th January 2011 22:35
I'm not sure Astoria is the sharpest pencil in the box!
10th December 2010 05:20


Did this girl miss the whole 'Who the Malfoys are class at Hogwarts?'
She seemed a bit too surprised that Lucius was being, well...Lucius.

This was awesome. I can't imagine Lucius putting up with an airheaded possible daughter-in-law and he would definitely do something shocking to put her in her place and try to shock her into good behaviour--or his definition thereof. And the dog was convenient. lol

Very well written. I felt terrible for poor Lucius about his books. : ( Nasty Ministry picking on the Death Eaters.

10th January 2011 22:35
Thank you! :)
13th December 2010 03:33
Oh this is just the sort of thing a naughty Lucius would do ! LOve it!
10th January 2011 22:36
24th December 2010 21:53
Somehow I missed this. Nice and naughty! Great work!
10th January 2011 22:36
Thank you!
26th December 2010 16:25
Nothing teaches a girl proper behaviour as a bit of bestiality... :D

""Drakey darling," a female voice cooed, the door closing with a firm click. Astoria giggled."

I'm with Lucius - the girl needed punishment!

Lovely, mean little fic.
10th January 2011 22:37
Astoria definitely needed a good seeing-to. :D

Thank you!
13th March 2016 16:29
This is still so madly hot!!! Recced it today!
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