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Art - James & Lily 
11th August 2008 12:14
Title: The Wedding
Artist: [info]ericahpfa
Media: Pencil/Pen
Characters: James & Lily Potter
Rating: NC17
Warnings: NWS - visable penis (finally!)
Themes/kinks chosen: Romantic Wedding
Artist's notes: Jamesy's in a rush. :) You know he'd be naked in a flick.
Art preview: (optional)

11th August 2008 11:16
Oh, I like it. And Lily's ring so very evident, and her hair all up and...

11th August 2008 11:17
Also... where is that icon from and is there any chance that I could grab it?
12th August 2008 13:03
Grab away, I sadly don't know who made it.

And thank you so much for the comment!
11th August 2008 12:22
Mmm, so lovely and romantic (and HOT!). :)
12th August 2008 13:04
Thank you!

*singsong*I have something to show you*singsong*

Unless you didn't want to see the pencil before I ink it.
Let me know!
12th August 2008 13:16


Oh wait, I meant to act casual.
*inspects nails*
Yes, that would be lovely. :)
11th August 2008 13:52
Oh nice! I love the look of bliss on Lily's face and her dress falling off. Mmmm hot!
12th August 2008 13:08
Thank you so much!
11th August 2008 14:21
This is gorgeously hot :)
12th August 2008 13:09
Thank you!
11th August 2008 14:24
God, that's lovely. The garter, the way she's half dressed, his strong hand and arm holding her. Just a hint of the naughty bits. *happy sigh*
12th August 2008 13:10
I love the garter too!

*is crazy immodest*

It is my favorite thing in this picture, I think.

Thank you so much!
11th August 2008 16:48
Erica, love, darling, OMFG do you know how much you love this?? There are so many porny things I could comment about this but my number one favorite detail is seeing the outline of James's fingers under her dress. The details on Lily's clothing are amazing and I especially love she is still mostly dressed and James is bare ass naked. I guess one of the benefits of wearing robes, he can be totally naked underneath. James's heavy eyes I LOVE, very sensual.

This reminds me of a fic I read- except in that one it wasn't James getting off with the bride.

*claps* Beautiful job! Sexy hot and beautiful!
12th August 2008 13:16
*bows* Thank you, thank you!

*blushes madly*

I love when only one is naked/dressed. There is a vulnerableness to it somehow...I dunno.

And you know James would be buck *snort* in a flash!

Thank you!
12th August 2008 17:26
LMAO You are EXACTLY right about James!

There is something about willing yourself to be fully exposed and the one you are with not that way. James would be the naked one, throwing himself completely to Lily, it's very tender actually.
11th August 2008 17:02
Lovely. Her face is pure ecstasy.
12th August 2008 13:16
Thank you so much - I think she's enjoying herself.

11th August 2008 20:20
My goodness they are beautiful. What a wedding day they must have had. Well done. Thanks!
12th August 2008 13:17
Thank you so much!

And you are welcome.
11th August 2008 22:35
Beautiful and hot, it makes me *melt*. The fingers are the best part, the way James' curl on Lily's thighs and ass, and Lily's splayed on James--there's so much emotion here. And I love the ring on Lily's fingers. Finally, also, their clothes! :D I love it! Thanks for sharing!
12th August 2008 16:07
Thank you. And you're welcome!

13th August 2008 12:21
So so pretty! My favorite part is Lily's hands, and - well, basically I love all of Lily. Also, that they couldn't even make it inside...omg win!
14th August 2008 22:17
Thank you so much!
13th August 2008 14:07
Visible penis! Visible penis! Yay!

I love how this looks like maybe just any old wedding scene... until you slowly scroll down, and the NWS-ness becomes more and more gloriously evident. YAY!!! Super hot!
14th August 2008 22:17
I know! I cannot believe it's been so long since I have done anything with a penis.


I couldn't resist - sorry.

And thank you!
17th August 2008 17:46
Gorgeous and hot hot HOT! ;-)
3rd February 2009 16:02
Okay, I absolutely hate (hate, hate HAAAAATE) this pairing, but... the picture is so brilliant I can't really mind. o.o
Her dress! His hand gripping her arse! Her lips! The HAIR!!! (As usual, it is so perfect and looks like it would be all soft... you're my hero!^^)
Bye, prayer:-*
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