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Fic: Sacrifice (Snape/Luna; NC-17) 
23rd October 2010 23:55
Title: Sacrifice
Author: [info]kinky_kneazle
Characters/Pairings: Snape/Luna
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Chosen: Sacrifice
Other Warnings: Chan (Luna is sixteen). Could be construed as dubious-consent as it’s not a decision that Luna would have made in normal circumstances.
Word Count: 1100
Summary/Description: Severus isn’t happy about taking the girl’s virginity, but it’s better than what the Dark Lord has planned for her.
Author's Notes: This was rushed, as I was sure this month was analingus and had written most of that story before I decided to double-check. I’m not completely happy with it, but I hope you enjoy it. Thanks to F for the beta.

“Isn’t that a little barbaric, Lucius? It sounds like something out of a bad muggle horror movie.”

“Isn’t it amazing how muggles steal our traditions for their entertainment along with our magic for their filthy Mudblood children?”

Severus glared at Lucius. It was only the Dark Lord’s presence at the head of the table that stopped him biting back at Lucius’ sarcastic drawl.

“Your expertise is in potions, Severus.” Severus suppressed a shiver at the Dark Lord’s hiss. “But Lucius knows complex rituals, and his research in this instance has been impeccable. Two days from now, during the new moon, the virgin’s blood will be spilt. The protection it will gain us as we move to take Hogwarts will be invaluable.”

“And if she isn’t a virgin, my Lord?”

“The Lovegood’s are still Purebloods, Severus. And the girl is only sixteen years old.”

“And the strangest young girl ever to haunt the halls of Hogwarts.” Severus turned to look at Lucius. “It would not surprise me if she’d lost her virginity over the summer thinking that it would allow her to see the eggs of the Heavenly Hooksnit.”

“What’s a Heavenly Hooksnit?”

“I have no idea.”

“Very well, Severus. As headmaster you would know her best. If she is not a virgin we will continue to keep her prisoner.” The Dark Lord turned to Lucius. “You would know the old Sanctimonia spell, Lucius?”

“Yes, my Lord. My father taught it to me to verify the purity of Draco’s bride.”

“Very well. Tomorrow we can perform it on the Lovegood girl, then the night after you can perform the ritual. That is all.”

Severus stood and bowed, mirroring Lucius’ movements, before they turned in opposite directions. Tomorrow they’d do the check. That left tonight.

When Malfoy Manor grew quiet Severus moved through the halls, his robe a shadow against
shadows. The girl was being kept in the dungeons. Trust Malfoy to still have dungeons, he thought as he strode silently down the stairs.

He stopped in front of the warded door. Should he explain it to her? Ask her to sacrifice her virginity willingly to him so that it would not be sacrificed to the Dark Lord? Or would it be easier on her to have it taken forcefully. She may be a little strange, but she was still a Ravenclaw, and a soldier, if you counted the battle at the Ministry. She deserved to know.

He took a deep breath and took down the wards, stepping into the dank room.

She stood near the room’s only barred window, looking up to the stars. He could only see her face; the rest of her hid in the shadows.

“Professor,” she said in that dreamy voice. “The flurryfinks told me you’d be coming.”


“Aye. They live in the walls of this place. They’re happy I can hear them so they tell me what’s going on.”

“Don’t be-“ He stopped himself from saying ‘ridiculous’. Tonight would be hard enough without yelling at the girl first. “Lovegood – Luna – I need to talk to you about something.”

“They told me, Professor.” She stepped into the dim light from the window and he saw she was already naked. “They told me what I could do to help Harry.”

She took another step and she was back in the shadows, and another step closer to him.

“It’s alright, Professor.” She stroked his cheek. “I’ll be gentle.”

Her fingers went to the buttons on his robes and slowly began to undo them. He covered them. Stilled them.

“Luna, you need to understand what –“

“It’s alright, Professor. They told me that there’s no other way.”

Severus felt like he’d stepped into another dimension, though he imagined that a lot of people felt that way around Luna Lovegood. Soon, she was pushing his robes from his shoulders and touching the bare skin beneath.

“I’m not sure what to do next, Professor.”

He ran his thumb over her lips and found the lower one clenched firmly between her teeth.

“First, stop calling me ‘Professor’. The teeth let go as she smiled. “Second, you can kiss me.”

She stood on her toes and pressed her lips to his mouth. Naked skin pressed against naked skin and he was surprised at how full his arms were. He’d been thinking of her as a child, but she felt like a woman.

