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Fic: Ablaze - Sirius/James - R 
12th May 2010 20:03
Title: Ablaze
Author: [info]madeyemax
Characters/Pairings: Sirius/James
Rating: R
Kinks/Themes Chosen: Pyrophilia
Other Warnings: Public naughtiness. And age isn't stated, but I'd put the boys in their mid-teens here.
Word Count: 2,218
Summary/Description: A night at a Muggle circus reveals one of Sirius's biggest kinks.
Author's Notes: Does a circus count as a festival? :/

"What do you think?" asked James, nudging Sirius with an elbow.

Sirius cocked his head as watched the performer twirl gracefully down from the ceiling on a long, white ribbon. The ribbon was wide and sturdy and suspended from the ceiling above the stage. The arena was packed. Thousands of Muggles had come tonight to enjoy the circus, and James had insisted on dragging Sirius along.

"It'll be fun," James had said. "Come on, let's go see how the other half lives."

Sirius couldn't lie; he was rather curious how Muggles entertained themselves without magic.

"Rather ingenious," Sirius had conceded earlier on in the night. "Got to admire them, I suppose. Still, if I didn't have magic –"

"I'd bloody well hang myself," James said.


Up until that point, the place had been somewhat chaotic; aglow with colourful lights, and practically vibrating with laughter and loud music and the antics of the lively crew capering around the stage. But now only one light remained; a lone spotlight focused right on the centre of the stage. All but a soft, haunting melody had been silenced. No one said a word. Everyone was too mesmerised by the limber performer as she twisted and spun high in the air above the stage, dangling from her ribbon in ways that Sirius was certain should spell disaster for a Muggle. But she remained aloft with her apparently very impressive muscle control. She was clad in what looked almost like blue-green liquid ribbons, spiralling gracefully around her body, "painted on" as they say.

"I think that's rather dangerous," Sirius replied. "A bit reckless for a Muggle, wouldn't you say?"

"Not the performance. The girl. Fit, isn't she?"

"Oh ... yeah, she's all right."

James scoffed. "You don't like anybody."

"She's a lovely girl. Bendy. Strong. And I'll add 'good taste' to that list because you haven't got a chance with her."

James glared at him in the semi-dark. "Supportive, thanks."

"Hey, I'm doing you a favour, mate. Saving you a world of embarrassment."

The performer finished up and was hoisted up into the air to disappear into what must have been some secret second level high above from which performers could descend onto the stage. The next performer to emerge, this time from the very back of the stage, was dressed in a similar barely-there getup, only hers was orange-red and looked like flames licking up from her feet to engulf her legs, her hips, her torso. It stopped just above her modest breasts, leaving her arms and upper chest bare. She had flame-red hair that was all pulled neatly back in a bun. She stepped lightly to the centre of the stage as the crowd applauded. She was carrying two black batons with bulbous ends which, a moment later, were set on fire.

Sirius perked up.

The performer twirled her batons, creating glowing orange circles as each lit baton end made circular trails in the air. Sirius swallowed and shifted a bit in his seat, giving the crotch of his jeans a tug, trying to discreetly adjust himself. A hot blush began to creep up his neck.

"Hey, James," he whispered. "Remember that night you set fire to the school library?"

"I didn't set fire to it. That fire was harmless, just for show. You could walk right through it and come out fine."

"I know, I know, but listen. Remember what happened that night? After the fire? When we were alone?"

"You mean after I got my arse handed to me by Dumbledore for scaring the shit out of everybody?"


A pause, and then, "Yeah. What about it?"

"Well, here's the thing: that wasn't a fluke. The two incidents might be sort of, erm ... connected."

Sirius's eyes were still glued to the performer on the stage, but he could practically feel James frowning.

"My fake fire and the two of us messing around are connected?"

"That's right."

"Sirius, my dear boy, what the hell are you talking about?"

The performer let the fiery end of a baton graze her skin, dragged it all the way up one arm, across her clavicle and then down the other arm, switching hands halfway through. Sirius tugged at his jeans again; they were terribly tight now. He licked his lips and whispered, "James. What if I ... touched you a bit?"

"What, now?"

"Yeah. I mean, if you didn't mind. It's dark, we're way in the back, no one's sitting directly next to us, and everybody's focused on the stage anyway."

