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Art: A is for Awkward (Snape/Pomfrey) NC-17 
13th October 2010 00:00
Title: A is for Awkward
Artist: [info]akatnamedeaster
Media: Colored pencil/toned paper
Characters/Pairings: Poppy Pomfrey/Severus Snape
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Chosen:rectal exams: arousal by giving or receiving
Other Warnings: explicit nudity, spooge, humiliating hospital johnny, fingering, terminal embarrassment, bad writing, implied injection, imminent use of a rectal thermometer.
Summary/Description: While taking care of Severus during his long convalescence after surviving Nagini's attack, Madam Pomfrey decides he's in need of a thorough examination. Things go pear shaped from there.
Artist's Notes: I went with one of the more unusual prompts this time, one that I thought might not get much attention and isn't my kink (medical people/things make me nervous). Because of that it comes off as funny more than anything else. The little sketch at the punchline was done completely for my own amusement(with a little nod to another artist), Snape's face was fun to draw.


"Poppy, I just…I...you have to understand it’s been a very tough year and I…I’m very tense…and…and it’s been a long time since…no wait! What I mean…I…it just happened!"

"Hush, don’t give it another thought Severus. After all, I’ve been a mediwitch for a very long time there's nothing I haven’t seen before."

"But you don’t understand! I didn’t…I mean, it’s not like I wanted…I…just…I’m just tense is all!"

"Oh don’t be so embarrassed, dear. I’m certain it’s happened to other wizards before you and I’m certain you won’t be the last. Here, drink your orange juice."

"Poppy please! Please Obliviate me; you have to!"

"Absolutely not, especially in your condition! We have gone over this several times, Severus. Do not ask me again!"

"I wish Nagini had killed me…

"Don’t be ridiculous, dear. Now then, be a good boy and turn over to your stomach, it’s time to take your temperature."

Well, at least she didn't point out he was a little quick on the draw.
13th October 2010 04:11
OMG, poor Severus!
And that second pic is just... *admires the Harry bear*
Love it! *giggles*
13th October 2010 04:12
LOL! OMG!! That is freaking awesome!
13th October 2010 04:14
OMG - this is sooooooooooo good! Poor Severus! At least he has his Harry!Bear!
13th October 2010 04:25
Ahaha! Both the pictures are priceless :-D
13th October 2010 04:30
Ahhhhhh, oh this is great! Both of his expressions--and his body language--are priceless. I can't stop looking!!
13th October 2010 04:36
LOLLOL! This is fantastic! The expression on Snape's face in both pictures is just hilariously wonderful, as is Poppy's.
13th October 2010 05:07
LMAO! That was unbelievably brilliant and the ficlet only made it better (or worse if you asked Severus).
13th October 2010 06:56

That is brilliant! OMG! Oh... humiliating! Their expressions... priceless!

(And here I was trying to write rectal exams, taking it more... seriously. Now you ruined that... OMG! So funny!)
13th October 2010 10:09
Ahaha! Poor Snape! I don't have a medical kink and I shouldn't be finding the first picture so hot or the whole thing so funny, but I do. :P
13th October 2010 10:26
Bwahahaha! Poor Severus.

*covets Harry bear*
13th October 2010 11:39
Mwahaha! Fantastic art! Poppy's face in the first one and Snape's in the second are priceless. And I love the Harry!bear.
13th October 2010 11:41
OMFG! Poor Severus...I can't keep a straight face. Bwhahahahaha! Poppy's expression, his in the second when face with the thermometer, the bear! Awesome work.
13th October 2010 12:01
LOL!! Poor Snape. *pets*
13th October 2010 12:25
Hahaha! This is absolutely brilliant, I love it!! :DD
13th October 2010 13:38
omg, the things this poor character endures at our, er hands. **laughs hysterically, but discreetly, to spare him further humiliation**

the second drawing is a thing of comic beauty... I have never, ever seen him make that face!

you win at teh Snapey Arts!
13th October 2010 13:42
wonderful! And those bears are getting around, aren't they? :D
13th October 2010 13:52
Poor Severus! No control, but then, who would after the year he'd had?

And really, Obliviating him would be a small mercy, wouldn't it? *chuckling*

And your follow-up drawing is a brilliant finish! Always a pleasure to see your works!
13th October 2010 15:12
hahahahah omg, so wonderful!!!

Poor Severus! His expresssions are just perfect and so is the Harry!Bear.
13th October 2010 15:41
OMG! unbeatable!!!!
13th October 2010 15:53
Poor Severus...I'm so glad I'm not a man sometimes! (Although we women get our own pokes where we don't want them at exam time). I keep looking at his toes and other parts and your Poppy is divine! This is so full of awesome.

It has a HarryBear! *luvs you so hard*
13th October 2010 17:05
Mwhahaha, lovely! How humiliating for the poor man -- no wonder he wants Poppy to Obliviate him! Good thing he's got his Harry bear for consolation...
13th October 2010 17:22

Oh god, too funny! Poor Severus - oh the humiliation! And the thermometer ... *cracks up* Love the Harry bear..... love, love, love!
13th October 2010 17:33

Poor Snape. Poor Poppy. Poor Harry-bear.

I just adore the detail. And the conversation is the icing on the cake (er...)

At least it is a thermometer and not the traditional daffodil.
13th October 2010 17:45
he! wonderful!

i love sevvy's panicked face! he's so cute with his blanket! and the bear and the card. well, everything actually ...
13th October 2010 19:35
Aaahhhahahah! Great idea, wonderful expressions, and I adore that bespectacled little teddy bear.
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