He transfigured his robes into a soft blanket and bent his knees, bringing her down with him. He kept them in the shadows; he wouldn’t be able to do this if he could see her face.

She wrapped a small hand around him and he felt himself stiffen. He’d been afraid of not being able to perform, but her hands and her lips were setting him on fire. He bowed his back and pressed his lips to her breast, pulling a tight nipple between his teeth. She let out a slight whimper and he moved his attention to the other breast, seeking the same reaction.

She writhed under him and he wondered just how much experience she’d had. She didn’t seem scared or nervous, but every touch, every taste, she reacted like it was all new.

“Professor,” she gasped as his fingers pressed between her legs.

“Call me Severus,” he murmured.


He felt himself grow even harder, and the moisture between her legs called for him. He resisted. If she had to lose her virginity to a greasy old man like him, she was at least going to enjoy it. He kissed her again and moved his fingers firmly over her clitoris. She was so responsive, so free with what she was giving, so happy to take. She pulled her mouth away from his and he could see her eyes questioning as the pressure built within her.


“Let go, Luna.”

A strangled cry came from deep in her throat and as the pleasure still rocked her body he pressed himself inside her, feeling the pulsing rhythm pull him deeper. He stopped and let her body adjust to the feel of him.

But it was Luna that moved first. As she lifted her hips to meet his he pushed back and heard a groan escape. It came from both of them, as if they were one being.

“Yes,” he breathed, and he bundled her up in his arms and pressed deeper, not able to stop now that he’d started.

He wanted to go slow, Merlin knew he did, but when she was moving against him he couldn’t think of anything except burying himself again and again.

Her fingers clung to him, nails pressing into his shoulders as she cried out again and her orgasm brought his own crashing through.

“Thank you, Professor. Severus.” She pressed kisses to his cheeks, his lips, his neck, anywhere she could reach. “Thank you.”

She was still a student, still a girl, and she was thanking him for stealing this moment. Stealing what should have been a magical moment with someone she loved. This single act of the war may be what sent him to the muggle hell, but he couldn’t bring himself to regret it, not when it left him feeling whole again.

“Severus? The flurryfinks say you should go. Before you’re caught.”

“You’re right.”

He helped her stand and transfigured the blanket back to a robe.

After he was dressed he pointed his wand at her.

“I’m sorry, Luna.”

“I’m not, Professor. “

Obliviate.” He couldn’t have her telling them. It was war. Her memories of tonight were another thing she would have to sacrifice. He stepped out of the room before she came back to her senses , then stood outside for a moment, taking a deep breath.

“I won’t forget,” he whispered. He turned. It was time to end this.
24th October 2010 11:15
Wow. That was so sad, but really lovely in a strange way. I love how gentle and regretful Snape, and Luna is wonderful, so sweet and knowing, but still so innocent.
I had tears in my eyes by the end, which maybe says everything you need to know about what I think of this.
It's just really rather beautiful.
27th October 2010 10:27
Thank you so much.
24th October 2010 18:36
I don't normally read HP het, but you had Luna and Severus and I had to do it...and I was rewarded by strength from both of them. And Luna's otherworldly aura was still in place, too. Wonderful job!
27th October 2010 10:28
Thank you! I wasn't sure I got Luna right, so I'm glad she still seemed otherworldly to you.
26th October 2010 01:40
So bittersweet. Absolutely like Luna to be willing to sacrifice herself and also comfort Severus at the same time.
27th October 2010 10:29
I thought Luna would be the stronger. Thank you so much for reading :)
7th November 2010 18:21
I can see Luna doing this, sacrificing her virginity for the cause. And taking Severus by surprise with how accepting and even joyful she was as it happened.
Oddly sweet, given the circumstances.
Well done!
23rd May 2015 20:07
This seems very Luna - that she would understand the necessity, would be perfectly calm about it, and would be worried that it might be difficult for Severus.

My only quibble is that at 16 she's over the age of consent for Muggle Britain - so this really isn't chan, I'm very pleased to say - and the weird Black family tree which JKR drew up suggests that pure-bloods in fact marry very early. She has one of the Victorian Blacks fathering a child when he himself was about twelve, and if Bellatrix overlapped Severus at school at all then her younger sister Andromeda must have been pregnant with Tonks while she was still at Hogwarts, and we know Molly and Arthur were courting at school. So the idea that Luna would be expected to be a virgin because she's a 16-year-old pure-blood isn't very convincing. It's more likely they would assume it because she's never been known to have any romantic entanglements.

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