"Sirius," James said, turning his body more toward Sirius.

Sirius glanced over at him. "Oh hell, it's your Serious Face," he sighed, looking away again.

"It turns you on, doesn't it?" James said.

"No, puts me a bit on edge, actually."

"Not my Serious Face, you git. Fire."

Sirius fidgeted. "You're not going to take the piss, are you?"

"Just answer me. What is it, the heat? The glow? The danger? That fire I set that day wasn't dangerous at all. Well, okay, yes, it did cause a few people to injure themselves trying to get away. I was only practising the spell. Dunno why everybody got so bent out of shape."

Sirius rolled his eyes. "Focus, will you? I dunno, it's a lot of different things, I guess. It's the potential for destruction. It's the beauty of it. The power. And yes, I know your fire wasn't dangerous, but that didn't stop me thinking what it might've done if it had been."

James cocked his head. "This why your fingers are always singed? And why you always smell like burnt-out matches?"

Sirius grinned at him. "Finally caught up, have you?"


Sirius watched James as he processed the new information, furrowing his brow and chewing the inside of his lip. Sirius would never admit it, but he was nervous. Would James think him odd? Daft? Mentally ill? What would he say?

"You've got a stiffy," James said.

Well, Sirius had not been expecting that. He crossed his legs. "Yeah, what of it?"

Another moment's thought, and then, "Grab your jacket, then. Lay it across your lap."

Sirius was confused at first, but then James laid his own jacket across his own lap, stuck his hands underneath it, and Sirius could tell he was opening his jeans under there.

"Yeah?" Sirius asked. "You really want to?"

"Hey, I'm as intrigued by a little public wanking as you are." James brought his hands up again and grinned at Sirius. "You think you're the only kinky bastard here tonight?"

Sirius smiled, relieved, as he covered himself and unfastened his own jeans. "Just be careful. No sudden movements; we could still be seen."

James reached over, took hold of Sirius's hand and, glancing around to make sure no one was watching, slipped it underneath his jacket. He watched Sirius's face, locked eyes with him, as he wrapped Sirius's fingers around his half-hard shaft.

James's face immediately changed. It was a minute change, but Sirius could see it; the way his eyes became a bit sleepy, the way his mouth relaxed.

"How's that?" James murmured.

"Don't let this go to your head, but fuck me, you feel good."

James grinned again, then nodded his head at the stage. "Watch. She'll be finished in a bit and I'm sure you wanna get the full effect."

Sirius turned his attention to the stage where the performer was doing some rather impressive acrobatics with the flaming batons still clutched in her hands. His dick twitched, and then twitched again as James's hand slipped beneath his jacket and took hold of him. Sirius spread his legs a bit and pushed up into James's hand as James began to play with him. Meanwhile, Sirius was rapidly bringing James's prick to full hardness, stroking it and savouring the heat of it in the slightly chilly arena, feeling every inch, teasing the slit with his fingertip, doing exactly what he'd learned James liked the last time they'd done this together. He felt James spread his legs too, felt him slump down in his seat just a bit. He glanced at James's face and found him watching the performance, mouth slightly open, eyes just a little dazed.

"How often have you done this?" Sirius whispered. "Wanked in public, I mean."

"Just a couple. I'm not a complete perv, I don't make a habit of it."

"How many guys have you been with?"

James looked at him. Sirius glanced at him too and found him with a little smirk on his face.

"Just you," James replied.

"But you like blokes, don't you?"

James shrugged. "I have a look now and then."

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"Same reason you didn't tell me about this fire thing, I would imagine. I didn't know what you'd say."

"I'd say strip down and get your arse over here already," Sirius said, stroking James a little faster, loving the soft sleepiness in James's eyes, the way he bit his lip when Sirius rubbed him just so.

"You thought I'd judge you?" Sirius asked. "Even after we messed around?"

"Well, it's different with you and me. We were just having a wank together. Not nearly as gay as thinking about other blokes, is it?"

"It was more than a wank - oh, fuck me, just like that," Sirius said, loosing his train of thought for a moment when James changed his rhythm a bit and put extra pressure just under the head of his prick. James grinned evilly.

"Amazing how well I've learned what you like after only one time," he said smugly, and a little breathlessly.

Sirius snorted. "Can't help but notice how much you're enjoying yourself there too, mate."

