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Fic: Bitter on the tongue (Remus/Severus, NC-17) 
12th October 2010 18:04
Title: Bitter on the tongue
Author: [info]woldy 
Characters/Pairings: Remus/Severus
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Chosen: Sex under the influence
Other Warnings: breathplay
Word Count: ~1300 words
Summary: The beauty of potions was that just a drop could do anything you wanted.
Author's Notes: I've tried to include a touch of 'please your mod' in the pairing here. Many, many thanks to [info]cymonie for doing a great job of betaing this at short notice.

The flask in Severus' hand glittered, opalescent grey in the dim light. For such a powerful thing, it looked innocuous, but that was the beauty of potions: just a drop could do anything you wanted.

Severus uncorked the flask and took a gulp. It was sludgy as coffee dregs, sour as vinegar, and he grimaced as he forced it down. He resealed the flask, replaced it on the shelf beside the Hair-Raising Potion, and sat down to wait.

The potion required five minutes to take full effect, and Severus wanted it to flow thickly through his blood before he saw Lupin. His association with Lupin had been an error of judgement, but he would fix that now.

Severus didn't feel any different, but that was to be expected: only his perception of Lupin would change. Once the potion stopped pheromones and endorphins from clouding his mind, he would see Lupin clearly again.

When precisely six minutes had elapsed, Severus tossed a handful of Floo powder into his fire and stepped into the flames. He emerged into Lupin's sitting room, which was shabby as ever: a still life of worn carpet, battered furniture, and second-hand books. The candles flickered at Severus' arrival, and the light glinted off a bottle of wine and two glasses on the table. How pitiful that Lupin saw this lingering mistake as romance.

"Severus," Lupin said, appearing in the doorway. His eyes were smiling as he said, "Can I offer you a drink?"

Lupin was in shirtsleeves and barefoot, like some vagrant child seeking a benefactor. He was so desperate for kindness, and it made him so very easy to hurt.

"Good evening, werewolf," said Severus, and watched Lupin's smile fade.

"You're even more charming than usual this evening," Lupin said, his tone carefully neutral.

"I see you've been mistaking my familiarity for fondness," Severus replied, gesturing at the candles and wine glasses. Lupin's mouth tightened.

"My mistake. I gather you've no interest in familiarity with me this evening."

Severus took a moment to let his gaze travel down Lupin's body and back up again. Lupin was almost too thin, and the candlelight hid his greying hair. No sane man should find this attractive, and thanks to the potion, Severus nearly didn't.

"One last time won't hurt," Severus said. "Since there's no risk of it becoming a habit."

Lupin's face shuttered at his words, but he didn't move away. Instead, Lupin raised his hands to unfasten his shirt buttons, one by one. As the shirt fell open, Severus saw the patchwork of scars across Lupin's chest, a reminder -- not that he needed it tonight -- that he was looking at a beast.

Lupin shrugged off the shirt, and unbuckled his belt. In a few seconds, he stood in front of Severus wearing nothing but his underpants.

"Well?" Lupin asked, meeting Severus' eyes. "Isn't this what you came for?"

Severus stalked forwards, and raised a hand to catch Lupin's chin, fingers pressed to the line of his windpipe.

"There's certainly nothing else I want from you," he said.

Lupin's skin was warm and soft beneath his fingers, acutely vulnerable. A wolf should know better than to let an enemy grab his throat, but Lupin held his gaze and showed no sign of fear.

"Then go on," said Lupin, the words vibrating through Severus' fingers. "Take it."

Severus pulled Lupin round and shoved him towards the wall, hearing the thud as Lupin's chest hit it. He pressed closer, until Lupin's body was hot and hard against him, and Lupin didn't struggle or object -- didn't do anything at all. He was pathetically malleable.

Severus' cock brushed against Lupin's arse as he leant in and murmured, "Only a fool could mistake this for affection, Lupin. Are you so lonely that you thought this mattered?"

"It matters to me, Severus," Lupin said quietly.

Lupin's voice was calm and bland, as though he were in a faculty meeting instead of being pressed to a wall, but his hips tilted slightly as he arched back against Severus' cock.

