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[15 Mar 2015|05:09pm]

Who: Zinda Blake, Chyara Hol
What: Welcome to Earth, the better bits
Where: A.R.G.U.S. base
Warnings: Nothing bad'll happen.

Food delivery to the middle of nowhere )

[06 Jan 2015|08:59pm]

Who: Oliver and Dinah
What: chatting about the glades
Where: Queen consolidated.
Rating: R
Status: Locked/Incomplete.
what now? )

[06 Jan 2015|08:53pm]

Who: James Harper and Diana prince
What: first impressions
Where: A.R.G.U.S base
Rating: Pg-13
Status: Locked/Incomplete.
more than meets the eyes )

[04 Jan 2015|05:02am]

Who: Hakwman and hawkgirl
What: working on technology.
Where: A.R.G.U.S. Facility
Rating: TBD
Status: Locked/Incomplet
Advanced technology. )

[04 Jan 2015|03:32am]

Who: Dick and Laurel
What: first meetings.
Where: star city
Rating: pg-13
Status: Locked/Incomplete.
investigation leads here? )

[27 Dec 2014|03:30pm]

Who: Dick and Babs
What: Meeting someone
Where: Gotham
Rating: Pg-13
Status: Locked/Incomplete.
things are always complicated )

[22 Oct 2014|10:02pm]

Who: Dick and Bruce
What: having a meeting
Where: Batcave
Rating: pg-13
Status: Locked/Incomplete.
Lots of things going on )

[11 Oct 2013|02:16pm]

Who: Batman and Lois.
What: Learning about the alien
Where: Metropolis
Rating: Pg-13
Status: Locked/Incomplete.
getting info. )

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