James smiled, and it wasn't a smug smile at all. It was soft and maybe even a little affectionate.

"I guess you know my cock almost as well as I do," he whispered. "You always were a quick study, weren't you?" And he began tugging Sirius hard and fast, making Sirius's brain go fuzzy, making him feel like sparks were popping in his head. Sirius was tempted to glance at the stage again, but couldn't look away from James, didn't want to. He could still see the dancing fire batons in his periphery. He used that, his brain grasping onto the swirling fire trails, his imagination turning them into a full blaze, the whole building igniting and crackling all around them in his mind. He could feel the heat if he thought about it hard enough. He could feel the hairs on his arms singeing if he really tried to feel it. He imagined everyone fleeing, support beams igniting and crashing to the floor, fire licking its way up the walls to the balcony and bringing the whole place down, everything being consumed by gorgeous, bright orange light, completely violent, and yet oddly graceful. And in the middle of it all, he and James stayed right where they were, lost in each other, touching and feeling and finally kissing as they each brought each other off.

James had the sense to grab the napkins they'd brought in from the snack bar, handing Sirius some and then stuffing some underneath his own jacket. He focused on Sirius again, and he was so, so close, Sirius could tell. His face was echoing what Sirius was feeling; the intensity in his eyes, the slight strain, then finally the tension in his jaw and in his entire body as Sirius finally felt hot wetness spurting onto his hand. It was only a second later before Sirius was doing the same.

Thunderous applause broke out, shaking the theatre and vibrating inside Sirius's chest, somehow matching the thundering waves of climax that rolled through his body. And right at that moment, without warning, James leaned in and kissed him. Sirius let him, couldn't have pushed him away if the place really had been on fire. He let James's tongue in, let it probe deep as they squeezed every drop out of each other.

In the moments afterwards, they withdrew their hands and began to discreetly clean themselves up and tuck themselves away, casting little glances at each other, uncharacteristically shy.

"So," said James with a little clearing of his throat. "Fire, huh?"

"It's not that weird."

"I'm sure it's not, but that's not what I was going to say. I was going to say that if I'd known, I would've set that fake fire ages ago. And maybe a few real ones, for that matter."

Sirius stared at him, unsure if James was serious. But then James met his eyes and gave him his patented smirk.

"Yeah, you heard right," said James.

"Well … shit." Sirius looked away sheepishly, trying not to show how happy he was to hear James say that.

"We could do this again, if you wanted," James said casually. "You know, something public, naughty. Can't say we'll be able to work fire into it, but we can do that too sometime, in private. Real fire, too, not the fake kind. More exciting that way." He zipped up and looked over at Sirius. "What do you think?"

Sirius zipped up too and met his eyes. "I think that's rather dangerous," he said, and a huge grin spread across his face.

13th May 2010 02:01
I really liked this. I can totally see Sirius with a fire fetish, and I love the way he and James interacted.
7th June 2010 17:11
Thank you!
13th May 2010 04:11
Fantastic! The characterizations work well, and it was hot (no pun intended, har har).
7th June 2010 17:10
Thank you!
13th May 2010 07:32
*pets Sirius* This was fun :D
I can easily see Sirius having a fire fetish, wonderful little detail about his singed fingers and the smell of burnt matches. And James with his ego loving the public wank *grins* Perfect! Great characterizations. :D

And yes, I'd say circus counts as festival.
7th June 2010 17:10
Thank you!
13th May 2010 18:53
Yeah, I can definitely see this happening. Sirius as a teen would have been a bit of a reckless devil and James would, too.
Very hot (heh), very sexy, and yes, I think this counts as a festival. :) Well done!
7th June 2010 17:10
Thank you!
15th May 2010 18:33
Oh lovely. I can easily imagine these two getting into all manner of trouble like this--having a wank in public places. And the fire fetish is spot on! *nods* Very hot. Great job.
7th June 2010 17:10
Thank you!
30th May 2010 05:02
Sirius with a fire (and danger) fetish makes so much sense.

And this was sexy and hot.
7th June 2010 17:09
Thanks so much!
2nd June 2010 19:16

very very very hot. Not just the flames, either.

Dammit, another bit of fanfic becomes canon. Sirius + flames. Oh hell yeah.
7th June 2010 17:09
:D Thank you!
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