Severus pulled his robes aside, unfastened his flies, and his cock sprung out. He tugged Lupin's underpants down, revealing a lean arse and prominent hipbones, and ran his hand up the line of Lupin's inner thigh.

Severus rubbed his cock over the crack of Lupin's arse, briefly succumbing to pure sensation. It always felt disgustingly natural to touch Lupin, but tonight would be the end of that. Severus pulled out his wand, and wordlessly cast the charm to coat his cock in lube. He steadied himself with a hand on Lupin's hip, and positioned his cock against Lupin's arse.

"You were only ever a fuck," Severus said, pressing forwards.

At first Lupin's body resisted, then the muscles loosened and Severus felt the heat and friction as he slid inside. He thrust, sheathing himself in Lupin's body, and then pulled slowly back. He found their familiar rhythm, and it would be easy to lose himself in this simple pleasure, but that wasn't why he was here. Tonight, he had a job to do.

Severus bent his head to Lupin's ear, grazing the soft skin at the nape of his neck, and felt Lupin's heartbeat jump in response.

"Is this your idea of intimacy?" Severus asked, punctuating the words with the thrust of his hips.

Lupin's eyes fluttered shut, but he didn't reply.

"Has the wolf got your tongue? You needn't remain silent for my sake."

Lupin still didn't speak, but his body swayed with Severus' cock and hands. Perhaps he was trying to ignore the words, and shut out everything except touch. Well, Severus couldn't allow that. Severus raised a hand to Lupin's neck, pressing his fingers to the hollow of Lupin's throat, and felt the pulse thrum beneath his fingers.

"You've always been too weak to speak up," Severus said, as Lupin tensed, muscles tightening around his cock. "Never challenged your murderous friends, never told anyone the truth. How does it feel knowing they'd all still be alive if you had earned their trust?"

Despite Lupin's silence, it was easy to read his emotions - pain and disappointment writ clearly in the hunch of his shoulders and the line of his back. Manipulating Lupin was so easy, and all the more satisfying when he could sense every reaction.

"You disgust me, beast. Everything about you is repellent," Severus said, tightening his hand around Lupin's throat, and Lupin's breath became a rasp.

Severus thrust faster and deeper, hard enough that he knew Lupin would hurt tomorrow. He was close to coming, balls tight with it, and every sensation felt more intense: Lupin's arse around his cock, the pulse against his palm, the way Lupin's chest heaved with the struggle of breathing.

"I detest you," Severus said, slamming forwards one last time, and emptied himself into Lupin's body.

For a long moment they were still, aside from Lupin's heaving breaths. Then Severus gathered his wits and stepped away. He tucked his cock inside his trousers, buttoned them, straightened his robes, and finally turned to find Lupin watching him.

Lupin's neck was red, and a bruise was rising where Severus' fingers had gripped it.

"My Floo is always open to you, Severus," Lupin said, in a scratchy voice barely above a whisper. "But if you come back, then I'd prefer it if you didn't take the Hate Potion."

Damn Lupin. The man was so ridiculously naive, so utterly blind to the failings of those he cared for, and yet capable of noticing this.

"You're mistaken," said Severus coolly, moving towards the fireplace. "You've never had the slightest understanding of potions."

"I can smell it on your breath," Lupin said simply.

Severus threw handful of Floo powder into the fire, and said, "Spinners End!"

As he stepped into the flames and spun away, he heard Lupin's plaintive, "Good night."

Endnote: According to the HP Lexicon, the hate potion "Reveals the worst faults and habits of the target person to the drinker" and is recommended for getting over unwanted romantic attachments.
13th October 2010 04:17
Oh, Severus.
*shakes head*
Sadly, I can see him doing this. He would hate having an emotional attachment to Remus. *sigh*
Well done!
14th October 2010 03:04
I'm glad you liked it! I was browsing through the list of potions to get inspiration & this jumped out as being Snapeish. Sometimes Severus is his own worst enemy.
13th October 2010 04:40
Oh dear. I hope that next time Severus does forego the potion -- it also brings out his worst qualities. Well done.
14th October 2010 03:00
it also brings out his worst qualities. That hadn't occurred to me, but it's so true! Thanks for the insightful comment :-)
13th October 2010 11:51
Only Severus would try something like that. *sigh* Very well done.
14th October 2010 03:03
I'm glad you liked it.
13th October 2010 12:06
Ugh, Snape. :-( I have no doubt he's capable of this kind of cruelty, mostly because he hates himself so much...
14th October 2010 03:09
The idea of this potion seemed very Snapeish to me, but I suspect he wouldn't see it as cruelty. Mind you, I'm not sure he sees bullying Harry as cruel either. Very appropriate icon, BTW :-)
13th October 2010 14:19
Tearing romance from his heart...I agree with the others, I can see Severus doing this, quite easily in fact.

