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Art: Kiss It and Make It Better (Severus/Sirius) 
13th September 2010 00:00
Title: Kiss It and Make It Better
Artist: [info]akatnamedeaster
Media: Colored pencil/toned paper
Characters/Pairings: Young Sirius/Severus
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Chosen: spanking
Other Warnings: oral sex, rimming, explicit nudity, implied spanking, 69, a goofy sex face, spooge, blushing Snape, and a messy bed.
Summary/Description: Sirius is either rewarding Severus for the really good head he just received or making up to him for the really hard spanking he gave him earlier...or both.
Artist's Notes: I'm mostly happy with how this came out. Hope this fits the bill on "please your mod" month.

13th September 2010 05:06
Guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh! This is....*flails a lot*

Your Sirius is sex on two legs (well, on his back here) and everything going on is just fantastic. The rimming, the 69, the spanking (yes, I see the hair brush, Sirius!)...yummmmmmmm

Simply brilliant!

Oh and Sirius's dog tags...LMAO! (And you've got a new tag because we couldn't let 'goofy sex face' go unnoticed!)
13th September 2010 05:06
Oh man, this is amazing.

...There is COME on Snape's FACE. *dirty mind goes to town*
13th September 2010 05:14
OMG CAN I WRITE THE FIC TO ACCOMPANY THIS PLEASE OH PLEASE OH PLEASE?! I just got bit by a huge bunny (sort of, mostly I want to write about all the things on the bed with them and why they're there and OH PLEASE GIMME PERMISSION, PLEASE OH PLEASE!!)

This is fan-freaking-tastic! I absolutely love it! Oh pleeeeeeeease???
13th September 2010 06:35
*joins the murrrs of incoherent drooling*

Is that pastels?

*Looks on in awe*
13th September 2010 11:20
Toes curl. Nearly as nicely as Severus's. Love Sirius's ponytail, and his dog-tags, and the hairbrush and (guh) tongues.


13th September 2010 11:22
*iz ded*

And the come dripping off Severus' chin! *flails*
13th September 2010 11:25
Oh, hell, yes!! Spanking and rimming are two of my favorite things. ;-)
13th September 2010 14:07
The expressions, the come, the clothing everywhere...*dies*

this is wonderful!
13th September 2010 15:23
oh how lovely! - i love severus' cute derriere! and sirius seems to enjoy himself so very much! and the come on severus face! favorite kink!

and i do love the socks!
13th September 2010 15:50
GUH... so good and awesome! :DD
13th September 2010 16:20
Ooooooooh! This is just delicious.

Severus's loss of control-face and drooling over Sirius's cock! Sirius's dog tags! And their clothes and wands and schoolwork scattered about! Lovely!!!
13th September 2010 16:28
Your Snape/Black is always a thing of joy and hotness. Also, rimming and dog tags, YES PLZ ♥
13th September 2010 20:28
For some reason I LOVE that their wands are crossed over one another.
13th September 2010 20:56
Your art is so incredibly brilliant!
The semen in Severus' face and his red butt and the abandon on his (goofy ;P) face are all wonderful, as is Sirius' fluffy hair (I can so imagine how it would feel to stroke the dog he can become).
I love all the things lying around; it's too much fun to draw stuff here and there and to imagine how it came to be there, isn't it? And suddenly the picture tells a whole story.^^ I especially love the bit of spilled ink (!) and the crossed wands and ties. <3
As usual, you make me want to lick the boys all over. And I want to stroke Severus' leg (cause I have a serious thing for men's legs). Guh! Just guh!
14th September 2010 02:23
ah, a good time is had by ALL, I can see. thank you, Cat!! this is wonderful :D
14th September 2010 03:12
Mmm, fabulously delicious, my dear! AS ALWAYS. GUH!
14th September 2010 06:51
OMG. I saw this when you first posted it, but thought maybe I should come back and comment when I was capable of saying something besides, "Abjlafhqbjgalvh, GUH!!!"

...Yeah, I'm not sure if I can do that yet. :P

This is... It's just... Teenage Sirius and Severus doing dirty things and so obviously enjoying it and just... ::flail::


Goofy sex face FTW! Severus certainly looks a bit overwhelmed by it all -- in the best possible way, of course! But what I think I love most about it is how completely focused and into it Sirius looks. Guh. Also, Snape's toes! Hee!

Love the subtle colors in this. Severus' flush cheeks match his paddled... other cheeks. Hehehe. And green bedding... Hmm, wonder how Sirius got into the Slytherin dorm. ;D

Yay, pleased mod is pleased!!
14th September 2010 07:14
*utters nonsensical gibberish and goes back to staring*
14th September 2010 13:34
More Groaarrrrr! ^^ So sexy! And what expressions you put in them!
14th September 2010 15:39
Holy fuck. That's hot. Love the red bum (and handy nearby brush!), the come *gurgles*, the rimming. Wow. Excellent.
18th September 2010 01:07
Aaaaah, this is so awesome!!! I love the stuff littered all over the bed, love Sirius's hair, love Snape's expression, just, love all of it!! homg Sirius's dog tags are making me weak. :)
27th September 2010 16:35
Hot, hot, hot! As per usual. Snape's gorgeous red bottom is particularly delightful...and somehow it's hotter *knowing* what Black used (the hairbrush) than wondering. I don't know why, but it is.

One teeny, tiny, itty-bitty little concrit, if I may? And I shouldn't, cuz I can't draw at ALL.) Snape looks a trifle...old to me. Maybe it's the face he's making, but he doesn't look as young as your other teen Snapes. Just saying.

Otherwise, though, another for the favorites file!
28th September 2010 18:40



There are no words.

I don't even like this pairing. But I think I just creamed my knickers a little bit. They are both beautiful. Truly, utterly beautiful.

30th September 2010 23:30
Oh, golly!!!!

There's not enough Snack!spanking around here and though I rather think that in OtP Sirius ought to be the (willing) spankee, this just made my day!
3rd October 2010 06:28
Good Lord, that's just stunningly hot! I can't decide what makes this hotter -- the judicious touches of red pencil (esp on Snape's bum) or Snape's facial expression showing he's practically wrung out from being sexed up. This makes my knees weak just looking at it. Guh. *swoons*
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