Tragically well-done.
14th October 2010 03:10
I'm glad it rung true for you. I see this as one of the times when Severus is his own worst enemy.
14th October 2010 04:26
Oh, wow. Subtle and powerful. And, like the commenter above, I wondered if the potion might not bring out emotions of hate toward everyone involved, not just Lupin. Brava! M.
15th October 2010 00:19
I'm glad it worked for you. I suspect that Severus has an unhealthily large dose of self-loathing & that's partly why he takes the potion, but it does seem to bring out his destructiveness. I had it in mind that this was almost the opposite to amortentia, & that it might change someone's sense of self just as being in love does. It was interesting to explore, anyway!
14th October 2010 04:35
Very inventive use of magic (great description of the "hate potion"), and it's sad and IC on all sorts of counts that taking the potion makes sense for Severus.

Excellent lines:

a still life of worn carpet, battered furniture, and second-hand books.

For such a powerful thing, it looked innocuous, but that was the beauty of potions: just a drop could do anything you wanted.
15th October 2010 00:21
I'm glad you liked it. The storytelling potential of spells & potions is one of the things I love most about HP, & this potion made me immediately think of Severus.
17th October 2010 02:18
well done Remus you took all the satisfaction that Severus was trying to get away from him.
17th October 2010 22:40
I think Remus has mostly figured out how to handle Severus, even when he does things like this. Thanks for taking the time to comment :-)
17th October 2010 06:09
So well done. It was painful to see Remus being treated that way, but so perfectly Severus to try and force himself to see the reasons he shouldn't care. I was really pleased that Remus said something. There is just SO MUCH here for such a short fic!! Well done.
17th October 2010 22:41
I'm glad it worked for you, & thanks for the lovely comment!
18th October 2010 08:33
This was extremely clever. I love seeing inspiration from the vast canon we all hardly use! Remus didn't seem too pleased, but I think in a while, he'll realise that Severus must be feeling quite a bit for him to have tried a hate potion.

Thank you so much for writing and sharing with us!

love, lore
18th October 2010 23:37
I'm glad you liked it! In my head, Remus understands Severus' twisted reasoning, & is determined to get his man despite Severus' resistance.
20th February 2011 23:39
OMG!! I was just doing some mod work on d_d, and discovered that I'd never commented on this. I can't believe it! I LOVED LOVED this fic! FAIL, me! ::irons hands::

The entire idea is just brilliant. And how very like Severus to do something like this! To use such a harsh means of trying to end something that disturbs him.

But really, the joke's on Severus, innit? Because all the potion reveals is that Remus is trusting, vulnerable, and desperate for affection -- all of which Severus already knew.

No sane man should find this attractive, and thanks to the potion, Severus nearly didn't.

Nearly! Ha, so telling...

Oh, and it's so perfect that Remus knows exactly what Severus did, and why -- and that he lets him know it. These two know each other so very well, despite what Severus might say.

Severus' thoughts on the subtle beauty of potions are wonderful. And what delicious irony in him saying that Remus hasn't the slightest understanding of potions when it's Severus who utterly misjudged what this one would do.

Really, I adore this piece. So much in so few words. ♥
24th February 2011 01:00
Thank you for this thoughtful comment! I'm glad you enjoyed the story, and that the premise seemed plausible to you. I've always loved the story potential in the magic from the Potterverse, and this struck me as a very Snapish way of trying to control his emotions.
5th July 2012 02:14
I wonder what Severus thinks in the morning...
6th July 2012 15:45
Interesting question!
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